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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

underground lab

underground lab

"please support the channel:

more music for my survival horror game music project

featuring (in order of appearance):
drone - roland se-02 thru boss re-20
bass - malekko manther growl thru emw vcf-s100 thru dod rubberneck
chord - dave smith instruments mopho x4 thru strymon dig

sequencing/tracking - synthstrom audible deluge"

Isla Instruments S2400 - Live input monitoring

Isla Instruments

"Here's a short demonstration of live input monitoring and signal routing.
I'm still trying to learn all this video editing stuff, so my apologies if it's a bit hard to watch.. ;)"

Accord Melisma-New Remote CC's!


"This video is about a new addition for the upcoming V.1.4

There are 5 new MIDI CC remote controls!

Root & Chord Progression windows, Inversion, Expand, and Gate override.

This allows flexibility when using Melisma's LINK in from a MIDI breakout and desktop controller what-have-you.

This also frees up assigned MIDI CC jack to control other internal or external functions and enables footswitch control of the Gate (i.e. note stretching during progressions or direct control of chords playing during no gate or progressions)

V1.4 should be out in upcoming week or two pending de-bugging and numerous other improvements and additions"

Mazzatron Golden Shower - Sweet Eurorack Sequencer!

Electronisounds Audio

"I show the Mazzatron Golden Shower Eurorack sequencer module.
We take a look at how it works, and some of the ways you can use it creatively in your setup!"


via Mazzatron

"This 6HP Eurorack module allows you to generate a trigger sequence of up to 8 steps. There are 256 different patterns. LEDs indicate the step pattern and the position of the sequence in the pattern. There is a knob and a CV input to control the pattern selection. The sequence can be reset with the push button or with a 0-5V signal. The sequence speed is controlled by the clock input. The output duration matches the high of the clock input. If a trigger is desired at the output, it can be clocked with a trigger. The number of steps can be changed by triggering the reset at the appropriate time and holding the reset will freeze the Golden Shower. It can be used to trigger drums or envelope generators and can also be used as a clock divider."


Note this is the first post to feature Mazzatron.

THE PLUNGE 🌊🌊 Live Looping Synth Music: Korg Prologue, Prophet-6, Jupiter-X, Wavestate, MS2000, JP80


Looped by Squarp Pyramid
P-6 + JP-X staccckkedd

Drums by TR-8 + MC-707
Live mixing on the MX-1

1975 Imperial Organs/Moreschi - Computer System CD-1

via this auction

"The Imperial/Moreschi Computer System CD-1 is an extremely rare vintage analog synth. Is for sure one of the first programmable live electronics equipment.

With a drum machine, chords, bass, Arp with nice solo Flute, Musette, Oboe, and Clarinet.

With Strings, Modulation and Chord Dubbing/Program."

This is the first one to be featured on the site.

New Arcano NES Poly Chiptune Synth

Arcano Synthesizers

"This is the Kickstarter campaign video for the Arcano NES Poly Chiptune Synth. The NES Poly is a polyphonic MIDI synthesizer module that allows musicians to create NES-style chipmusic. Back the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production run and receive an Arcano NES Poly Chiptune Synth as a reward.
Kickstarter Campaign Link:

Note previous incarnations of the Arcano NES Chiptune Synth date back to 2015.

"The NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer is the polyphonic successor to the Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 and features many improvements on its predecessor including:

more sound parameters
greater volume-envelope bit depth
full 128 MIDI note range
additional audio waveform (8-bit sine)
3 additional vibrato LFO waveforms (triangle, square, and sawtooth)
quantized note slide effect capability
additional pitch bend depth setting (+/- one octave)
detune effects capability
rugged, die cast aluminum enclosure
Help fund the next production run.

The stock from the first two low-volume production runs of the NES Poly (completed earlier this year) quickly sold out. The primary objective of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for a third, higher-volume production run of the synth. (Producing a larger volume of synths will help lower the per-unit manufacturing cost.) Hopefully, the campaign will also facilitate the sharing of music and custom NES Poly Chiptune Synth patches created by the community of backers.

The NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer is a MIDI-controlled polyphonic synth that emulates the sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game console, allowing musicians to create NES / Famicom style chipmusic by simply connecting a MIDI controller.

The NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer is designed to work with a variety of MIDI controllers, including keyboards, sequencers, and most other MIDI devices that feature a standard MIDI DIN output. Musicians can even control the synth with a laptop or desktop computer via a MIDI interface cable."

Fuzz Ghost Audio Visual Synthesizer


Oberheim OB-12

via this auction

Yamaha CS60 w/ Kenton MIDI

via this auction

Note the white power switch on the right is different from the original as can be seen in previous posts.

Some pics of the inside below. You can see the Kenton MIDI board mounted on top of the original voice board section. No mention of how many voice boards are installed.

Sequential Synth Tips #15 with J3PO / Julian Pollack: Prophet-6 Polyphonic Glide


"Welcome to “Sequential Synth Tips,” where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, pianist Julian Pollack aka J3PO demonstrates how to play chords on the Prophet-6 using the ‘Polyphonic Glide’ technique.

Follow J3PO here:"

Sequential Synth Tips

BURG Session Template 02


"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD


Continuing my plans for 2020 and 2021 and the writing my new album, with this i will be posting template jam sessions to YouTube from which I will base and recreate the final tracks. These jam sessions are in no way finalised tracks, but you will be able to hear the main ideas before i start fine tuning the details.

If you join my patreon there will be behind the scenes materials, bonus tracks, stems, sound packs from these sessions and also a possibility to remix the future shortlist single for my release. You will be able to follow the creation of the entire album from idea to final product.

Track info:

108 bpm downbeat with light shuffle, focus on a longer buildup for a possible intro section. I might split this into two separate track for the future final recording to make things a bit simpler.

AKAI force is handling drums and sequencing the peak chords, monologue, erebus III and also the main low end bass from the volca. Additional percussion from the TR707, digitakt and the digitone.

First intro melody is on the ms-20, sub37 and ASM in combo does the second one.

Modular does the main intro sequence, 3x doepfer uPVCOs in a triad chord with the help from O_C hemisphere app, also some randomised melodies in the intro to build atmosphere sequenced by the eloquencer, using the classic rings into clouds combo. :)


Gear Used on Session Template 02:

- Akai Force
- Novation Peak
- Elektron Digitakt
- Erebus Dreadbox
- Modular, Rings, 2x uPVCO A-111-3
- KORG grandstage
- ASM Hydrasynth
- Sub 37
- KORG monologue, ms-20
- KORG volca bass and keys
- TR-707, modded by
- Avalon Bassline

#akaiforce #subsequent37 #eurorack"

The ARP 2500 at Willem Twee Studios - an introduction


"In which Hans Kulk of Willem Twee Studios in s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands gives me an introduction to one of the rarest and most impressive sounding synths around - the ARP 2500. In the end, we even make a track with it and an original VCS3. Thanks Rikkert and Hans, hope to see you again next year!"

Refractor by Kinesotronic

Refractor by Kinesotronic from its kinesotronic on Vimeo.

Refractor is a precision macro device, allowing you to control complex interactions with a Modular Synthesiser, Hardware or Ableton Live/Max MSP. This can be controlled through a specific sensor that you choose to implement to suit your particular area of expertise. Visit for more info

10% discount code for MATRIXSYNTH readers: kine001_matrixsynth :)

Press Release:

REFRACTOR by Kinesotronic: Prismatic Controller Processing

Refractor​ is a new Max for Live device for performing with modular synthesisers and CV/MIDI hardware and software. Designed by Chris Pratt (Ableton Certified Trainer) and Matt Ward (dBs Music Electronic Music Production Programme Leader) to offer Ableton Live users expressive control, modulation and transformation via CV and MIDI.
Refractor can be used with a DC coupled soundcard or the Expert Sleepers range. Designed for performance by performers to bridge the gap between the complexity of modular sound design and the immediacy of expressive control over your hardware. With the flexibility of being able to convert MIDI inputs into 8 shapeable channels of CV, MIDI or internal mapping within Live.

Refractor​ ​- A Sensor Input Shaping and Distribution Device​ for gesture based control of musical parameters allowing you to control complex interactions with modular synthesisers, MIDI hardware or Ableton Live. This can be controlled through a specific sensor that you choose to implement to suit your particular area of expertise and style of performance.

