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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nunomo QUN Synthesizer

Published on May 19, 2020 Nunomo LLC

"It's analog modeling synth, full-featured virtual analog synth."


1. QUN synthesizer: CV IN demo
QUN synthesizer has one CV IN. This demo shows one idea to utilize it. It modulates the pulse width of the triangle wave.
It's almost ready for production!
2. Qun synthesizer trailer
3. QUN Synthesizer live sound making
4. Qun Synthesizer demo

Vintage Moog Synthesizer "Authorized Performer" Decal/Sticker

via this auction

Haven't seen one of these since 2011. Additional posts here.

Misa Digital Kitara w/ Original Box

via this auction

You can find a NAMM 2012 demo of one here.

A Synth Cookbook for Actual Food?

Apparently so. You can find a free download at the top of (permalink)

The Pyjama Cookbook A guide to self-feeding by KORG Germany and friends.

Learn out to make a mean Margarita from Sequential's Dave Smith, and a cheese toasty from Korg's Tats, amongst others:

- Alison Tavel: Smokey Maple Whiskey Quarantinis
- Alison Tavel: Do-It-Yourself Dumplings
- Alva Noto: Japanese Cucumber Salad
- Afrorack: DIY Yet To Be Named Breakfast
- Carys Huws: Orange-Infused Cold Brew Coffee
- Dave Smith: Margarita
- Deradoorian: Palak Paneer
- Dorian Concept: Potato-“Sterz” With Oven-Roasted Radish
- Fumio Mieda: Raw Egg On Rice
- Ģirts Ozoliņš: Spring Chicken In Vegetable Pyjama Under Couscous Blanket
- Gudrun Gut: “Widerstandskräftebrei”
- Hiele: Boon Bootje 34 Interstellar Funk: Dutch Apple Pie
- Joan La Barbara: “Available Ingredients” With Morton Subotnick
- Loopop: Dark Chocolate Cookies With Face Melting White Chocolate Core
- Lydia Glup: Gomasio (Japanese Seasoned Sesame Salt)
- Marco Passarani: Pasta e Fagioli
- Mark Verbos: Carnitas Tacos
- Matias Aguayo: Original Panamericano Fish Taco
- Maximilian Rest: Sunday Raisin Buns
- Peter Kirn: Lebanese Mujaddara with Riz
- Piotr Raczyński: Polish Sour
- Solitary Dancer: Pasta Vongole
- Solitary Dancer: Smash Burger
- Suzanne Ciani: Special Sunday Dinner – Pasta Alla Genovese
- Tatsuya Takahashi: Cheese Toasty
- Thomas Fehlmann: Swissy Spicy Pizza
- Objekt: Lightning Fast Soda Bread
- Václav Peloušek: Sunflower Gnocchi With Dried Tomatoes For Two
- Verena Glup: Golden Soup

Intro from Korg's Tatsuya Takahashi:

"The Pyjama Cookbook A guide to self-feeding by KORG Germany and friends.

As our small team of Verena, Lydia, Max and I clamber to get KORG Germany off the ground, we occasionally swap cooking recipes. What a lifesaver. Because who isn’t tired of their own cooking by now? And why not collect more and share? The aim of The Pyjama Cookbook is to share the favourite concoctions from our friends from all parts of music, in the hope of instilling solidarity and encouraging friendship during these extraordinary times. Well. It’s also just for laughs. Have fun."

Tatsuya Takahashi

And Dave's Margarita :)


Published on May 20, 2020 mishpult

"15 min live dnb set with #elektron #digitakt #analogheat
one-take, no external effects.

hit me up on insta:"

Roland System-8 JX-3P Dreams ACB AIRA Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on May 20, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#rolandsystem8 #rolandplugout #rolandjx3p
Roland System-8 "JX-3P Dreams"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland System-8 is my favorite synthesizer!
I am using the 1983 Accordion patch to get a nice,
real JX-3P Analog Pad. After a little tweaking, we
get a fantastic ACB recreation, the JX-3P is ALIVE!
Super sweet sounding, it adds to the pure awesomeness
of the Roland System-8. More video demos coming soon!

Meteorite friends featured:
Right: 19 Gram Iron Meteorite
Left: 10 Gram Stone Meteorite
Both found by Rik Marston in Baker Co., Florida May 2020
Both awaiting official classification! ;)

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with no extra FX!

Arturia OB-Xa VST - First Look & Eval

Published on May 20, 2020 Digiphex Electronics

Digiphex Electronics gives us an overview of Arturia's new OB-Xa V VST with some comparisons to the original and Arturia's CS-80 V. He also notes that programming some of the original patch sheets for the OB-Xa did not match-up with the original. You have to make some additional tweaks but that would imply you'd need to know what the original sounds like to get there.

