MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sun - Featuring Peter Zinovieff of EMS

Published on Jul 19, 2017 NUSTEM

This performance was during the Rainwire [Processed] installation at University of Hull by Noyzelab.

"Poet Katrina Porteous and composer Peter Zinovieff collaborated to produce a planetarium experience of live poetry, wrap-around visuals, and surround-sound music. The piece is an artistic response to the work of Northumbria University's Solar Physics Research Group.

Sun premiered at Newcastle's Life Science Centre planetarium on November 18th 2016.

This version was produced for follow-on performances, and for YouTube. For more background about the piece, and the wider context of the Imagining the Sun project of which this was part, see:"

"Imagining the Sun is a collaboration of a poet, a sound artist and a visual artist with Northumbria University’s solar physics research group, supported by the outreach specialists at NUSTEM. The project challenges public and schools audiences to explore how approaches from art and science can complement and inform each other. Alongside the schools programme sit a series of public performances and exhibitions."


Peter Zinovieff, of course, was the founder of EMS.

"A scientist, composer, librettist and pioneer of electronic music, in the 1960s Peter was one of the first people in the world to use a computer to create music.

With David Cockerell and Tristram Cary he formed Electronic Music Studios, which created some of the earliest electronic instruments, including the seminal VCS3.

Peter’s instruments – and particularly the techniques he pioneered, like sampling – continue in widespread use."

Cray performing live with Caroline Hawke

Published on Apr 11, 2018 Cray

"Cray performing live on MC202 with Caroline Hawke/
Filmed by Mick Rowe"

Synth is all Roland MC-202 going into effects.

Roland Boutique Acid Jam #3 (TB 03/TR 08/TR 09)

Published on Apr 15, 2018 chisel316

"The third installment in my Roland Boutique Acid Jam series. All sounds are from the TB-03, TR-08 and TR-09. Audio Damage iOS effects Dubstation 2 and Eos 2 used for Delay and Reverb, respectively. Mixed live in Kymatica AUM (iOS). There's a bit of audio clipping mostly in the first minute."

Akai Timbre Wolf Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

ROOM with Spacestation

Published on Apr 15, 2018 NIIO analog

"Electribe into ROOM connected to a Space station"

Patchwerks Signals 2018 Seattle Synth Meet Pics

Signals 2018 - Patchwerks Synth Meet

Some pics from this year's Signals Synth Meet hosted by Patchwerks in Seattle, WA. Hover over the image and click on the right arrow to flip through pics.

Roland showed their new System 500 eurorack modules by Malekko, it is now official. Industrial Music Elecectronics, aka The Harvestman, had their new Piston Honda mkII with built-in graphic display. Synthwerks, a Seattle native, were showing their modules. As is tradition, a ton of people brought their own gear to share with others. You'll spot a Fairlight from (click through for a great shot of the system at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada), an EMS SYNTHI, a DATO DUO and some old school rotary phones (not sure what they did as I didn't get a chance to check them out), some alternative/diy controllers, and of course plenty of eurorack, 5U (John L Rice), and Buchla modular. Also the only MATRIXSYNTH military hat in existence! :) It's owned by Larry Kleinke, aka Computer Controlled, who had the Roland gear, white Korg Arp Odyssey desktop, and Abstrakt Instruments Avalon.

Polyend Seq and Poly controlling the Eurorack system and Prophet 6

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Polyend

"One more short video of Polyend Seq and Poly couple operating the Eurorack system and DSI Prophet 6.

Video footage made 28.03.2018 by Piotr Raczyński.
Music improvisation by Alna"

KORG PS-3200 vintage analog synthesizer FULL of PS-3010 + PS-3060 + Kenton MIDI!

via this auction

"Here is a mega rare chance for buy a spectacular KORG PS-3200 ( about 200 exemplars only were made in 1978)
It's complete of all the rare accessories: PS-3010 keyboard controller, PS-3060 Remote controller and the expensive polyphonic Kenton Midi. It includes a long Honda remote cable in order to install the PS-3060 in studio. The main synthesizer has been recapped and pro serviced were necessary. This magic instrument has extraordinary features, a GREAT fully polysynthesizer with 16x very useful memories!"


via this auction

"Here is a rare Solton Programmer 24, well knowed as the “ITALO DISCO” synthesizer. It’s a very funny synth, cool '80 Electro sounds with an unique arranger and polysections."

