MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

KORG Introduces the MS-20 FS - Full Size MS-20 in Custom Colors

via KORG

"A new twist on the long-awaited full-size unit

The MS-20 is reborn in four limited-edition colors

The MS-20 played a vital role KORG’s history as a synthesizer brand.Even after sales of the original, released in the late 70’s, came to an end, KORG has carried on the MS-20 tradition in a mini-sized reissue, a software synthesizer plugin, and even a kit version. These were driven by our pride in our synthesizer heritage, our understanding of its historical significance, our responsibility to faithfully carry on the analog circuit technology that we've developed over the years, and our desire to pass on its generation-spanning sound to the future.

And now, we have resumed production of a completely assembled full-size MS-20, which had in 2014 been produced only in very small numbers as a kit. But in addition to faithfully recreating the sound, feel, and analog circuitry, this full-size reissue will consist of limited numbers of four different powder-coated color variations: khaki (KHAKI), white (WHITE), metallic blue (MBLUE), and black (BLACK).

This MS-20 FS is the genuine MS-20 made by KORG, faithful to the original in every way. Today, 40 years after first appearing in 1978, musicians hungry for this absolutely timeless sound can hear the genuine analog power of the MS-20.

Full-sized MS-20 made by KORG.

Four different color variations in a powder-coated finish.

Provides two types of filter: early model and late model.

Completely reproduces the analog circuitry of the time.

- 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure.
- External Signal Processor (ESP) to process an external signal.
- Patching system provides an extremely high degree of freedom.

MIDI IN connector and USB port are provided.

AC adaptor.

The original is reproduced in every detail, including the package finish and the included manual."

KORG Introduces the RK-100S 2 Keytar

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Korg

via KORG

"Since its appearance, the RK-100S keytar has been a hit for its uniquely ergonomic styling, powerful sound engine, and standout looks. Now by popular demand, the RK-100S returns in a big way.

The artisanal wooden body inherited from the original RK-100 is a hallmark of the 100S, which is now available in a finish that accentuates its wood grain. Numerous sounds ideal for solo performance have been added, making the RK-100S fit instantly into any musician’s stage performance.

The RK-100S returns.

New Sequential Synth Coming to NAMM

#Sequential #NAMM2020




New Blue Lantern Arcade Kick Drum & Asteroid Kick Drum Demos

Published on Jan 13, 2020 flavio mireles

"audio demo of the arcade kick drum from blue lantern modules."

Asteroid Kick Drum

Published on Jan 13, 2020 flavio mireles

"audio demo of the asteroid bass drum"

Details on each posted here.

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 13

Figure Jam - #Jamuary2020 - 13th January 2020

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Matt Keil

See the Synthuary label for more. Synthuary because these are the Jamuary synth videos. More below.

"A quick jam for number 13, after a long day at work. This one uses the Figure app for iPad/iPhone from Reason Studios. Very good for making a quick beat."

THE MISTS OF REBIRTH: Dawless Outdoor Volca #Keys #Modular Jam Impro Aussie Bushfires #Jamuary2020

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Gary P Hayes

"Please note the camera ran out of storage about 9 mins in, so replaced with fire ground walk footage - Continuous live outdoor dawless jam / improvisation
Composed Filmed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on Korg #VolcaModular #VolcaKeys #Kaosillator 2S
Delay on Zoom #MS70 Reverb on Strymon #BlueSky recorded on #ZoomH6 no other processing
Music Performance near Hat Hill Blackheath
Fire Ground Mist in Bell & Pre-Fire Drone Footage all in Blue Mountains Australia (I had to evacuate once from here due to the fire getting within 2km of home mid December)"

Mark Mosher #Jamuary 2020 Day 13

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Mark Mosher

"For my #jamuary2020 Day 13 I'm using only my trusty @nordkeyboards Nord Lead 4 with 3 custom presets from "init" arranged into a "performance" with a split.

For those not familiar with the Nord Lead 4, it has 4 complete synthesizers each with their own FX each. Presets called "programs" can be placed into one of four "slots". Slots can be combined into "performances" where you can perform with all four slots in concert.