New Synthesizer Emulation OBSESSION OB-Xa by Synapse Audio

Published on May 20, 2020 Kevin Schroeder

100 Factory Sounds created for Obsession by Synapse Audio
Teaser by Alex Butcher and Kevin Schroeder
Coming soon...

OBxa-V Arturia Olivier Briand no talk multitracks

Published on May 20, 2020 Olivier Briand

"OBxa-V Arturia Olivier Briand no talk multitracks"

New ST Modular Eurorack Modules

Published on May 20, 2020 Stefan Tretau

1. ST Modular - 3xEQ
2. ST Modular - Gritzner
Boba Fat - Kick and Subbass
HiHats - HH
Bassline - Honeyeater
Chords and Digital Harshness - Pyxis
VCO = Honeyeater
Filter = EFI

Hyve Touch DIY Analog Poly Synthesizer in Walnut Case

via this auction

"Awesome little pocket synth. Its about the size of an ipad mini. Comes complete all in tact. Hyve Synth, Battery, Tuner, Cord Card and Case. Perfect gift for that EDM geek in your life or synthesizer enthusiast collectors. MAJOR Cool sounds!

Slide your fingers across the surface to explore new ways to touch sound. It’s a 60-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that is controlled by pressure, horizontal, and vertical movements of each finger on the surface. Even the smallest wiggle of your finger makes the sound come alive, giving expression to the music you make.

The Hyve was designed to be immediate and accessible. You don't need to know anything to start touching sound.1. Plug in power and headphones 2. Touch the surface 3. Slide and explore."

Gator Synth - Physical Modeling Resonator (Rings Clone)

via this auction

"All modules were hot air soldered, flashed, and extensively tested at my workbench. Panels are laser cut acrylic sourced locally from the University of Florida Fab Lab. Premium soft knobs. Power headers are shrouded (keyed) to prevent improper connection, and the modules include 25cm Eurorack power cables."

Cool clear plexi panels.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev. 3 SN 4599

via this auction

"This Prophet 5 is in really nice shape, is fully functional, and sounds great. There is some wear with scratches and a few small dings, with most of it on the bottom. It has been retrofitted with MIDI capabilities and also recently serviced by a local technician.

Services Performed:
Disassemble keyboard completely
Clean and replace all grommets under keys
Repair several J wires
De-oxidize all key contacts
Re-level keyboard
Remove and replace all power related tantalum capacitors
Resolder all stake type connectors and de-oxidize all inter board connectors
Repair MUX control system in front panel
Clean all potentiometers
Re-mount transformer
Replace power cord
Replace lithium battery for memory
Check basic operation of MIDI (early 90's Kenton type midi, transmits on ch#1).
Re-oil and clean case, repair several stripped screws
Repair several previous internal repairs that should have been done better
Check operation"

Hordijk 5U Format Standard System Modular

via this auction

"A one of a kind system made by Rob Hordijk."

Elby Euro-Serge 6U System

via this auction

"Elby eurorack system using mostly Serge licensed replica modules (and a Doefper A-110-4!). All modules include banana jacks or have been slightly modified (i.e. not irreversbly; a single contact was moved on the jacks of the VCS, Chaotica, and A-110-4—connectors fit quite nice and snug) to permit banana jacks. Lightly used otherwise, most modules bought direct from Elby. Powered wooden case by Dutch Modular SynthLabs. This is a full complete system designed to exhibit the most functionally-dense, multidimensional Serge modules (which only banana jacks can really exploit—e.g. system can be programmed for the availability of seven different audio-rate VCOs) into the portable, travel-friendly 6U 2x84hp eurorack format. Also includes DIY 0V ground jack attached to power bus which allows interfacing with external equipment."

Protein FM Synthesis (Sonicware Elz_1)

Published on May 20, 2020 J. Dylan Proctor

"Enjoy some fm synthesis while you learn about protein synthesis. Music is made with a Sonicware Elz_1, a Microkorg, and a Korg Volca Kick"


Published on May 20, 2020 Pete McBennett

"This is that little Nano board with the eight stylus keys from a couple of my other videos. It's good for experimenting with code. I got rid of the volume knob because I needed room for a couple push-buttons. It still has the trigger output for the filter, but I wanted to show the little gizmo by itself! It's so fun!"

