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Don Buchla Memorial Concert Videos by Encyclotronic22

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Encyclotronic

Electronic Music Archive -

First video is from the collection of Alessandro Cortini and Associates w/ music by Keith Fullerton Whitman.

1. Buchla Synthesizers Room - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
2. Peter Blasser - Don Buchla Memorial Concert
3. James Fei - Don Buchla Memorial Concert
4. Loachfillet and Professor Cantaloupe - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
5. Ezra Buchla - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
6. Ezra Buchla - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
7. Laetitia Sonami - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
8. Morton Subotnick and Lillevan - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
9. David Rosenboom - Don Buchla Memorial Concert in San Francisco
10. Circus of Associates: Joel & Claudine - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
11. Circus of Associates: Joel & Amy X Neuberg - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
12. Circus of Associates: Mark Vail & David Battino - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
13. Circus of Associates: Joel & Peter Apfelbaum - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
14. Circus of Associates: Joel & Brian Rice - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
15. Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco.
16. Circus of Associates: Joel & Amy & Peter - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
17. Circus of Associates: Group - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
18. Circus of Associates: Group - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
19. bran(...)pos - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
20. Ami Radunskaya - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
21. Jessica Rylan - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco
22. Susan Ciani - Don Buchla Memorial Concert, San Francisco

Improvisation in The Ballroom, Smallcleugh Mine, Nenthead with Koma Electronik Field Kit

Published on Apr 24, 2017 John Bowers

"Recorded and performed by John Bowers in The Ballroom, a massive hollowed out space deep in Smallcleugh, a disused lead mine under the North Pennines in England, during Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017. Part of Chthonic, in which Alan Smith, Louise K. Wilson, Peter Matthews and John Bowers lived underground for three days.

The Koma Electronik Field Kit was used, battery operated, with the Expansion Pack to route feedback through rock and wood found down the mine as well as acoustically through the immense reverberant space of The Ballroom. Two DPA omni-directional mics, powered by a Zoom H6, picked up the room sound which was envelope-followed in the Field Kit to trigger a solenoid to provide another feedback routing as it percussed the wood and rock.

For more details on Chthonic, go to Allenheads Contemporary Arts"

Update: I asked John how was it living there for three days? He replied:

"It was something we (there were four of us) will be trying to get our heads round for some time to come. Your senses change. Everything has to be done very slowly and carefully in case you fall over or bump your head. You sleep when you are tired, not because it has gone dark. I had a large number of very vivid dreams. We were completely off-grid so we had no idea of any of the world's troubles, which was a bit of a relief.

Sonically, the space we were in was tremendous. It's 40m along its longest dimension so astonishing natural reverb is possible - something like a 20 second reverb tail. We did a number of other sound experiments down there and it was great to give the Koma Electronik Field Kit an early outing. As the Koma folk say themselves, it is a challenge working with it on a conventional 9v battery but it is certainly possible, at least when the battery is fresh. The Field Kit is a splendid item. I couldn't have easily made this little performance any other way."

7 Patching Mistakes

Published on Apr 24, 2017 synthesizersdotcom

"For more information visit

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

Synthrotek Product Demo + Q&A at Perfect Circuit Audio

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Presentation by Steve Harmon
April 19, 2017
at Perfect Circuit Audio in Burbank, CA.

Check out Synthrotek's Product Lineup here:"

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Superbooth 2017 - Sonic Potions 'Descent' and 'SQ-303' DIY kits

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Thonk Synth DIY

Novation Peak Audio Examples

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Synthtopia

"Novation introduced the new Peak polyphonic synthesizer at Superbooth 17.

Product specialist Enrique Martinez gave us a demo and a preview of the Peak's range."

1965 Edmond Bordeaux and Jean Nilsson's "Indian Melodies" All Chamberlin LP

via this auction

This one is in and for salve via peahix of, who states it is a pretty early example of an all-chamberlin LP.

Indian Melodies on one side.  Melodias Indias on the other.

The cover reads:

"Rendition from Original Sources and Instruments

by Edmond S. Bordeaux and Jean Nilsson.