For EACH synth instance you create both impulse and continuous morphs which allow you to save states for pretty much any parameter in for the preset in a slot without changing presets 😮.

You can save and trigger 7 impulse morphs per slot with impulse morph buttons on the left next to the wooden pitch stick. Morph buttons are momentary switches but you can latch them as I do 26 second mark. Continuous morphs are mapped to the groovy pumice mod wheel (or map this to an expression pedal).

I used this custom set of presets and "performance" when I performed as a special guest for the Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrK) at the @cu_atlas Atlas Black Box at @cuboulder back in 2017. For this performance I used only the Nord Lead 4 with 14 programs each with a large number of morph states. Video here

In a somewhat related note I'm a @uccs_alumni so it was real treat to perform within the CU system 😀.

#jamuary #improv #synth #blork #sounddesign"

I kind of cheated ... self playing ZOIA patches (Empress Effects) // #JAMUARY2020 DAY 13

Published on Jan 13, 2020 DivKidVideo

"** Anyone called Floyd that's pink and feels like running? ** With the brilliant news that there's a new Eurorack version of the Empress Effects ZOIA the "ZOIA EuroBuro" as announced by Empress Effects today (link below) I thought I'd crack out the ZOIA pedal and well ... CHEAT! I say cheat as I didn't really do much musical creating today, I just flicked through some ZOIA presets and let some self running patches play away beautifully. There's a lot of rich and lush sound from ZOIA so I figured this can be more of a little ode to ZOIA and sort of a promo for it's self contained capabilities (not sponsored). I've had great fun with my guitar into it and the modular so more exploration to come."

#Jamuary2020 // Downtempo 2 - Digitone, Minilogue, Tensor, Particle V2, RV-500

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Soular Order

"My third jam for #Jamuary2020. Another downtempo one, this time featuring the Digitone, Minilogue, Tensor, Particle V2 and the trusty RV-500.

The Digitone is sequencing arpeggiated chords and a plucked bassline, plus is used for a live pad. The Minilogue is used for the live lead. I used the Tensor to build a looping pad made from some of the notes from the Minilogue, which is then run through Particle V2 for graininess and then into the RV-500 for some reverb."


via this auction

max RAM
EB4JS FX board installed
latest O.S.
original manuals
IEC power cord

fully working
excellent cosmetic condition

supporting member listing

Akai MPC 1000 "KSP" custom by ghostinmpc

via this auction

-chrome paint
-Brand new All tact switches
-Brand new pad & pad sensor
-Brand new custom LCD
-128MB RAM (max)
-JJOS 3.15 installed

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Circuit bent Jack Sparrows Spinning Dagger - Fx/Synth/Drone/Glitch/Noise

via this auction

"Circuit bent by Psychiceyeclix - Bend the sounds of Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow spinning dagger!

Bend the sounds up & down using pitch knob.

Use the spinning or pirate button to trigger sounds.

Get the dirty glitchy sounds way down low, let the sound play out long & glitchy.

Wobble & get dirty sounds by touching the body contacs

Plug into sound source with 1/4 inch jack."

Circuit bent Jack Sparrows Spinning Dagger by Psychiceyeclix Published on Jan 13, 2020 psychiceyeclix

Kawai K5000 Additive Synthesizer

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S Analog Synth + Step Sequencer

via this auction

Korg Prophecy SSP-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6R SN K6A3829

via this auction

Vintage Roland Juno 106s Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Very clean Roland Juno 106s with replaced Analog Renaissance voice chips. The only difference between the 106 and 106s is that the 106s has built in speakers. Pretty neat eh?"

GLASYS - Zelda Lost Woods Theme - Prophet X

Published on Jan 13, 2020

"Our friend GLASYS stopped by the office while on tour and we were lucky enough to have him play a few of his songs for us!"

Also see GLASYS - Unwinder - Sequential Prophet X

Previous posts featuring GLASYS

Southern California Synth Society Free NAMM Event January 16th at Joe's Bar Fullerton

Don't miss the SoCal Synth Society NAMM Modular Madness Marathon!!

We're kicking off the NAMM weekend with an exciting LIVE lineup and FREE RAFFLE/GIVEAWAYS!! Don't have a NAMM pass? Don't worry! This is a public event! .