- Precision macro control of musical parameters (any hardware capable of accepting control voltage signals or MIDI CCs, Ableton Live devices, virtual instruments and effects)
- Distribution for a range of input sensors (MIDI mappable) to 8 x CV destinations
- Gesture Recorder
- Full customisable envelope based control of output shapes via function editor
- Visual feedback via three output monitors
- CV output routing
- Preset management for instant recall and MIDI triggering of settings
- Direct/convergent mapping mode
- Internal parameter mapping
- Customisable interface
- Modular: Expandable to 64 simultaneous (individually shapeable) control signals

Pricing and availability:
Refractor​ (+ Free MIDI expander) will be available at an introductory price of ​£15.00​ (Value £20.00)

Available now​ via ​"

07-The Dreadbox Typhon: Modulator Part One


"Here is part one of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the modulation function on the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops.

This video was funded by the Patreon supporters of Automatic Gainsay. Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!"

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

New Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio Blog Demo Posts

Noise Engineering

From the blog: where you'll find additiinal details.


1. Blog: Desmodus Versio Techno
Here, we're using Desmodus Versio as an effect in a techno patch, making use of its built-in sidechain-style ducking.
2. Blog: Desmodus Versio's Tone
Here, we explore the Tone parameter and how it effects our reverb.
3. Blog: Desmodus Versio's BND/LRP/JMP
Here, we're modulaing Size and Dense with a voltage sequence to see how the different BND/LRP/JMP settings sound.
4. Blog: Desmodus Versio's Regen
Here, we're exploring the Regen parameter and seeing its different ranges and behaviors.
5. Blog: Desmodus Versio's Size and Dense
Here, we listen to how Size and Dense change Desmodus Versio's sound.
6. Blog: Desmodus Versio's Many Modes
Here, we're listening to the differences between the LIM, DST, and SHM reverb algorithms and making some spooky atmospheres by modulating SHM.
7. Blog: Desmodus Versio's Index and Speed
Here, we explore how Index and Speed sound while modulation Desmodus Versio's delay lines.
8. Blog: Desmodus Versio Ambient
Here, we're using Desmodus Versio in a plucky ambient patch.



Major OSC VanHalen Patch for the ASM Hydrasynth

Major OSC

"Try out a demo of Ignition 2 in this special promotional mini pack. These presets contain:
Van Halen Tribute Patch (Expression Pedal required for full functionality)
A realistic sounding Piano, additional guitar tribute presets, and a cinematic pitch sensitive drum preset.
Download the link as a whole. Do not extract. It should be saved as a .Hydra file.


Roland Jupiter-X in there as well.

Roland Jupiter-8 PlugOut "Cinematic Spirit" 64 Presets


"The legend is Reborn!

Introducing 64 cinematic presets for Jupiter-8 Plugout in Aira Range - System-8 & Roland Cloud!


Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colors and movements, atmos & truly organic structures.

'Cinematic Spirit' contains great authentic reproduction of classic Roland Jupiter sounds among with modern timbres, thanks to System-8 engine!

We made many great sounds & arps to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring.

You will find here silky & beauty plucks with unusual modulation, deep & overdrive leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & basses & many more.

Explore your System-8 Machine & dive deeper with Jupiter-8 sounds!"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine"

The Moogerfooger : A Retrospective - 20 Years of Moog Effects

Noir Et Blanc Vie

"So I had another video planned for release, but after spending some time playing the Grandmother I truly found a new appreciation for what Moog brought to the Mooger and Mini lineup over the years. Let's take a look back, from Big Briar to today, we'll cover it all as quickly as possible."

Algorhythm and Binary Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

*** There's a new option in the context menu that allows you to change the behavior of the individual step outputs so if you want to use the individual outputs even though the steps are off, like I do in the video, you will have to change the settings under Step Ouputs to Always Active. ***

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

"Main pages detached, staples missing. Otherwise great color, no punch holes, no writing, no highlights, no stains, no stamps. Used. Can try to re attach, maybe not. However could frame both cover and two page big pic of synth. Great for studio wall.

Rhodes Chroma 8 page color synthesizer brochure. Vintage original."

