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Monday, April 01, 2019

Oberheim OBXa evolving dark tones

Published on Apr 1, 2019 synthlegends

"Some dark evolving pads most in dual mode and tweakied filter, resonance, LFO, portamento ... I used effects, on both stereo channels BOSS Chorus Pedals and in line Strymon Big Sky reverb."

MIDERA | Berkeley Paradox

Published on Apr 1, 2019 MIDERA

Elektron Analog Keys
Korg ESX

Ess and the Digitone - King of FM! #TSR19

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Gaz Williams

"I am a self confessed Elektron nut and it was my great pleasure to chat with Ess from Elektron about the Digitone FM synthesizer. Although not new (it was released last year), I felt that the way the Digitone offers a fresh look at FM it deserved another look. Ess also makes superb music that reminds me of the early 90s electronic music scene I was part of.

This video is from Thomann's fabulous Synth Reactor event that I took part in.

Ess's music can be found here:"

SYNTHPLEX Pics - Minimoog Prototypes & Hybrid System with 8 SEMs, Minimoog & Taurus Pedals

A few pics and short summary in via an anonymous reader.

"So I went to Synthplex on a complete whim this year. I originally wasn't going to go but one of my coworkers convinced me to check it out. I'm very glad that I did!

I arrived just in time for the BT keynote, which is where my friend was waiting for me. I had no problems with getting a seat right near the front. The talk was very nice, and mostly focused on the subject of appreciating synthesizers as instruments, as opposed to using them as preset banks.

Afterwards we headed to the popup synth museum, which was adjacent to the halls which held the keynotes. The museum was a bit out of the way and so it wasn't too busy and it was relatively easy to get in front of a synth. In terms of keyboards, it was my first time with a CS-80, MemoryMoog, and Jupiter 4. I really liked all of them! The Jupiter 8 which they had was also very nice.

The one surprise for me was the EML Electrocomp 101. Wow that thing is fun! Too bad that used prices on them are a bit out of control at the moment :-\

After that we finally made our way to the vendors halls. You've seen the video by now [see here], but there was a guy there with some very early Moog prototypes. Holy cow, I never expected to see those there.

Other highlights were the Waldorf Kyra at the Waldorf booth, which now had quite a few presets added to it, and a Moog 3p at the Noisebug booth. The latter, I would totally buy in a heartbeat if I could. What an inspiring beast. I might take a trip out to Noisebug to check it out. I was a bit disappointed/surprised that Moog didn't have a booth though. I was looking forward to finally trying out the Moog One in person.

Finally, the single coolest thing that I saw was this beast at the Rosen Sound booth.

8 voices of Oberheim SEM, plus a built in MiniMoog Model D, and Taurus pedals. Wow what a sound. After playing that thing and the CS-80 in the same day, I would take an Oberheim 8 voice over the CS-80. It makes me more than a little sad that Tom Oberheim wasn't able to get his 4 voice synth out the door.

Overall, I'm super glad that I went, and being there put me in a better mood in regards to my music hobby. I actually feel like making music again. I'm already looking forward to next year's event and am planning on spending more time there, especially in regards to the keynote speakers and concerts. It might be something that you would enjoy as well :D"

Update: image of Rush's Geddy Lee with the system sent my way via @analogsteve. I thought that looked familiar. Here's another image of the system with the top SEM section separated.

Update2 via @Chris_Randall of Audio Damage: "It wasn’t the real one. It is a “cover version” he made. Virtually identical, though."

Hexinverter Mindphaser At SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Mindphaser is a new type of complex oscillator with analog phase modulation. The first part of this video you can hear the Mindphaser as the synth voice with some of the Hexinverter drum modules. This is all sequenced by a Digitakt and Mutant Brain combo which is a powerful way to sequence your eurorack modules. In the second part of this video you can hear the Mindphaser droning and modulating itself.

Hexinverter products available here:"

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Mystic Circuits Pfrsilator LoFi Video Oscillator SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Mystic Circuits is working on a new lofi and glitchy video oscillator called the Pfrsilator that made all of these beautiful color patterns in this video. The sounds in the video also feature Mystic Circuit modules including the new Portal which is a wave wrapping distortion/waveshaper.

Mystic Circuit modules available here:"

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LambdaSpeak & LambdaDrum for the Amstrad CPC

LambdaSpeak 3 - Simple 10 Track Pattern Sequencer / Drum Sequencer

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Michael Wessel

You might remember the Next-Generation Speech Synthesizer for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC 464 from Michael Wessel. Here are a three new videos featuring the LambdaSpeak & LambdaDrum for the Amstrad CPC, in via Michael Wessel. The LambdaDrum is a High Quality 10 Track 4 Channel PCM Pattern-based Drum Computer for the Amstrad CPC (a feature of the LambdaSpeak 3.0 Speech Synthesizer).
Related: Also check out the Amstrad CPC - Vocal synthesizer by Techni Musique (1986).