Joe's Bar - Fullerton
NO COVER - 21+ - 7pm - 12:30am
WMD, Empress Effects, Ashun Sound Machines, Southern California Synth Society, Beatppl, Ken Fluxwithit Pierce, AliTheArchitect, Shiro Fujioka / Voltagectrlr, Voltage Control Lab, Afrorack, Ricky Tinez, and more!! .
Nasty Nachos
Mitch Lantz
Ricky Tinez
BBoyTechReport [Beatppl]
Computo [Voltage Control Lab - Joe Caputo]
VOLTAGE CTRLR [Shiro Fujioka]
Rhythm Droid
Space Racer
Earth 626 [Abe Mora]

1973 ARP Odyssey "Conduct an Arp" Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the write-up.

"ARP Odyssey 'Conduct an Arp' half page black and white advertisement from page 47 in the February 1, 1973 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine."

Korg Wavestation SR Digital Ambient Drive Wavestate Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#korgwavestation #korgwavestate #wavetables
"Korg Wavestation SR Digital Ambient Drive"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Korg Wavestation SR "Digital Ambient Drive"
an all audio demo of this beautiful synthesizer
and a nice drive with an awesome acid sunset!
I am saving for a new Korg Wavestate right now!

Recorded into Ableton LIVE with no extra FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!

AMS Neve Introduces the RMX16 500 Series Module

Published on Jan 12, 2020 AMS Neve

Not a synth, but filing this one under synth effects. This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

"The AMS RMX16 was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled, full-bandwidth digital reverberator and characterised enormous numbers of seminal recordings from the 1980s onwards. It has remained an essential piece for any self-respecting studio ever since, and it's now available in 500 series format.

An 18kHz bandwidth, allowing it to also be used as a high quality digital delay line.

90dB dynamic range and 0.03% distortion in delay mode.

Adjustable input and output levels for optimum signal to noise performance.

Low power consumption (and therefore cool running).

Independent control of each program’s fundamental reverberant parameters.

Nudge Buttons to increment or decrement data for all selectable reverberation functions.

Alphanumeric program descriptions for ease of use when storing or recalling information for the unit’s memory.

New rotary push encoder enabling all parameters and settings to be adjusted by ear.

New wet/dry mix blend function.

New save/recall feature with 100 user-defined memory slots."


Looks like a Synton Fenix II!

Modal Electronics Introduces New 5 Octave Argon8X & Argon8M Desktop Synths

via Modal Electronics

Introducing ARGON8M and ARGON8X Polyphonic Synthesisers

Modal Electronics are proud to announce the latest products in its line of innovative Machines For Musicians - the Modal ARGON8M and ARGON8X synthesisers. ARGON8M and ARGON8X join the growing Modal Electronics family of SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth 2.0, and the original ARGON8 (37 key version).

Based around its revolutionary new wavetable synthesiser engine, ARGON8 products derive much of their heritage and DNA from the highly acclaimed Modal 002.

The Modal 002, first introduced in June 2014 at $4,495, is still used and loved by top artists, film and television producers across the globe.

The two new models are welcome extensions to the line, allowing consumers two new exciting options:

1) ARGON8M - A compact desktop module version that can also be mounted into a 19" 3U rack with the included end cheeks, for those players with limited space.

2) ARGON8X - An elongated 61 key version using the same FATAR TP/9S mechanism with aftertouch, for those players who want an extended octave range.

Both models share an identical sound engine as the original ARGON8 (37 key version), with 8 voices of true polyphonic flexibility (8 independent signal paths comprising oscillators, filter, envelopes and modulation).
Modal are also excited to also announce the development of ARGON8 Polychaining, which will enable any two ARGON8’s to be in a master/slave configuration over DIN MIDI giving the user 16 note polyphony and the ability to control two ARGON8's from one. Estimated to be introduced in a software update c. March / April.

ARGON family members bring eight voices of true polyphony in professional quality packages with features previously never seen at these price points.

Clavia / Nord Introduces the Nord Wave 2

Published on Jan 12, 2020 NordKeyboards

"We're proud to introduce the Nord Wave 2 - a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable with an intuitive layer-focused interface.

