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World's First HP Scanjet 4C Keytar + Instructions on How to Build a Musical Stepper Motor in 60 sec

Published on Jul 31, 2016 bd59

"You may of heard of a popular flat bed scanner by the name of HP Scanjet. This scanner had a hidden command set within the Scanner Control Language which allows you to send musical notes directly to the stepper motor. This is a tedious method where you have to enter the notes and durations manually into a text file (similar to G-Code on a CNC Machine). I have always used and will always use this method for my Old School music videos however I wanted to try and build a MIDI controlled stepper motor. One day I had one of my HP Scanjets sitting on its side and for some reason it resembled a Roland SH-101 and that's when I came up with the idea for the HP Scanjet Keytar. What a great way to merge both into a musical instrument. My one of a kind HP Scanjet Keytar consist of an Arduino Nano, Stepper Motor Shield and an optocoupler. Most of my Arduino code was readily available on the Arduino website and is free to download at GitHub. Near the end of my video I will show you how to build a MIDI controlled stepper motor in 40 seconds. I believe that maybe a world record :)

Finally, everything you need to build your own musical MIDI controlled stepper motor. (no electronics background required)
Download the Arduino Code at Github
please make sure you place all the files in a directory called HPScanJetMIDI before compiling
Don't for get to install the (just search the internet for this file name"

MiniCommand Live V2.0 Demo

Published on Jul 31, 2016 JustinValer

Slide Pots for Moog MG-1, Opus 3, Rogue and More

via LA Synth Co

"FINALLY! Replacement sliders for your Moog are once again available! We got sick of having to clean the old ones, so we had new ones made. Available as sets with switches, or as singles.

Compatible with Moog MG-1, Rogue, Opus 3, Liberation, Polymoog and others.

Same size and spec as the original, the shaft is just a hair shorter, but fits original slider caps perfectly. The switches have a black grip at the top (see photos) but are 100% compatible.

MG-1 and Rogue Sets currently available, Other sets upon request.

Rotary pots, dual pots, knobs and caps NOT included."

DIY Guitar Effects in Eurorack

DIY Guitar Effects in Eurorack - Tube Tremolo

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Endangered Audio Research Video

"This series shows you how to use the principles of modular synthesis to create new and unique effects for guitar."


DIY Guitar Effects in Eurorack - Filter Delay

Published on Aug 1, 2016 Endangered Audio Research Video

"This series shows you how to use the principles of modular synthesis to create new and unique effects for guitar."

Follow-up to DIY Guitar Effects in Eurorack - Tube Tremolo.

Behringer DeepMind12 Desktop Synth Mockups

This spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"I like to present you with some of our desktop/rack-mount designs for the DeepMind12 our designers we have come up with. The unit is designed to accommodate for desktop and rack-mount usage.

Just to be clear, we have not yet decided to progress with this design and hence your opinion is important to us.

Thanks for your feedback.


531F - Wicked Trick - Featuring Dave Smith, Korg, Strymon

Published on Jul 31, 2016 JediSid

"531F - Wicked Trick - Featuring Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4, Korg Electribe 2, Strymon Elcapistan and BlueSky"

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"Now the run down. This was bought from a man who kept it in a case for 15 years. He never used it. I bought it with crackly pots on 2 of them and the keyboard was kind of too clacky. These keyboards always are and it still is but it has been fixed to normal operating clack condition. Meaning the Pro One already has somewhat of a clacky keyboard. This is my second Pro One so I can tell you this is the case. My tech who is a professional and Hollywood's top synth tech who's been working on synths since the 70's fixed it all up. Actually not much had to be done other than those two mentions. It is in top mint condition I would rate is 100 functioning perfect and body condition I would rate a 9.9. If you're looking for mint this is it. Very very small wear mark almost not even visible at all, I am being super super picky and a very small wear mark on the rear. Both are not even anything. Not even kidding.

I have been using it with a Kention CV to Midi Pro Solo II box and it has work flawlessly. Kenton not included."

Roland SH-09 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The SH-09 (or Synthesizer-09) is a single VCO monophonic analog synthesizer with a 2 1/2 octave, 32-note (F-C) keyboard. The VCO is switchable between 5 octaves: 2', 4', 8', 16', 32'. Available waveforms are sawtooth, square, pulse (with pulse width modulation), or white noise. There is also a sub-oscillator switchable between a square wave one octave down, a square wave two octaves down, and a pulse wave three octaves down. It is possible select the noise source at your oscillator and still have the sub-oscillator as a waveform. The VCF is self oscillating and can be modulated by the envelope follower which is wired to the external input. The envelope generator is an ADSR (attack decay sustain release) with a slider for each stage. On the control panel to the left of the keyboard is a horizontal pitch-bend/modulation lever, with pressure up and down controlling modulation amount. There are also two sliders controlling amount of modulation routed to the VCO and VCF, as well as a slider adjusting portamento amount and the main power switch. On the back panel there is a main output, and the CV/gate inputs and outputs."

