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Moog One Basics, Watch This First, A not so deep dive. Top 10 Features.

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Getsemani Music

"Feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of features on your new Moog One? This simple 13-minute video will help you with some basics that will help you get started so you can save your brain power for learning how to dive deeper into the specific features you plan to use. We'll touch on the top 10 things you should know about your Moog One even before you crack the owner's manual.

1. Changing Keyboard Octave Range
2. MIDI Panic Stop
3. The HOLD Button
4. Mono/Poly/Unison Control
5. Selecting Synths
6. Turning Synths On and Off
7. Splitting the Keyboard
8. The Delete Key
9. Getting Sound Out
10. The More Buttons

Thanks to Siggi Meuller for making his Moog One "On the Run" patch available."

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Synthesizer Details

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Analogue Solutions

Additional details are in.

"What is it?

Impulse Command is here!

True STEREO analogue synth / sonic realizer. Perfect for melodic and percussion loops. Very easy (and fun!) to create modular style analogue loops. It’s a complete soundtrack all by itself!

It’s wrong to call it a synthesizer (in fact a new word needs to be invented) because then you get preconceived ideas about what it does. It’s a whole lot more than a synth. It’s also part drum synth, part pattern generator, part modular loop producer.

All its unique features plus the 2 independent LPFs give this machine the ability to produce stereo loops that sound like multiple synths playing at once.

Special features:

Analogue synth: analogue audio and modulation circuits

Stereo / dual filters

This synth can sound like multiple synths all at once

Stereo digital effects (reverb and delay)

16 step analogue sequencer

16 step MIDI Note sequencer

Dynamic internal patch system

ReOrder! feature to create new melodies from the sequencer

Dynamic VCO mix levels


High-quality build

Impulse Command is a compact true analogue synth in a neat, smart, package. When we say ‘real analogue’ we mean that the entire audio path (aside from the post effects of course!) and all modulation are entirely analogue, using circuits based on awesome sounding vintage 1970s designs. Their circuits are not locked down by CPUs. Controls are not quantised and read by CPUs. With the exception of the essential digital elements (that is MIDI conversion, sequencer control and digital delay/reverb), Impulse Command really is analogue and the sound benefit is immediately apparent!"

You can find previous posts here.

AJH Synth MiniMod Eurorack Modular jam 'Tornado Down'

Published on Mar 31, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"AJH Synth MiniMod system, Sonic XV, Ring SM, & Frequency Central State 700 filter. Make Noise Pressure Points/Brains, Korg SQ-1 & Arturia Keystep for CV control/sequencing.

Patch breakdown:
Just a simple 4-step pattern controlling 1 MiniMod VCO and Noise into the Ring SM for sub octaves/harmonics, into the Sonic XV diode filter, second row of Pressure Points controlling cutoff. Then, noise from the MiniMod Glide into the State 700 filter, sequenced by the SQ-1 at tuned pitches (which you can hear when I ram up the resonance towards the end). Finally, lead part is 2 VCO's into the MiniMod ladder filter; Keystep modulation touchpad is controlling the amount of filter cutoff and LFO level (FC Wave Runner), which is modulating pitch of the two VCO's. Recorded into AUM on an iPad, with EOS2 reverb, via an iConnectAUDIO4 audio interface. Turn on Subtitles for text commentary.

Video footage: The final flight of the RAF Tornado, viewed outside my local airforce base. When I was a child it was my ambition to fly one of these, and had posters, models, and even computer games of the plane. Alas, I'm too thick, don't respond well to authority, and grew up to be a hippy. Watching them as a pessimistic old man gives me mixed feelings, but I'd still love to fly in one. I'll keep my eye on eBay, I'm sure they'll sell them on there, because eBay claim "Seriously, we have everything!".

Help me afford to continue my channel by purchasing my music or supporting me on Patreon at these links:"

Synthchaser #116 - ARP Synthesizer Mains Power Wiring Explanation & 240V Conversion

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Synth Chaser

"Before this Omni gets shipped off to the UK, I explain the mains wiring and show how to convert an ARP from 120V to 240V operation.

You will learn why the lamp on the power switch is meaningless as a diagnostic indicator, as well as where there is a dangerous wire that is color coded neutral but is actually hot mains level.

I sell, repair, and restore ARPs and other vintage synths for customers around the world."

Sequentix Cirklon SN 210

via this auction

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Mutable Instruments Ambika - 6 voice analog polysynth

Ambika Demo Published on Jun 28, 2018 Daniel Simpson

"Some of my Ambika presets, straight in, no efx. Just riffing on my Linnstrument."

via this auction

"Built beautifully by pro builder Laurentide Synthworks in 2014 with nice white metal case.