Video description for the above:
"A simple 10 track pattern-based drum computer for LambdaSpeak 3 (written entirely in BASIC).

This is a demo of 4channel polyphonous PCM sample playing with LambdaSpeak 3. Here, up to 4 channels of 8 Bit 16 kHz PCM are being played in parallel.

The LambdaSpeak 3 board has a socket for an (optional) vintage GI SPO256-AL2 speech chip, which is being used in this demo as well. The SPO256-ALs has its own channel (8) and track (11), and is being used for random allophones here."

LambdaDrum CPC Drum Computer Demo - 4 Channels of 8 Bit PCM @ 16 kHz

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Michael Wessel

"Spent some more time optimizing the PCM playback capabilities of LambdaSpeak 3. By now I have 4 channels of high quality 8 Bit PCM.

In this video, 16 kHz drum samples are being used. 16 kHz are a good compromise between size and quality. The samples are from the Boss DR 660 drum computer, and can be found online. Combined, these 10 samples are about 120 KBytes in size - a good fit for LambdaSpeak's 128 KBytes of PCM EEPROM sample memory!

Some ome pre-processing needs to be applied to the samples before they can be used with LambdaSpeak - first I am using Audacity for PCM editing (cutting, fading, normalizing, ...), then the Switch Sound File Converter for conversion to 8Bit 16 kHz PCM, and finally a program to remove all file and PCM headers from the PCM files.

The resulting PCM files are then put on a standard CPC DSK file and being uploaded into LambdaSpeak's EEPROM memory using a simple CPC BASIC program (a MC program would do the 120 KByte upload in a few seconds).

The drum computer program shown here is a simple BASIC program - all the actual PCM playback is done by LambdaSpeak, not by the CPC. The CPC would be incabable of serving PCM of that quality over its databus (insufficient CPU band width and clock speed)."

LambdaDrum Pattern Sequencer in BASIC

Published on Mar 25, 2019 Michael Wessel

"A simple pattern-based drum computer in BASIC, demonstrating the polyphonous high quality PCM sample playing mode of LambdaSpeak 3.

The PCM samples are from the Boss DR-660 drum computer and have been been uploaded from the CPC into the 128 KB SPI EEPROM of LambdaSpeak 3, from which they are also being played back in realtime. The EEPROM is a standard, inexpensive 25LC1024.

The recording is direct line-out; no further audio post processing. The DAC is done by the ATmega and a simple RC; no further audio circuitry is being used.

The on-the-fly mixing of different PCM channels (for polyphony) still requires some fine tuning; there are still some artifacts."

Update: also see: LambdaSpeak 3 - Amstrad / Schneider CPC MIDI IN Synthesizer Demo

See the Amstrad label below for more.

Intellijel Tête (Tetrapad Expander), Quadrax & Palette At SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Intellijel showed us the Tête expander for the Tetrapad which adds features including sequencing and motion recording. They also had an updated version of the Quadra, the Quadrax which is a quad envelope and LFO with CV controls and a built in modulation matrix. All of this is housed inside of their new Palette case which is a compact 4U 62HP case with a few built in utilities and connections.

Intellijel products available here:"

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Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Stereo Synthesizer Demo

Published on Apr 1, 2019 rezfilter

"Here's another (extended) demo of the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command synthesizer. This demo shows the extreme stereo capabilities of the synth, so headphones are required (naturally).

Yes, we're talking DUAL filters and the ability to modulate these across the stereo field in ferociously musical ways!

Impulse Command is a stereo analogue synth / sonic realiser. Perfect for melodic and percussion loops. Very easy (and fun!) to create modular style analogue loops. It’s a complete sound track all by itself!

It’s wrong to call it a synthesizer (in fact a new word needs to be invented) because then you get preconceived ideas about what it does. It’s a whole lot more than a synth. It’s also part drum synth, part pattern generator, part modular loop producer.

All its unique features plus the 2 independent LPFs give this machine the ability to produce stereo loops that sound like multiple synths playing at once."

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

SoundForce introduces MIDI controller for u-he’s Repro-1 plugin

via SoundForce:

"SoundForce presents a new model to its dedicated USB-MIDI controllers product line: the SFC-1, a controller especially designed for the fantastic u-he’s Repro-1 plugin.

With a whopping total of 51 pots, 41 slide switches and 6 tactile switches, you can control every single MIDI-mappable parameter of the plugin in analog fashion. The awesome effect chain is also fully-covered on the bottom section of the controller.

Every control is assigned to a default CC number, but that can be changed using our control panel app in Google Chrome. A shift button unlocks an alternative channel for each pot, allowing you to control potentially 51 extra parameters. Even more user-specific controls are possible with the extra set of user-assignable switches and pots.