With 48 voice polyphony, innovative performance features and hands-on controls, the Nord Wave 2 offers outstanding sonic possibilities with advanced layering and tweaking on the fly.

The Nord Wave 2 will be shown at NAMM Show 2020, January 16th-19th. Booth #11113.

#nordwave2 #iseenord #namm2020"

Press Release, Stockholm 13-01-2020

The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable with an intuitive layer-focused interface.

With 48 voice polyphony, innovative performance features and hands-on controls, the Nord Wave 2 offers outstanding sonic possibilities with advanced layering and tweaking on the fly.

Clavia / Nord Introduces the Nord Sample Editor 3

Published on Jan 13, 2020 NordKeyboards

"We are happy to introduce the new Nord Sample Editor 3 for Nord Wave 2 and Nord Stage 3. The Nord Sample Editor 3 makes it easier than ever to create custom sample instruments for your Nord keyboard. Drag and drop audio-files and enjoy automatic mapping with pitch detection, simple looping and instant transfer to your Nord.

Intuitive user interface
Drag and drop single or multiple samples
Automatic and manual import options
Edit multiple zones at once
Support for silent zones

The Nord Sample Editor 3 is available for free download for Mac and Windows and compatible with the Nord Stage 3 and Nord Wave 2. Support for Nord Electro 6, Nord Grand and Nord Piano 4 to be announced."

Ultimate Synthwave Jam (Novation Circuit, Volca Keys, Guitar)

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"A synthwave / synthpop jam on the Novation Circuit, with some chords from the Volca Keys, and a guitar solo by Bruno Monello.

All of the Circuit sounds are from the Delorean Dream pack."

Upcoming Perfect Circuit Events

via Perfect Circuit

"Next week is big for us. We are hosting several events with out-of-state and international manufacturers. Demos, workshops, performances, free food, and loooots of synthesizers. Promises to be awesome. Don't miss it! RSVP -"

1.20.20 Post-NAMM Synth Meet
1.21.20 Sequential Demo
1.22.20 Bitwig Sound Design

Behringer TR-606 Clone Coming to NAMM?

3 Days To Go.... Published on Jan 13, 2020 BEHRINGER

New teaser from Behringer. Note the numbering style compared to an original 606 below.

Rock Excerpts on the Atari Hotz - Either End of August, Soul Crusher and The Unforgiven -Roland 2080

Published on Jan 12, 2020 Clint Thompson

"It’s time to finally start playing the instrument of the future, in the future! #2020 Here are a few rock excerpts played by myself on an Atari Hotz Wing II MIDI Controller through the Roland 2080 synth. As you can hear, the Roland 2080 (circa 1996) is quite capable of playing some heavy guitar tunes and really nice sounding bass for the Bruford cover!

1. Either End of August by Bill Bruford
2. Soul Crusher by White Zombie
3. The Unforgiven by Metallica"

Lightwave with Paul Haslinger / Atari Hotz

Published on Dec 28, 2019 Clint Thompson

"Paul Haslinger playing the Atari Hotz Box with Lightwave at The Astoria in U.K. in 1992. This is a small clip near the end of an hour-long promo VHS from Lightwave - Christopher Harbonnier and Christian Whitman."

Additional posts featuring the Atari Hotz

BURG - The Great Nothing (first jam in 2020)

Published on Jan 12, 2020 ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD

As a BURG patreon You will get access to behind the scenes materials, exclusive live streams, tiers with stems, loop packs and other perks including access to the exclusive BURG discord.

Track info:

Hello 2020 and sorry for the long wait guys! Here is the first track in the new year and in the new studio location in Sweden! The relocation has been painful and really challenging moving almost 10000km from Malaysia to Sweden .. so it is really great to finally be settled in so I can make some music for the first time in a long long time.

What you will hear is a pretty mellow track which tells a story about the long move, and wait.. the great nothing.

