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Jams from the 80s : Recreated on Synthesizers : Part 3

video upload by Luke Million

Luke Million Jams from the 80's

"The third instalment of some of my favourite jams from the 80s played on some of my favourite synthesizers 🎹🎹🎹
Billy Ocean - When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going
Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk?
Prince - Controversy
U2 - With Or Without You
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley
Madonna - Into The Groove
Robert Palmer - Johhny and Mary
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
The System - You Are in My System
Van Halen - 1984

Gear used in this video

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 3.3
Roland Juno 6
Oberheim OB8
Moog Multimoog
Roland SH2
Roland Jupiter 4
Arp Odyssey Mk 1
Yamaha CS40M
Korg MS20
Roland VP330
Solina String Ensemble
Yamaha DX7
Moog Grandmother
Oberheim DX
Digitech Talker
Akai MPC X
Ableton Push 2

Stream my music"

Sequential Pro 3 Demo 1

video upload by Skinny Nails Assembly

"Demo of the Sequential Pro 3 (SEM Patches and FXs)
One of my all time favorite synth.

Clavia Nord Lead 2 Pad at the end."

Electrocomp EML-101 vintage synthesizers for sale - fully refurbished

video upload by tonetweakers

"Here’s the Electronic Music Labs Electrocomp EML-101 we just sold a customer. It was meticulously refurbished over dozens of hours, sparing no expense, and is way better than the rest as a result. Buy vintage synths that work like new at and please sign up for our newsletters while you’re there. Played by Jay Wires (who you should follow after you follow us). Thanks!"

Korg M500 Micro Preset - Synthesizer Demo

video upload by NGC0 Music

"Finally got my hands on this one, a bit rare these days, vintage mono little beast from the 70s (late 70s I think) made by Korg. It's a bit unconventional, as it's from the times when there was no real standards on synth nomenclatures, so each company had their own "words" for stuff like "Cutoff Filter". (Here it's a horizontal fader called "Traveler", which also controls the resonance). I hope you can hear on this video how beautiful this thing sounds, in. my opinion, it really shines on leads with vibrato, it can get very expressive, for something with so little controls.

The M500 is going straight to my audio interface, there it's going to an emulation of a tape echo (UAD Galaxy Echo)."

New Barton Musical Circuits BMC093 Diode Shaper VCA & BMC092 Sample Release

BMC093 Diode Shaper VCA Demovideo upload by boogdish

"Demonstration/Overview of a new synthesizer module design.
I provide PCBs/Panels for DIY builders and also sell pre-built modules on my site. Visit to get more information on this module. PCBs and fully built modules can be ordered from:"

This module is a VCA that uses rectified feedback/feedforward to provide waveshaping. Both the feedback/forward knobs can provide positive or negative feedback and the external CV control is an attenuverter. It also includes switchable Zener diode limiters to soften the output when large amounts of positive feedback are used. The module is DC coupled, so it can be used with LFOs, Envelopes and CV sources as well waveforms. The DC coupling also allows for DC offset to be applied to the input which increases harmonic possibilities.
This module is designed for 12V systems, but works with 15V systems with just one resistor change. The documentation gives tips on how to tweak or modify the circuit.

BMC092. Sample Release Demo video upload by boogdish

"This is a demo/overview of a new synthesizer module design. More information (schematics, ordering, etc) can be found at"

The Sample Release is a 4 channel bipolar envelope generator module that can also act as a sample-and-hold or track-and-hold. Each channel takes a voltage input, samples it and then that voltage goes to zero volts with it's rate controlled by the release knob. This generates control envelopes that fall when positive voltage inputs are applied and rise when negative voltage inputs are applied. Each channel has a toggle that disables the release function and lets the channel act as a traditional sample-and-hold or track-and-hold. Additionally, a +5V supply is normalized to the voltage input so the module can also be used as a normal release generator


video upload by Love Hultén

A homage to Nostromo

Syntrx2 - Erica Synths
LVX - Meris
Reverb - Empress
Analog Heat - Elektron
Keystep - Arturia
Video Scope - Critter & Guitari

MiniKorg + OpSix + Polybrute + Rhodes MKIII = FUNK!

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"So this funky number is named after Lowell, MA, the 'Mill City', and the place where my funk journey really got going so many years ago. The song features the Arturia Polybrute holding down the main rhythm and bass parts, the Rhodes MKIII EK-10 on some lovely bridge chords, the MiniKorg 700fs on melodies, and the Korg PolySix bringin' in some low end on the solo section. But my favorite part is the dueling mono synth solos where the MiniKorg and OpSix battle it out (and I get a little crazy)!

Hope ya'll enjoy it!"

Synth East - Introducing Norwich's first synth festival

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Synth East is a synthesizer exhibition and performance event taking place at the Norwich Arts Centre on the 4th of March 2023. In this video I'd like to introduce to the idea, the concepts and the venue.

Tickets aim to be on sale from Friday the 9th December"

Books Books Books!

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"The 2022 installment of the now annual "Bookshelf" series! So many great music books came out this year we couldn't even fit them all!"