Build quality
The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal. The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminium, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white ink. Please note that the final product will have a plain black powder coat, not structured like the pictures are showing. Discrete and minimalistic wooden pieces of 6 mm thickness are added to the sides. Dimensions are: 380 mm x 173 mm x 55 mm (Length x Width x Height).

The SFC-1 is a boutique controller manufactured in small batches in the Netherlands. A lot of operations are still performed by hand and automation is used when possible to improve quality and processes.

Shipping & pricing
The controller will start to ship in June. You can come check it out at Prolight+Sound/Musikmesse in Frankfurt (on Thursday and Friday only, in Hall 8 Booth B10 - Audio Maker Square) and Superbooth in Berlin (Booth O501). 100 pieces will be made in the first batch. The price will be 329 euros including VAT for EU-customers and 271 euros outside the EU. Pre-order now on the webshop:

3 other SoundForce MIDI controllers are still currently available : SFC-Mini (for Minimoog plugins), SFC-60 (for the TAL Juno 60 emulation plugin) and SFC-5 (for the P5 plugins)."

Soundtronics MIDI Ultimate DIY Analogue Synth Based on the MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate

Published on Jan 8, 2019 Soundtronics Ltd

Related posts:
2018: Who are Soundtronics? 5U Modular with MFOS Yusynth & more // Synthfest 2018
2016: Soundtronics to Partner with MFOS on Bringing Synth DIY to the Masses & Other Formats

Video description for the above:
"In January 2019, the UK electronics magazine EPE published the first of 6 articles written by Paul Cooper of Soundtronics Ltd on how to build the MIDI Ultimate. The MIDI Ultimate is an analogue synth based on the MFOS Soundlab Ultimate. The soundtrack was produced entirely on the MIDI Ultimate using overdubbing and the Reaper DAW software. Whilst it is not that close to the original Stranger Things theme, a studio full of classic 80's synths was not going to be replaced by one 'home made' synth but it was fun to try!"

Midi Ultimate DIY Synth Demo 2

Published on Feb 24, 2019 Soundtronics Ltd

"At the time of publishing this video, 2 of the 6 installments of the build guide for the MIDI Ultimate synth have been publish in the EPE magazine. So why you are busy with your soldering iron, here is another taster of a track from the 80's using only the synth and the Reaper DAW software for recording the individual sound layers."

MIDI Ultimate Patch 1 - Pulsing Filter

Published on Mar 11, 2019

"We have named this patch the Pulsing Filter and this recording was done in one take using only the MIDI Ultimate and a MIDI keyboard for the key changes. The patch is based on three VCOs tuned to sub octave and sub sub octave. Their square wave outputs feed into the VCF, the VCA is bypassed and onto the echo effects section. The VCF has both LFO and ADSR modulation for the cut-off frequency. The LFO rate is very slow and gives the underlying cyclic sound. The ADSR is triggered from two sources, the sample and hold clock to give the main beat and also from the MIDI keyboard to give emphasis to note changes. During the course of the track, echo is added, then white noise and then lots of filter resonance."

via Soundtronics

"The MIDI Ultimate project is a fully-featured analogue synth with a performance comparable to many commercially available instruments. The MIDI Ultimate is an evolution of the (MFOS) Sound Lab Ultimate design by the late Ray Wilson who is credited for much of the design which has been reproduced with kind permission of in the US.

This project will appeal to both those whose primary interest is in electronics and those whose interest is purely making music. This is quite a large build to take on with nearly 700 components (fig 1) and may initially be seen as rather daunting. However, the construction is covered in 6 issues of the EPE magazine with cover dates from February 2019 to July 2019. With care and with our detailed constructional articles, it is quite achievable. The two essential skills needed to undertake this construction are soldering and component identification. If these are new to you then numerous guides and videos can be found online. If you are a first timer or relatively inexperienced in electronics, practice your soldering before starting on this synth. Whilst the component count is high, the PCB is assembled systematically with each individual section tested before moving onto the next.

Synth Features
Three Musically Accurate Voltage Controller Oscillators (VCOs) with sawtooth and variable width pulse wave forms, pulse width modulation, hard-sync, log CV inputs.
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF) 12db/Oct doubles as a sine wave oscillator
Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)with log response
White Noise Generator
Active 8 Channel Mixer for all VCO waveforms, noise and external input
Two Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release Envelope Generators (ADSR)
Two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) with square, ramp, triangle and sawtooth waveforms
Repeat Gate Generator that can also double as another square wave LFO)
Sample & Hold (S&H) with variable sample rate and glide
Toggle Switch Patching with potentiometer mixing
Echo Effect Sound Processor
MIDI to CV Interface with 1-16 channel selector switch, responds to all 128 MIDI note keys
Headphones and Line output
Integral +/- 12Vdc Power supply Regulator (needs external 12Vac 500mA plug top adaptor)
DIY Construction with through hole components
Single board design with PCB mounted pots and switches eliminates panel wiring"

Noise Engineering New Modules At SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Noise Engineering showed us some of their new modules at SynthPlex 2019. This patch uses the Vox Digitalis as a sequencer, Cursus Iteritas Percido as the voice, Sinc Bucina low pass gate and Kith Ruina distortion. Noise Engineering also let us know that all of their modules will start coming with black panels.