Metroid Music - Ridley Boss Battle Theme (Synth Cover + Tutorial)

Published on May 20, 2020 GLASYS

"A live cover of the Ridley boss battle theme from Super Metroid (SNES) followed by a breakdown of my arrangement. I've been getting lots of questions about how I play all the parts simultaneously, hopefully this explanation will help.

More Metroid music coming soon!

Gear used: Sequential Prophet XL, Moog Matriarch, Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075, Native Instruments Battery 4, Arcadia custom controller."

Sequential Pro 3 & Eventide Space

Published on May 20, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist


Published on May 19, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Here is an overview and 'getting started' tutorial for the FLAME MÄANDER wavetable & filterbank synth.


0:03 Introduction
0:33 Connectivity
1:34 Front Panel Mode, Menu & Keyboard Buttons
2:02 Wavetable Synthesizer
4:15 PWM Pulse, Saw and FM Oscillator*
4:48 Other Synth Parameters
6:29 ADSR & LFOs
7:48 External Audio Input
8:04 Noise Oscillator
8:24 Analog Filterbank
10:36 Stereo Filterbank Effect
11:46 Sequencer
13:05 Shots Panel
15:36 Analog Filterbank Part 2
18:12 Envelope Mode
18:37 Random Mode
19:10 Track Mute
19:35 Upcoming Video & See You Soon :)"


Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer (1980) The Lovemachine

Published on May 20, 2020 RetroSound

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer

all synthesizer sounds: Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer from the year 1980
drums: E-MU Emax

The Lovemachine.
cover song. Original made by Kurt Hauenstein

The sound character of the curtis chip based OB-Xa is very different to the early discrete and SEM based OB-X from the year 1979.
The OB-Xa use the same Curtis (CEM) chips as the Sequential Prophet-5 but the sound is different.
The OB-Xa was available with 4, 6 or 8 voice cards.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, I'm also happy about a small donation or a purchase of my music albums. All is very welcome and helpful. Thank you!



Published on May 20, 2020 Caspar Hesselager

"The Macbeth Elements EL2 is sequenced by a Moon Modular 569 quad sequencer. Three sequence rows go to the invidual CV ins of the three oscillators and a fourth row (set to random with some gates turned off) goes to GATE in.
Output into T-rex Replicator analog tape delay into Eventide Space pedal.

Recorded to one stereo track.

Audio-only version of all pieces can be found at Soundcloud."

Modal Releases ARGON8 Firmware v2.0

The press release:

"Modal Electronics releases ARGON8 Firmware v2.0

– New features and improvements to increase the creative potential for sound designers and musicians –

Bristol, UK – 20th May 2020 Modal Electronics, one of the leading boutique synthesiser manufacturers, releases Firmware 2.0 for its ARGON8 series. This significant update includes a vast amount of feature upgrades and many improvements, based on suggestions Modal received by its ARGON8 user community.

Firmware v2.0 for ARGON8 delivers an improved overall Audio Output staging and advanced dynamics options. A new Gain Boost setting applies to all patches. It increases the average output level while expanding the range of the Patch Gain control helps to boost even the quietest patches without introducing unwanted noise.

Long pads, drones and snappier percussion are now even easier to dial in with seven new envelope modes & three new curves (including the much lusted after Long variations for those exploring ambient territory).

A brand-new polyphonic 64 step sequencer mode has been integrated into the 512 note real-time sequencer. It provides an eight note-per-step sequencer, to allow full step-by-step control of melodies and pattern ideas. It also features several Step Modes to unlock significant flexibility to trigger sequences in different ways suiting various setups and performance situations.

With Firmware v2.0, ARGON8 introduces support of the MPE standard. Musicians and sound designers with compatible controller hardware can now enjoy polyphonic expression to design unparalleled sonic textures using ARGON8’s acclaimed wavetable synth engine.

Modal adds a staggering new performance feature in the shape of Chord Inversions to ARGON8 – an intuitive and experimental way to deploy chord inversions and variations in real-time, enabling a huge array of options to explore and greatly simplify complex chord voicings to both seasoned keys players and novices.

Alongside this milestone firmware release, Modal also releases an update for MODALapp, a free editor software available for macOS and Windows computers, as well as iOS, iPadOS and Android mobile devices. To edit and control ARGON8 models directly within a DAW application, AU and VST3 versions will be available, too.

Additionally, Modal releases a dedicated sound set. These new patches showcase many of the new firmware features. Available from Modal’s website as SysEx file, they deliver a perfect starting point for creative musical adventures with ARGON8.

The ARGON8, ARGON8X and ARGON8M models are available through selected retailers worldwide, and the MODALapp is required to install the firmware update."