0:30 Sounds Wild And Broken by David George Haskell
1:28 Structure and Synthesis: The Anatomy of Practice by Mark Fell
3:09 Of Technique by Maria Chavez
4:03 Dilla Time by Dan Charnas
5:27 The Sound of the Machine by Karl Bartos
6:26 Assembling a Black Counter-Culture by DeForrest Brown Jr.
7:35 Switched On by Albert Glinsky

Previous installments posted here.

Error Instruments Sound Scaper: Unboxing & Demo

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I have this cool new device from @errorinstruments paul tas to unbox. It was sent to me as a discounted item but it was not a free item for review purposes. However, Paul included a bonus item in the box. Thanks Paul! In this video, I go over the Sound Scaper and do some sound clips.

Intro - 0:00
Unboxing & Overview - 0:44
Sounds (no CV) - 3:06
Sounds (with CV) - 6:49
Summary - 10:01

You can purchase a Sound Scaper here:

See more Unboxing Videos here:"

Tiptop Buchla 266t Overview 1

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t videos by Todd Barton

"A look at the lefthand side functions: Noise section, Fluctuating Random Voltages, Quantized Random Voltages and Stored Random Voltages.

My Patreon:"

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Multi Zaturn 5

video upload by

"Some lovely sounds from the Multi Filters."

Acid Techno Modular Synth Jam with TR-909 and DFAM - Unpatching or How I Patch

video upload by Honeysmack

Timeline below.

"In this video I "unpatch" a little Acid Techno modular rack I've been rocking for a few months. Truth is, I didn't really unpatch, more of a "how I patch" — I walk through and explain how I use modules and their sound/function. This channel is supported by my Patreons, become a member here:

🎛 Focused modular voices 🎛
🔸 Cwejman BLD2 making the 303ish sound
🔸 Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter - mad percussion sounds
🔸 Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas - lead, bass or rip your head off!
🔸Michigan Synth Works SY0.5 - Pearl Syncussion clone, analog percussion secret weapon.
🔸Endorphines Queen of Pentacles - 909 inspired multi-drum voice module with effects.
🔸Moog DFAM - killer percussion and synth module with onboard 8-step sequencer.

Merely scratching the surface in this video. So strap in and grab a nice coffee or tea. It gets a little long, so perhaps my next unpatching video will dive deeper how I specifically use certain modules. Please feel free to ask!

🕹 The jam I unpatch is available here, with no talking, straight up jam: [posted here]

My modular gear and set-up is in a constant state of flux and I change up my rack every 3 months, thereabouts. That is the beauty of modular synths, you design your own synth. There are no, right or wrong ways to do this, it is all very subjective. Hence, you get an insight to my way of thinking about how I make Techno."

00:00 Intro to the gear, my improvisational approach and sequences
02:04 Audio and MIDI routings
04:09 Module overview
08:21 Intellijel Metropolis - and how I'm not a traditionally trained musician.
12:04 BLD2 focus, that's Bass -Lead & Drum Generator to earth people.
13:54 Add that 909 and jamming
15:05 Basimilus Iteritas Alter - hard to pronounce, best percussion all-rounder
18:10 Loquelic Iteritas - a tale of 2 pitches
22:52 Continue the jam, that's what we came for
24:37 Cockpit2 - mixer module with that sweet side-chain pump
27:33 SY0.5 and Queen of Pentacles, serious percussion investments, shhhhhh don't tell everyone
32:15 Queen of Pentacles, the Queen is very much alive
35:29 I do like to jam, no seriously, I do ask anyone who doesn't know me
36:06 Drummer from another mother or DFAM to you and me!
37:37 Please add 909 to that DFAM, thanks maaaaaaate
39:13 Versio - reverb from the versatile vampire
41:56 Get a little crazy jamming with the reverb
43:43 Outro and thank you

TIMELESS WINDS : SynthRphony final Movement (costellato)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

KurtzMindfields SynthRphony performances

"This final title is an improvisation played around a SynthR4 sequence, using internal delay & Shimmer effect. Ambiant composition.
New album :
1/ Session1 (below, camera 1 & 2) : SynthR4 in mono sequencer mode, Big Ancestor Moog Bass + Flanger BF2, Moog Sub37 bass & winds, Hansy mister M mellotron, Waldorf Zarembourg phased Strings, Rhodes Stage MKI + Delay MXR, Vpiano + delay.
2/ Session2 (above) : Arturia VST : Synclavier, ARP2600 kick, OBXA on Studiologic SL73 studio."

Korg Poly-800

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100M 3xVCO,VCF,VCA Studio System Model 110 / 112 / 121 / 130 / 140 / 191-J

via this auction

"Roland SYSTEM-100M Studio System.
3 x VCO, VCF, VCA Studio System Set

Roland System-100M Model 110 VCO VCF VCA
Roland System-100M Model 112 Dual VCO
Roland System-100M Model 121 Dual VCF
Roland System-100M Model 130 Dual VCA
Roland System-100M Model 140 Dual Envelope, LFO
Roland System-100M Model 191-J Power Unit Case, Multiples

100% perfect working."