Gear used:
- KORG grandstage, CSIDMAN, Red Panda particle, Eventide Space
- Sub37, Strymon timeline and blue sky
- KORG monologue, SolidgoldFX electroman
- Novation peak & Arturia Keystep
- NORD Lead A1, Empress reverb
- EHX 720 stereo looper

All recorded down on 2 track, Zoom H5

#KORGmonologue #NovationPeak #Subsequent37"

New Modules From Noise Engineering

"Noise Engineering is pleased to announce three Eurorack modules we'll be showing at NAMM this year. We'll be at NAMM booth 10502 -- please come by!

Univer Inter is a completely customizable MIDI-to-CV interface: UI includes USB MIDI, TRS MIDI in and out, and 8 ⅛” outputs that can be configured as pitch, gate, cv, trigger, or any other parameter you could desire. Chain two and get maximal polyphony! Our simple web-based configuration means no installing difficult-to-use programs -- all in 6hp. Virt Iter is a 6hp stereo oscillator with tons of modulation options. Multiple firmwares add to the extreme flexibility of the module. Desmodus Versio is a 10hp reverb with a Noise Engineering touch. Seven controls and three modes make it sonically rich; CV all parameters as desired. Best, both VI and DV are the first modules on our new user updatable platforms: watch for more oscillators (6hp) and effects (10hp) that can be swapped out.

Univer Inter - Video teaser
Univer Inter is an 8-output MIDI-to-CV interface with USB MIDI, and TRS MIDI in and out, compatible with Mac and Windows, and iOS/Android via USB adapters. Configure the 8 analog outputs in our easy-to-use webpage with USB via Mac, PC, or Android devices -- no need to install complicated programs! Choose from presets that come with UI, or create your own with simple drop-down menus allowing you to choose between pitch, gate, trigger, velocity, MIDI CC, MIDI clock, and MIDI transport for each output. Group outputs polyphonic pitch, gate, velocity, and trigger. Two UIs can also be chained, for up to 8-voice polyphony. In addition to MIDI to CV, you can use it as a bidirectional MIDI to USB adapter.

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

Virt Iter - Video teaser
Virt Iter is a 6hp stereo oscillator. VI features a pitch encoder (default fine tune, push for coarse tune; VI is hard to accidentally bump out of tune) and two tone controls. Three modes give it tons of sonic versatility. VI also features a sync input, CV, and per-channel audio-rate modulation. VI is based on our new user-updatable oscillator platform: new modes coming soon -- so VI will be many oscillators in one. Updating the module is easy via the back-panel micro USB port; the module doesn’t even need to be connected to Eurorack power.

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

Desmodus Versio - Video teaser
Desmodus Versio is Noise Engineering’s take on reverb, based on our new stereo DSP platform. DV features seven parameters and two sets of three interacting modes: morph all the way from relatively simple delay effects, spring-like echoes, infinite distorting havoc, a few Noise-Eng style goodies, and much, much more. Similar to VI, it can be easily updated over USB to future effects firmwares we’ll release on the platform.

We’re also REALLY excited to announce that DV is our next charity initiative. Similar to our Manis Iteritas partnership with, we’re partnering with Bat Conservation International for Desmodus Versio: a portion of the proceeds from every DV sold goes to bat conservation. Find out why bats are not only cool but also important at our NAMM booth, or at Bat Conservation International’s website,

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

Eplex7 DSP releases Replikorp 2249 plug-in instrument for Win / Mac

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Eplex7 DSP

Update: new demo video:

Eplex7 DSP Replikorp 2249 VSTi / AU plug-in retro futuristic instrument with sci-fi analog sounds

"Eplex7 has released Replikorp 2249 plug-in, futuristic sci-fi instrument with vintage analog / early-digital sounds, modular analog sounds, experimental, atmospheric sounds, pads, textures, FXs, soundscapes with vintage dirt and analog dust / noise but with futuristic atmosphere.

This retro futuristic plug-in instrument is compatible with MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit. 

The sounds are perfect for Cinematic Film music / Video Game music, various styles of electronic music: (Intros / Outros for various styles of music, Psytrance, Psycore, Hitech, Darkpsy / Forest, Drum & Bass, Techno, EBM, Industrial, Electro, Witch house, Hardcore, Neurofunk, Synthwave, Retrowave,) to Ambient, Science fiction, Horror music, Experimental and more.

