MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crumar Performer + Moog Taurus "On The Road"

Published on Jun 22, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synth sounds, human voices and strings: Crumar Performer B (1979)
bass: Moog Taurus Bass pedal (1978)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1982)
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay"

Raw Timbre Wolf

Published on Jun 22, 2016 HardtekStudios

"This video is as raw of a taste of the Akai Timbre Wolf that I can legally serve you. Even though each synth haste's own individual output, with this demonstration I have all four synth tracks coming out of the mono Mix ouput. The signal is patched into my Mackie Onyx 1640i mixer that has a firewire output (yea I know) going strait into my iMac running Logic. The signal was then bounced without any processing and synced to the video in iMovie. Prepare for plenty of individual track processing (mangling) in the next video."

Make Noise 0-Coast Demos by Perfect Circuit Audio

Make Noise 0-Coast Desktop Modular Synth Demo (Part 1)

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video demonstrates the features and sound of the Make Noise 0-Coast while sequenced by an Arturia Beatstep Pro. Part 2 uses a MIDI keyboard."

Make Noise 0-Coast Desktop Modular Synth Demo (Part 2)

"This video demonstrates the playability and Arpeggiator of the Make Noise 0-Coast."

Make Noise 0-Coast Self-Patched Demo

"A completely internal patch on the Make Noise 0-Coast desktop modular synth. Visit our channel for more detailed 0-Coast demos."

::vtol:: divider

::vtol:: divider from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

via vtol

"This project is an autonomous light-music installation. The main element of the piece is the construction fixed on the wall, with 7 powerful red lasers which send light horizontally. The laser rays pass through several fans rotating on high speed, placed along whole length of the installation. The fans serve as dividers-modulators which turn the ray into rhythmic impulses instead of the permanent ray. The frame opposite from the emitters has photo sensors which register the presence or absence of the ray. Thus, the system has 7 independent binary variables which become the basis for creation of sound composition. The speed of the each of fans is variable which leads to constant shift of modulation phases of the light rays.

The central idea of the project “Divider” lies in an abstract artistic interpretation of the wave-particle duality concept that every physical object may be described mathematically in terms of wave quotations, as well as from a formalist point of view that conceives object as a particle or a particle system. As a textbook example of that duality, we can think of light as a particle (photon) flux, which works like an electromagnetic wave in various physical experiments. In the artwork, the rays are interrupted repeatedly and constantly, but not simultaneously – as to create a polyphase source of uncertain events.

The uncertainty relation sets the lower limit for the product of the paired observables standard deviations. The principle of uncertainty discovered by Werner Heisenberg in 1927 is one of the milestones of quantum mechanics, and is a corollary of the wave-particle duality principle. Eventually, the divided and unstable system transforms into a set of binary states, which make light into a discrete message matrix, which, in turn, generates sound waves (a musical composition). Thus, the work attempts to use the experimental language of art to bring up and describe the global issues – is the universe discrete? can we describe the universe with the language of energy, frequency, and vibration – in accordance with the testament of Nikola Tesla?

This work is a dedication to and is inspired by Rhythmicon, the world's first rhythm-machine created by Léon Theremin in 1931. Rhythmicon used the same principle, it featured rotating discs to interrupt the light rays, and optical sensors to detect passage of light through apertures, which was influencing how the rhythms were produced.


- pure data


- arduino mega x4
- fans x42
- lasers x7
- mono sound system

Commission for the Earth Lab, joint project of the Polytechnic Museum Moscow and Ars Electronica Linz, 2016"

AniModule MIDI_Gate to effect my Guitar tone in IRT from a recorded MIDI Sequence

Published on Jun 22, 2016 JRock17991

"Check'em out at :
I'm effecting my guitar through the modular synth.
Using the MIDI_Gate to control the Cutoff frequency of the SOB via the Vactrol Input with a recorded MIDI sequence"

Roland Juno 106 with Purple Heart Wooden Side Panels

via this auction

"It has just recently been professionally serviced (knobs, sliders, and circuit boards all properly cleaned), and has been given a pair of custom, handcrafted purple heart wooden sides to wear. The main inspiration for myself to construct these was the artist, Prince, and his recent unfortunate passing. To honor his famously trademarked & favorite color, this Juno is set out to live long and look good. ...and most importantly, sound amazing.