Filled to the max with 6 voice cards in the following configuration.

Analog filter/voice cards.
2 each of 2 types of 4-pole filters:
A pair of SMR4, warm with a soft edge;
and a pair of 4P similar to SMR4 but capable of edgier resonance.

Plus a pair of SVF boards - The classic analog 2-pole multimode filter.

Includes SD card and proper 9VAC power adapter.

Advanced multitimbral synth engine capable of classic analog poly Multis, glassy FM, wavetables, seq/arp and more with 6 individual line out (1 per voice) + Mix out of all voices."

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 Sampler SN I15318991-65 w/ Clear Plexi Dust Cover

via this auction

"8GB CF card full of Electron sample packs and other samples

Includes all 6 OctaPacks (only 3 came on it new) plus more I purchased from the Elektron shop. I filled up the CF card with other packs I’ve collected so you can access via USB mode and organize them however you would like.

Latest OS.

Includes Elektron plexi lid, factory 6V adapter, and hard copy of tips as shown."

Cwejman S1 mk2 Eggshell

via this auction

"Best semi modular in existence. Bought a custom 5U enclosure to give it a proper angle."

Fender Chroma Polaris Analog Synthesizer 2123 SN 301226

via this auction

"The Chroma Polaris was the second synthesizer made by Fender/Rhodes after they took over ARP, following their classic Rhodes Chroma. It has a very ARP-like sound. Sounds can be layered up to 6 voices. It also has a simple real-time sequencer and 132 memory patches."

Roland Juno 60 with Juno-66 Tubbutec Mod, New Chorus Chips

via this auction

"This Roland Juno 60 is in excellent condition for its age and has recently been overhauled by a professional technician. I had the amazing Juno-66 mod installed, along with ultra-rare MN3009 chorus chips -- the chorus is now crystal quiet! Even some of the best condition Junos tend be noisy when the chorus is engaged -- not this one!

Here's a summary of the work done:
Juno-66 mod by Tubbutec installed. This adds a number of great features, such as portamento, two LFOs, a second ADSR, and detuning, just to name a few! See further below for more details.
New MN3009 chorus chips installed. Noise-free when chorus is engaged.
New LFO Trig switch -- fully operational. A common feature to malfunction.
Replaced old-style soldered-on battery with new coin-style battery. Now easily changeable.
Cleaned everything, including all potentiometers, sliders, and key contacts.
Calibrated all."

BURG - the quiet earth (ms-20, monologue, eurorack)

Published on Mar 31, 2019 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on
Become a patron and see a walk through of this track

#ms20 #KORGmonologue #eurorack

Sorry for the long silence, I have been working hard on finalising a future release.. this track is the final puzzle. Stay tuned for more soon :)

This track really revolves around the ms-20 and monologue, but there are so many small layers and bits all around the place that helps to build a foundation for the melody to rest on. The eurorack takes care of some advanced percussion, noise tools (white noise hhs), plonk for toms, BIA for some metal style percussion. Braids and Rings does some random sequences with washes of clouds and shimmer reverbs.. small textures to help fill the small gaps inbetween the beats.

TR-8S does 707 kick and snare plus some simpler hihats, bass from the volca bass sequenced from digitone. Avalon does what is does best, square melodies adding some delay FX from the analog four.

All in all it feels very uptempo, but only clocking in at 99bpm.. :)

I hope you will enjoy this one!

Peace // BURG

Gear Used:

- KORG ms-20
- KORG monologue
- KORG volca bass
- KORG volca keys
- Roland TR8S
- Elektron Digitone
- Elektron DIgitakt
- Elektron Analog Four
- Avalon Bassline
- KORG kaosspad (vocal samples)

Modular Sound Sources:

- 1U noise tools, uVCF HPF (hihats)
- Plonk, toms
- BIA, percussion
- Braids Waveshaping Saw/Square, Ripples LPF, uClouds
- Rings
- Morphagene, Piano chopping (KORG grandstage)

Talking iOS Music App Workflows with Jakob Haq from haQ attaQ #TTNM #TSR19

Published on Mar 31, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Interview with Jakob Haq about iOS electronic music workflows, music making apps and more at Thomann's Synth Reactor!