140 364344
130 293046
121 363260
112 061815
110 760469

Roland SH-3 w/ Rare EMS Synthi Style Diode Filter SN 220199

via this auction

"Future-proof service performed earlier this year with new electrolytic caps, calibration, all moving parts cleaned like the sliders, pots, keyboard etc. It has been very well maintained and kept in a smoke and pet free professional environment since new in 1974. The SH-3 are extremely rare with historians estimating build count at somewhere in the 40-100 range. The diode ladder filter was later revisited by Roland most popularly for the TB-303 in addition to the classic 100 series modular/semi-modular system."

SLM Pedal Bass Analog Bass Synthesizer 70s 1970s Vintage Keys

via this auction

"The keys all work, The black plastic shell part comes off easily and the pitch buttons are missing their caps but the shafts still activate when pushed. Im not an expert on this unit but it makes a thick bass sound"

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer & Sampler w/ Accessories

via this auction

"OP-1 in fantastic condition with all accessories & rare PX-0 Ear Buds"

Rucci 16-Step CV Sequencer

via this auction

You cand find a demo and additional details here.

Vintage Oberheim DMX Drum Machine SN B43718

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Elektron Digitone 37 Key 8 Voice Digital Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Expert Sleepers Pandora drum smash

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"Messing about with Pandora."

Lunaris 2, Pads Instrument for the Kontakt Player

video upload by Luftrum1

"Lunaris 2 will be released on December 9.

Lunaris 2 is the premier synth pads instrument for NI Kontakt, for that is what Lunaris 2 is all about - pads and pads only. From analog pads to digital pads, string pads, cinematic pads, 80s-inspired pads, immersive ambient pads to everything in between.

Compared to its predecessor, version 2 improves and expands with sample drag and drop import, a freshly redesigned and larger interface, and the core sounds library is now brimming with over twice as many sound sources. You will also find new effects and new features.

Lunaris 2 comes with over 480 presets (all pads!) created by fourteen world-class sound designers such as Venus Theory, Electric Himalaya, Echo Season, Bigtone, Stephan Baer, Michael Oakley, Yuli Yolo, Gahrn Audio, Lauge, Amphilium, Adam Pietruszko, S1gns of L1fe, State Azure and of course, Luftrum.

Lunaris 2 is made for and licensed to the free Kontakt Player, so you don't need the full version of Kontakt to use Lunaris 2. Lunaris 2 is installed directly in Native Access. Just enter the serial key and click install...

Users of the original Lunaris can upgrade to Lunaris 2 for a small upgrade fee. Lunaris 2 installs side-by-side with Lunaris as a separate product.



video upload by



CV control over fall (decay / release)
Continuously variable shape over both slopes without stretching the slope’s duration in time.
Low aliasing CV generation, 224 kHz sample rate.
1 v/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, end of cycle output.
Audio rate oscillation in cycle mode allows you to utilize it as an oscillator.
Polarizer knob with additional VCA input scales the envelope and inverts it when CV goes to negative voltages, allowing for compact sidechain envelope solution without the need for external mixers / inverts / offset generators.
Slew limiter, S&H, T&H processing for external CV sources
Airstreamer 4 is the new version of Airstreamer"

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Introducing the ALM MEGA-TANG - ALM033

video upload by ALM TV

"The ‘MEGA-TANG’ is a 4-channel linear VCA and stereo mixer providing per input control over level, effect send, pan and muting. Designed for live use in mind with a simple & compact layout, the ‘MEGA-TANG’ builds on the clean and transparent sounding Tangle Quartet VCA by adding a stereo mix output, effect sends, manual panning, soft mute buttons with LED indicators and an expansion port for future expandability."

See the dealers on the right for availability.

LFusion - Time Crystals:: Techno/Electro Live performance

video upload by LFusion Electronics

"Techno/Electro Live performance No 3 - Produced using own analog modules: 4 oscillators, 4 - 24db filters and a variety of overdrives based on vacuum tubes, germanium and plasma."

Siren Meets Godeater - Eurorack drone through distortion

video upload by John Schussler

"EZBot has already done a great video [posted here] on Siren showing it off in a fairly clean environment. I was curious how it would sound when chewed up and spit out by a distortion module.

So here's 15 minutes of mostly drone, with a little sequence, exploring Siren when it's treated to some fat distortion.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Drone
08:34 Sequence
12:24 More drone"

RedSound eleVAta Rare quirky digital mystery synth

video upload by HanzVolt

"I fell in love with the quirky sound of a RedSound synthesizer in 1999 when I purchsed a new Red Sound DarkStar...The DarkStar required patience to dial up sweet spots, but they were certainly there. A few years later I discovered that they created another machine in '01....
'the eleVAta'
Only 250 were ever produced...
.....and good luck trying to find a decent video of one on the interweb :))"

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

OB-6 Venture Vol.2 Patches Vid 2 of 2 (no talking) #patch #custom #ob6 #sequential

video upload by Orano Music

Vid 1 here

"OB-6 Venture Volume 2 is a follow up to the very popular Venture Vol.1 Pack.

These Banks require OB-6 OS containing Vintage Mode to operate correctly.

I was overwhelmed with the success of Volume.1 and have set out to make this one even better.

Containing another 84 custom patches for your OB-6, most with sequence info for you to use in your productions or recreate your own if preferred.