The back reads the same in Spanish along with:

"Coleccion de la Academia de Filosofia La Puerta Mexico

©1965 by Edmond S. Bordeaux"

Translated: "Collection from the Academy of Philosopy La Puerta Mexico"

Oberheim Matrix 6 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Oberheim Matrix 6, analog 6-voice polyphonic synth. The panel overlay shows some damage on the '6' and '9' numbers (see photo), but this does not affect the operation of these buttons, and the keyboard is fully functional. Includes power cord. Please note that the Matrix 6 does not have a stereo output, despite the fact that there are two output jacks labeled Left and Right. These are NOT stereo outputs - they are for setting up keyboard splits with separate outputs, as described in the owner's manual. Unless you specifically have a split patch set up to feed the Right output, you will get no audio there."

Ensoniq EPS Digital Sampler

via this auction

"Ensoniq EPS 13-bit digital sampling keyboard, with 4x memory expander (fully expanded). The photo of the display shows the fully expanded memory; it looks like characters are missing in the display, but this is an artifact of the photo (as a result of the display scanning) - the display works perfectly, and is not missing any characters. Includes 10 floppy disks, original printed manual, and power cord."

E-mu Emax II Digital Sampling Keyboard

via this auction

"E-mu Emax II 16-bit sampler, in excellent condition, with 1MB sample memory, SCSI interface, and internal hard drive."

Alesis A6 Andromeda w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This A6 is in excellent cosmetic and functional shape (it still has the plastic on the LCD screen)
besides a little dust in the crevices it is basically mint cosmetically.

The ONE issue it has is that the main outputs are not balanced, one channel is considerably quieter. This can be adjusted with the balance on the synth or on your mixer, but the difference is enough that it should considered an ISSUE in functionality.

The head phones follow the same signal path and experience the same. The AUX output is not affected, but the signal path is different (I think the effects are bypassed in the aux signal path).

The synth was like this when I got it (the seller didn't bother to mention it) and it never got any worse, in other words it is stable. I bet an experienced tech might be able to fix this, but it was no issue for me, I just used my balance controls."

Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"It is in fairly good condition. Cosmetically, it has a few issues. Two of the knobs are missing, one of the corners of one of the end pieces is damaged, one of the corners on the front underside is slightly bent, there are some scratches on the back and bottom, and several of the knobs are about a millimeter higher than the others because the pots were replaced with new ones in early 2015 (this is hardly noticeable and makes no difference in playing). I have also noticed something loose (such as a small screw) rattling around inside the synth.

Functionally, the oscillator 2 pulse width potentiometer is a bit jumpy when moved, but it works once it is set. I have noticed a few other jumpy pots in the past, but not when I played and tested it recently over the past several days. Sometimes they smooth out with use. Also, I have occasionally experienced random menu jumping in the past (such as jumping from filter to envelope menu), but I did not notice it when I played it and tested it over the past several days. This is a fairly common A6 problem and could be due to bad pots or loose internal ribbon connectors, and it should be easily fixed if it crops up by replacing pots or resetting internal ribbon connectors.

Otherwise, everything works and all of the voices tune. Also included is a sustain pedal, power cord, and the original manual. In general, this synth isn't in the best shape and could use some work, but it is certainly playable as it is."


via this auction

"In lovely clean condition. One owner from new. Very little used. Original power supply."


Published on Apr 24, 2017 PLUCKA,S SHED

"tr8 drums tuned to tb3 a song with few words but a beat not improvised manually sequenced on the fly but in the way it was written ,the ending though is Improvised as again i confused myself but only was slightly back to front thanks for watching and have a great day ."

Drone Squad as a percussion sound soruce

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Using a Drone Squad by Reckless Experimentation Audio to make some percussion sounds

More than just low end infill, the drone squad can be used to make some percussion sounds right out of the 8bit era

To add character to the sound use the Control voltage input, connecting the output of an envelope generator to Drone Squad and the VCA simultaneously. The CV influence knob is turned up we get a much richer sound"

Korg Poly-61 - Exploring the Presets - MVM #71

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're going to be checking out a vintage polyphonic synthesizer from Korg, the Poly-61. Let's have a listen.."

Rephazer - Volcadans (Live with Octatrack, vPed and System-1)

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Rephazer

"To celebrate reaching the 750 YouTube subscribers I did this live version of the song 'Volcadans' which was the first hardware jam I uploaded to YouTube in 2015 using 2 Korg Volca Sample devices.