Voyce LX9 Programmable MIDI Controller w/ Original Box SN 1610914

via this auction

"This is a MIDI utility from the 80s, allowing you to do all sorts of event processing. It is in excellent condition, all the buttons function, and my midi monitor shows that it passes MIDI. Unfortunately this has no manual, and the manual is nowhere to be found online, so you’ll have to do some detective work to figure it out."

2nd one to be featured on the site. The first was back in 2010.


via this auction

"Casio keyboard from the classic SK range of sampling keyboards.

# improved sample frequency (10.113 kHz)
# 49 mini keys
# 1.62 seconds total sampling time
# 8 voice polyphonic
# retains samples when turned off
# stereo speakers
# 12 PCM sounds in upper section and 10 in lower
# 20 preset rhythms and you can store 2 of your own

Sequencer has 159 chords, 2024 steps of PCM sounds, and 1024 steps of sample sounds.
# Mic In and Line In jacks
# Headphone Out and Stereo Outs"

User manual available here"

Kawai SX240

via this auction

"This is a great synth. I am the only owner of this instrument. I bought it in 1986 and have taken good care of it. Never gigged; it’s always been in my home."

Tencu Loop #9 / Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Te ncu

Synthetic sounds in nature...

Salyut space child (Sneaky Alien) Kawai SX-240 Synthesizer.

Sneaky Alien

"Slow breaks/abstract type intro/interlude, made using one of my fave Synthesizers - The 1980's Kawai SX240. (C)2020 Porter."

Typo in the original title for the video. It's Kawai SX-240 not Kaiwa.

Tuesday Morning Easel


"A little relax time with the Easel in the morning."

Roland Vintage TR - Loops Preview

Roland Zenbeats

"Out Now: Vintage TR - New TR-808 inspired Drum Loops!
Now available in the Roland Zenbeats Store.

Spark up new song ideas with some dope drum loops in Zenbeats. Each high quality audio loop is royalty free. Set your BPM and drag and drop drums in with Vintage TR."

Hcard-705 Hyper-Bank Demo (Performance Bank For Yamaha DX5 - DX1)


"Hyper-Bank is a performance bank that comes with HyperSynth Hcard-705 cartridge pair, It is the first third-party performance bank for Yamaha DX5 and DX1. Hyper-Bank contains 64 presets, This video demonstrates nearly half of the sounds in this bank.

More info:"

Aphex Twin - T69 Collapse (Cover)

Carlo Castellano

"Arranged and performed by Carlo Castellano

Gear used:
Moog Minimoog
Roland Juno-60
Roland TR-808
Wurlitzer 200A
Sound Master Latin Percussion (
Boss Hand Clapper HC-2 (
Ibanez DL-5
Roland Space Echo RE-201 (
Artec Analog Delay (which died while recording...RIP)
Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
Bandive Great British Spring (
Thingamagoop 2"

DW-6000 (New patch set)

Joakim Floke

"Is this old digital oscillator with only 8 waveforms anything to have...?
Yes! It has one of the best filters ever made and a very fat tone.

I've made a completly new patch set for it , matching the old one. This synth had it's memory swiped so I needed new sound so I figured I just make them.
They are for sale if you are interested . Just throw me a mail.

Disclaimer, I had hurt my leg pretty badly some days before and I was taking some heavy paimkillers. so my playing is'nt where it's suppost to be."

MOODUNITS by Rob Jackson - Pre-Release Demo for the iPad - Live

The Sound Test Room

Kodamo EssenceFM - Presets exploration


"The EssenceFM is an insanely powerful FM synthesizer that will allow you to dive into sound design without any limits, from simple OPL2-like sounds to orchestral emulations and weird sound textures."

Roland Releases Version 2.0 Update for the TR-8S Rhythm Performer - Including FM Synthesis

Roland TR-8S Rhythm Perfomer v2.0 Update: FM Synthesis, New INST FX & More

"The Roland TR-8S v2.0 Update adds a powerful FM sound engine that brings a whole universe of sonic textures to the modern drum machine classic. Unlock the power of FM with the new MORPH feature—an ultra-expressive macro control that lets you sweep through an array of tonal variations, wildly manipulating FM depth, ratio, and feedback…all with a simple twist of a knob.