MOOG VOYAGER Electric Blue

via this auction

SINTETIZADOR VALKYRIE Exodus Digital, patches only

Published on Apr 15, 2018

"Escucha una selección de patches de Valkyrie, el nuevo sintetizador politímbrico de Exodus Digital, presentado en Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018"

WALDORF QUANTUM, nuevos sonidos preset

Published on Apr 15, 2018

"En directo desde Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018, escucha nuevos presets del sintetizador híbrido Waldorf Quantum. Esta asombrosa máquina está por llegar de un momento a otro, y sus capacidades nos tienen maravillados..."


"Live from Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018, listen to new presets of the Waldorf Quantum hybrid synth, this amazing machine is about to arrive at any moment, and its capabilities have us in awe ..."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Access Virus TI Polar (Version 1) Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer Model 336A Demo

Published on Dec 2, 2017 Erich Izdepski

"I restored a Moog Prodigy. Here's a long demo of me noodling around with it. I'm backed by a Sub37 and an Eventide Space for effects. The story of this synth repair is here:"

via this auction

This is the Prodigy in the video above according to the listing.

Synth Stuff Ep. 37 - Ensoniq VFX-SD

Published on Apr 15, 2018 tritonrecordings

"The VFX was an upgrade from the likes of the ESQ-1. The 'SD' version added a sequencer and probably competed with the Korg M1. Like most digital synths like these, they are great pad machines - some patches remind me of the Wavestation. The orchestral/acoustic sounds haven't aged well but they don't sound bad...they just sound very 80s. They are cheap enough to make them worth checking out if you come across one and want some of that digital character in your arsenal."

Modular + Pedals #14: Mutable Instruments Plaits - Red Panda Particle

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Modular + Pedals

"Patch notes:

ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout is the main clock and trigger sequencer.

Channel 1 sends a random gate to trigger the Korg SQ-1 (settings: x1, Gate, RSkip CV1).

Channel 2 is triggering the S&H on Mutable Instruments Kinks (settings: /2, Gate, RSkip CV1, EStep 05, ETrig 05).

Channel 3 sends a gate to the strum input on Rings (settings: x2, Gate, RSkip CV1).

Channel 5 is self-patched into the CV1 input on Pam's, sending a random CV to control the amount of random skipping on the rest of the tracks (settings: /5, Random, Level 70%, Offset 30%, Width 100%).

Channel 6 is triggering the kick drum on channel 1 of Mutable Instruments Peaks (settings: x1, Gate, RSkip CV1, EStep 05, ETrig 03).

Channel 7 is triggering the strike input on the second channel of Make Noise LxD (settings: x1, Gate, RSkip CV1, EStep 05, ETrig 04).

IOTINE CORE 4 with Electribe

Published on Apr 15, 2018 NIIO analog

"Electribe running mono into the IC4, with CH1 and POST running out mono, and CH2 running out into ROOM and a 2016 reverb."

Synthi with Countryman 968A Phase Shifter

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Christopher Anderson

"Amplitude response shifted phase"

The Countryman was recently listed here. Click through for details.

Dualtrx - 10min loop // Arturia MiniBrute 2S, Drumbrute, Bitbox, Basimilus,

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Dualtrx

"First run with the Arturia MiniBrute 2S...

In this patch i used, Drumbrute, Bitbox, Basimilus Iteritas, Micro Braids, Rings, Pico DSPs. Erbe Verb, Batumi.

Every Share and Like is much apreciated. Also Buy Flat Eric a coffee on"

Nice visuals.