Oberheim CPS1 Synth Expander Module SN 409

via this auction

"Original late 1970's Oberheim CPS-1 synthesizer expander module. Works perfectly, excellent condition. 2 syncable analog oscillators and audio i/o. You can process external audio through filters and modulator. Unit is stock. Pots, jacks, and internal connectors have been cleaned. S/N 409."

Korg Sigma KP-30 Vintage Multitimbral Monophonic Synthesizer SN 241659

via this auction

"Great working condition vintage Korg Sigma KP-30 from 1979... that's a 37 year old vintage synthesizer and only 1000 units were ever made. This is when Korg was still repping the Keio Electronic Labratory Corp. and made all their synths in Japan. Very high quality build has been near maintenance free for the last 20 years with just a professional deoxit tune-up every other year or so."

Powertran Transcendent 2000

via this auction

"This fantastic British Mono synth was designed by Tim Orr of EMS. He was the chap behind some of the most classic and sought after early synths like the EMS synthi used by Pink Floyd

This was the first synth used by Joy Division / New Order and appears on there early tracks"


Published on Jul 31, 2016 davidryle

"Echo. Echo. Echo's of the past.
Metropolis to Piston Honda with EG from Maths then into Phonogene.
Phonogene is in Broken Recorder mode with voltage modulation to the organize and gene size parameters from a Turing Machine and an EOC pulse from the Quadra to the vari-speed parameter.
The Phonogene out is run to Clouds in Spectral Madness mode. From there the signal splits to a Z-DSP with Valhalla Shimmer and an Echophon.
Rings in Modal resonator mode and duo polyphony is picking up the pitch cv from the Metropolis and strum from a Turing Machine pulses.
All of the various signal pathways are routed through Frames automated keyframe mode.
Additional delays are the Strymon Blue Sky and Lexicon MX200.
Clocking from Metropolis to 4MS QCD to Turing Machine, Quadra and Clouds trigger."

Transistor Sounds Labs Stepper Acid Eurorack Sequencer Demo

Published on Jul 31, 2016 mylarmelodies

"Let's Play with the amazing Stepper Acid Sequencer! If you like this, please support me and access a 50-minute bonus Stepper Acid video on Patreon for $4+ Patrons:"

Wax - (Re-uploaded with new mix) Yamaha Montage - Ableton Live - Akai APC Mini

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"EDIT: One nice thing about using Ableton and tracking this jam is that I could go back and remix. I noticed that the synth parts I was playing live were too hot so I went back and remixed those and replaced the audio track with the new mix.....Noice!!! ... So here's what is going on: I picked up an APC Mini because I was hoping it would allow me to create more complex live performances. Wow does it! This is a live jam with 100% Yamaha Montage. I recorded a bunch of loops into Ableton then used the APC to trigger them. All tracks were either played live and recorded for playback from Ableton, or just straight played live from the Montage. Such a phenomenal instrument this Yamaha thing.... I love it. Oh and I have to thank Depeche Mode for inspiring the first few bars that spawned this whole thing"

Planks by Baghead

"Easel in to Adrenalinn III pedal and a good dollop of spring reverb"

PPG 1020 + PPG sequencer and switch modules

Published on Jul 31, 2016 seb17320

OP-1 Synthesizer Excellent Condition

via this auction


via this auction

"It has brand new bright new screen, installed by Colin Fraser (the creator of it) himself .
Because early models had a bit lack of brightness, so he changed it for me some time ago.
(In the close up photo of the screen, there are shadows can see. This is just reflection of the room because screen is glass !)

All the encoders, switches and faders works flawless.

This is the fullest model with CVIO analog bus which allows you to play CV GATE instruments.

Latest operation system installed.

It comes with original manual, CVIO cable, a 4gb flash card and original power adapter."

Technics SY-1010

via this auction

Future Retro Zillion - Midi Sequencer

via this auction

"More midi sequences than you can ever imagine. Check out the video for all the features." [posted here]

Loop Study: Glompin & Bath

Loop Study: Glompin from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

"Performed live on a modular synthesizer.

Used QuNexus to play Rings into Disting with Ping Pong Delay into 4ms Dual Looping Delay with Clouds running Oliverb (Clouds Parasites) in the FX loop of Rosie. Rings is modulated by Just Friends, which is modulated by Batumi. Tempi is triggering René, which is glomping Tides as a bass.

Recorded straight to 2-track in Ableton with no additional processing.

Cat stayed on the floor this time, but wanted to glomp some bass."

Loop Study: Bath from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

"Loop recorded with 4ms Dual Looping Delay (in stereo, using both channels), then run through Clouds and recorded straight to 2-track.