1:00 Jakob Haq's music making background
2:30 iOS AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions
4:20 Cubasis DAW App
7:30 Apple's iPad models and the dreaded dongle situation
9:50 MFI certified accessories
14:45 Arturia Audiofuse Audio/MIDI USB Interface
21:20 haQ attaQ's BIG SECRET!!!
35:50 Jakob Haq's 'Mellow Album' made on iOS
41:00 Video Editing on the iPad with LumaFusion"

Butterflies (Sm Pro Audio V-Machine and Teenage Engineering OP-Z Jam)

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Rephazer

"Hi folks, here is a little jam I did using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z only as a midi sequencer for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine which is the only sound source here.

The V-Machine is running 2 instances of NI FM8 for bass and pads, 2 instances of FB Mono/Fury for bass and arp, 2 instances of Samplelord for the strings, drums, piano and bass, 2 delays, 1 reverb and 1 (master) compressor completely maxing out the 1 GHz CPU on it.

I've been fooling around with the V-Machine a lot lately, since I got a second one to see how far I can get without the CPU breaking down which will happen with most (single) plugins. So it was a lot of trial and error (mostly error) to get multiple well performing plugins running on it, but I just love these little plugin player boxes. I am planning on using one V-Machine for VST effects and one V-Machine for VST instruments in future jams :)

Anyway, I hope you like this little jam. Cheers!"

SundaySynth #25 : Sequential OB6, Tempest and Digitakt

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Khoral Central

"Another demo for the live set."

P0​-​24 by ɟɐɥɯᴉ ɯnɹsʎᴉp

"All sounds (live recording) of this EP from teenage engineering / PO-24"

The Sound of the Medusa

Published on Mar 31, 2019 BoBeats

"In todays video I go thru some patches I made for the Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa. A very unique and intriguing synthesizer, with a few quirks of its own. You can check it out here: and if you enjoy my videos you can support them on"

PolySpaze Presets On LD3

Published on Mar 31, 2019 gotharman

...With SPAZEboard6.

Buchla - Electronic Music as Performance Art | Synthplex 2019

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"Marc Doty, renowned historian of electronic music, delivers a fascinating presentation on the history of Don Buchla, including the context of experimental music in which he developed his amazing ideas. This lecture is an absolute must watch for any serious devotee of the craft of electronic music. Watching Marc tear down the notion of East Coast vs. West Coast synthesis is worth the price of admission on its own."

Roland MSQ-700 Multitrack Digital Keyboard Recorder / Sequencer

via this auction

AKAI VX-600 6-voice programmable polyphonic synthesizer SN 30615-00884 w/ Case

via this auction

"Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping. Brand New LCD backlight installed."

SCi Prophet-600 polyphonic synthesizer w/gligli & bran new switch panel

via this auction

Roland TR-606 Drumatix SN 196900

via this auction

"When it comes to vintage electronic music gear, the Roland TR-606 Drumatix analog drum machine is one of the last hidden gems. All analog drum voices, two trigger outs for sequencing analog gear, and best of all, you can switch between pattern edit and play modes without stopping the sequencer- can't do that on an 808 or a 909! Boomy bass that doesn't dominate a mix and metallic high hats that cut like a noise knife."

JoMoX Xbase 888 Analog Drum Machine / Drum Synthesizer SN 0011

via this auction

Roland SH-1 synthesizer serviced

via this auction

1010music Intros Blackbox Sampling Music Workstation

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, 1010music introduced Blackbox – a standalone, touchscreen sampling music workstation. We talked with designer Aaron Higgins, who gave us an overview of Blackbox."

1010music Blackbox

ST Modular - Give 2, Give, TripleTom, Franz, Werner, Two Sides, FAY, Gene, EMOO

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Stefan Tretau

TripleTom - Kick
GIVE - Bassline
GIVE2 - Melody
Franz & Werner - filtering the Gives
Two Sides - Ducking the pad sound in background
Gene - Clock
EMOO - MOOER Mod Factory for pitch shifting
SUM - Mixing

Among others supported by Robaux - SWT16, Plonk - Hats, Rings - Pad, ROT8 - Melody Sequence, Befaco - CVADSR

3 tracks on the Ants synth + Nutone, SpiceVCF and ENVF

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"3 Ants tracks sequenced with the Eloquencer going directly to the Nutone. Playing one of the tracks through the SpiceVCF with a stepped LFO. Bass drum is driving the EnvF which modulates the Nutone channel 1 drive."

BTW, the Spice Kickstarter has only 4 days to go. They are currently at $43,338 pledged of the $47,132 goal. That's up from the $17,810 when first posted here.

Robots recalled

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"90bpm Relaxed improvisation around this old riff using SH101 and Boomstar 4075
V-Synth Arp Odyssey Korg MS20 CR8000 and Mutant Bass and Snare drums. AKA Robots in retirement..."