Sorry for the lousy keyboard playing and mistakes.. I needed to record this in a hurry so it's a bit sloppy, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

You can check the original version here:"

Rephazer - Volcadans (Korg Volca Sample X2)

Published on Jan 27, 2015 Rephazer

"My first live jam with 2 new Korg Volca Sample devices."

ROLAND R-880 -- 4 CHANNEL Reverb // ARTURIA MicroBrute

Published on Apr 24, 2017 LESINDES

"Stunning 4 channel vintage reverb ROLAND R-880 fed by some simple mono Lines of ARTURIA MICROBRUTE. It is only version 1 of the ROland monster but still there is more than a scent of LEXICON 300L in the atmosphere."

Octatrack + Analog Four - The clock is ticking (live)

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MrGOFIOvideos

"Once again, having fun over Elektron machines. On the top, the Octatrack sampler which is handling all the drum sounds and under it, the Analog Four synthesizer making the melodic sounds."

Superbooth 2017: Audiowerkstatt Mini MIDI Drum Seq

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Ask.Audio

"Showing us the latest prototype of the Mini MIDI Drum Seq, Olaf from Audiowerkstatt, runs through a number of its features. This isn't the final version though, which they will release once all bugs have been squashed!"

Fast Sequence - MOS-LAB Model 15.

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"The Moog Sub 37 provides the sequence and the keyboard control but no sound. The sound is all from the Model 15."

Superbooth 2017 - Erica Synths Drum Sequencer & Bass Drum Module

Published on Apr 24, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Kodek gave Modular Podcast a great demo of the new Erica Synths drum sequencer and bass drum module. The trigger sequencer has 16 trigger outs, 12 of which have accents and there's a bonus pair of clock synced LFOs and extra CV. There's also the new prototype of their 909 based bass drum module which was sounding great already."

Introducing "Stravinski" for iOS

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MrRonZimmer

"'Stravinski' is a melody generator that creates eight-bar piano melodies with adjustable complexity. The algorithm is based on scientific research in the field of music psychology. It is developed by the team behind 'CHAiOS SYNTH 2'.

Workflow: set the complexity to your preferred level, press 'generate', then 'play'. That's it. Hit 'settings' to set tempo and key, or toggle the drum tracks on/off.

Of cause "Stravinski" supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

Have fun and get inspired by this next-gen melody algorithm!

Get it here:"

Previous post here.

Superbooth 2017: Bastl Instruments Dude, Softpop synth & desktop modulars

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Ask.Audio

"There was so much on show at Superbooth 2017 from Bastl Instruments. Vaclav and Peter Edwards demo all of the cool new synths and modules, including Dude, Softpop and new eurorack modules."

See this post for details on the new gear from Bastl Instruments.

Superbooth 2017 - Befaco Hexmixer Hexpander & Cases

Published on Apr 24, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's another video for Befaco from Superbooth. This time looking at the Hexmixer, Hexpander and new cases and power."

Absolution - Featuring Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 & Strymon ElCapistan + BlueSky

Published on Apr 24, 2017 JediSid

"Absolution - Sequencer and Lead piece featuring Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 & Strymon ElCapistan + BlueSky"


Published on Apr 24, 2017 TAKASHI WAKABAYASHI

Deckard's Dream Brass

Oberheim Matrix-12 Synthesizer Demo #7

Published on Apr 24, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio, Programming and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

The Oberheim Matrix-12 was cooperating today, so I thought I better make a video before something happens again. Using some reverb and delay, recorded direct and no audio post processing."

All parts here.

E2 short-cut

Published on Apr 24, 2017 mishpult

"Taking the Korg Electribe 2 for a quick run through some patterns I wrote in the weekend. Digging deeper into the animation world as well - some animated E2 goodness and audio visualisation in AfterEffects."

minipops 7 Drum Machine x 2 - Lord DrumatiX DJ Set

Published on Apr 23, 2017 Planet KNAL

"First DJ set on Earth by Lord DrumatiX
Featuring 2 KEIO MINI POPS 7 Drum Machines"

Superbooth 2017 - Industrial Music Electronics Argos Bleak

Published on Apr 24, 2017 DivKidVideo

"We got the run down of the new Argos Bleak from Industrial Music Electronics (previously Harvestman) and a quick run through the updated to the Bionic Lester. As always Scott's system sounding gritty and characterful and the features of two inputs and four outputs for the Argos Bleak are sure to get some interesting patches going."