Dedicated to Sean Julian for traveling light."

Follow-up to Beebar.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Ep. 7 - Birds in Space

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Inspired by the Moog Model 15's patch 'Birds' and also by the title of the 'Birds in Space' album of my mentor Adrian Enescu, here it is, the seventh episode from Journey to the Edge of the Universe.

Moog Model 15 - FX
Blofeld - pad
Quadnic - drone and sequence (freeze Clouds)
microKorg - bass
Virus Ti2 - sequence
Novation Circuit - hihats
OP-1 - lead


TX802 8 TKS 00032

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Ariel Raguet


TX802 8 TKS 00032


Zoom MS-70CDR
dbx 166A
Volt pgX7 DX programmer
Lenovo ThinkPad T430
Arturia KeyLab 61

Patch Notes #10 - Roland System 1M Hidden Oscillators

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

All parts here.

"Patch Notes #10 (check the description for actual patch notes) for the most recent Pulse Tips demonstrating the hidden oscillators in the Roland System 1M Eurorack semi-modular synthesizer.

Mutable Instruments Braids is the source of the pad-like sounds in WTx4 mode, sequenced by the Make Noise René playing back an 8 step sequence. The Timbre is modulated by a triangle wave from the Malekko Anti-Oscillator in LFO mode.

Braids is routed through Mutable Ripples LP4 to VCA mode, with both the VCA and filter cutoff modulated by the two ADSR envelopes on the Intellijel Dual ADSR module.

The bass is coming from the Make Noise 0-Coast, sequenced by the Korg SQ-1. An uncomplicated routing here, the SQ-1 is clocked by Tempi.

Tempi is also clocking René and the Dual ADSR. As well, it is triggering the Malekko Varigate 4, which is playing back the kick/snare/hihat sequences, via the Dual Borg kick drum setup we've explored in the past, a snare from the Noise Engineering BI and a noise-based hihat inside the Roland Scooper.

The kick and snare are routed through the inputs on the Scooper, while the hihat is routed virtually via the Roland Aira Modular Customizer App.

Tempi is also clocking the Sync Trig input on the Scooper, so that the input percussion signal can be sampled, looped and retriggered in time with the other sequences. The drum sequence is sampled and detuned to a lower pitch.

The lead is coming from the Roland System 1M, played live on the KMI Qu-nexus. The System 1M Osc 1 is set to the Sine FM waveform, while Osc 2 is set to the Synced Sine FM voice. Both are passed through the VCF/VCA/EFX signal chain in the synth, and out to the Mix 4 with the other voices and drums. Then routed through Warps running Parasites alt firmware delays for a bit of extra space."

Arturia KEYSTEP Unboxing

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"In this video, I unbox the Arturia KEYSTEP Keyboard. It's a new 32 keys controller keyboard which features a full arpeggiator and sequencer. More videos about this coming in near future"

Eurorack Lizard 2 sequencer

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Fernando Lima

Lizard 2 - Vbrazil
Aether Oscillatior - Vbrazil
Disting - Expert Sleepers

Kronos Tips & Tricks: 04 Change dry synth sounds with external effects - Eventide H9 Max

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Qui Robinez

"This time a small demonstration how you can modify kronos sounds with external effects. The Kronos dry sounds can be a great sound source when you route them to external effect machines that have different kind of effects that aren't in the kronos. By applying other type of effects your known sounds can sound rather different.

This tips and tricks video shows some examples of what you can do with the dry kronos sounds when you route them through an external effect. In the examples here i use an Eventide H9 Max guitar pedal (which also can be used for synth sounds of course).

There i have access to 44 different algorithms, in this video i show the Shimmer algorithm (which add harmonic tones in a reverb hall. a resonator effect, a chorus type of effect and a huge hall through the blackhole algorithm.

First you hear the dry sounds, then the same sound with the effect set to active, then the dry sound again.

The eventide h9 max is activated through a blue tooth connection with the h9 control app on the ipad. When its activated you will see a light turned on at the right bottom of the effect hardware box"

Cylonix/Intellijel - Shapeshifter (Wavetables Scan)

Published on Jul 31, 2016 thisisprisma

"Lfo modulating the SHAPE 1 knob, so wavetables go smoothly from left to right and then back from right to left, every end of lfo cicle is me manually turning the WAVEBANK knob one step to listen to the next group of wavetables. 128 groups in total with 8 wavetables each.

Enjoy it."

Sunday Chilled Hip Hop Jam - JD-XI

Published on Jul 31, 2016 KlaatuNinja

Impro with Mos-lab 2P + Mos-lab 960 sequencer

Published on Jul 31, 2016 seb17320

Verbos Voltage Multistage sequencing

Published on Jul 30, 2016 duncanperson

"Verbos sequencer doing a cool sequence on the SH-101, the Acidlab drumatix does all the clocking and a bit of the OTO bam in there too. This sequencer is lots of fun and has some good modulation abilities to keep the sequence fresh!"