THREESOME With GetJervis & My Grandmother | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Mar 31, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At the TSR19 event, I teamed up with GetJervis and took a first look at Moog Music's Grandmother. Although it' not an in-depth review, it was great fun and the Grandmother sounds damn great.

Join the Patreon page to get access to free sound content (sample & preset libraries, free plugins... & participate on exclusive giveaways)"

midiphy CV/gate modules quick walkthrough

Published on Mar 31, 2019 latigid on

midiphy made the MIDIbox SEQ V4+ redesign & LoopA Midi Sequencer. This appears to be their first foray into eurorack.

"CV/gate expander modules from midiphy. My setup is a basic SEQ v4+ in pieces using a Discovery Board F4 Core.

Expander A1: 8x CV outputs, bipolar LEDs that scale in brightness/colour to indicate the voltage/pitch. 6HP

Expander D1(2/3): 8x digital outputs, LED indicators show when the gate is active. Chainable to provide clock signals and up to 64 triggers. 4HP

Euroceiver: module version of the Line RX PCB. Flexible +5V power options. 4HP"

ST Modular - DIZ & PAE (CV Fade to DIZ)

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Stefan Tretau

Underwater Sound Expedition Vol1

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Valentin Doychinov

"Underwater Sound Expedition Vol. 1

Explorations of ambient sounds inspired by underwater environment.
Performed live on Lyra 8, Analog Heat and Strymon Big Sky

Footage credit: Tom Fisk (as provided on Pexels)"

CRAFTsynth 2 0 - Morphy Rich

Published on Mar 31, 2019 Modal Electronics

"CRAFT Sunday #2 - A rippling bass doused in a constantly shifting delay. One of the gnarlier patches in CRAFTsynth 2.0 - Morphy Rich"


Published on Mar 31, 2019 yusynthman

"Another way to program sequences with ratchet, different way of achieving ratchet with the Matrix although I prefer my other method (see previous video)"

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Waldorf Quantum - Killer Wave Table - Deeper Wavetable Exploration

Published on Mar 30, 2019 100 Things I Do

"Recently Waldorf have updated the Wavetable engine on the Quantum. This now allows much more complex Wavetables to be created. I thought today I would take a sample of dialogue from a movie (Public Domain) and see how I can warp it!"

Rossum Electro Panharmonium | Synthplex 2019

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"We interview Bob Bliss, chief engineer at Rossum Electro, who shows us the newly unveiled Panharmonium. This unique and fascinating module breaks apart incoming audio into component frequencies in real time, and then lets you use those separate frequencies to drive various parameters, including up to 33 oscillators. It's the perfect tool to create creepy vocalizations, but can also generate complex drones, isolate instruments within a mix, and much more."

See this post for details on the new Rossum Electro Panharmonium.

Roland VP-03 Strings Choir & Vocoder VP-330 Plus Boutique VC-340 Rik Marston

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Rik Marston Official

#rolandvp03 #rolandboutique #stringsynthesizer
Roland VP-03 Strings Choir & Vocoder
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **TURN IT UP!!**

Roland VP-03 Vocoder, Choir & String Synth!
Such an awesome purchase! 6 Voices! SWEET!!!
I always wanted the Roland VP-330 Plus, this fits
that desire very nicely! I will be making a few more
videos of this Boutique unit so look for them!

Recorded dry into Ableton LIVE with no other external FX

Thank you for watching!

Support the SynthgodXXX channel!
Please buy these AWESOME Sample Packs!!

JVC KB-600 Rare Vintage Keyboard Synthesizer + KQ-10 Digital Sequencer w/ Built-in Speakers

via this auction

"JVC KB-600 rare vintage keyboard synthesizer + KQ10 digital sequencer! It's a so funny programmable synthesizer with an UNIQUE sound, polyphonic, cool for your ELECTRO & SYNTHI POP compositions! GREAT cosmetic conditions and perfect working, this auction includes its original travel case." Note the KQ-10 sequencer pulls out and detaches.

I haven't seen one of these before. There is another JVC KB-700 model in the archives.

Update: confirmed with the seller that the model is not the KB-700, but the KB-600.

BAUER CHICO - Rare Polyphonic Transistor Organ Synth Like VOX Continental

via this auction

"BAUER CHICO rare polyphonic Germanium transistors organ synth based like VOX continental. AS-IS conditions, it power on and sounds are to retune, it deserve a good clean and servicing inside."

Note this is the first BAUER post on the site.

HOHNER STRINGVOX - analog vintage string machine synthesizer + accessories

via this auction

YAMAHA TX81Z w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Eight voice polyphony, 128 preset sounds, 32 user and lots of functions hidden behind 11 push button.