Purple heart wood is also one of the world's most extremely dense and durable woods, and is naturally highly water resistant.

Cosmetically, this synth looks great. Other than the newly made wooden sides, there are a few minor cosmetic marks/scratches due to the age.

The synth and its functions have also been tested and is in working condition."

Moog Minimoog Model D Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Robert T : Live @ Moncton drone day 2016 Waldorf Blofeld and Strymon Bigsky

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Robert T

"Robert T : Live @ Moncton drone day 2016 Waldorf Blofeld and Strymon Bigsky

Gopro footage synched up to audio recordings by Paul Goguen, thanks to Marc "Bones" Leblanc for the use of the studio

for more go to"

BOSS DR 110 Korg Monotron Delay

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Synth Universe

"The BOSS DR 110 gets the treatment this time with going through the dirty Monotron Delay."

Yamaha DX7, PO-20 Arcade, Electribe EMX-1, Volca Keys, 'Skov' the last and final version

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Arrayzable

"This is the third and final version of my track 'skov'
I added alot in the drum section in this one. I used crash and symbals, more hihat and a Linndrum like kick. I brought forth the strings in the mix and also used the PO-20 like in the first version. I added a little reverb to the drums as suggested by Rephazer (thank you very much).
Hope you'll enjoy it my fellow YouTubers :)
As always live play with synths and sequencers.

Used in this track:
Yamaha DX7
Korg Electribe EMX-1
Volca Keys
PO-20 Arcade

Skov is the danish word for forest."


via this auction

Soviet GDR was East Germany

"Up for sale is VERY RARE powerful vintage East German (GDR) analog synthesizer
One of the only analog synthesizers produced by German music company Vermona throughout the 1980's. It is a classic 2-VCO monophonic analog system (each saw, 2 square waveforms, noise - all cen be used simultaneously) designed for broad range of sound production & musical compositions of any genre. It can be used both in studio & on live concerts. Endless possibilities & experimentation.
Being a true analog synth with Moog-type filter it can also do sounds beginning from modern electronic basses & leads up to simulating the classical instruments (strings, reed e.t.c.). It can also create some specific sounds (wind, noise of surf, train, gun and whine). Using this instrument one can play some compositions with a random pitch and a timbre.

• It has 24 dB/oct analog VCF filter with 4 knobs (Brilliance, CutOff, Resonance, Contour) - exact copy of Moog filter
LFO to modulate the VCO or VCF sections
ADSR VCA envelope.
Preset VCF and VCA settings as well as a Manual mode

• Output knobs are output volume knob, phones volume knob.

Main Audio Outputs (Line out & Phones) are standard 1\4 TRS "Jacks".

On the front : 3,5 octave keyboard, to the left of keyboard there are pitch bend slider & modulation wheel."

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro: Aliens in the Amazon

Published on Jun 22, 2016 darkenergymedia

"Tom Oberheim's TVS Pro two voice polyphonic synthesizer, connected to a small Euro system with modules supplied by Studio Electronics in a case by Kahnco.

I'm a longtime fan and friend of Tom's, and I've been involved in the development of the new two voice since day one. It's one of my favorite instruments in the studio--it's a reissue of a classic synthesizer, but it's more than that, it's an open system that can be connected in ways that the original machines could not. It's a powerful and wonderful synth on its own, but when you use the patch connections, new worlds of adventure open up.

This is massively multi tracked to Digital Performer using a simple setup of just a TVS Pro, an SE Quadnic and STE16 and a few other supporting modules. All of the percussion is pure TVS Pro sampled, edited, and dropped into Kontakt.