Lush Pads, Lovely Keys, Vintage Synths, I have tried to cover many genres to cater for all the requests :)"

Tiptop Buchla 266t Krell

video upload by Todd Barton

Tiptop 266t videos by Todd Barton

"Just released today: the TiptopAudio-Buchla 266t Source of Uncertainty. I'm looking forward to doing a series of basic tutorials on this module as the days unfold, but couldn't not do a self-patched Krell patch as a first experiment. Enjoy!"


#TS1 sequencer plays #Akaimpclive with #Fabric Xl plugin.

video upload by bvr-instruments

"This video show the Ts1 sequencer with bassdrum module playing with the Akai MpcLive and the Fabric Xl plugin."

Low-Gain Electronics - Random Source Generator : Computer Speech patch

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Random Source Generator …. Doing it’s thing.

Still needs one last revision before it’s ready for public consumption!"

Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

LADYADA X0XB0X - TB 303 Clone

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Electro Faustus EF209 Drone King w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Demo previously posted here.

"The EF209 Drone King is a drone box capable of thick drones and deep soundscapes, perfect for adding a wall of oscillators to your setup. It features eight oscillators, six audio and two low frequency, split into two banks. Each oscillator features a frequency control and a mute switch to bring that voice in or out of the mix. The LFOs have controls for both rate and depth, allowing you to dial in the drone settings you want. A filter with cutoff and resonance controls shapes the characteristics of the overall drone, and a thru input allows the Drone King to interface with the rest of your pedal board. The Drone King rules supreme, providing rich drone tones with an intuitive interface, long live the king.

Drone King Features

Drone box with two banks of oscillators
Six audio oscillators with frequency control and mute switches
Two LFOs with rate and depth control
Filter with frequency and resonance controls
Thru input for bringing external signals in"

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 76-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"recently serviced, immaculate condition. only had 2 previous owners. few minor cosmetic scratches. only 600 ever made"

Black Model Oberheim TVS Pro

via this auction

2013 Buchla Music Easel + Accessories + Box

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 SN 00507

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Very clean Prophet 2000 with expanded memory. Original floppy drive is still operational, but who needs those with 'Prophet2012' software that allows editing and dumping images directly from PC/Mac.

Everything works as it should including touch panel buttons. You might notice volume knob shaft is broken, but it's still operation. You typically set it to max and never touch again."

Twisted Electrons BlastBeats SN BB10207 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Custom Pink Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer

via this auction

"This MicroKorg was completely taken apart and given a custom pink and black paint job. It’s 100% functional."

Doepfer A-110-4 QZVCO

video upload by Tiefengrund

"A-110-2 triangle wave as modulator"

Sequential's Trigon-6 Now Shipping

via @sequentialLLC

"NOW SHIPPING! The Trigon-6 represents a modern synth workhorse with a bold 3-oscillator ladder filter-based sound. It builds on the past, refines the present, and redefines the future for analog poly synths. For more info please visit #Sequential #Trigon6"


See the dealers on the right for availability. You can find demos of the Trigon-6 in additonal posts here.

Electric Cherry Performs 'MOI' // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"Electric Cherry has collaborated with us for a performance of ‘MOI’ the lead single from their second album, ‘Planet Love Stories’ (Chinese written name: 《星球爱情故事》).

Electric Cherry shows us the diverse performance functionalities of our instruments as they work effortlessly to blend a variety of styles in this live performance of 'MOI'.

--- Read More:"

OB-6 Venture Vol.2 Patches 0 to 39 Vid 1 of 2 (no talking) #patch #custom #ob6 #sequential

video upload by Orano Music

Vid 2 here

"OB-6 Venture Volume 2 is a follow up to the very popular Venture Vol.1 Pack.

These Banks require OB-6 OS containing Vintage Mode to operate correctly.

I was overwhelmed with the success of Volume.1 and have set out to make this one even better.

Containing another 84 custom patches for your OB-6, most with sequence info for you to use in your productions or recreate your own if preferred.

Lush Pads, Lovely Keys, Vintage Synths, I have tried to cover many genres to cater for all the requests :)


NOS 1982 Octave Voyetra One Mylar Front Panel

via this auction

Note, this appears to be the first mention of the Voyetra One on the site.

"This mylar front panel was made in 1982 by Octave-Plateau for their Voyetra One synthesizer that was never manufactured. This is a rare collector's item for any fan of the Voyetra Eight synthesizer and would look great framed and displayed on the wall of a studio. The layout clearly shows the complex voice architecture of the Voyetra Eight, which is not obvious from looking at the Voyetra Eight front panel.

This item is New Old Stock (NOS) and is covered with a protective film as shipped from the factory. The back has an adhesive covered with a paper protector and the manufacturer's sticker shows it was made on March 22, 1982.

The Voyetra One was originally intended to be a programmer for the Voyetra Eight but it was abandoned when Octave-Plateau decided instead to make a software voice editor for the IBM PC. For more information on the Voyetra One and Voyetra Eight, Google 'Fandom Voyetra Eight Synthesizer'."