Yamaha DX-11 Demo - All sounds by DX-11

Published on Jul 30, 2016 VeeCeeYay Inc

"People always say how FM and Digital synths sound 'cold' so I though I'd try something mellow and warm. All sounds are by the DX-11. No EQ was used.

The sound at the start has some Eventide Space Reverb. Percussion sounds were Synthesized on the DX-11 and sampled into an MPC-2500. The Clap sound has a tiny bit of Spring Reverb on it from the Boss RX-100."


Published on Jul 30, 2016 ryouichi harada

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Buchla Hybrid 100 Transfiguration by Todd Barton

"It has been awhile since I've explored my little hybrid Buchla 100 system. (a third of the modules are vintage). This patch is being feed through a Boss DD-20 Delay pedal. Just a tweaking a couple of knobs on the Buchla along the way . . ."

Custom Wavetable - AudioTerm & Waldorf Blofeld

Published on Jul 30, 2016 100 Things I Do

Synthesizer Patel

"Another wave table experiment. This time I take a voice sample and manipulate it into a wavetable. I have included annotations in the video so if you have not had much exposure to wavetables so you can understand whats going on. So I guess its half education , half fun , half experiment and half a tribute to the man that loved Synthesizers so much he changed his name to Synthesizer Patel! Oh wait... thats too many half's :D"

Basics of Modular Synthesis - Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer with Ian Taylor at Synthesized

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Synthesized

Synthesized - An event celebrating Synthesizers and Electronic Music Equipment

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Synthesized

"Synthesized is a 2 day annual event held at the Centre for Computing History that celebrates electronic music hardware both retro and contemporary."

Pucktronix - The Oracle Eurorack Module Introduction

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Greg Surges

"The Oracle is a control voltage (CV) sequencer in the Eurorack format. The module is based on a machine learning algorithm that can detect repeated patterns in a sequence. The device learns a control sequence (think a melody) and produces variations on that initial sequence in a musically meaningful way (think theme and variations).

The algorithm builds a model of the syntax of the sequence that then allows for the generation of new, closely related sequences. These new sequences follow the logic and structure of the original sequence, but with different orderings.

More at"

Korg minilogue & MS-20 mini JAM nothing else but 'Silver & Black'

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Arrayzable

"The minilogue is playing through a Digitech BP200 (bass multieffect) and like the MS-20 also gets some reverb from the mixers onboard effect
As always live play with synths and sequencers.

Used in this track:

Korg minilogue
Korg MS-20 mini"

circuit bent casio sk-10, patchbay and filter tests

Published on Jul 30, 2016 U-N-I-Versus Circuits

"circuit bending the casio sk-10 sampling keyboard and testing some stuff, some external effects might have been used (kaospad,reverb)
- lousy camera-sound - work in progress -"

Nodes of Yesod

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Robin Fitton

"Korg Volca FM, Keys and Beats. With Keith Mcmillen K-Mix and Teenage Engineering Pocket operator arcade on drone"

Magpie Modular MI Elements Eurorack Module

via this auction

"This listing is for one Magpie Modular build of a Mutable Instruments Elements Eurorack synthesizer module in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Item will ship with power cable, and I will include M3 (i.e. Doepfer) mounting screws upon request. As with any Eurorack module, the buyer will need to supply a case to mount it in and a Eurorack standard power supply to power it.

Not much to say about this one, it has a beautiful faceplate, is well built, works perfectly and sounds great.

It's a lot more noticeable on fast envelopes, with longer settings it's not really an issue but with blippier settings you sometimes get the double trigger. It's got CV/gate ins too, and usually I'm sequencing externally for these types of sounds. It doesn't double trigger over CV/gate."

Bugrand CTL1 RARE Frac Format Minijack Touch Panel Module

via this auction

"This is a very rare, discontinued and cool unit, basically akin to a Make Noise Pressure Points and Brains rolled together in one module. I find the pressure response to be far superior to the Pressure Points."

Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer SN AH53834

via this auction


via this auction

Anyware Instruments Tinysizer Patchable Analog Modular System SN 105

via this auction

rare out of production
modular synthesizer
All detailed information can be explored on the website anyware instruments
this unit is in an excellent technical and cosmetic condition
sticker with the serial number has been removed by me
but it was saved
has minor scratches on touch screen stand see pictures
goosenecklamp was lost"

Vintage Oberheim TVS-1 Two Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

"A classic with Big Fat analog sounds. If you’ve been thinking about buying one of these instruments this is GREAT opportunity to purchase a very valuable piece at a reduced price.