Smomid 2018 Demo

Published on Apr 15, 2018 nicnut210

"This is a demo video of the most recently completed Smomid instrument. The name is an acronym for string modeling midi device. The body and neck were 3D modeled and CNC cut. This instrument is powered by two Teensy 3.6 microcontrollers. The audio is created in Max. This video displays some of the possible ways to create music and sound with this instrument. For more information please visit"

Percussa to Show SSP at Superbooth 2018

The Percussa Super Signal Processor is coming to Superbooth18!

"Los Angeles, CA (USA) April 15, 2018 - Percussa is proud to announce and show its Super Signal Processor (SSP), a 16 in/8 out @192kHz/32bit Eurorack DSP module at Superbooth 2018, May 3-5 in Berlin, Germany.

The Percussa SSP was designed for and together with the eurorack community, then was funded succesfully on in less than 12 hours, and will now be shown for the first time in public at SB 2018.

Some of the Percussa SSP's impressive features:

Quad core A17 @ 1.8GHz ARM DSP power with 2GB RAM
1600x480 full colour widescreen IPS display
All 16 ins and 8 outs up to 192kHz / 32 bit, DC coupled
Global delay and effect processors
Built-in direct to disk recorder (internal and external signals)
Internal smart routing and patching system
Patch save / recall system
USB MIDI Controller and MPE support
Multi-voice and polyphonic
High speed USB port for direct recording onto Mac / Win
Easy file exchange and backup with microSD card (WAV)

The SSP is available for pre-ordering on the Percussa website. MSRP pricing is $2,000. The first SSP units will be shipping in May 2018 to kickstarter backers, with the rest of the backer units and pre-orders expected to ship in June 2018.

Come see the Percussa SSP at the our booth W210.


PERCUSSA makes innovative software and hardware for professional musicians, and is based in Los Angeles."

Ode to TR-8, the last jam

Published on Apr 15, 2018 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

Since I am giving away the Roland TR-8, I wanted to create a last jam with it, sort of a farewell song.

I am starting to get a bit of a cold, so apologies in advance if the mixing is off (cant really hear the levels properly) .. also there is a miss or two in the track, but what the heck, it is live from the heart and uncut.

Thank you TR-8 for all the good times, you will be missed.

Gear Used:

TR-8, Avalon bassline and the KORG volca keys. Keeley caverns delay + rev on the volca, el capistan delay on the bassline, bluesky plate reverb on the TR-8 for that old school vibe.

I start with a pre-looped drum track in reverse on the ditto X2 in the beginning.


this is a beautiful synthesizer

Published on Apr 15, 2018

"In todays video we take a look at the Gecho Loop Synth from"

Also see Gecho - Making of Synth (Assembly Machines)

And a playlist from Gecho:

Gecho - Freedom of Creation (advert)
Gecho Explained - Part 1
Gecho Explained - Part 2
Gecho - Basic Channels
Gecho - Programming Modes
Gecho - Exotic Channels
Gecho - Accompanying Windows App

Let's Play Puremagnetik Phazeform Vol.1 & 2 For Kontakt 5 | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Apr 15, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Phazeform Vol.1 & 2 (based on the digital CZ Synthesizers) are sample libraries for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live and Logic Pro that Both libraries are part of the RetroSynth 1980s Bundle now available for $9.99 USD instead of 99.99 USD.

Support SYNTH ANATOMY over Patreon and get access to free sound content (sample & preset libraries, free plugins... & participate on exclusive giveaways)"

Wireless Muscle Controller

Richard demonstrates wireless muscle sensor

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Opal Sky Video

"A DIY demonstration of a wireless transmission of control voltage from a muscle sensor to a modular synthesizer."

Update: you can find additional details at Richard Brewster's Electronic Sounds.

E352 Cloud Mode 'World' Drums

Published on Apr 15, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"We use the E352 & E370 in Cloud Mode to create some rhythms inspired by some of the sounds we heard at the WOMAD Festival.

The only sound sources in the patch are the E352 and voice 3 of the E370.