Noise Engineering available here:"

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1010 Music Blackbox Desktop Sampling Workstation SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"1010 Music showed off their tiny and powerful Blackbox. The Blackbox is a sample based sequencer workstation with a touch screen with audio inputs and multiple audio outputs. It also features midi in/out and DC coupled audio so it is capable of recording and sending out CV.

1010 products available here:"

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WMD Crucible Metallic Percussion Eurorack Module SYNTHPLEX 2019

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"WMD showed the Crucible at SynthPlex 2019, the next module in their lineup of drum modules. The Crucible is a metallic percussion synthesizer which uses physical modeling synthesis techniques with delay lines and filters. The Crucible is designed to produce cymbal and gong sounds, but you can get other interesting sounds out of it as well.

Crucible available here:"

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MAM Warp9 Resonant Filter

via this auction

"Very Rare MAM Warp 9 FIlter with power supply and original manual. MIDI controlled. Excellent condition from home nonsmoking studio.

The Warp 9 from German Co. MAM (Music And More) is an analog multi-mode filter for processing external mono audio. Its filter is based on that of the classic EDP Wasp from 1978, utilizing a 12dB/oct (2-pole) resonant filter with switchable lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch modes. There is a built-in ADSR envelope with Delay and an LFO with 9 waveforms for modulating the filter's effect. The LFO can also be MIDI clock synced for tempo matched modulation of the filter's cutoff, resonance, etc. Other common analog filter effects such as Distortion, Velocity and Key tracking are also on-board. The LFO and VCA alone can lead to some creative modulated filter effects! The Warp 9 has full MIDI implementation which can send/receive all of its parameters.


Three ways to trigger the filter, audio input level, MIDI note on, or thru separate audio in. The MIDI trigger allows you to do very complex filter patterns.

See the photos from the manual which shows some of the complex LFOs you can get to make the filter dance...."

Jean- Philippe RYKIEL " Learycs " Live SynthFest France 2018

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Olivier Briand

"Un grand moment de musique avec Maître Rykiel au SynthFest France 2018, un grand MERCI pour ce musicien hors du commun.
Toujours avec ce fameux Yamaha CS01 et son BC01, et cette expression qui rends ce synthé quasi acoustique."

Oberheim OBXa deep examination

Published on Apr 1, 2019 synthlegends

Update: it appears this one was pulled. You can find a new demo here, and more here.

"Demo with more insight of the OBXa. First of all I present some typical sounds, espacially great strings, pads, bass sounds and soft leads. After that you can hear some combination sounds in the Dual Mode. Later on you can listen and see how I am tweaking this beast, most in Dual Mode. I always used on both channels Boss Chorus Pedals and at most sounds the Strymon Big Sky reverb with different settings."

Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorial 23 | MF Pad

Published on Apr 1, 2019 madFame

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

madFame's DX7 Custom Patches are compatible with most FM synths including DEXED, Arturia DX7 V, Volca FM etc.

I upload 2-3 new videos every month. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL ICON so you know when I've uploaded a new content.

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page:
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

John Cage - 4'33'' on Moog Sub 37

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Luca Di Gennaro

"Split screen cover of 4'33'' by John Cage just with a Moog Sub 37!

Keyboard: Moog Sub 37"

And the maestro himself:

John Cage performs "4:33"

Published on Dec 2, 2008 Eugène Zassadko

And an image of John Case with a Roland System 700 modular system via momento by diptyque paris

"John Cage (1912-1992) en 1978 (photo©Corinto Marianelli)"

Gecho v2 Prototype and Korg Volca FM

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Gecho Loopsynth

"The v2 prototype is working very well so far, here the MIDI Out functionality is being tested with Korg Volca, also Line-in and Line-out connectors are actively used. All is recorded via USB sound card directly from Gecho and presented in raw form. You can find more info here:"

"The final Gecho v2 prototype
Since the previous update about v2 that was posted in August last year, it took 3 more revisions to get here. Although the first prototype of Gecho v2 has been completed, blueprints verified by our skilled hobbyists friends who soldered their own prototypes, and it even passed CE/FCC testing with flying colours, and we could go ahead with the production - it was just not good enough - it needed a small upgrade. And, things tend to turn more complicated than they appear :)

Thanks to everyone for encouraging comments, questions and feedback during the past few months, it has been very helpful and contributed a lot to shaping the new model.