Things to know:
The unit is FULLY functional but there are a few MINOR issues. Electronically all modules work as intended. The keyboard is in great shape but the upper octave Bf key is slightly sticky and has a different feel. For some reason the second octave C key is about a 1/16" above the others. All keys release quickly but I think the key release is a bit loud....may be normal for this keyboard but I've read that the rubber dampening bushing harden with age. If so new ones are available. The sequencer clock slide switch center detent is not as positive as new but DOES work. As with any vintage piece the pots are smooth but could use a shot of cleaner/lube to restore pristine feel. Overall the Tolex is great with a few SMALL tears and scuffs.

Due to age this item is sold in as is condition and returns are not accepted BUT the unit is accurately described. If you have any question please feel to contact me before bidding.

Includes TVS-1, power cord, abridged user guide and all schematics (see photos)."


via this auction

Note this is not an analog modeling synth like the AN1x but is rather has sample based oscillators.

"The second generation of the popular CS1x synthesizer is back in a bold and bright new Analog Modeling synth - the CS2x. Many new improvements and enhancements have been made. Polyphony has doubled to 64 voices and there's 16MB of sampled waveforms! There are 64 resonant 24dB filters! The Arpeggiator now holds 40 patterns for animating your sounds. All functions are MIDI capable, even the Arpeggiator can transmit its pattern data to other synths or sequencers! There is even a direct TO-HOST connector for direct hook-up to your computer..."


via this auction

"The AN1x is a powerful retro-analog synth with a really cool new feature that lets you record real-time editing and filtering and be able to store it as part of the sound! A major contender in the new wave of analog-digital synths using DSP modeling of analog waveforms to recreate the coveted sounds of analog synths with modern digital specifications. It offers truly traditional yet modern methods of analog synthesizing, 10 notes of polyphony, 8 knobs for tweaking, and an arpeggiator with dozens of inspiring patterns!"

White Model Oberheim Matrix 1000 Rack Synthesizer

via this auction

80's Sequential Multi-Trak SN 00665

via this auction

"This keyboard was inherited from a family member who kept this synth in BEAUTIFUL condition. There is hardly a scratch/scuff on the keyboard. Very light use with minimal signs of wear. *Please note* I am not a keyboard player by any means but I did turn it on and experienced a slight "wooshing" sound. Upon further research, I found out that ALL Multi-Trak keyboards suffered from a bad battery from the factory. BUT there are a few synth shops I called that said it would be no problem to replace the battery."

There is a relatively easy fix to prevent the battery from draining in the future as well.

Korg Vocoder VC-10

via this auction

"Korg vocoder VC-10 in near mint condition. This one has spend 35 years sitting in my smoke free home studio. Never gigged , used probably no more than 10 hours.

True collectors item , you will not find another in this condition, I still have the microphone original plastic."

Korg MS-10 SN 131881

via this auction

"Korg MS10 mono synth in great condition.

I bought this synth refurbished about a month when it had 'its had all the signal path electrolytic capacitors replaced, a new 230v transformer (was originally 100V Japanese spec), and a couple of new potentiometers for the front panel controls.'

Cosmetically the synthesiser is in great clean condition just a few minor scuffs."

Korg Monopoly

via this auction

Not the bent sustain knob on this one.

Buchla Tunes Vol 6 by Lyonel Bauchet now on Bandcamp with Videos

See the update in this post.

Analog Synth Layers // GRP / Roland Jupiter / CP 70 / Pro One

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Keyman Strange

"Iam just checking the possibilities with gear i love....

All instrumentsounds are natural without EQ or Plug ins.
Just a Limiter at master channel.

Effekts from Roland Dimension& Dynacord VRS 23"

Note the custom Pro-One with red outlines & switches.


Published on Jul 29, 2016 Chris-Cook

Friday, July 29, 2016

AniModule Modular Drums HowTo with MPC1000, MIDI Gate, M1xXOR and Guitar sample

Published on Jul 29, 2016 JRock17991

"Check'em Out! :
A 3 Voice Drum Patch on the Modular, controlled by the MPC1000 and MIDI_Gate, with Guitar Sample processed IRT by the SOB filter sprinkled on top"

Radiohead - Idioteque(Cover)

Published on Jul 2, 2016 Fluffy Momo

"I miss you."

On an Analogue Systems eurorack system, just like Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, no less. I remember seeing Radiohed live with one, well before the eurorack became as big as it is today. This was before MATRIXSYNTH in the current blog format started.

Behringer DeepMind12 First Look Video

Video added to this post.

Some Kind Of Summer

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Miguel d'Oliveira

"sketch track made with a Moog Voyager through Strymon pedals on top of a few layers built with various soft synths.
Some of the Moog stuff was also processed in ableton."

Roland System 1M Hidden Oscillators

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This week we are examining the Roland System 1M and the hidden oscillator wave shapes that came with the version 1.2 firmware update, which you may already have installed."