It’s a GREAT synth expander still in its Original box with manuals, reall as NEW! NEAR MINT cosmetic conditions and perfect working."

HOHNER RHYTHM 80K MEGA Rare Vintage Analog Drum Machine Suitcase

via this auction

"It sounds very nice, electro style! It come in excellent cosmetic conditions and perfect working! The HI and BASS filters are very effective, deep!"

You can find some additional info on the Hohner Rhythm 80 here.


via this auction

"NOVATION SUPERNOVA II 2 synthesizer, original conditions, reall as New but TO REPAIR: It probably need a servicing or an OS Upgrade due an improvvise OS to FLASH message: ROM OS to Flash. I can't say more, no time for try or check. Memory check is ok!"

KORG RK-100 Red Keytar Controller SN 002530

via this auction

"KORG RK-100 VERY RARE original VINTAGE keytar remote controller for synthesizers, expanders etc."

Oberheim OB-8 Vintage Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN C31405

via this auction

1 voice chip is not tuning correctly.
Stock MIDI + PAGE 2 submenu

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Ensoniq SQ-80 MINT with Original Pedals, Floppy Disks, Cartridge, and Books

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here.

"Works like a dream, and sounds amazing. The internal battery and fuse have been professionally replaced within the last 6 months. Includes original pedals, two floppy disks and a cartridge of extra sounds and sequences, original manual, 11 copies of Transoniq Hacker for programming, and even original order forms. Comes in the original box as well. This really is the ultimate Ensoniq Collection."

Excellent ARP Omni 1 Keyboard Synthesizer Restored with LED Sliders

Uploaded on Mar 30, 2019 Synth Chaser

via via this auction
, also on Reverb

Korg Arp Odyssey - 70 Massive Patches - Demos by chronosproject

Published on Mar 30, 2019 chronosproject

Buy full bank & booklet:

Korg Arp Odyssey - Wood Bass (Patch: Bass 7)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Wind pluck (Patch: Pluck 8)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Vibro Bass (Patch: Bass 8)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Up Synth (Patch: FX 5)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Underground Bass (Patch: Bass 4)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Twin SH Bass (Patch: Bass 2)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Trance Run Low (Patch: Seq 1)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Trance Run High (Patch: Seq 1)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Slow Tune Synth (Patch: Pad 10)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Seven Bass (Patch: Bass 11)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Statham Bass (Patch: Bass 3)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Sync Lead (Patch: Lead 6)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Neuropunk Bass (Patch: Bass 6)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Lazer Harp (Patch: Lead 1)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Major Seq (Patch: Seq 5)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Major Up (Patch: Pad 9)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Morning Pad (Patch: Pad 8)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Romantic Lead (Patch: Lead 12)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Indian Lead (Patch: Lead 14)
Korg Arp Odyssey - FM Sync Pad (Patch: Pad 1)
Korg Arp Odyssey - FM Random Bass (Patch: Bass 5)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Duo Pluck (Patch: Pluck 2)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Deep Water (Patch: Pluck 4)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Deep Detune Bass (Patch: Bass 1)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Blue Pad (Patch: Pad 3)
Korg Arp Odyssey - Baro Lead (Patch: Lead 13)

Theme From MASH - Arp Odyssey - 70s Science Fiction SciFi SF Version Ambient Space Music

Published on Mar 30, 2019 WayneJoness

"The theme from MASH as realized using only an Arp Odyssey analog synthesizer. The idea came from my friend science fiction author Ron Rogers who wrote alternate SF lyrics ('Landing on a virgin world, I see the battle flag unfurled'). This was 40 years(!) ago, and Ron suggested I do an arrangement with my new Arp synth. This project was never finished, so when Korg reissued the Arp Odyssey, I picked up the idea again. To keep this very '70s' sounding I used the Odyssey for all instruments, drums, sound effects, etc. Enjoy! And thanks to Ron for the original idea!"

Korg Arp Odyssey Add 3rd Oscillator - Sine Wave - Tutorial - VCF Self Oscillation - Efx

Published on Mar 30, 2019 WayneJoness

"This video walks you through using the VCF (voltage controlled filter) on the Korg Arp Odyssey as a third oscillator. This will produce a sine wave, which can be tuned against oscillator 1 and 2, and modulated with the LFO, just like Oscillator 1 and 2."

Access Virus C desktop synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 1970s Black

via this auction

"Conditional is exceptional for its age. Everything works/sounds great. Have never had any issues with it. Used it for a recording project and no longer need it."