While working on Glo (the whale synth), I came to realize that sticking to STM32 platform looks nice in short-term; in theory, only small modifications are needed to port the firmware over. But there was a risk that when implementing the new features you are waiting for, like MIDI and sync modes, it would be needed to trade off something on the sound side (e.g. level of polyphony) to get the extra power for the additional processing required.

EML Electrocomp 400/401

via this auction

"EML Electrocomp 400/401 Synthesizer Sequencer. Condition is Used. I bought this around 1980. It was first purchased by Cumberland College, now University of the Cumberlands. The music department wanted a synth, and then decided that this is not what they are after. I then purchased it from a local music store that brokered the deal. The number 503 is etched into the back. Not sure if this is the SN since only 300 were reported to be made. It is missing two plastic tabs on the sliders. Was serviced around 15 years ago and then put away. All sliders and switches work. Both oscillators sound but need some adjustment. Osc 1 is louder than osc 2 and is tuned a bit low. Being pure analog a service tech should be able to rectify this. Sold as is. A great piece to restore and flip.

About the unit. 401 refers to the synth section and 400 is the sequencer. It is designed so that multiple 400 units can be chained together. The sequencer has two sections of 16 x 3 sliders that can run in series or parallel. The synth is a basic 2 osc 1 filter unit. Note that EML does not operate on the standard 1 volt per octave ratio used by most modular gear. It is something like 1.2 volts per octave. This can be adjusted through simple CV scaling enabled by various modules, or you can ignore the standard when using it to drive filter and other parameters that are not note specific."

Detachment 3 Archangel Black And Red

via this auction

"A rare bird, and one of the most musical sequencers in all of 5u. Four rows of voltages per addressable stage, with keyboard controller and an amazingly flexible quantizer. Very few have been made so far, perhaps only 50, so this is an unusual chance to own one of these extremely cool little things.

It outputs normal modular 1v/octave and can be used with large format MU/Moog/MOTM or Eurorack as well -- just get some big jack to tiny jack cables and you're ready to go."

soundmachines NS1 Nanosynth + base + wood case + nanobridge

via this auction

"I bought this NS1 nanosynth new a couple years ago along with the NS1 Nanobridge (used to patch into your eurorack modular system. It has been a wonderful mini synth to own and record, as it really is like a full semi-modular synth (minus a sequencer). The online manual and tutorials were very helpful in discovering the best avenues for generating predictable sound, and if you are stuck I found that Davide at Soundmachines is more than willing to discuss and aid you in any questions you may have. When I purchased this bad boy I also picked up an NS1 experiment kit, which is what I used to make a sequencer. After building sequencers and a number of other arduino synth projects, I never even bothered to use the Nanobridge so it is basically brand new. I did test it on a digital eurorack module and found it to work perfectly fine, however I never tested it on an analog module. I STRONGLY recommend reading everything you can about this synth before patching it up to your eurorack or other synths, as too much power will fry the tiny synth (at least that’s what im told). I am keeping this $60 experiment kit, as it will be useful with my other arduino applications. The wooden case is a cleaned out Hoppes gun cleaning kit. I emptied it out and added some foam padding to secure the nanosynth and components inside. Also, I added a little white notch color to each of the 16 knobs so that my settings were more visible ( the knobs were solid black and the values were nearly impossible to see in low light).
This synth can run off of a 5v USB input, so it can attach directly to a PC or Mac, or be plugged into a wall wart. It has a single stereo output, a huge number of patch points, a ribbon cable controller 3 buttons for FSR applications, multiple VCO waveforms and noise forms, two LFOs, Attenuators, ADSR, VCA, 3 mixers, AND, OR, XOR, etc. Check out the website for more details."

Synthesizer Von Gestern by Matthias Becker

via this auction

"New, sealed, hard cover synthesizer book. Synthesizers Von Gestern by Matthias Becker. Full color, hard cover, high quality stock paper. Covers many famous and legendary analog synthesizers. Note: photos are very nice however Book is written in German."

Critter & Guitari - RE-Tape Echo for Organelle

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Critter & Guitari

"Author: baptiste

This is one of thirteen user-made patches we're showcasing! The Organelle is full of possibilities waiting to be explored and shared. Each patch in this series is a unique approach to an instrument or effect - the result of the contributor working with the Organelle to make their vision a reality! The icing of this musical cake is that the patches have been shared so others may explore and create! Thanks to all the creators making the Organelle more than we hoped it could be!

This delay is based on vintage tape delay units, and features tap tempo and warble controls. There are six different modes for delay and an additional time scaler to use in combination with the tap tempo feature. Turn up the Intensity for a classic tape delay swell. In this clip, we sent an acoustic guitar loop to RE-Tape Echo. This patch can add a lot of life to a simple sound.