Kawai K5000S Additive & PCM Based Synthesizer

via this auction

Stripped and Modded Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

"Tested, everything works flawlessly except for a few issues -The VCO, VCF, Arpeggiator / Sequencer, LFO, Noise, bender, etc. are all great. There is a tiny bit of scratchiness in the Resonance slider for the filter but that's it.

The envelope section does not seem to work, the sliders most likely need to be replaced. The 101 will still make sound when switched to 'Gate' in the VCA section, but this bypasses the envelope. I cleaned the internals thoroughly, and there was no cosmetic sign of damage to the envelope section, so this is why I suspect the sliders.

Someone before me must have tried to clean the face of this with some kind of solvent or something - All of the screen printed labels are missing without a trace. Refer to pics.

Also, someone previously tried to change the CV/Gate output and input jacks from 1/8" to 1/4." They didn't finish, as the CV input jack is missing. The gate input jack does work. The CV/Gate outputs do not seem to work correctly (tested with other gear that I know could interface, etc.)

Seems like they also tried to start some kind of modification, with another jack next to a switch installed to the left of the other jacks. They are not connected to anything internally, I don't know what their intention was.

The main audio out, headphone out, Hold input, and External Clock (for Sequencer, Arpeggiator & Sample and Hold Clock) inputs all work perfectly."


via this auction

"This is the 360 Systems Digital Keyboard Polyphonic Synthesizer from 1984 with custom flight case. It is FULLY OPERATIOAL LESS SOME ATTENTION OUTLINED BELOW.

It is in excellent condition as you can see in the photographs but is in need of new capacitors (which are readily available and cost just pennies a piece and minor adjustments. The price of the of all the replacement parts will be well under $50 with the repair costs will be in the labor involved in replacing the capacitors. If you are handy with soldering this is a phenomenal deal for the right person. It has glorious patches. More sounds than the original unit. It does pass audio but sound is often intermittent. A tech recently quoted me $75 per hour to replace the capacitors and estimated about 5-6 hours of work. There are no missing parts and the unit is complete and worked just great when used several years ago. IT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY STORED IN ITS CASE FOR SEVERAL YEARS in a secure smoke free pet free environment.

The 360 Systems Keyboard was used in recording studios in Los Angeles and NYC in the mid 80s and can be found in many popular recordings. Besides the Mellotron-esque strings and flutes, the unit has Bosendorfer Grand piano, vibraphone, two different guitars, fretless bass, slap bass, various brass and woodwinds like trumpet, saxophone, bassoon, clarinet and other original stock sounds. It also includes the rare 16 piece string orchestra chip that cost $860 itself. Each sampled sound has its own integrated circuit chip that plugs into ziff sockets on one of the three (3) internal PC boards. BTW, the keyboard can be split so you can have two sounds on different keys at the same time, one on the left/right with an adjustable threshold. You can also combine two sounds at the same time on all the keys in unison. When using the double effect the unit is much more sensitive. The keyboard is polyphonic.

VERY RARE. Less than 200 were produced between 1982-84. It is known as THE FIRST to feature sampled sounds on IC chips. I have been the sole owner of this unit and took great care to maintain its operation and condition. Originally cost $6000 with the custom case. MIDI In/Out.

Buyer to pay actual shipping based on carrier selected. Unit and case is about 100 lbs."

Inside Vintage Synthesizer Studio: Handwerk Audio

Published on Jul 29, 2016 FACTmagazine

"Peter Van Hoesen and Exercise One’s Marco Freivogel and Ricardo De Azcuenaga are known by techno fans across the world for their music.

The trio also own one of Europe’s most well-stocked vintage synth studios. Located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, Handwerk Audio allows anyone to pay to use some of history’s most sought-after electronic instruments, giving hard-up producers the opportunity to incorporate real analog sound in their productions without breaking the bank.

FACT TV visited Handwerk Audio where Van Hoesen and Freivogel took us on a tour of its instruments. As well as well known staples like the TR-808 drum machine and the Minimoog Model D, they introduced us to more obscure instruments such as Italy’s Elka Synthex and the strange OSCar synth from the early ‘80s."

The Ondomo by Asaden - Ondes Martenot Redux

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2016 Adrien Duchemole

The above is a demonstration by Adrien Duchemole who is lucky enough to own one of the first Ondomos.

[Update: I found a few additional demos of the Ondomo on YouTube. Three, including the initial unveiling of the first version in 2014,  have been added to the bottom of this post.]

In October of 2012, a post here on MATRIXSYNTH featured the Asaden Eleki-Ribbon. It appears that project was just the start of something pretty magnificent. Asaden has painstakingly recreated his version of the Ondes Martenot. Details follow.

Pictured here is an image of two new Ondomos and an original Ondes Martenot (center) via Adrien. Note the wood on them is much darker than the one pictured below from the Asaden website. According to Adrien, Asaden did an initial run of 100 Ondomos.