Drew Neumann

Aliens In The Amazon

Copyright 2016 Drew Neumann, Droomusic (ASCAP)

TVS Pro by Tom Oberheim

Free download of the TVS Pro percussion (Kontakt 5 format) and this piece of music as an mp3 available at:"

Endangered Audio Research Grizleizer Eurorack Module @Synth_City

via @Synth_City

"Now in, the Pandrogynous mother/father of all FSU modules, the @EndangeredAudio Gristleizer!"

Moog Mother-32, Octocontroller, µVCF: random robot chat

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Seen From Space

"Baby's first modular patch! A self-playing one, using 4 channels of the Abstract Data Octocontroller to modulate both filter cutoffs (HPF on the Moog, BPF on the Intellijel) and the Moog's LFO rate."

The Counterpointer at Moogfest

Published on Jun 22, 2016 luisa ph

"Eli + Malika jamming at the modular marketplace"

Vinicius Brazil - Som Analógico X Som Digital

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Fernando Lima

Vinicius Brazil of vBrazil Systems

"Encomendei um sistema modular com o Vinicius Brazil e fiquei na maior ansiedade para ter logo o "bicho" aqui no estúdio.
Assim que ficou pronto fui buscar juntamente com meu parceiro Danny Olliiver
Daí pensamos. Porque não uma palestra particular do próprio mestre pra gente?
Afinal todo conhecimento é bem vindo, ainda mais se tratando de áudio e suas relações, não é verdade?
Daí surgiu a ideia de gravar algumas explicações a respeito dos módulos que o próprio BRAZIL desenvolve.
Uma ótima oportunidade para produtores que estão começando a usar sons analógicos, além do que é um inventor BRASILEIRO com uma vasta experiência que coloca marcas famosas no bolso.
O mini curso vai estar na íntegra logo mais no meu site."

"I ordered a modular system with Vinicius Brazil and was most anxious to soon have the" bug "in the studio.
Once it was ready I went to get along with my partner Danny Olliiver
Hence we think. Why not a private lecture the master himself for us?
After all knowledge is welcome, especially when it comes to audio and relationships, is not it?
Hence the idea to record some explanations about the modules that own BRAZIL develops.
A great opportunity for producers who are starting to use analog sounds, beyond what is a Brazilian inventor with extensive experience that puts famous brands in the pocket.
The mini course will be in full soon on my website. "

DSI Pro 2 + MOTM-style Modular

Published on Jun 22, 2016 experimentalsynth

"Hooked up my DSI Pro 2 to a big MOTM-style modular synth. No great art or patching lessons here, just a bit of inspiration to get out there and try some things... More at"

Timbre circles'

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Ebotronix

"based on Allen Strange 'electronic music' exercises 8.66
4 step sequence René and 5 step sequence Z 8000 (RCD reset)
Malekko Oscillator²² sines to A 114 and TWF²~A 114, QMMG, A134
both sequences with the same clock , 20 timbres!"

Rare (Working) Crumar DS-2 Analog Synth (Italian 70s Synth) SN 551

via this auction

"The Crumar DS-2 (as in “digital synthesizer # 2”) is an Italian analog/digital hybrid synth built in the late 1970s. A few sources and synth blogs give 1977/78 as the starting year of production. Only a few hundred (some sources say around 700) were made; this one has a serial number of 551.

The takeaway = this is a rare, fat-sounding, heavy-ass 1970s synth that features two LFOs with really unique shapes, two digitally controlled oscillators (hence the “D” in DS-2), a poly section, pink and white noise…all of this, packed in a road case. The DS-2 is a classic-sounding beast, and one of the few synths that has a poly section you can play alongside a 2 oscillator mono section. The architecture of this synth draws comparisons to Moogs and Arps, but it's honestly more quirky (and therefore perhaps more limited in its scope, but also more unique)."

messing with the 218 and a patch

Published on Jun 22, 2016 DrOctave1

"messing with athe 218 and a patch i been goofing off on."