Tiptop Audio Buchla 266t Source Of Uncertainty, Black Z-DSP & New Card Bundles

via Tiptop Audio

"Today we are officially releasing Buchla and Tiptop Audio Model 266t Source Of Uncertainty which will start shipping to our dealers this week. This is one of those moments with a sense of accomplishment from making a wonderful module Don Buchla created in 1976 available again nearly half a century later, and also producing it in large enough numbers that it gets into everyone’s hands.

Price is $299 and pre-orders should be open at your favorite retailers now. The User manual is uploaded on the website, please check it out, this is a complex module with plenty of unique functions!"

♥ Made By Heart (II) - Audiovisual Jam Driven By The Heartbeat

video upload by Perplex On

"Here comes a little generative thing only using the heartbeat for generating and modulating audio and video. Using an early version of an app by @FloVerse which enables the heart rate measured with an #applewatch to be used as midi signal. In this case it’s emitting one midi note with every heartbeat. This note is then going into #chordjam @audiomodern to generate a random chord which is sequencing #aparillosynth. Adding a bit of texture with #uasilo and #uaneedlepoint. Besides the visuals are also getting this midi impulse which modulates the playback speed using #magicmusicvisuals."

V-SCALE User Guide: Precision Active Buffer & Multiple - Fix Tracking Issues, Accurate Pitch Sharing

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Not all Buffered Multiples are created equal: The V-SCALE by AJH Synth is a precision active buffer and multiple, which can be used to correct impedance mismatches between instruments, controllers and modules that can cause inaccurate tracking/scaling of pitch CV's, leading to out-of-tune VCO's and synths. It can also compensate for synths, VCO's and VCF's that will not track a 1V/Oct CV signal accurately, by way of 4 adjustable outputs, with fine-tuning trimmers allowing a 5% positive or negative alteration. Also, it will function as a highly accurate buffered multiple, and allow the use of further passive multiples after it in the CV signal chain, without risking a loss of signal strength, which would also lead to tuning or tracking inaccuracies. Unlike many buffered multiples, the V-Scale has a very high input impedance, and a very low output impedance, so it can make the various input and output combinations of different instruments play nicely together.

00:00 Intro
00:26 Module Overview
02:48 Adjusting VCF/VCO Tracking
07:04 Correcting 1V/Oct Signals
10:30 Usage with Passive Multiples
14:15 Performance Example

Video by DreamsOfWires"

WaveBoy -The Voder | The mythical Ensoniq effects - used in new ways

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Voder effect is a bank of programmable filters that loads into the built-in effects processor of an Ensoniq EPS-16 PLUS or an ASR-10. The filters are multi-band parametric equalizers (EQs) that can be modulated in interesting ways - most notably, they can make a sound talk or sing words!

Like a classic vocoder, the Voder imposes the moving resonance of speech onto any input sound. But while the conventional vocoder uses a live vocal input to derive the control information, the Voder uses the music keyboard or MIDI.Support this channel on Patreon:"


via this auction

"This unit is unique and is the top of the line when it comes to ring-modulation and frequency shifting.

Unreal in a synth rack - it will exponentially expand your sonic pallet, adding new depth to familiar sounds.

This thing is actually too deep to describe - you need to play with it to really get it. But the sound and build of this all-analog piece is superb. If you’re a synth owner, this one unit will add a lifetime of exploration as you rediscover all your existing instruments in a new way.

Not many of these around . . ."

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog SN 2853 w/ Anvil Case w/ Original Program Tape

via this auction

"The Memorymoog was serviced by a pro technician in 2016. Here is the list of the works done on this beautiful Memorymoog:

• The board contacts have been gold-plated. This upgrade is crucial and hugely improves the tuning reliability of the Memorymoog.
• The battery was replaced.
• All pots were cleaned and lubricated

All 6 voices always pass the autotune and the tuning is rock solid.

Anvil case was also restored in late 2016. Original factory program tape is included.

The C sharp key in the second octave needs cleaning as it works intermittently. Other than that the unit is fully functional."

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 311621

via this auction

Studio Electronics MIDIMINI w/ R.A. Moog Trumansburg Minimoog #1190 Mixer, Filter, VCA, & ENV

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Studio Electronics custom built MIDIMINI featuring a genuine Trumansburg era R.A. Moog full back end with board 3 and board 4 harvested from Minimoog # 1190 circa 1972 along with a genuine Moog oscillator buffer board. It sports full military spec potentiometers and controls throughout and beautiful hand wiring with precision. Routine maintenance was performed mid 2022 with the power supply caps updated along with a full calibration. This will ensure longevity for it’s next owner.
With R.A. and MuSonics Minimoogs fetching 6 figures from the high end dealers in recent years, we hope the buyer ends up being one of the 1001-1200 owners for the sake of preservation.
As you can see the inside of the unit is extremely clean and flawless. The outer cosmetic condition clearly shows signs of being moved from rack to rack over the last 30 some odd years."

Oberheim DPX-1 Serviced with Floppy Emulator

via this auction

"Maybe not the best cosmetically looking DPX-1 but it's a fully serviced one.