The following are some details, Google translated from Japanese, via Asaden (forgive the translation):

"Ondomo - Legacy Of Love

More than 15 years, continues to study the Ondes Martenot, it can be more easily available, it is even more portable also easy, anywhere play as, from Japan made from the feeling that new Ondes Martenot.

Once the Ondes Martenot easy Mochiaruke ... Ondomo that has been produced in such a thought (Ondomo) has packed the hopes and dreams in only 64 cm of width.

If even plug it into an electrical outlet, because it is equipped with a built-in speaker, you can play anywhere at any time.

Instrument called Ondes Martenot, and Ondes Martenot unique sound is hoping the producer that the more spread in the world."

"1928, is an electronic musical instrument was born in France. Announcement initially referred to as the (meaning of the Buddha 'musical waves of Martenot') 'Ondes Martenot musical-Ondes Musicales Martenot', it will be later referred to as the 'Ondes Martenot' or simply 'Temperature ondes'."

"Morris Martenot (Maurice Martenot, 1898.10.14 - 1980.10.08) represents a musical talent from early childhood, early on cello, piano, musician learned the basics of music, also deeply involved with music education and thought, in his later years Mesodo of relaxation is also established. On the other hand, there is a deep knowledge in electronic and mechanical engineering, in the First World War in prison as a communication soldier. Ondes Martenot The impetus of production is, where you start from the sound clear the triode vacuum tube was in the ear. Repeat the research and trial along with the end of the war, Paris in 1928, it announced the musical instrument in the Opera, and caused a sensation. Then, playing to countries with Ginette Ginette of the Ondes Martenot player sister trip, in 1931 we came to Japan in Japan. Ondes Martenot for the Morris, and the desire of as a musician to continue to seek a sound of its own, desire as a thinker to practice the human way and way of life are fused, will he had a life's work would live ish myself. 1980, continue to seek the sound of his own until his death in an accident, improvement until the end instrument was overlaid."

"And a body part to play, set in a variety of speakers (Buddha di Few Suhl Diffuseur). Its kind, there is a regular speaker and similar principal principal, resonance resonnances to create a reverberation by spring, a built-in gong characteristic resonance of metallic metallique, Palm palme to leave a sound strings stretched wooden body. Ondes Martenot, the electricity, but it is often placed in the category of an electronic musical instrument for a musical instrument to be used, pitch, expression, the tone, in the player's hand, an instrument that can be intuitive to play with the feelings of the place some reason, there is a feature close to the acoustic instrument."


  4 octave
  W 64 x H 15 x D 17 (cm) ※ H (if fitted with a leg) state closed the lid: 77cm
If you made a music stand: 104cm
  Weight: approx 6kg
  Outputs: Speaker out / D-sub
DC 15V
  Accessories: Legs / D-sub cable / power adapter

New Behringer DeepMind12 Could Have Been Named the Phat 12 and Based on the Roland Juno-106

Behringer DeepMind 12 First Look Video

Published on Jul 29, 2016 AMAZONAmag

" was live in Manchester to play Behringers DeepMind 12 Analog-Synthesizer and to have a long conversation with the engineers."

Update: above video in via Soviet Space Child.

This one in via Vince Ascoli spotted on

Before we get to the name, the DeepMind12 will feature a step sequencer / arpeggiator. See the screenshot below. We knew about the arpeggiator but weren't sure about a sequencer.

As for the name, note the Phat 12 in the image to the left.

According to the article:

"The wait is over, finally we can share our knowledge about the Behringer Deep Mind 12 Synthesizer with the public. At the time, when I the Behringer Synthesizer in Manchester / England met for the first time, he was still wearing the name PHAT 12. Regular readers may remember: 2010 had us Uli Behringer concerned with a concept study, as we on our TYRELL SYNTHESIZER project with the readers worked. Already this study was called PHAT 108 and was obviously inspired by the look of the Juno-106th

At that time was planned, an 8-voice replica of the Roland Juno 106 produce, but soon rejected Uli Behringer this idea, because with every thought and with every additional consultant was added a new feature. The project suddenly PHAT was 108 no small matter more, but a tremendous thing. Yet this was not foreseen in 2010, as the market would develop for real analog synthesizer."

You'll find a Google translation of the full article here.

Torino Synth Meeting 2017 Announced

via Torino Synth Meet:


May, 27-28 2017 - Seventh edition

In the name of the Organization we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in the sixth edition of the Torino Synth Meeting, which for the fifth consecutive year witnessed an increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors. The success of this event, demonstrated by the efficacious attendance of nearly 2,500 participants, the more than 60 national and international brands which took part, the 16 workshops put on by the companies to present their musical instruments and the artists which performed live, among whom were Projekt Dataline and The Analogue Cops, is confirmed by the innovative technology of the material and the continuous flow of the audience which showed extraordinary interest in the event.