In 1981 one insane, but very talented amateur musician from USSR with ability to see future had a dream. The dream of future in year 2249. People stopped working with hands, almost all work was done by automation, robots. People worked just with their brains, most of economy was moved to weird computer network (later called internet) and digital services because nature was damaged by factory overproduction, global heating and so. Difference between rich and poor people was bigger and bigger, rich people afraid of going outside because of smog, waste, radiation from exploded power plants and gangs of poor criminals. While most of human work was automated, it wasn’t possible to fully automate some kind of jobs, rich people needed assistants, babysitters and serious workers. Intelligent people were extremely lazy and poor people didn’t have skills to do precise work. After year 2220, after approval by the corrupt government, leading genetic company started producing real human clones/assistants which were sold to rich families and companies. These clones had modified DNA, but were still human slaves. Richest people wanted to escape from this dark world full of contaminated nature, smog, waste, unhealthy food produced in laboratory and poor anarchists in streets, they dreamed of colonizing Mars, but after many unsuccessful attempts government stopped this expensive project. This was dark, but realistic night dream / prophecy of musician and clairvoyant Alexander. When Alexander woke up, he was dazed. This dream was disaster. The only way to deal with it was to start making musical story to warn civilization. Firstly he started writing storyboard and preparing sounds for his futuristic soundtrack. He was very talented and innovative amateur music producer, electronic engineer developing first computers in his daily job. He created sounds, samples and presets for this soundtrack with analog modular synthesizers, early digital fm synths and his own computer algorithms which were fully futuristic at that time, he used analog tapes and first 12 bit recorders to record his sounds. He was totally obsessed with making this soundtrack, he understood his music as a mission for humanity. After few weeks he quit his daily job to fully focus on music production and writing storyboard (had problems with government because it was illegal to be unemployed in USSR). But one day he get lost...Nobody don’t know where…maybe it was KGB secret police because his ideas and opinions were dangerous for USSR, or he was closed at psychiatric hospital. After few decades his daughter found tapes and diskettes with his sounds/samples. She sold them to us, we remastered it and bringing you this weird combination of vintage and futuristic madness! 

Bastl x Casper: WAVER

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Bastl Instruments


Waver is a fully analog, wave folding mixer and signal disruptor inspired by experimental mixing techniques and mind melting drones."

via Bastl Instruments

"Waver is a fully analog, wave folding mixer and signal disruptor inspired by experimental mixing techniques and mind melting drones.

Waver has 7 inputs for mixing and modulating multiple signals. On the output side, it has a shape output, and a pre-shaper mix output. All inputs and the mix out are DC coupled meaning that the waver can also function as a powerful CV mixer with built-in offset, inversion, modulation and feedback capabilities.

The mixing stage consists of A, B and C inputs with dedicated faders, and 2 bi–polar VCAs with attenuverting CV control. Add, subtract, wave.
This interface gives you total control over your signals but also invites you to find the unexpected sweet spots and surprising relationships that can emerge between them.

Mixed signals are then processed in the SHAPE section, its pallette relying on a wavefolder and square shaper. By employing threshold clipping and folding operations, waver expands your sound’s harmonic complexity and allows you to tweak patches up, down, squareways and beyond. Experiment with the dynamics of incoming sounds to explore their shaped behaviors. Find reflections and dead zones between your inputs – or just refresh your unused oscillators and give them a new voice.

Like all Casper x Bastl collaborations, Waver shines in the realm of feedback, distortion and general sonic mayhem. Whether you want to muzzle your sound, or make it snarl, the break control helps take you there. Proceed in any direction you want or let waver lead the way – all sounds are beautiful ;)

3 input mixer
2 bipolar VCAs
wave folder
square shaper
pulse width modulator
signal clipper & feedback
2 outputs pre and post shaper"

New 4ms Ensemble Oscillator Euroack Module

Published on Jan 13, 2020 4ms Company

"The Ensemble Oscillator from 4ms Company and Matthias Puech is a unified polyphonic voice of sixteen complex oscillators combining additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new unorthodox ways. By quantizing the oscillators to scales or series of harmonics, the Ensemble Oscillator allows you to explore the sonic boundary between musical chords and rich evolving textures. Easily create a wide variety of sounds ranging from aggregates of pure sine waves to pulsar synthesis or pristine harmonic tones and lush wide chords to rich dirty drones and rumbling glitches. Custom scales can quickly be “learned” and saved using a CV keyboard or by manually entering notes with the controls."