Gestrument Pro 1.2 release – Vivaldi, Glitch, Klezmer and more

Published on May 20, 2020 Gestrument

"The update of the gesture based instrument Gestrument Pro includes new presets to try out – Vivaldi, Glitch, Klezmer and more."

"Today on May 20th, the Swedish start-up company Gestrument release an update of the music app Gestrument Pro with several new presets to try out:

What happens when a musical AI can become a realtime playable instrument? In this new video you can see Martin Fröst, one of the leading classical musicians in the world, playing along with Jesper Nordin, composer and founder of Gestrument, in a Klezmer jam.

The preset used is included in Gestrument Pro 1.2.

Check out the video:

Martin Fröst in Klezmer Jam with Jesper Nordin

In this video we have hooked up Gestrument Pro to a Kinect motion sensor.

Gestrument Pro is a music-making app for iOS, letting you create music in a completely new way. Create your musical rules – scales, rhythms and sounds – then play this musical DNA in real-time with the help of the generative music engine."

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

Published on May 19, 2020 thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends
- for more noiz:
Created during The Plague.

You can find the full playlist of supporting member, The Noiz Temple's videos here.

Teisco SX-210 w/ New Computer Board

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"A not so common synthesizer, often seen as KAWAI, but this time this is a rarest model released from TEISCO !

The SX-210 is a 1 DCO version of the Famous SX-240.

It has an amazing tone, creamy and lush.

the functions are easier to access than the SX-240 as there is one button for one function.

There is many possibilities of editing including a chord memory that you can set on the mono or poly 4 mode to fatten the sound.

Let's not forget to tell that this is an 8 voices polyphony synth !

This moddel on the picture as all the other SX-210 have a NiCd battery that tend to leak everywhere and destroy the synth forever.

So we have changed the whole SYN-42 (the computer board) to have a reliable synth for the future."

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer

via this auction

You can find a demo of one from 2014 here.

"Powerful Matrix Mixer with buffered I/O to route up to 10 inputs to 8 outputs.

Save patches in memory and use CV to move through mix patches.

Extremely hard to find! Discontinued model. Not much around in eurorack to accomplish this--I've looked.

In Mint condition, includes ribbon cable and original box."

Yamaha Cs50 Demo I No Talking

Published on May 20, 2020 Alphacode

"Demo of the Mighty Yamaha CS50 from my visit to the Smem Synthesizer Museum."

(Music Only) Rescoring an Action Sequence - Behind the Scenes - Spitfire Audio Competition 2020

Published on May 20, 2020 ChrisLody

"You can find the original completion entry with the action scene footage here: [below]

So I entered the recent Spitfire Audio rescore competition with a crazy idea, 'I'll do a picture in picture thing to show what I'm doing and submit that I though'. Not only is that a stupid amount of work but it goes against the rules of the competition so I decided so split that idea off into another video so I can show it in more detail and without the sound effects and copyright problems from my submission. So here it be. Enjoy"

Punching Metal - Westworld Scene Rescore #westworldscoringcompetition2020

Published on May 20, 2020 ChrisLody

Hydrasynth Generative Style Patch w MPE Control

Published on May 20, 2020 SonalSystem

"Further testing of a dual Sensel Morph configuration and the quite mighty Hydrasynth. I went for a generative style patch here with random pitch values with the morph controlling filter drive, filter cutoff, and various pitch and warp parameters. All sounds from the synth."

SYNTHR3 goes to Tangerine Dream "CHEROKEE LANE" main thèmes (Demo 3/3)

Published on May 20, 2020 KurtzMindfields

"This is the last musical demo using the new SYNTHR3 (before real productions, lol). What a sound!
As a big fan of Tangerine Dream, in particular "Encore" 1977 album, i use the Synthr3 sequencer in SONG mode (!) to re create a little part of the moving sequences played by Chris Franke.

Up to 6 sequences can be chained!

SYNTHR3 = Chris, left hand: Peter, right hand: Edgar .... lol


KurtzMindfields' SYNTHR3 posts

Patch from Scratch: 0-CTRL with tELHARMONIC and Erbe-Verb

Published on May 20, 2020 MAKEN0ISE

"Let’s do a little patching with the 0-Ctrl and a small system with a couple soundhack classics - tELHARMONIC and Erbe-Verb."

L-1 Midside Discrete Microcompressor & L-1 Stereo Discrete Microcompressor.

Published on May 20, 2020 Aleksei Laman

"New L-1 discrete compressors at work."