Superbooth 2017 - Erica Synths New DIY Line

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Thonk Synth DIY

Superbooth 2017 - Shakmat 'Time Wizard' Eurorack DIY

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Thonk Synth DIY

"Francois from Shakmat takes us through his three DIY modules including the brand new TIME WIZARD"

30+ Synths play Tubular Bells at SuperBooth 2017

Published on Apr 24, 2017 loopop

"I went to SUPERBOOTH2017 and tried to check out as much gear as possible. This is the result.

This clip was inspired by the Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra's rendition of Tubular bells"

Double Moog Sub 37 Sequence.

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"48-step, two-notes per step sequence playing on the upper Sub 37, driving the lower through MIDI. Panel adjustments are to octave selectors on both Sub 37s. No presets."


Published on Apr 24, 2017 once upon a synth

"In this episode I pair the Behringer Deepmind 12 with the Korg Monologue. The Monologue is run through the OTO Machines BAM reverb so that it sits better with the Deepmind 12's built in effects. I'm using a laptop stand to support the Monologue."

V829 Bass Drum synthesizer raw prototype demo

Published on Apr 24, 2017 ktozjadlciastka

"V829 Bass Drum core was inspired by Vox Percussion King BD circuit. You can easily get drum sounds similar to those form Kraftwerks Autobahn. The sound is very rich in higher harmonics, as the waveforms are very far form sine.

- unperfect, asymmetrical waveform,
- included high pass filter to expose mid range frequencies,
- diode limiter circuit - primarily to limit the amplitude of somehow unpredictible T-network in drums core, but can be used for distortion also,
- decay of the bass drum sound can be extended with longer trigger pulse - without retriggering!
- 100% analog, very simple build with standard components values.

- CUTOFF frequency of the HP filter,
- LEVEL of the output signal,
- LIMITER on/off.

I/O signals:
- TRIGGER - over 1 ms (longer pulse doesn't cause retriggering), 1-10V,

Power supply:
- +/- 12V,
- below 10 mA from each rail."

Roland D50 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Good condition for age with minimal scratches. See pictures for details of condition, you get what you see. All keys, switches/buttons, sliders, benderl work as expected. The "smudge" on the far right, to the right of the top key, seems like an extra smooth spot on the casing. The screen is bright and easy to read.

Fully functional with fresh factory reload of original patches. Hundreds of banks of patches available free on the Web."

Yamaha CS60 with Kenton MIDI Kit Installed

via this auction

Vintage 60s Mellotron Mk VI SN 007

via this auction

"Up for auction is a Mellotron Mk VI MkVI 60s Tape Machine Synthesizer Keyboard Rare #007. The Mellotron Mk VI is the successor to the M400 and was the first Mellotron produced after Streetly Electronics went out of business in 1986. They were manufactured by Mellotron Archives in North Hollywood California. The functions and features of the old M400 are preserved in the new model and the tape frames are interchangable.

This Mellotron Mk VI has been serviced, upgraded with Mk VI components, is in good condition, and sounds fantastic. It was produced during the Mk VI's original run in 1999 with a serial number of #007 out of 35. This item is tested and all keys are currently working.

Tape frames included are:

Frame 1 (In the Mellotron currently) - Cello, Flute, and Boys Choir
I recently purchased this new tape frame last week...

Frame 2 (In the separate tape case) - Male voice choir, Flute, and Strings
One of the pieces of tape on this reel is broken.

Local Pick up only and I live in Phoenix, Az. There are no returns for this item because this is an "as is" auction."

Korg M500 SP Micro-Preset Vintage Analogue Synth w/ Manual and Patch Sheets

via this auction

Moog Source w Encore Midi 256 Patch Memory Expansion Rare SN 3577

via this auction

"The Source Midi Kit gives expanded memory, MIDI in/out, and other capabilities. The memory has been expanded to a total of 256 patches - 16 banks of 16 patches each, accessed from the front panel.

See the manual here, but keep in mind I think this is an earlier firmware for the SMK upgrade so some details may not be exactly the same as described.

Note: The output of the Source in general is very hot. Maybe the hottest of any synth I’ve ever used. This is partly by design as Moog designed the signal path hot to drive the OTAs into subtle distortion (fat bass tones), but there is a faint oscillator bleed when gained high on the mixer."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 1925 w/ DBM Tech Midi Upgrade

via this auction

"Probably one of the nicest ones you will ever find. Large Format Modular

via this auction.