We use the pico sequencers to 'tune' the voices but the gates and the patterns are set by the Circadian Rhythms."


✯RARE✯ EDP Caterpillar for EDP Wasp Gnat Synth

via this auction

"An extremely rare 'Caterpillar' controller designed by Chris Huggett. The caterpillar has four ports on the back for controlling up to four EDP synthesizers via 7 pin DIN sockets. One link cable is also included (not pictured in this sale).

As you can see this has aged really well, and has been recently serviced by SRS prior to sale.

The two controls on the front panel are for:

1. selecting how many devices you want to control (1-4 or Voice setting).

2. Selecting Unison, Poly or Cycle, there is also a separate Hold setting that gives you the option of also selecting Unison, Poly or Cycle.
The unit powers off of a single 9V battery.

Note: There is a design flaw with the Wasp circuitry that does not allow the lowest C note (first key from the left) to trigger the Wasp. However by the time EDP designed the Gnat they fixed this problem and the lowest C note will trigger a Gnat, this has been tested as I also own a Gnat and Gnat Special. The unit has been tested working fully prior to listing."

Serge Modular Synth (Random Source) La Bestia II

via this auction

"This is a just-finished La Bestia II. This is the one with the all-new, all-R*S PCBs, re-designed with Serge himself. I've heard them called 5th Generation Serge and I think that's a pretty good description.

It comes with one of the R*S power supplies (a prototype so no labelling on this one) so you are ready to go out of the box. If you don't have any, I'll throw in half a dozen banana cables too."

I believe this is the first post to feature the mk II model. You can find a couple of previous posts featuring the original La Bestia here. Note with Serge, the names of systems correlate to configurations of various individual modules grouped into one panel. The individual modules themselves are not always new, but rather the configuration / system.


Orange box via this auction

Blue via via this auction

Curious if the manual is orange on one side and blue on the other? If not, why the two different color schemes. Note the second listing only has the blue disc, while the first has both blue and orange. If anyone knows, feel free to comment.

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS SN 0160

via this auction

"This is an amazing synth in excellent condition cosmetically and in perfect working order. Recently meticulously checked over and serviced by Synth-man extraordinaire James Walker (18th Feb 2018). Latest Sequential software installed, new EL backlight installed, new aftertouch sensors installed, keyboard contacts cleaned, buttons replaced, various chips and connectors replaced to ensure everything is tiptop. Frankly it was working perfectly when I took it to him but he kept checking, replacing components, tweaking and fettling. He is a bit of a perfectionist. I would be surprised if you can find a better one though, as you might expect of a 32 year old unit there is the odd little mark (but you can see how nice it is from the pictures). This unit has had the original factory presets restored giving you a real taste of the mid 80s and onwards."

Buchla 257r Synth Module

via this auction

DIY clone of the Buchla Dual Voltage Processor Model 257 by Roman Filippov, the man behind Black Corporation.

You can find some demos of the 257r here.

Sequential Circuits Pro One with custom wood case

via this auction

"Sequential Pro One ——- beautiful 100% functional analog mono synth , fully refurbished (all pots and switches cleaned, caps replaced, J-wires cleaned, bushings replaced and full wood restoration by synthwood.) This unit has an absolutely gorgeous wood grain finish, as well as a backlit pitch and mod wheel (that are either solidly on, or the mod wheel flashes in time with the LFO.)

There’s not much to say other than this unit is ready to rock, has been fully overhauled, looks amazing and sounds like a million bucks. If you are looking for the real deal, here it is - no gimmicks, lines, or questionable work."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Formanta Polivoks Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

EKO Pony Synth - Analog Synthesizer - HQ

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Coldwarelectronix X

One Synth Challenge: "monolife" feat. KORG monologue

Published on Apr 15, 2018 IAmTheSwordmaster1

"Warning: This video contains flashing images.

This track is created using only one single synth: The KORG monologue (monophonic analogue synthesizer). Every sound (including the drums and sfx) are played by the monologue and put together in a multitrack recording.