New DSI OB-6 Desktop Version Spotted

via @dsiSequential

"Thanks to Daniel Jones and @DontaeWinslow for stopping by @dsiSequential! @MrJonesS3 #JustinTimberlake #synthheaven"

Click the pic to zoom in. :)

Another one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Fully Functional Hammond Novachord For Sale

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH reader J. Louise. Details and contact info follow.

"Hammond Novachord made in 1939. Considered by many to be the first synthesizer commercially available. Bob Moog was five years old when this came out. I believe there are less than ten of these working in the world. It has an unmistakable, and instantly recognizable sound which was featured in movies such as "Gone With The Wind", "The Twilight Zone", "The Ten Commandments", "The Outer Limits" and even "Hawaii Five-O".

The Novachord has full 72 note polyphony, envelope control, two presets which mechanically operate the front panel controls, and a six channel vibrato making for rich chords as each note in a triad has its own vibrato of a slightly different speed, emulating the sound of real string players. It has a built in amplifier and two 12" speakers. Completely vacuum tube operation, no solid state anything. The tubes are mostly originals as they run at conservative heater voltages for long life.

It took me over three years and lots of searching and talking with people to find this instrument. This particular instrument originated in Detroit, Michigan where it was used for the background music of radio dramas in the 1940s. It was then stored in the transmitter room at the station where all the cool old stuff like this got tossed aside when the next great thing came out. I acquired it in 2005 from the station engineer.

This instrument has been fully, painstakingly restored to working condition using modern components that should last a long time. It took over 300 hours of skilled labor and a shop full of test equipment and tools to bring this back to life.

The speakers are original Jensen A12 field coils and have been re-coned. The amplifier power tubes are new Sovtek 2A3s, and some tubes in the power supply have been replaced with new old stock tubes of high quality.

The instrument has been stripped and refinished in the same color it was originally but it is a satin texture and not a professional high gloss lacquer finish. It looks great in person and I get a lot of compliments on the finish. The nameplate area above the keyboard has not been refinished to preserve the original Hammond logo above the keys.

Included are the original service manual, original playing guide, lots of original Sylvania green leaf spare tubes which were from another Novachord so they are period correct, and a magazine ad from 1940 for the Novachord.

I will gladly spend time with any serious buyers to go over the technical details of the restoration, show you how it works, and answer any questions you may have about it.

I can be contacted at"

New Sputnik Modular POLYPHONIC VOLTAGE SOURCE MODEL 228 for Buchla 200/200e Systems

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Details from Sputnik:

- 48-note chromatic pressure-sensitive keyboard with pitch-bend
- up to 4-voice polyphony
- polyphonic glide
- arpegiator
- 2 ribbon sliders
- touch-pads
- random pulse source
- offset section

6U-size, different scales (1v/oct, 1.2v/oct, 2v/oct)

price would be $1999 + shipping
coming this autumn

if interested please PM for the reservation
reservation is $50, i hope i will be able to manage the run without preorder.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse and Linn 9000 demo by Jordan Passmore

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Jordan Passmore

"This demo features the Waldorf Pulse synthesizer and Linn 9000 drum machine/sequencer/sampler. The master clock is a Roland SBX-80 which is clocking bother the Linn 9000 and a Korg SQ-1 sequencer. The SQ-1 is sequencing the Waldorf Pulse. There are no effects in this video and no EQ."

Batchas presents: la minute de Serge Paperface

Batchas presents: la minute de Serge Paperface [S01E01]

Published on Jun 22, 2016 batchas

"Original Serge Paperface Modular System from 1978.

One take, direct outs. Only reverb/delay might have been added afterwards."

Batchas presents: la minute de Serge Paperface [S01E02]

Batchas presents: la minute de Serge Paperface [S01E03]

More here.