Our heartfelt thanks go as well to the venues and people who took part in the organization of the sixth edition who helped in the positive fulfillment:

BUNKER and the cultural association Variante Bunker for hosting.

Our media partners: AskAudio, AudiocentralMagazine, Freakout Magazine, SeeTorino, Strumenti Musicali and Ultrasonica.

Our technicians and photographers, Pietro Tannoia, Alessandro Comanzo and Francesco Lurgo.

Our official translator, Paul Beauchamp.

Our technical partner Disconet / Mondo musica.

The organizations Funky Klownz Rebel Circus, Analog Factory and
We Play The Music We love.


Organizing an event like the Torino Synth Meeting is a complex operation which requires months of work and precious and essential contributions by numerous people in addition to the professionalism of the organizational staff with communication and image offices, press offices, logistic offices, technical offices and much more.For this reason, in order to coordinate in the most efficient way the dense and substantial work which will need to be done in prevision of organizing the next TSM, which will take place on the days of 27 and 28 May 2017, it has been decided to create a cultural association which will manage the brand SYNTH MEETING owned by Francesco Mulassano for the realization of the event (and collateral events) and to coordinate all the various figures and competences whose contribution is necessary for the event to take place.NOISECOLLECTIVE is the name chosen for the Association ( whose activity will consist exactly of the realization of the Torino Synth Meeting main event as well as the organization of other events such as training courses, workshops, single brand showcases, fairs and musical events.

The people who will participate in the aforementioned association are: LUCA MINELLI, FRANCESCO MULASSANO and LUCA TORASSO."

Mother Movement - Mother-32 Track by Gustaf Fjelstrom

"A little side-track from the current material I'm working on... 8 improvised tracks of the Moog Mother-32 with 8 instances of Output's Movement."

Mother Movement - Track Breakdown

Published on Jul 20, 2016 Gustaf Fjelstrom

"Here's a track breakdown of Mother Movement... featuring the Moog Mother-32 and Movement from Output."

Novation Circuit Unboxing

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"After the great firmware update with the sample import feature, I decided to buy a Novation Circuit for a good price. Circuit is a grid-based groove box with 2 synth engines and 4 part drum machine /sampler. I got today my package and want to show you what you find in the box."

OB-6 Keyboard and Desktop Synth Dust Covers Coming from Stardust Synth Covers

via Stardust Covers

"OB-6 keyboard and desktop covers available soon! ‪#‎stardustsynthcovers‬ ‪#‎synth‬ ‪#‎synthesizer‬ ‪#‎analoguesynth‬ ‪#‎davesmithinstruments‬ ‪#‎ob6‬"

New Detroit Underground DU-KRPLS Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide™ Eurorack Module

DU-KRPLS from detroit underground on Vimeo.

"Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide™ 扰动数字波导 - millions of sweet spots - A collaboration between Detroit Underground™ and Meng Qi. + new feature in firmware 2016-04-15 : -hold type button while powering up for D Major pentatonic tuning like a Chinese Zither -tighter timing -crispy sound - Micro movements and glitches.

Video by Denial Of Service."


Published on Jul 29, 2016 Sounds Like Joe

"Made using a Make Noise Black & Gold along side STO, uScale ii, Turing Machine, and routing from the modular to Battery 4 via Doepfer A-192-2 which triggers some of Richard Devine's Cwejman drum samples (free download from his website).

Better audio version at"

A Retro Sofa Jam featuring Korg M01 (NDS), PO-12, PO-14 and Quantum VJ

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Terrible Beat

"Here on the sofa, the PO-14 Sub is sending sync to the PO-12 Rhythm.

Korg M01 program running on a Nintendo DS is looping in time (manually set).

The Quantum VJ audio visualiser is displaying visuals triggered by the PO-14 Sub. The audio and sync passes through it."

Luke Neptune- All You Need (Prophet 6, Roland SH101, Yamaha EX5, Akai MPC1000)

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Luke Neptune

Written and performed by Luke Neptune.

miniAtmegatron Sound Demo & Sneak Peek at the New Improved Manual

Published on Jul 29, 2016 Bent-Tronics

0:22 Overview
3:20 Waveforms
8:00 Filters
12:45 LFO
16:37 Envelopes
18:00 Pattern Tempo & MIDI
22:31 Patch Saving

You can find all parts in this series here.

Roland DJ 70 Sampling Workstation Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Where the Roland DJ-70 & DJ-70 mkII where the only synths with a scratch wheel?


*Digital ‘DJ’ sampling workstation, RPS sequencer, 37 note dynamic keyboard, Scratch Dial, 24-note polyphony, 3.5′ floppy disk drive (2HD/2DD) for sample sequence and global parameters, Load While Playing Function, Large back-lit LCD Graphic Display."

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