The power supply in those is badly designed, with leaking caps, unstable voltage, etc. That was all addressed and is rock solid. All other internal capacitors, including tantalum ones (known to burn) have been replaced. All capacitors are only Nichicon low ESR and Nichicon audio grade series.

The floppy emulator is installed with ~1000 of images from EMU Emulator II library. DPX-1 can load natively EII, Mirage, P2000, Akai data. When it comes to EII, it converts it to the own format which takes about a minute. This was addressed too, all EII image data is in DPX format, so, it takes no extra time for the conversion.

This is also the rare version with dedicated 8 voice outputs installed and CD-ROM interface."

Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02 w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

Access Virus Rack Synth SN H10000931 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

"Access Virus Rack Synth (rare) - Virus B - vintage - with orig owner's manual. Legendary Virus 'simulated analog' synthesizer.

In great condition, fully working and tested. Includes rackmount synth, owner's manual, power supply, 'SoundDiver' CD rom - all of which originally shipped with the unit itself. (Being sold by the original owner).

New internal battery installed (for saving patches and sequences).

This thing is a beast. Killer sounds and versatility for a vast range of tonality and musical application."

Filthy White Crumar Bit 99 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 00139

via this auction

"Condition is actually good but really dirty, it was in storage for 10 years, untested cause fuse is missing..."

Vintage Oberheim SEM / Synthesizer Expander Module

via this auction

Pics of the back / inside below.

Modor DR-2 drum machine & Akai MPC 1000 '' HIP HOP ''( no talking )

video upload by Dziam Bass

"Today I made some beats with Modor dr 2 drum machine.
I see most DR-2 demos are in the electronic genre so I went a step further and used the DR-2 in Hip Hop
It's a really great machine
All drums are from Modor dr-2, samples and bass from MPC1000
I don't want to say pros and cons .. just listen.

First of all: although it's digital, the DR-2 is not about sampling. It's a drum synthesizer, like a classic analog drum machine, but it uses digital sound synthesis algorithms instead of analog circuitry. There are no samples in the DR-2, and there's no sample memory.

Just like the Modor NF-1, the DR-2 is not build to recreate the classics of the past. The DR-2 uses digital sound synthesis to innovate drum sounds and rhythms. Many sounds will be recognizable. It is possible to make classic sounding bass drums, snares and rimshots. It's not difficult to program classic floorfillers with the DR-2. But with 12 synthesis parameters per drum, you'll easily find yourself creating your own individual sound."

Roland SYSTEM-8 - Sound Demo

video upload by Nicolas Melis

0:00 - 0:15. a1 system8 saws
0:16 - 0:28. a6 psc sync
0:29 - 0:37. b5 pad picker b5
0:38 - 0:55 a3 jupiter pwm brass
0:56 - 1:09 c6 ld big bottom
1:10 - 1:31. a2 jupiter str
1:32 - 1:48. a5 jupiter poly stack
1:49 - 2:15. d5 jupiter warm pad
2:16 - 2:26. e7 jupiter pwm
2:27 - 2:57. a4 juno psaws
2:58 - 3:18. b1 sy lr hoover
3:19 - 3:24. h31984 lead 2
3:25 - 3:35. b4 br pwm velobrass
3:36 - 4:01. b6 ld j oboe solo
4:02 - 4:27. d7 df bass
4:28 - 4:47. d5 pd pwm strings
4:48 - 5:01. e4 sy juno stab diu
5:02 - 5:18. f2 1984 brass&str
5:19 - 5:31. g5 1984 synth pad
5:32 - 5:47. b2 sy gripped
5:48 - 6:05. e1 1983 string 1
6:06 - 6:20. d2 sq pure sine
6:21 - 6:49. c6 pd sweeping reso
6:50 - 7:07. a5 juno warm pad
7:08 - 7:32. d1 sy synth dude
7:33 - 7:52 f41984 strings 2

Eurorack Modular Synth - Using Pamela's PRO Workout for basically everything!

video upload by SyllixMusic

"Download the full patch notes:
Pamela's Pro Workout is a versatile, clocked multi-function generator that does it all! In today's patch, I'm using Pam's to clock Marbles, send triggers into Beads and uO_c, and modulate various parameters."

Experimental Synth Christmas Music: MKDVB Cosmic Christmas

video upload by MKDVB

"Ambient, kosmiche synth Christmas music inspired mainly by old synthesizer New Age holiday music cassette tapes. We wanted to make a Christmas concept album but maybe less cheesy. We tried to make it accessible for friends and family but it kinda turned into weird experimental Christmas music anyway. Probably because we are weird.

Bandcamp version:

00:00 Sleigh Ride (When Stressings Turn to Blessings)
04:14 Myrrh Ye Genteel (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
11:01 LDB/POE (Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth)
15:15 Lullaby (MKDVB original)
18:01 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
21:04 Child, What Song is This? (What Child Is This?)
25:34 Auld Lang Syne (Elf Party)
27:51 Cosmic O (MKDVB original)
33:07 Turn Your Blessings Into Bliss (MKDVB original)

01. Sleigh Ride (When Stressings Turn to Blessings)
This is the first track from our Cosmic Christmas album. Recorded with Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card).