Stepped Modulation - Lessons From The Modular

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This week in Lessons from the Modular, we look at stepped modulation in Eurorack modular synthesizer and how to apply that concept to our productions in Ableton Live and beyond."

User testing in the Dato booth

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Dato Musical Instruments

Scan Pro Audio Show 003 - Arturia MatrixBrute Demo / Vocal Production of UK #1 Hit / Tascam US-42

Published on Jun 16, 2016 Scan Computers

"In This Episode

Arturia MatrixBrute Demo - [below]
Hear how this revolutionary brute actually sounds, not just someone purely talking about it! Alex Theakston gives us a 30 minute audio insight, plus a bonus 10 minute aftershow segment of Alex putting it through it's paces. Less talking, more all-analogue-audio!"

Torino Synth Meet at TODAYS FESTIVAL Event

via Torino Synth Meet

"We have a new event coming for august, a spinoff of TSM inside the international festival TODAYS FESTIVAL"

You can find the line-up here.

2nd Sense Audio WIGGLE Updated to v 1.1.2

"2nd Sense Audio has released 1.1.2 of its dynamic waveshaping synthesizer WIGGLE. Version 1.1.2 has improved anti alias process during resampling (when the fundamental frequency of the oscillator changes. e.g. when you play a new note). The updated engine removes false frequencies introduced during resampling, in order to deliver clearer sound.

WIGGLE main features:

Control points – WIGGLE has 4 operators. Each operator's wavetable can be dynamically customized by its 4 control points. Each control point has its independent built-in LFO. These build the basic characters of a sound.
Other synthesis possibilities – Free-drawing PD (Phase Distortion) curve, FM (Frequency Modulation) and Morphing offer deep sonic potentials.
Color coded FM Matrix – The FM Matrix clearly indicates the modulator/carrier relationship between the operators using color coded knobs.
Modulations – 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope, 8 step-based and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-droped onto most of the synth parameters.
Morph pad – Morphing between 4 variations of a preset captured on the Morph Pad multiplies the degree of sonic expressiveness. You can also draw an arbitrary path to automate the morph process.
Built-in effects – 7 built-in effects can also be modulated and make a WIGGLE sound more interesting. 4 Operators could go through duo multi-mode filter parallel.
Step sequencer – The sequencer offers you precise control over each step for creating musical pattern with human feel. The resulting sequence can be dragged out as a MIDI file.
Built-in recorder – A simple built-in recorder helps you quickly sample a sound tweaking process. The resulting audio can be dragged out as a wave file.
Retina ready – High resolution images of the user interface are prepared for better viewing experience on retina displays.
Interactive guide – A short interactive tutorial walks you through the basic functions of WIGGLE upon its first launch. You will get to a good start point in minutes.
Compatibility – VST, AU, AAX, Standalone, Windows/Mac OS X, 32/64 bit supported

Pricing and Availability:

WIGGLE 1.1.2 is a free update for all customers, available immediately through the official website.

WIGGLE is available for $99. You can download the 20-day fully functional demo version for Mac OS X and Windows on"

The 8raw8 Analog Drum Machine Expander Based on the Roland TR-808

Details via 8raw8:

"The 8raw8 is an Analog Drum Machine Expander, clone of the Legendary Roland TR808. It is designed to be an affordable reproduction of the original 808, without any compromise on the Sound. Each unit is unique, Handbuilt with passion in our little factory in southern France.

•11 Analog drum voices + Accent
•Separate Output for each voice
•Master Output
•Through Hole electronic components
•Ultra Fast MIDI processing
•BassDrum Tune Mod
•HandClap VCA Mod
•Rock solid Aluminium Chassis
•Quality Alpha™ potentiometers
•Moog Style rotary knobs
•Dimensions: 435x290x90mm (WxDxH)
•Weight: 3kg

What we wanted to achieve with the 8raw8, is a 1:1 reproduction of the old fashionned TR808 electronic circuitry. A simple, useful device focused on the authentic sound.