AKAI professional EWI3020m. MultiStyle Bass Lines…

Published on May 20, 2020 oRangeOfSound

"I created five different style bass lines with drums. I enjoyed programming this beautiful analog synthesizer with great fat sound!

All sounds by
AKAI professional EWI 3020m
*Except Drums
**Sketches / Patches by ORANGEOFSOUND.
#AKAI #EWI3020m is a rack-mounted #monosynth uses the same CEM voice chip as the Oberheim Xpander!! Built for the EWI wind instrument, this module also receives midi and can be used as a monophonic analog synth without the wind controller.

- Two VCOs (CEM3374). The VCO waveform modes include Triangle, Saw Tooth, Pulse, Triangle + Saw Tooth, Triangle + Pulse, Saw Tooth + Pulse, External, FM ON / OFF, and Sync ON / OFF.

- Three Filters: Resonant low pass filter and VCA (CEM3378) as well as two fixed formant filters.

- There is a LFO with multiple waveforms and two envelope generators.

*On top of it all is a large modulation matrix (modulation routing with 7 sources & 10 destinations). The module can be controlled over midi and has a filter input. —————————————————————————
AKAI professional EWI3020m. MultiStyle Bass-Lines…"

Covid Breakz

Published on May 20, 2020 splitradix

"Covid Breakz Originals 1-18. Shout out to the Moytura crew."

Arturia OB-Xa V Walkthrough

Published on May 20, 2020 once upon a synth

"This is a quick walkthrough of the Arturia OB-Xa V, a new virtual subtractive synthesizer plugin that emulates the Oberheim OB-Xa from the 80s."

Funny side note: his mouse clicks actually sound like the OB-Xa button clicks. I owned one for years.

ylva - extended play 4 (elektron octatrack, waldorf blofeld)

Published on May 20, 2020 ylva trax

get it here:

00:00 - rush
06:00 - glass wave
10:18 - lean

Modular DIY 14 - RYK M185 Sequencer

Published on May 20, 2020 Molten Music Technology

"The M185 sequencer inspired the Metropolis and is now available as a new enhanced version either built or in kit form. Here's my build including the calibration, testing and firmware update and all the shenanigans along the way."

Time index:
Intro - 00:14
Main Board - Resistors - 05:15
Main Board - Diodes and Resistor 15 - 08:39
Main Board - Capacitors - 12:44
Main Board - Trims, Power Socket and Headers - 15:40
Main Board - IC100 SMD Voltage Regulator - 19:32
EPanel Board - Diodes and Resistors - 22:03
EPanel Board - Headers - 28:08
EPanel Board - Switches - 30:25
EPanel Board - Jack Sockets - 34:07
EPanel Board - Rotary Switch - 36:18
EPanel Board - Buttons and Pots - 37:49
EPanel Board - LEDs - 42:10
Assembly - 45:07
Calibration - 47:28
Calibration Take 2 and Hardware Test - 52:18
Are we there yet? 57:21
Firmware Update - 1:00:07
Final Thoughts - 1:09:51

When two become one: DISTING EX by Expert Sleepers // Review, tutorial, vs DISTING MK4

Published on May 20, 2020 loopop

0:00 Intro
0:35 What is Disting
2:15 Dual MK4 control
3:45 1+1 are more than 2
5:20 EX Overview
7:30 EX Algorithms
10:45 Using EX
13:40 Presets
14:00 Mappings
19:05 Auto-sample
22:25 Pros & cons

The ArpoLoop

Published on May 20, 2020 tonylight

"ArpoLoop, girl touch, coming soon."

Mellotron Micro + OTO BAM

Published on May 20, 2020 studio snippets

Promenade en KARP 2600

Published on May 20, 2020 Laurent Lecatelier

"Petite balade en KARP piloté par un Arturia BeatStep Pro connecté en midi J'ai un peu de mal avec le séquencer/arpégiateur integré, le commutateur rotatif unique ne me convient pas...

Question son, j'aime toujours ;) Le Ring Modulator aime bien repasser dans le préampli pour augmenter significativement son niveau. Quant aux ressorts, que du bonheur.

J'utilise un H9 pour l'écho type Tape, sinon pas d'autre traitement."


"Small ride in KARP piloted by an Arturia BeatStep Pro connected at noon I have a little trouble with the integrated sequencer / arpeggiator, the single rotary switch does not suit me ...

Question sound, I still like;) The Ring Modulator likes to go back to the preamp to significantly increase its level. As for the springs, only happiness.

I use an H9 for Tape type echo, otherwise no other treatment. "

Patch n Tweak
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