02. Myrrh Ye Genteel (This is our version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")
Recorded with Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card), Elektron Analog Keys. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, Miguel G. Miranda - Percussion

03. LDB/POE vPTSD (Our version of the 1977 Bing Crosby & David Bowie Christmas Special song, Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth)
Recorded with Elektron Analog Rytm, Roland V-Synth XT (D50 card), Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, drums. Drums Recorded by Aaron Kretzmann at Phos Studios, Mission Viejo, CA.

04. Lullaby (MKDVB original)

05. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Recorded with Roland V-Synth XT, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2. Matt Kretzmann - drum programming.

06. Child, What Song is This? (Our version of What Child Is This?)
Recorded with Roland V-Synth XT, Synthstrom Deluge. Matt Kretzmann - guitar, samples

07. Auld Lang Syne (Elf Party)
Recorded with saxophone, Eventide Eclipse.

08. Cosmic O (MKDVB original)
Recorded with Juno 106, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT.
Live video improvised/synthesized with Vidiot analog video synthesizer.

09. Turn Your Blessings Into Bliss (MKDVB original)
Recorded with Juno 106, Synthstrom Deluge, Sequential Prophet Rev2, Roland V-Synth XT.
Live video improvised/synthesized with Vidiot analog video synthesizer."


video upload by synth4ever

"Waldorf Wave synth demo featuring various wavetable sounds, patches and presets. The Waldorf Wave is a huge and rare vintage wavetable synthesizer from 1993, and can create some incredible pads, soundscapes and crunchy sounds. This Waldorf Wave demo was filmed at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Los Angeles, September 2022.

The Waldorf Wave features digital wavetables, analog LPF and HPF filters, 16-48 voices of polyphony (depending on model), 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch, MIDI, and tons of buttons and knobs to tweak sounds to your liking.

The Waldorf Wave is a monster wavetable synthesizer in size and sound. As it is very rare and few were produced, it commands high prices on the second market. As an alternative, the Waldorf Microwave from 1989 is far more affordable.

I was lucky to have the chance to try this vintage Waldorf Wave during my visit to the Vintage Synth Museum and hope you enjoy the demo."

Oddity3 X-Mods in Action

video upload by GForce Software

"A new demo from Dave Spiers demonstrating the power of Oddity3's XLFO and XADSR modulation. Imagine, a different LFO and ADSR for almost all controls on the instrument... well... I guess you don't have to imagine, it's there!"

Monday, November 28, 2022

7 Minutes with JC (Electric Bebop Improvisation)

video upload by Justin Carey

"This is the best improv video I have made yet. I was really feeling this one. Listen to the OBX8 Lead sound that pops in at 4:15, It shows the richness of the SEM filter. As always...thanks for listening."

Natlife Sounds Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Natlife Sounds is offering 50% everything until Dec 1st.

As mentioned previously, see the banners on the right for additional sales while they last.

Soundfreak Tips and Tricks

video upload by Todd Barton

"I'm finding the best way to trigger other modules in the Buchla 200 system from either the SF Oscillator 3 LFO or the SF Envelope Shaper is to have them first trigger a Buchla 281 Function Generator. Here are some uses..."

Patchwerks Showroom Sessions: Jon Scheid and ybot

video upload by Patchwerks

"Patchwerks Showroom session featuring Jon Scheid and ybot.

Jon Scheid is a Portland/Seattle based experimental artist. Their music combines all sorts of unique textures that will take you on an ear candy filled atmospheric journey.

Ybot is an electronic dance musician from Seattle. Utilizing Elektron boxes, vocoders, and modular synths, ybot composes a range of various styles from house to dub techno. Ybot is here to make you dance.
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"


Supporting member Ultimate Patches is having a Cyber Monday sale.

Note, I'm limiting sale posts on the site to supporting members as posting every single sale would clearly overtake the site. Be sure to see the banners on the right of the site for additional sales going on, and of course, now is a good time to see what other software and hardware manufacturers have on sale.

That said, here are the details on Ultimate Patches' CYBER MONDAY sale:

"Bring your synth to the next level with the Cyber Monday 2022 sale at, from Monday November 28 until November 30!

Up your game with fresh new synth patches exploring sonic territory including authentic vintage analog, modern and futuristic digital, classic leads, evolving pads, addictive basses, and traditional non-synth instruments including acoustic and electric pianos, B3 and vintage organs, acoustic and electric guitars & basses, orchestral instruments, percussion, sfx and more!

Pricing & Availability:
Sale prices up to 50% off. Sale runs from Monday November 28 2022 - November 30 2022."

Pad08. ] Steingraeber & Söhne, Prophet ’08 & Empress Reverb [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

] Steingraeber & Söhne, Prophet ’08 & Empress Reverb [

Toska. ] Noon Instrument Toska, Prophet ’08 & Empress Reverb [

Omri Cohen: Techniques I used a lot in 2022 and techniques I want to explore in 2023

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Buy me a coffee? -
Consider joining our community on Patreon and Discord -

Here you can find the patching techniques and idea document together with exclusive videos, monthly VCV presets, and more -

00:00 - Introduction
00:27 - Splitting a sequence with a comparator
03:58 - Glitch with a delay
08:04 - Resonant Envelopes
11:00 - Ducking pitch"

Using Eventide's Misha Interval-based Eurorack module as a Rhythmic Sequencer

video upload by Richard Devine

"Experiment using Eventide's Misha Interval-based Eurorack module as a Rhythmic Sequencer."