1010 Music - Blackbox | Synthplex 2019

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"1010 Music has just released their first standalone product: Blackbox. Taking the best of Bitbox, Toolbox, and FXbox, Blackbox is a sampler/sequencer/effects box optimized for real time live performance. It's a great replacement for a laptop onstage, and is also terrific for expressive realtime studio recording. Just an amazing piece of gear."

1010music Blackbox

The Moog Model A, B and C Minimoog Prototypes at Synthplex

Spotted by Automatic Gainsay, aka Marc Doty.

"I nearly wept when I saw this. Seriously. The Minimoog prototypes are at Synthplex, and I have seen and touched them. They exist. I can't believe it. I've spent half of my life talking about them."

Update: video here

Fountain with Crackles - (Acid Techno) recorded live, Korg , Oberheim, boog, xoxbox, JoMoX

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Phone Records

"Recording of a recent live jam / track session using the Korg electribe as part hi hats and samples & part sequencer triggering the Oberheim Matrix-1000, boog, JoMoX kick. Effects used, Electrix Filter Factory on kick, Roland DEP-5 on matrix, Alesis Quadraverb on xoxbox"


via this auction

Firstman FP1300 Vintage Electronic Organ Analog Synth w/ Speakers SN 098021

via this auction

I believe this is the first one featured on the site.


Piano 1
Piano 2
Guitar Clavi-Chord 1
Guitar Clavi-Chord 2
Organ Flute Reed Cello Violin

Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Synthesizer signed By Tom Oberheim

via this auction

"Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Synthesizer signed By Tom Oberheim. Manufactured in Los Angeles California.(as they all were). Condition is Used. Very nice condition. 8 voices of pure analog joy.This has the page 2 functions but not the page 2 silkscreening. This unit has the midi interface (in,out,thru) on the wooden side piece. This synth sounds excellent except that sometimes,there is one voice that doesn’t seem to tune properly. And as with a lot of these, the keyboard has a few notes that are intermittent.I had this unit cleaned, tuned and calibrated but that was a few years back. Truth is I really haven’t used it much in the last 10 years...just sat in its case mostly. If my memory serves me correctly, this synth has been in my collection for about 30 years.This piece was made before Oberheim became ECC electronics (see back pic) so it’s an earlier model....I’m guessing 1985 but don’t hold me to it! Was signed by Tom Oberheim himself with a silver sharpie directly on the upper front of the synth(see pics). Comes with the original operators manual and Power cord."

I believe this one has been featured and listed a couple of times here in the past.

Arp Rhodes Chroma Keyboard Rare Vintage Analog Polysynth

via this auction

"This one has been professionally serviced by expert synth guru EPR Electronics. It has a clean bill of health. It includes upgrades like midi and a fan so you will never have overheating issues. This is one of the great analog vintage polysynths, Don't miss out on your change to grab one of these legendary synths!

We also sell a custom midi controllers for these, if interested we can do a bundled deal and include a controller for discount, which greatly expands the capabilities of this awesome synth. Message us if interested in adding a controller to your order."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

THE RIVER Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer & More Handmade Miniature Synths

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

And more: (I believe I've posted some of these in the past - here's the full set - see the miniature label at the bottom of this post for others)

Update: the list:
Making a Mellotron M400 Miniature

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother-Part 2

Published on Mar 30, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a three-part demonstration of the Moog Grandmother, created at the Synth Reactor event put on by Thomann."

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother videos

MIDERA | Duality

Published on Mar 30, 2019 MIDERA

Elektron Analog Keys
Korg ESX (with Eventide Space)

Teenage Engeering OP-Z & Electro Harmonix Looper

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"I recorded the OP-Z into the Looper and then set the OP-Z to play back as a Long effect in the Performance section whilst introducing the various pre recorded loops to give a nice layered sound."


Published on Mar 30, 2019 LESINDES

"A session with simple SINE WAVE + SAMPLE demonstrating the sonic qualities of WALDORF QUANTUM."


Published on Mar 30, 2019 yusynthman

From the maker himself. YuSynth aka Yves Usson designed the original Minibrute. Be sure to check out: The Creator's Notebook - Yves Usson on MatrixBrute.

"Since I received many requests concerning the way I was programming ratchet sequences on the Matrixbrute here a short tutorial video. There is no black magic in there, just plain logic on how to use a basic step sequencer to achieve a ratchet effect. As I said before it is programed just like one would score it. I hope this will useful for Matrixbrute owners."