Download this patch here:"

Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S - Let's Build...

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Oscillator Sink

Synthplex 2019 Buchla Patching with Mr Doty

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

"For many the Buchla system is not only something you don't get to see all that often, but one that the patching of and topography is a bit of a mystery. Our pal Marc Doty has been with Buchla for a little while now so we (and he) figured it was time to take a look at some patching. So here you go...."

Synthplex 2019 Waldorf Quantum Sounds Only

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Waldorf's Quantum is an impressive synth, as the flagship model of the current Waldorf range, its got their latest and greatest technology in it, a sort of playground for the designers to try out all sorts of cutting edge synth tech.

The features are still being added to, so that makes for more interesting demos right? Jim, who first looked at it in 2018, says its come along considerably since he first had a play.

Still, its not an inconsiderable investment at around 3995 Euros, but it certainly looks the part and offers a great deal of synthesis."

Synthplex 2019- Check Out These Vintage Minimoogs

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

" Electronic Music And Education And Preservation Project.
They brought along their collection of MiniMoog prototypes - A,B and C.
You can see the evolution from modular format to the self-contained keyboard. Which of course is the end game - the playable, no patching required instrument that the Model D eventually became"

Note the preset model at the end.

Portamento and Microtuning for Polysix and Mono/Poly (ModyPoly HiRes demo)

Published on Apr 1, 2019 tubbutec

"HiRes is an upgrade for the ModyPoly which adds high pitch resolution, microtuning and portamento. It works for Polysix and Mono/Poly

Intro: 0:00
Portamento: 0:52
Voice Spread: 4:32
Microtuning: 5:20
Outro: 6:50"

New Tubbutec ModyPoly HiRes Upgrade for the Polysix, Mono/Poly & Somewhat the Poly-61

Buchla Alien World Atmosphere

Published on Apr 1, 2019 PaulLawlerMusic

"Self playing alien atmosphere on the Buchla 200e system. This is primarily built from modulating 2 Twisted Waveform Generators."

Moon Modular 5U Modular Patch & Tweak

Published on Mar 31, 2019 DaviT MusiC

"Recorded straight into ableton.
Effects : Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo and Strymon blueSky."

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

KORG Introduces the volcassette

Hit the play button above for the video via KORG. No joke!

"The next volca is here; straight out of the decade of decadence! Introducing the volcassette Cassette Player and Multi-track Recorder. It combines the very best of portable cassette players with super-intuitive four-track true-analog recording capabilities.

Capture the moment when inspiration strikes!"


Transport: Play, Record, Rewind, Rewind 2x, Fast Forward, Fast Forward 3x, Tape Speed (for playback and record), Auto-Reverse

Recording Capabilities: Four-track recorder

Display: 7-segment LED play counter with reset

Inputs: Combined 1/8” guitar/XLR input (includes breakout cables); onboard microphone

Outputs: 2 x 1/8” stereo headphone jacks for shared listening

Output Processing: Dolby A noise reduction; dedicated Bass and Treble controls

Power: 6 x AA batteries (included) for up to 20 hours continuous playback, or optional 9V adapter

*Optional volcahead head-cleaning tape also available

New Bowel Eurorack Module by 2hp

via @twohpmodular

"Announcing, the BOWEL!!! A physical modeling synth voice based on the human digestive system. Limited quantity, order now!!

Huge thanks to @imjohnlrice for feeding us the prune juice on this one!"


Published on Apr 1, 2019 Isotonik Studios

"Some products just deserve to be better, and that's the case with Sempler PRO. The original Sempler hit over 5,000 downloads and spawned many feature requests, people just loved it for the impact it had with it's simple usability.

NOISS COKO has taken all of those requests and spent the last few months creating Sempler PRO a mammoth sample sequence manipulator.

Sempler is a polyphonic sample playback instrument, designed to create complex patterns by performing simple actions. The whole device is exclusively driven by its integrated sequencer, which among other parameters allows to set a different starting point, size, pitch, level and delay amount for every single step. Each configuration will then produce a continuous stream of fragments, played one after the other to generate a unique arrangement that results from the combination of these little pieces and bits of audio.

Part of Sempler’s magic resides on the uncertainty factor that surrounds its behaviour and defines the state of its most important parameters. These random functions make it very easy to produce a whole blast of ideas with only the need of a few simple operations.

An extra set of parameters reflect other global aspects of the instrument and help to shape each pattern even further. These control the sequence length, speed and direction, the envelopes that affect every fragment and voice amplitude, and a group of functions dedicated to the Frequency Modulation, Echo and Filter sections."

Ross' Casio LZ-1000 Synthesizer Ad

Click the pic to read.

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up.

"Casio LZ-1000 synthesizer 'Why would you let your friends choose any other synthesizer' ad, Keyboard Magazine 1998"

Note this is the first Casio LZ-1000 post on the site!