Every Active component on the signal path is the exact same reference as those used in the original 808. This includes: OPamps, transistors, diodes, signal ICs. At the exception of the HandClap VCA (orig:BA662), replaced by it's little brother (BA6110) sounding perfect with little tweaks.

When we recieve parts, we make sure they are true originals by testing them. It took ages to find the real deal.

We experienced a lot of Mods when prototyping, some were cool and ohters were just too crazy… In order to keep the 8raw8 authentic, we decided to include the most useful mods only."

•BassDrum Tune Mod: allows you to modify the BD pitch.
Adjust the BassDrum oscillator frequency in the key of your song, or create basslines using long decay settings (rather than DAW detuning).
Recall standard pitch by turning off the "Mod on/off" switch.

•HandClap VCA Mod: From soft clicky handclap to loud harsh CLAP.
Opening the VCA potentiometer in Maracas mode will create a cool white noise FX (the clap isn't triggered anymore)."

MIDI Interface

Each voice is triggered via MIDI note, including Accent.
The standard 1 octave midi mapping ranges from C3 to B3 (11 analog voices + Accent).

The 8raw8 is not velocity sensitive on purpose. It kills the oldschool drum machine vibe. Only Accent can accentuate the overall volume/tone on the desired steps of your drum pattern, just like the original 808.

MIDI Processing is very fast, allowing you to create those 808 'trap' drumrolls with ease."

The IS100 Modular System Developed by Ian Stokes

Published on Jun 21, 2016 IS100 Modular System

"Home to the IS100 music system developed by Ian Stokes. The IS100 is based on the Roland TB303 and Buchla 100 Modular systems. Influenced by concepts invented by Donald Buchla and Tadao Kikumoto. The IS100 compositions are a Collaboration of Machine and human, relying on the natural effects of 2n3904, 2n3906, 2n3819 transistors and of course the star of the show the 1uf Capacitor!"

jiveTurkey303, modular synthesizer riff
loose droid minimal
Silver Tomato, deep jungle and loon
doin sum crunch bass by 303 square & diodes
Walnut Factory Movement 1
Modular Live Track 1

Kilpatrick Podcast 2: Joy of Design

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Andrew Kilpatrick

"Here I discuss the history of my music making setup and how I ended up getting into designing musical instruments. I talk about the various forms of inspiration and why I think designing gear is fun.

The audio was recorded in the place I'm currently staying in Bangkok and the video is a view of Bangkok in the rainy season.

You can learn more about my projects here:"

Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion & Synthesizer (Novation BS2)

Published on Jun 21, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Novation Bass Station 2 - Boss DF-2

No further processing used except for normalisation."

MFB Tanzbar

Published on Feb 24, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Messing around with a Tanzbar drum machine.

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion & Drum Machine (MFB Tanzbar)

Published on Jun 21, 2016

"MFB Tanzbar - Boss DF-2

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Odin: freeware VST-Synthesizer for Windows

Published on Jun 21, 2016 BommelDSP

"Odin: Polyphonic Freeware VST-Synthesizer for Windows by Frederik Siepe

Odin is a 12 voice polyphonic semi-modular synthesizer, which is available as freeware. If you like it, download it and have fun! :)


Special Thanks to Will Pirkle!

Awesome DSP-books by Will Pirkle:"

Live Jam #39 - Minimal / Techno - Korg Volca Sample (with stock samples)

Published on Jun 22, 2016 TRM

"A more straightforward techno attempt with just the Korg Volca sample. I still only have the stock samples.

Stuff used:
Korg Volca Sample

Audio via the Behringer mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb."

Ace Tone (Roland) EC-20 Tape Echo + Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings test

Published on Jun 22, 2016 SubTokyoShop

subtokyoshop on eBay

YAMAHA CS-10 w/ Original Case, Manual & Bach Book SN 8216

via this auction

ARP 1601 Sequencer

via this auction

"Up for auction is a beautiful, perfect circuit clone of an ARP 1601 sequencer. This sequencer is packed full of features as is a must have piece to accompany an ARP 2600, TTSH, Eurorack or any other 1V/octave modular synths.