G-Storm Electro: Introducing Influx 8-Channel Eurorack Audio Sub-mixer

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2022

Introducing Influx, an audio sub-mixer for eurorack.
A streamlined design taking 16HP.
Six channels having LED mutes, level, and pan.
A stereo input pair having level control.
Stereo mix output.

In this video I'm putting the Influx mixer though it's paces.
I put together an elegant live performance patch using all 3 of my cases.
Be sure to listen on headphones or quality monitors to hear all the sub-bass frequencies.
Drum Modules | Pittsburgh (PGH) modular Safari
Snare | PGH Polar Bear | PGH Local Florist | PGH Analog Delay Unit | Feedback Squeez compressor
Bass | Cre8audio Capt'n Big-O | G-Storm 101-VCF
Lead | PGH Primary Oscillator | G-Storm SH5-VCF | Happy Nerding FX Aid - Clouds Reverb Algo
Sample | Erica Sample Drum | G-Storm Pro-VCF | Mutable Clouds | Shakmat Gemini Path
Percussion Gates | Malekko Varigate 4
Bass/Lead Sequencing | Keystep Pro
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

Check my Reverb store for availability Influx and other cool modules I build by hand."

"Manage the Influx of audio signals in your Eurorack modular system. Influx is a streamlined 8-Channel audio sub-mixer. Suitable for your mixing needs within smaller to medium sized systems. Or chain two Influx units together for larger systems.

6 Mono Input channels each having: Bourns 20mm throw audio level faders w/ 3x gain possible, blue LED latching audio mute button, pan pot, and a scribble strip!

One Stereo Input pair of Left/Right inputs on channels 7/8 - Audio level rotary pot w/ 3x gain possible, Channel 7/(mono) is normalized to both L/R if nothing is plugged into Channel 8/R jack.

For larger systems you can chain two units together for a total of 14-Channels. Simply patch the output pair of one Influx to the 7/8 input of another. A 10-to-16 pin ribbon cable is included. Each module is 142 solder points all crafted by hand in limited quantities, and tested for quality assurance.


16HP (80.5mm) Module width
22mm Module depth
21 mA on +12V
9 mA on -12V
5V not used
Influx pairs well with:

Pittsburgh Modular Outs
Befaco Output module v3
GSE DC571 Lo-Fi Dual Compressor
…another Influx mixer for 14-channels"

FieldScaper DIY MIDI Controllers

via Motion Soundscape

Also see this one from 2017.

"Some DIY enthusiasts make great MIDI controllers for their favorite iOS apps.

This is comprehensive, compact and very handy MIDI controller for FieldScaper app. Despite not a very large number of controls, it can almost completely replace the on-screen user interface of the app, switching between different functions. The author of this device is Mario Jurisch (Synth-Project)."


video upload by DATABROTH


00:00 Textiles
00:28 Techtonique
00:52 Regulant
01:14 Stock Housing
01:44 Liaison
01:58 Encroach
02:17 Poppable
02:38 Acidic"

Soft pop2 join eurorack setup

video upload by Meska

"First patch with softpop2 and the modular setup
With plinky and dce2

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Freedom jam, no rules

video upload by SynthAddict

"No rules this week... and I went a little over the normal time by accident.
Modular jam with some new Black Fri modules and other stuff - trying to make it a little groovy...... had a few errors and no time for take 2. :-)"

Manipulating Melodies With IOLabs Flux - A Dark Christmas: Variations On The Jingle Bells Tune

video upload by Friendly Noise

"Flux is an incredible rhythm generating machine, but how good is Flux at making melodies? I have tried to answer this question in two videos. In this second part I’ll show how to manipulate melodies with Flux. Flux it not your traditional one note per step sequencer, but melodies are definitively programmable and more than just 'programmable'.

Everything you hear in the video is based on the notes of the first 4 bars of Jingle Bells.

Used in the video: Soma Pulsar 23, IOLabs Flux, 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, Spherical Sound Society Vortex Generator, Joranalogue Morph 4, and Strymon Nightsky.
Some EQ and compression were added in the DAW after recording.

Here is the first part: Making Melodies With IOLabs Flux - Is That Possible?"

ARP Little Brother SN 0706

via this auction

"Designed as an expander for ARP synths such as the 2600, Odyssey, Axxe, and others

Consists of the following functions:

1 divide down oscillator that can be composed of any combination of 4 selectable octaves and 4 selectable wave shapes

1 LFO that is wired internally to modulate oscillator pitch but can be used to modulate other sources in external synths.

Interfaces with ARP’s and other compatible brands’ gear via the cv, gate and trig i/o on the back panel. To play the Little Brother as a normal synth (e.g. with envelope response) all 3 signals (cv, gate, trig) must be connected to a keyboard, sequencer or other controller. The audio output jack uses an RCA connector."

Korg 770 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-1 w/ Panel Overlay & Case

via this auction


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