How to make Techno Track with Modular Synth (VCV Rack Tutorial)

Published on Apr 1, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"In this video I gonna show you full patch from scratch of my techno setup in VCV Rack!
Become Patron and get patch from this video
Thanks for your support!

I also use the controller for the first time. This time it is the Ipad with the TouchOSC installed. Trowasoft made a great layout for it and its sequencer in VCV Rack as well. It is very easy to manage techno patterns in a modular environment.
TouchOSC is available for iOS and Android tablets or smartphones.
Have a nice Rave!"

New MeeBlip geode synth: hands-on demo

Published on Apr 1, 2019 cdmtv

"This is geode, the new monophonic synth from MeeBlip and CDM. Get your hands dirty with this instrument - and be the first to check it out in our first play."

Update: some info and pics via CDM (click through for additional details and audio demos):

"What we love most about synths is wild, weird, dirty sounds – and getting our hands on them. Our new MeeBlip geode focuses on what we think is the best of our synth line.

The goal, as always: make a box that’s easy to play, and that adds a unique sound and personality that doesn’t exist elsewhere. And then make sure it’s fun to twist knobs and make sounds. That’s geode – coming soon, with an intro price of US$149.95 (plus tax/shipping as applicable)...

geode is the fourth major generation of the MeeBlip line created by engineer James Grahame (Blipsonic), as a collaboration with CDM. We’ve been humbled by the response – the original/SE, anode, and triode have all seen critical acclaim. And users have gotten creative, from mods and hacks (including using open source code and circuits), to musical uses in clubs and experimental shows alike.

MeeBlip geode is the culmination of all of the best features of all those different generations. It’s got the sound features and extra controls from the original (including bringing noise back), the anode/triode filter that remains unlike what’s on other synths, the most cutting waveforms, and all the subtle improvements James has cooked up over the years. It’s still compact, but expands to a palm-sized rectangle with more controls. It’s got great-feeling new knobs and some new tweaks.

And for the first time, we have USB MIDI support, so you can connect and power geode with any computer or compatible mobile device. (MIDI DIN is still there, so your gear from the 80s works, too.)"

Update2: and the official press release with specs:

"MeeBlip geode synthesizer is the newest from Blipsonic, CDM

Raw and digital, dirty and analog - in one compact box.

MeeBlip geode is the latest in a line of award-winning synthesizers from engineer James Grahame (Blipsonic) and CDM (

geode has one goal: to let you plug in a box and dial in edgy, cutting, grimy sounds you won’t mistake for anything else. Building on the MeeBlip line’s digital sound features and unique Twin-T analog filter, geode adds more control, more sound twists, and now both USB MIDI and MIDI IN operation.

Morphagene Tutorial: 20 ways to use it (includes firmware v155)

Published on Apr 1, 2019 loopop

"This video walks through 20 tips and ideas for using Morphagene from Make Noise, including using it as a mono and 'poly' granular synth, several types of delay, a synced looper, a drum machine and more...

0:00 Overview
2:05 Stereo recorder
2:55 “Tape” speed control
4:30 Using splices
5:50 Morphagene as a Drum machine
6:20 Overdubbing
7:35 Resampling
8:30 Simple delay
9:30 Reverse delay
9:50 Harmonized delay
11:00 Single repeat effect
12:20 Gene and Slide
14:30 Gene smoothing
15:00 Morphagene explained
17:20 Phased looping genes
18:00 Morphagene as 1v/oct synth
20:15 Chords/Morphagene polysynth?
21:40 Time stretching
22:45 Using the CLK input
24:10 Chronological scanning
26:10 Synced looping
28:00 Envelope follower
28:25 Phase & pitch mods
30:30 Precision splicing"

Moog DFAM Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

via this auction

"USED WORKING Moog DFAM Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer board only."

Cool American flag table.

Quasimidi 309 With Drum And Synth Expansion!

via this auction

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard G1 Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Monome Aleph Very Rare Synthesizer Programmable Effect Box

via this auction


powerful audio processor, synthesizer, noise machine, rapidly modifiable instrument. a platform for experimental practice and organic discovery.


connect grid controllers, modular synths, midi keys, stomp boxes, gamepads, hand-made circuits. for more direct control and uncommon pairings.


dynamically arrange control mappings with unprecedented flexibility. create software control sources such as modulators, logical operators, aleatoric processes, sequencers. all quickly storable and recallable.

Radikal Technologies Accelerator

via this auction

Keys made from ETHER samplesshhsh

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Vlad Kreimer

"Just ETHER and sampler ... "

ETHER by SOMA laboratory

Synthplex 2019 - Waves Flow Motion Hybrid FM synth

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Released towards the end of last year and one of Sonic TALK regular's Yoad Nevo's projects (he also works for Waves as well as being a producer/remixer), Flow Motion is a Hybrid FM synth with plenty of routing possibilities and audio rate modulation, combined with a friendly UI."