Roland Juno-106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

"This is a super rare Firstman FP-888 Synthesizer Keyboard. Everything is working, lights ,switches and sound. All of the keys move freely I have very good action. This keyboard,can be hooked into a system or you can use it free standing , has its own built in speaker and works great in all positions"

Brand: Firstman

Model: FP-888

Type: Synthesizer/Keyboard

Number of Keys: 61

Piano 1
Piano 2


1/4” Output

KORG DELTA DL-50 Analog Semi-Poly Synth/String

via this auction

Univox Mini-Korg K-2 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Excellent condition. All original, vintage Uni-Vox synthesizer made in Japan by Korg - This is a rare find and a very nice sounding synth, notable for creating one of the more unique sonic footprints of the 1970s. Featuring a very accommodating layout, this synthesizer is loaded with many textures, tones, filters and effects, great for the studio or the stage. Music stand attachment included."

Rhodes Chroma SN 30927

via this auction

PULSAR-23 in-depth explanation BASS MODULE

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Vlad Kreimer

"A series of demo-videos with detailed in-depth explanations of PULSAR-23."

You can find additional posts featuring the SOMA PULSAR-23 here.

NAMM 2020: Desmodus Versio Teaser

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Noise Engineering

NAMM 2020, booth #10502.

.-- .... .- - - .... . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. ... .. - . .-. .. - .- ...

Creating samples with SynthScaper app

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Igor Vasiliev

"SynthScaper app on iPad uses for design the samples with tape saturation on tube reel-to-reel tape recorder and experimental loudspeaker. More details -"

Euroburo – ZOIA has become (more) modular

Published on Jan 13, 2020 Knobs

RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev37 -

Published on Jan 13, 2020 PortamentoFr

Evolution Prototype eurorack drum machine with

"RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev16 -"

"RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution proto dev16 drum machine -""

See the label below for previous posts.

25 09 19 Orgone Accumulator MK2 - Drum mode explained

Published on Jan 13, 2020 batchas

"In this video I am showing the Orgone Accumulator MK2 set to the special Drum Mode.

The Scrotum Lab's Orgone Accumulator MK2 is an adaptation for the BugBrand Modular System of an open source project called Orgone Accumulator originally made by Neutron Sound."

25 09 19 Orgone Accumulator MK2 - Drum mode Examples

Published on Jan 13, 2020 batchas

"Orgone Accumulator MK2 set to Drum Mode. Audio output from Orgone recorded directly without external effect added.

Using Le Seq to sequence it and Penrose Quantizer to change some notes on the fly."

You can find additional demos featuring the Orgone Accumulator MK2 in previous posts here.

Sonic LAB: Modal Electronics Argon 8 Wavetable Synthesizer

Published on Jan 13, 2020 sonicstate

"Modal Electronics Argon 8 is an 8 voice digital wavetable synthesizer with full size keys - although only three octaves.

It shares much of the DNA from the SKULPT, which we also reviewed and enjoyed. Even though it's a digital machine, still capable of some lovely organic sounds.

The Argon 8 shares these characteristics, but with an expanded set of controls, 3 FX generators, up to 512 step sequencer and an arpeggiator, plus the distinctive Modal joystick."

3 Operator FM UK Garage Bass using 3 Godspeed Oscillators / Airstreamers and no VCF

Published on Jan 13, 2020 TheEndorphines

"We've recreated a 3 Operator FM UK garage patch using 3 Godspeed oscillators in series without any filtering and Milky way as a vca.
Each oscillator is paired with own envelope generator - Airstreamer.
As each oscillator has voltage controlled FM index (a.k.a. MOOD index control), together with the envelope they create so called OPERATOR and we patch them just recreating famous FM synths hard-wired algorithms.
Video by Wisdom.Water"

Patch n Tweak

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