Also, in the TR-8s v2.0 Update is a new RELOAD feature that lets you immediately jump back to your previous settings with a simple shortcut. Not only does this save time getting back to your initial sound, but you can use it as a performance feature for build-ups and transitions. RELOAD also works for PATTERNS, TRACKS, FADERS, and KNOBS too. After adding layers and layers of instruments to your pattern, jump back to your original saved pattern with a simple shortcut!

We've also added a few more INSTRUMENT FX in v2.0 to inspire your next drum sound designs. Add SATURATOR to give more warmth and drive to your drums or use SPREAD to give them a 3D feel. FREQ SHIFTER and RING MOD work perfectly with the TR-8S FM sound engine providing everything from smooth bell-like tones to harsh, clangorous noise depending on your mood."

Review: Roland TR-8S V2.0 // How does it compete? // 10 performance ideas and tricks (Roland TR8S)


0:00 Intro
1:15 What’s new?
1:30 FM synths
2:50 How Morph works
4:20 Sound demos of FM drum synths and synths
10:40 Cowbell...
11:05 New effects
12:45 New shortcuts
17:50 Connectivity
18:40 Key features
19:50 Sequencing
20:20 Automation
21:25 Sample controls
23:15 IDEAS & TIPS
23:25 Mixer view
23:50 Gain vs faders
24:20 Send defaults
24:45 Weak & accent
24:55 Compressor
25:15 Tune melodies
25:50 FM sweet spots
26:10 Filter harsh FM
26:40 S&H LFO
27:40 Easy polyphony
28:35 Pros & cons
32:10 FM Jam

And the official press release:

"Free Firmware Update Offers Next-Level Enhancements That Make the TR-8S the Most Complete Drum Machine Ever

Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2020 — Roland announces TR-8S Version 2.0, a powerful new firmware update for the flagship drum machine in the AIRA series. Carrying on the genre-defining legacy of legendary Roland drum machines like the TR-808 and TR-909, the forward-thinking TR-8S Rhythm Performer has been lauded by musicians, producers, and reviewers around the world. The free Version 2.0 update makes this already-powerful instrument the most complete drum machine ever, offering next-level enhancements like an FM synthesis engine with Morph control, expanded performance effects, and helpful reload functions to speed up workflow.

The TR-8S puts an unlimited creative palette at users’ fingertips with ACB recreations of historic TR drum machine sounds, a diverse range of onboard samples, mono/stereo sample import capability, and premium effects—all driven by the famous “TR REC” sequencer and a deep mixing interface built for real-time performance. Version 2.0 extends the possibilities even further, bringing a new dimension of sound creation to the iconic TR platform.

The newly added FM synthesis engine delivers an array of futuristic tone colors, including silvery metallic hits and other harmonically rich percussion sounds. Users can sweep through sonic variations with the ultra-expressive Morph control, wildly manipulating FM depth, ratio, and feedback with simple knob movements. FM sounds can be freely blended with classic TR sounds and custom samples, paving the way to never-before-heard grooves.

The TR-8S includes many percussion-tuned effects for enhancing individual sounds or entire kits with character, depth, and space. Version 2.0 adds Saturator, Freq Shift, Ring Mod, and Spread effects to the mix, which can be assigned to control knobs for shaping sounds on the fly.

Version 2.0 also adds many reload functions that restore pattern and kit elements to their stored states with quick actions, providing exciting new ways to manipulate beats while creating sounds and performing live.

To learn more about the TR-8S Version 2.0 update, visit"

Behringer Teases a New Blue PPG Wave

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"It’s alive! Some time ago we showed you the internal design of a new synth which one of our eight synthesizer engineering teams is working on.

Today we like to share with you the first working prototype which also marks our first wavetable synthesizer - modeled after the iconic PPG Wave.

We are still far away from a product release as the firmware is extremely complex but we can already tell you that it sounds truly amazing.

Would you be interested in this synth?"

Clones aside, with the following in mind: Behringer tried to sue Dave Smith Instruments and 20 forum users for libel.

Click through for the article.

It was dismissed as a SLAPP case.

"SLAPP is an acronym for a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. ... At its most basic definition, a SLAPP suit is a civil complaint or counterclaim filed against people or organizations who speak out on issues of public interest or concern."

In other words, suing people to shut them up, and in this case not just a business, but actual forum members / end users. It's generally considered a bully tactic. Does that have an impact on whether you support a company or not?

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