Some of the major features:

1x16 step sequencer or 2x8 step sequencers

3 gate outputs selectable per step

Selectable step or random sequencing

Internal or external clocking

2 built in quantizers

Transposable via quantizer CV Input

Foot switch start/stop control

Passive multiples"

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver PE Edition

via this auction

"This one has the PE Potentiometers upgrade which way better than the regular version, much smoother feeling and you won't have to worry about any glitchy knobs. It's fully functional and has been very lightly used. Besides some light wear on the bottom and edges of the synth, the rest of it is minty and looks perfect. Check out the detailed pictures below to make sure you like it. The Poly Evolver is a great sounding analog digital hybrid synth, probably my favorite out of the DSI lineup. Has the most character, grit & analog flavor in my opinion. Love the Prophet VS digital waveforms in there. Totally great for pads, effects, leads. Screen is bright & easy to read, a bit hard to capture in the pictures but it looks perfect."

SND ACME-4 Advanced Management Engine

via this auction

"For sale is an SND Acme-4. Considered the best midi clock synchronizer out there. Pretty much essential if you have a plethora of various new and old gear that you'd like to sync with your DAW and get them all in time with each other. The awesome thing is it lets you time shift and swing in real time, very nice way to get cool grooves going. These cost $1450 new and hardly ever show up for sale used. This one is in mint shape and fully functional. Comes with the usb cable shown."

You can find additional info and specs in the archives here.


Padman from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Using an iPad, Lemur app [iTunes] and Antonio Blanca's Abreakpoint 2 template to control the modular via an iConnectmidi2 and Expert Sleepers FH-1 module"

Gotharman's anAmoNo X - Analog Beat

Published on Jun 22, 2016 gotharman

"Tweaking some drum sounds made with anAmoNo X.
Kick: 1 oscillator, single analog filter, 1 envelope, 1 VCA.
Snare: Noise, 1 oscillator (used for FM of noise shape), dual analog filter, 1 VCA.
Metal percussion: 2 oscillator FM, 1 digital filter, 1 envelope, 1 VCA."

leplooponly analog set

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Dziam Bass

Serge - Ian Fritz 'Chaos Theory' & 'Timbre Tantrum' Panels

Published on Jun 22, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"Still exploring and finding out how to use my Ian Fritz panels.
Loads of fun. Especially with the Bugbrand DRM1+X drum synth.

All sounds (apart from the Drums, which are heard on their own at the beginning) created by the Serge panels. With just some delay and reverb added to a couple of the voices.

None Serge modules used:
Mutable Instruments - Grids
Iron Ether - Pithoprakta
Doepfer - A-160-5 Ratchet Control
Electro Music - Klee
Modcan - Dual Delay
Intellijel - Springray"

10 Bastl BITRANGER Tips & Tricks! #TTNM

Published on Jun 22, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Here are some things you might not know about the Bastl Instruments bitRanger patchable logic synth!

bitRanger Features:
- LFO clock oscillator for rhytmical modulation
- VCO oscillator is synced to the HFO oscillator
- 4 modes of operation selectable by 2 switches
- built in speaker with volume control
- 9V DC center positive power supply input
- 9V battery compartment from the bottom
- up to 20mA power draw on headphones, up to 60mA with speaker (minimum 20 hours on battery)
- On /Off switch
- expansion connector
- package includes 3 photo resistors – make your oscillators respond to light by plugging these into the Bend socket"

Modular Jam 55 "Why Oh Why Am I So Fly"

Published on Jun 22, 2016 ngarjuna

"Patch Notes:
FM Melody Patch
Rene driving STO
Maths envelope fall modulated by Seq 1 LFO opening the Optomix
FM'd by Sputnik triangle (dynamically through Optomix - Maths other channel)
Other channel of Maths and PEG OR out and Seq 1 LFO mixed and modulating SHAPE of STO