Large format as in 5U vs. eurorack.

"9 Modules in hardwood enclosure and multiple 1/4 patch cables included

Q137-Power Control & Interface
Q104-Midi Interface
Q106-Oscillator (VCO)
Q107-State Variable Filter (VCF)
Q109-Envelope Generator
Q116-Ring Modulator
Q118-Instrument Interface
Q108-Amplifier (VCA)

The following system is modeled after the MOOG Large Format Modular Systems"

Ataraxia ( Early Demo Version )

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Todd Smith


Support my music, buy my album at Bandcamp today !!

This is a early version of a track for my upcoming album, A Distant Love for Life, the track is named Ataraxia. Ataraxia is the first song in which all my new gear is hooked up, loving the results. I used no added external effects on the early version of this track.

I plan to evolve this track a lot more, I'll share the results. Only the best end results will make the album. A playlist with all the demo version from A Distant Love for Life is below, enjoy !

: Gear Used :

Korg Microkorg ( Synth Seq )
Roland Boutique JU-06 ( Bass Seq )
Akai XR20 ( Drums )
Ensoniq ESQ1 ( Live Keys )
Casio VZ300 ( Live Pad )
Focusrite SCARLETT 18i8

: iOS Software :

Auria ( Mixing / Recording )
ModStep ( Sequencing )"

Superbooth 2017 NOVATION Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MusicStoreTV

"A very cool blend of NOVATION's Circuit and Bass Station."

Superbooth 2017 MORDAX DATA multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MusicStoreTV

"The swiss army knife for your modular system!"

Superbooth 2017 SOULSBY Oscitron Oscidrum Odytron software packs

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MusicStoreTV

"Paul Soulsby shows new packs to convert your Oscitron to an Oscidrum or Odytron."

Superbooth 2017 ELEKTRON Digitakt digital drum computer and sampler

Published on Apr 24, 2017 MusicStoreTV


Published on Apr 24, 2017 Signal Edinburgh

"I'm back with another Elektron jam. This time with some breakbeat vibes. Enjoy the video!"

Superbooth 2017 - Sounds from Grp, FrapTools, Ginko, Behringer

Published on Apr 24, 2017 AudioCentralMagazine

"In a very few moments, with our gnarly camera, we have capture some sounds from Superbooth 2017 in Berlin. On this small video, sounds and noises from FrappTools spectral processor, Ginko Modular, Grp EuroRack Modules & A2 Synthesizer. Sadly, too little spare time to crawl into Superbooth..."

The sound of Superbooth

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Kalle Paulsson

Shbobo Shnth

Published on Apr 24, 2017 hajimmie

"A solo playing of shbobo shnth. Straight into roland mobile cube."

MFB Tanzbar & Strymon Big Sky

Published on Apr 24, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Tanzbar drum machine through the Big Sky reverb. The Big Sky has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

AKAI Professional MPC Live Demo (no talking)

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Bonedo

"AKAI MPC Live Demo (no talking): Sequences, Tracks and Programms. In this video we will show some basics in the arranging of beats and melodies with the Akai MPC Live."

Superbooth 2017: Retrokits MIDI /Sync Hub, MIDIator Cable & Passive Mixer

Published on Apr 24, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

Superbooth 2017: XAOC Devices - Crazy New 8 bit Sub System!

Published on Apr 24, 2017 sonicstate

Superbooth 2017: U-He Upcoming Zebra Updates

Published on Apr 24, 2017 sonicstate

"U-he's Urs Heckmann shows us some new features of their Zebra synth."

Superbooth 2017: Squarp Instruments Pyramid Sequencer - Easily The Centre of Your Set up

Published on Apr 24, 2017 sonicstate

Superbooth 2017: Kilpatrick Audio Tungsten Handheld Music Device

Published on Apr 24, 2017 sonicstate

"Kilpatrick Audio's ambitious new handheld platform Tungsten"

LXR drum synthesizer

Published on Apr 24, 2017 Adrian Budritan

"Another LXR in the world :) first audio test after assembly
DIY kit by"

Small Lego Eurorack Sequencer Case

Another eurorack lego case from dkmnews. Also see his Make Noise 0-Coast lego case posted earlier here.


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