ST Modular - DIZ (Distortion, Noise, Delay, Signal Distroyer)

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Stefan Tretau

20190330 Nordlead gtSound

Published on Mar 30, 2019 ryouichi harada

Mainly pads on this one with guitar in the background.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command - first play demo

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"A no-talking demo of the Impulse Command using the internal sequencer and MIDI loop externally clocked. All sounds and effects are from the Impulse Command recorded in one take. This thing is a beast."

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

BLUE Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

Microtuning on the MicroMonsta Demo

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Ian R

"Playing around with microtunings on the Audiothingies MicroMonsta. I'm new to microtuning so I don't really know what I'm doing but you can hear the strange and scary places you end up in. Nothing too musical here but I like the weird, unresolved sound of these tunings, it'd be great stuff for a soundtrack or ambient work.

All patches were made by me, for better or worse.

The MicroMonsta is great, buy one and support people who make these cool things.

I loaded up the .MID tuning dump files in the MPC 1000 was off to the races. Pretty painless overall once you have the tuning files (finding/making those took a little research and leg work)"

Ayako trying the Ondomo with the Souffle extension and the diffYUseurs

Published on Mar 29, 2019 yusynthman

See the Asaden label below for more.

Roland Juno 106 Chorus vs TC June 60 Chorus

Published on Mar 24, 2019 Danny Korrson

"I received the june-60 chorus pedal and made a short comparison of it with my juno 106 chorus of which I think it could show the differences/similarities between the two"

The "Long Hello" to the ContinuuMini (or Playing Preset 006)

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Wein Glas

"Weinglas plays the new Haken ContinuuMini for the first time. What a wonderful electronic music instrument! The ContinuuMini shares the awesome sound engine with its bigger brother: the Haken Continuum.

This is just me playing Preset 006 ("Long Farewell") in one take. Sound is from the ContinuuMini only. No additional FX or edits."

Caterina Barbieri Immersive Modular Live Set | Boiler Room x Genelec

Published on Jun 25, 2018 Boiler Room

"► The wonderful Caterina Barbieri crafting hypnotic modular patterns at our Genelec showcase in Helsinki."

The 1010Music Blackbox – Compact Sampling Studio

"Take music creation beyond your computer with Blackbox, a compact sampling studio with intuitive touchscreen control. It’s a complete music creation workflow—at your fingertips.

We have a limited quantity of this preview edition of the blackbox. Full production units are estimated to arrive in May 2019.

Take music creation beyond your computer with Blackbox, a next-generation sampling studio with intuitive touchscreen control. Record hours of audio and loops from your synths, drum machines, and other tabletop studio devices. Arrange sequences using built-in synchronization and slicing, then structure your sequences to create complete songs. Perform your compositions live and trigger one-shot samples on the fly. Blackbox makes it easy to create music anywhere thanks to a compact and nearly indestructible design that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s a complete music creation workflow—at your fingertips

Top Features

Record, edit, and sequence using a familiar touchscreen interface.
Integrate synths, drum machines, and other devices to form your tabletop studio.
Capture samples, arrange sequences, and create songs without using a computer.
Get into the groove with a fast, fluid, and intuitive workflow.
Connect external hardware via USB to expand performance and control capabilities.
Record and play back hours of music with an expandable microSD memory slot.
Combine loops with different tempos using built-in synchronization and slicing.
Perform with drum loops and samples using one-shots.
Make music anywhere thanks to a compact and nearly indestructible design."

$599.00 via 1010Music

Future Sound Systems Portland Percussion Synthesizer

via @FutureSndSystem

"Here it is, in all its glory.
Portland, the first percussion synthesizer from FSS.
Come jam with it at @MachinaBris #TOMORROW!"

The Portland percussion synthesizer has been designed as a drum complement to the Brunswick synthesizer. Like the Brunswick, Portland has been designed with affordability and flexibility in mind, allowing for the ultimate performance from relatively basic electronics. Portland is also presented as a "sandbox" for percussion and drum synthesis, giving several different analogue sound generation and shaping elements in a patchable unit. The elements are normalled together on the patchbay, allowing for minimal patching to arrive at a kit of drum sounds, but this normalling can be overridden for more complex drum sound synthesis.

Automatonism by Fahmi M.

"Album made with Automatonism patch in PureData"

Ocean Swift Pathfinder WT - NKS Kontakt Player Classic Wavetable Synthesizer

Published on Mar 28, 2019 Ocean Swift

"Pathfinder WT, A fully realized classic wavetable synth instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

An inspiring and intuitive go-to instrument for a variety of detailed sounds!
Such has, bread-and-butter harsh and grungy wavetable style leads and basslines, deep evolving tones and pads, dynamic morphing melodies and out of this world effects – wrapped in a simple and easy to follow design.