Stereo FM Melody Patch
Rene driving STO and Sputnik 2, each into a channel of Optomix (Sputnik via Timbre)
STO SHAPE and STO's Maths FALL modulated by Seq 1 LFO
Different Seq 1 LFO providing FALL modulation to the other channel of Maths and CV on Timbre
Stereo patch: Rene is triggering gates per step (Opp Clock OR) on X and Y with different gate patterns programmed in each but shared PITCH CV. And Optomix channels are panned hard left and right

Sync Lead
Sequencer 1 driving STO and Rubicon
Rubicon getting FM'd (SINE) and HARD sync'd (VARI) by the STO
FM Index and sync sweep (EXP in) enveloped by Maths triggered by Seq 1 ACC with PWM from Seq 1 LFO
Subtle (attenuated) LFO from Pittsburgh Oscillator to SYM CV in
SQUARE out of Rubicon into Post Lawsuit Filter enveloped by PEG OR out and pitch
Fed to Classic VCA enveloped by Dual ADSR

FM Robot Sound Patches
Variations on:
Seq 1 driving PITCH to Sputnik 2
Rene driving PITCH to Sputnik 1
Sputnik 1 dynamically FM'ing Sputnik 2 via Optomix enveloped by Seq 1 LFO and Wogglebug Stepped Out (clocked slow using PEG as clock divider) and Maths offset (mixed)
Seq 1 LFO modulating Timbre receiving SINE from Sputnik 2
Seq 1 CV3 triggering Maths envelope which is opening the Optomix
Rene UNQ modulating DAMP

Drums in SPARK

Acid line through Source Plus

Vocals in Zynaptiq Morph and Uhe Diva"

Nyborg 12-Analogue Solutions Modulation & Lfo Seq

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Dziam Bass

"100% Nyborg12 sound and beat and sequence from Akai Rhytm Wolf no effect"

The Phonogene Sisters

Published on Jun 22, 2016 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"In anticipation of a special release of a radical remix album of the Scanni album ( I let the machines have their evil way again. This time I extensively used the Make Noise Phonogene in a very simple patch, alongside the Endorphin es Furthrrr Generator biting and easing its way into the soundscape. Despite the scale of the visual set up what you are hearing is remarkably simple, with the Cwejman DMF-2 and Three Sisters filters gently massaging the sounds. The Xoac Batumi is moving the sliced audio in the Phonogene and it's all happily mixed into the Intellijel Linix and Mutamix."

Signature Sound Bank for Roland JD-XA by Janne ‘Burton’ Puurtinen #1

Published on Jun 22, 2016 RolandChannel

"Janne "Burton" Puurtinen is a keyboardist in the Finish rock band, HIM. Some of their albums went gold and platinum and surely one of the most internationally successful Finish bands of all time.

In this video, Burton is showing all his signature sounds (16 sounds) created on Roland JD-XA in his studio. (Part 1: 7 sounds)."

Signature Sound Bank for Roland JD-XA by Janne ‘Burton’ Puurtinen #2

(Part 2: 9 sounds).

korg poly 800 not worth the cost to repair this vintage synthesiser MF#81

Published on Jun 22, 2016 markusfuller

"sadly this old vintage classic keyboard is just not worth the possible cost to repair. So I Failed on this one but still thought the video may be interesting to someone."

Erica Synths Pico Drums

Published on Jun 22, 2016 nedavine

"EDIT* This is a pre-release version of the drums. It is not the final version of the firmware. The new firmware (due in July) will allow CV control over more parameters than just the pitch.

Quick over view of Erica Synths Pico Drums, A dual sample player module."

Erica Synths Pico Drums patch

Published on Jun 22, 2016

"Quick patch example for Erica Synths Pico Drums"

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