It's amazing how much you can get out of this little, affordable synth, especially, if you're adding some effects.

As always: Feel free to leave a comment or even a "like" and don't forget to subscribe if you like my videos. ;-)"

K4EURODANCE (old school vibes with Kawai K4r synthesizer)

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Kawai K4r Fan

Composing with Roland MC-50mkII
Raw multi-timbral mix from Kawai K4r
Reverb: Alesis Midiverb II

Digitone flute power

Published on Apr 15, 2018 donaldjasoncrunk

"No true synthesist can resist the pure emotional heartstring-tugging power of a good flute lead. It is a fact."

These Are Dark Times (Arturia Minibrute 2s, Strymon BigSky, Elektron Analog Four MK1)

Published on Apr 15, 2018 umonox

"Hello my friends. We are living in dark times these days. As i was noodling around on the Arturia Minibrute 2s and had it running through the Strymon BigSky, i was soaked into this dark and very atmospheric Pad-Sound, which instantly made me thought about Syria and all the conflicts in the world! From then on it was only a matter of adding something with the Elektron Analog Four - and i ended up with this!

I hope you like it. Dont forget to leave me your like if this is the case. And tell me what you think in the comments, will ya? I wish you a great day my friends!

All the best,

THEREMIN & SYNTH - Theremin's Gate triggers Korg Volca's sequencer

Published on Apr 15, 2018

"A short version of a previous video i made [posted here], on the USE OF CV & GATE IN THEREMIN PLAYING. All sounds played live and controlled via the theremin.

While playing the Theremin in a traditional way, the E-Pro Theremin's volume CV triggers the steps of the Korg Volca Sample's sequencer via an external Gate (build by Swiss company WaveLicker)

Music : Sputnik crash, composed by Therminal C, played live @ studio l'Orient, 2017
Video : Therminal C"

Moog DFAM drummer from another mother demo (no talking)

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

Treadstone-Analogue Solutions & Vermona Mono Lancet 15

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Dziam Bass

"This time the movie use in music analog mono synth Treadstone from Analogue Solutions plays powerful bass the second synth sequences mono synth Vermona Mono Lancet 15. beat from Akai MPC1000."

CANDY 8 sq like baaby 8

Published on Apr 15, 2018 paul tas

The Baby 8 is based on the Baby 10. The first mention of the Baby 10 was twelve years ago, back on November 29, 2006. The Baby 10 is a diy sequencer many have built into custom enclosures and modules. You can find numerous incarnations via the Baby 10 label below.

Krusnek Forest

Published on Apr 15, 2018 paul tas

"ciat lonbarde Together with krusnek"

via Error Instruments:

"New Krusnek synth .

Philosophy A wooden box .a wooden box who talk the language .of analog pulses .The language of spikes. but with a changing some of the LDR sensor . Who can be the master. of controlling the forests . like the sun . it there is a lot going on between the trees they making algorithms . just choices who is connected to who . with Metal wire .or alligator clips . or more organic just with The hand .or more random with the spoons . elements are parts of the forests the sun can be used on or off . there is a lot of pleasure for the one who have pleasure.Who works with accidentally feedback . The delay makes an echo . like a shadow .Who is almost come a little bit later.and it's also less perfect .The shadow in the forest .controlling the sun .The sun can be the master . of the forest . it can sound like a broken forest in fire . or the sparks of electricity . controlling this minimal sounds . vca function . none of them are the same . well not exactly . it's just a little wooden box with the pink data from a nice green forest .....Krusnek Forest"

plumbutter jam, a sunday afternoon [plumbutter #16]

Published on Apr 15, 2018 hajimmie

Conundrum Lounge: Part 1

Published on Apr 14, 2018 lostsystems1

microKorg SE02Sound0415

Published on Apr 14, 2018 ryouichi harada

SE-02 comes in at 1:42.

First Behringer Eurorack Module Renders are Roland System 100m Clones

Looks like Roland System 100m clones to start. See the original announcement on Behringer going eurorack here for more.

Patch n Tweak

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