For Kontakt Player 6
Made for Kontakt 6, compatible with both Kontat Player and Full Version -Pathfinder WT is installed via Native Access, A Serial Key is provided upon purchase

Pathfinder WT Integrates wonderfully with all your Native Instruments software and hardware such as Maschine and Komplete Kontrol

Two Wavetable Oscillators with 1500 Waveforms
Pathfinder WT comes PACKED with 15 full wavetable of both morphing and multiple-cycle types, with a whopping 1500 cycles in total

13 algorithms used for the wavetable phase warping

Hundreds Of Presets and much more"

TINRS Fenix IV Update

An update via This Is Not Rocket Science:

"Fenix IV assembling parts
Six more weeks until Superbooth…

We are working hard on the first Fenix IV prototype and alternate between 'this is madness' and 'this is awesome'. Probably both are true.

All the parts has been tried and tested in Experiment Boards 1, 2 and 3. Everything works and we are happy with our sounds and effects. Now these parts have to make a mythical beast. The CPU plug-in boards and filter voice boards are in the mail. Chips are being ordered. Power, midi and plug board are in-house and partially assembled. The tiny headphone board is ready. Our interconnect board – connecting the modules to the jacks and replaces the wiring harness – will be ordered together with big board. Flying in from all over the world, all the pieces are coming together.

Stereoping Hardware Synth Programmer for Roland MKS-80

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Stereoping

"Some clips of the Stereoping Synth Programmer for Roland MKS-80, a hardware alternative to the MPG-80. The video shows how to connect Programmer and MKS-80, twiddling knobs and how the MKS responds, how to access hidden parameters and a minute showing many results of the built in randomizer. Finally you see an example of automating the MKS-80 in a DAW with control change messages making use of the Programmer's built in CC to SysEx translator. You are welcome to visit my website and shop for photos of the Programmer in high quality."

Analogue Solutions Reveals the Impulse Command Analogue Synth w/ Sequencer

Impulse Command Full Intro Video - Analogue Synth demo

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Analogue Solutions

"Impulse Command Full Intro Video - Analogue Synth demo
First full sound demo - more to come.
Stereo Filters
2x 16 step sequencers
Advanced features!"

"Come see this synth at SuperBooth, Berlin stand E417 (main entrance area), in May 2019

- in dealers soon

EU retail €1179, USA $1199

849.00 Above price excludes Tax/VAT

Unfortunately, we can not ship to the US, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These countries are serviced by our distributors." See the dealers on the right here on MATRIXSYNTH for availability.

Novation // Tips - SL MkIII + Logic Pro X Sequencing

Published on Mar 29, 2019 NovationTV

"Next up in our Tips series, Enrique shows you a quick and easy way of using the SL MkIII's built in sequencer and how to put it to use with Logic.

For more information on SL MkIII, check out:"

Avalanche Soundpack for Launchpad

Avalanche Soundpack for Launchpad from Ampify on Vimeo.

"A powerful yet serene new Soundpack comes crashing down - Avalanche offers a glistening landscape of ambient electronica."

G. DAWless Jams

Published on Mar 28, 2019 Gabriel Azzarelli

G Tanks
G. Hydraulic
G. Solid Control
G. Hole Geometry
G. Well Identification
G. Fluid Architect

Gear Used:

Novation Circuit
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca FM
Arturia Keystep
MIDI Solution Quadra 4-Output Midi Thru Box
Behringer Xenyx X1204USB

Video recorded with Iphone X, Audio recorded with Audacity through the Mixer .

Spotted this one on discchord.

Sequential Circuits Pro-One SN 7229

via this auction

"The Pro-One is an awesome monophonic synth. According to the Pro-One user manual this unit represents one voice of the legendary Prophet-5. Although I would consider it to have a lot more to offer than just one voice of the legendary poly synth. It sounds amazing and is packed full of features. It is a really nice synth with the desirable J-wire keyboard. This could be your chance to own one of only 10,000 produced."

KORG MS-50 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 190198

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave I CEM 3389 Rev A SN 901388

via this auction

"Great condition unit. Fully working.
Rare Revision A version with Curtis CEM 3389 filter."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

"Here is my much loved & very gently used ROLAND TB 303.
The machine that built acid house and revolutionized music as we know it.

This particular TB 303 is in immaculate condition inside & out.
Comes complete with the RARE ROLAND silver & orange carrying case also in immaculate condition. Original Manual & Power supply

Battery compartment is bone dry & clean as a whistle."


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