Synthplex 2019 Delta CEP Sosunds Only

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Radikal Technologies, Jørg demonstrates the sounds of the Delta CEP synthesizer module.
Using cutting edge DSP and swarm oscillator technology, its capable of some impressive and large sounds - with built in FX to top it off."

Synthplex 2019 - Rossum Panharmoium

Published on Apr 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Bob Bliss (architect of the famous Emulator Operating System) shows us the new Panharmonium Module.
Its a a unique music and sound design tool that lets you analyze the spectral content of any audio signal and use that analysis to drive a bank of from 1 to 33 oscillators. Depending on various control settings, Panharmonium can accurately reproduce the input spectrum in real time or modify it in a multitude of wildly creative ways. All with an interface whose immediacy encourages performance and interaction."

The true story of ZOIA

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Knobs

"Developing an instrument is no easy feat.
It takes time, and commitment, and teamwork.
Especially if the device becomes alive.

This is the true story of ZOIA.

On sale now, shipping April 15, 2019.

All music sounds in this video were made by ZOIA.
Steve's wake-up sequence features patches from Daniel Fisher & Benn Jordan (who has an excellent YouTube channel:
Gloomy nightmare music by KNOBs.

This video was made for Empress Effects.


Empress Effects ZOIA

ZOIA Mega Tutorial 1

Published on Apr 1, 2019 cuckoomusic

"ZOIA mega tutorial 1. It's finally out. And it's awesome, this little modular in a stomp box!"

Empress Effects ZOIA

Making Music with Microsoft Paint

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"In which I make music with MS Paint, and it actually kinda works."


Published on Apr 1, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"Complex paching with the 4 units + MFOS VCF, The Jellyfish, Eloquencer, and a guitar reverb pedal. 2 oscillators of the Ants made the pad which is filtered by the SPICE VCF and drived to the Nutone CH1, which is CVd with the Envf and the Kickdrum. The other 2 Ants oscillators are seuqnced with the Eloquencer, filtered with the MFOS VCF, then to the Jellyfish delay and to the Nutone Ch2. The Kick drum is generated with the Ants filter resonance."


Published on Apr 1, 2019 JMT SYNTH

"VDR-1 with the analog sequencer"

KORG『volca drum』Demo performance by FALCON-106

Published on Apr 1, 2019 K0MABA

"KORG『volca drum』Demo performance by FALCON-106"

Omri Cohen Goes Spanish

My videos are from now on in Spanish Published on Apr 1, 2019 Omri Cohen

"This is, of course, an April Fools joke... I wish I knew Spanish, but I don't so I got help from Leonardo, the developer of the Vult modules -

My videos will still be in the English language :) Cheers and enjoy the Spring!"

Modular ambient but using only passive modules

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Andor Polgar

Great track.

"Modular ambient using only passive eurorack modules.

Modules used: Bizmuth, Strymon aa.1, Meng Qi - Please Exist 2, Make Noise MULT, Erica Synths Pico Switch.

Happy April Fools Day!"

KROME EX - An evolved go-to synthesizer with a focus on "FUTURE BASICS"

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Korg

"KROME, the best-selling synth focused on packing the most usable sounds into an easy to use platform, has received a major refresh. Updated to meet the needs of the current music scene, KROME EX has a special emphasis on sounds that can immediately fit into productions of all types.

In addition to standard sounds that will never grow old, KROME EX provides numerous new programs and PCM data, including piano programs prepared specifically for this product. This instrument provides high-quality and immediately-usable sounds that take full advantage of the KROME's high performance specs. The new body also features a newly revamped build and look to accompany the new sounds.

A music workstation for gigging musicians and producers of all stripes. The KROME EX.

Subtitles (in English) start at 2:55
Please turn on subtitles/cc in the settings."


The GeoEncabulator

Published on Mar 31, 2019 moForte

"The GeoEncabulator

Since 1943, work has been proceeding, in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a waveguide that that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. This technology has now been fully realized as a musical instrument using discrete time digital filters. Such an instrument is the GeoEncabulator

Now basically the only new principle involved, is that instead of sound being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it is now produced by a digital simulation, a model if you will, of the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance.

The original turbo encabulator’s base plate of pre-famulated amulite surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing is now implemented using an inutile skeuomorphic interface. The two spurving bearings that were in a direct line with the panametric fan, are now realized using a pair of cascaded second order biquadratic filter sections.

The former consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzlevanes, which are now digital waveguides. There is no longer a need for an ambifacient lunar waneshaft and side fumbling has been fully eliminated.

The GeoEncabulator has now reached a high level of development, and it’s being successfully used in the operation of nofer trunnions."

Patch n Tweak

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