Friday, May 31, 2019

Ploytec PL2 Logos Prototype Board on Kickstarter

Ploytec has launched the PL2 Logos prototype board on Kickstarter here. You can find two previous videos below this post in the archives here.

"At Superbooth19 in Berlin we showed a sample of the PL2 Logos prototype board. This PCB makes it a lot easier to translate English text to the allophones needed for Ploytec PL2 based speech synthesis (which is CTS256-AL2 / SP0256-AL2 emulation).

On the board, a PL2 synthesizer is already integrated, so there's no need for a separate PL2 (though it's always good to have some of those).

The included USB keyboard allows entering text, and to store / recall text from memory using function keys. Each function key can hold up to 39 letters in up to six rows.

Via the integrated USB MIDI it's possible to capture and playback the MIDI notes triggering the words. On top, you can record the many MIDI notes representing allophones, to a DAW.

Please note: The knob will be most likely missing on the final board, as it never had any functionality and is not necessary for operation.

Risks and challenges

As the technology is basically working, the task to be done is bug fixing, creating firmware update functionality, changing the PCB to potentially fit into an existing case (not included!) and getting a bunch of PCBs manufactured."

Moog One Patches

Published on May 31, 2019 Jyoti Mishra

"These patches are the result of a week with my newest synth, the Moog One. It's a wildly powerful synthesizer, the most powerful polysynth I've ever encountered. I can't wait to get to know it better!"

benge buchla 1&200

Published on May 31, 2019 zack dagoba

"Self-playing patch on the Buchla 100 and 200 modular synthesisers

Thanks for watching


Buchla Music Easel 218R 208R rev1 in Haliburton Case

via this auction

"Buchla Easel Clone rev 1. It is powered and housed in a Zero Halliburton case. It was repurposed from a former photographer and you can see some notes on the inside of the top case. The wiring for the case has not been finished or started. It is a larger case with the idea that you could put 1-200 module next to the 218r (again not finished). The Easel itself (218r 208r) is powered. The IEC power cable comes out the back. The Synth sounds fantastic and is very much alive. The bass is insane! Reverb is dark... I like the "swampy" sound of the rev 1. This was supposedly built by Roman but I can't prove that. FULL DISCLOSURE --- Other things to note, all of the sequencer notes light up but the step it is on lights up brighter. Tracking over 3 octaves can sometimes go out of tune (probably would benefit a calibration but it is not necessary). Sometimes the pulsar does not trigger when you self trigger it (this is a known issue with some REV 1). Includes Pomona Cables and Banana short plugs. Everything you need to get started."

E-MU Systems Emulator II+ HD SN 2186 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Not to be confused with the standard Emulator II, the II+ HD includes a built in 20MB hard drive allowing for a longer sampling time than the standard model.

This unit was just serviced by our in-house technician, it was fully re-capped and inspected."

Roland Juno-106 w/ Original Box and Manuals

via this auction

SN appears to be 469684

"This 106 is in great condition and was clearly sitting in the (included) box for quite some time. It does suffer from the faded blue buttons which are now more of a greenish hue, so it must have been in a window for a little bit of time, but the printing is all perfect and the keys are super white! A few of the keys do have some light scratching which is some of the most significant wear present. As far as the sound goes this synth sounds great and is all original, there are no issues with the voice chips. Finally, the original box, manual, patch sheets, and power cable are all included, a rare sight indeed. This is a cool chance to get a really clean JUNO-106!"

Akai S612 Digital Sampler & MD280 Disk Reader w/ Disks

via this auction

Night Drive - Quick Improvisation with the DSI Mopho X4

Published on May 31, 2019 JediSid

Roland Juno-106S | Afterglow

Published on May 31, 2019 Alex Ball

"The Roland Juno-106 is probably one of the most famous polyphonic synthesizers from the 80s but it had a couple of lesser known variations; the HS-60 and the 106S, both of which had built-in speakers, but were otherwise identical.

The 106S was apparently sold in Japan with the HS-60 sold to the rest of the world, but if you know anymore let me know!

The story of this track was that it was something I'd written last year for demoing the 106 for my "Land of the Rising Sound" documentary. On the day of recording there was so many synths and drum machines to setup and record that we ran out of time and the intended 106 and Super-JX demos had to be dropped. On the plus side, Ra @ MadFAME and synth4ever did some great demos instead, which you can enjoy in the film.

Anyway, I've now got to record the demo that never was and extend it out into a longer thing. Hope you enjoy it!

Roland Juno-106S (1984)
Roland SH-101 (1982)
Roland TR-707 (1984)
Oberheim DX (1982)
Yamaha DX7 (1983) Not filmed, but playing the odd FM chime if you listen out
Ibanez Jem 7DBK (2002)
Fender Blues Junior II mic'd with SM57
Boss CE-2 Chorus
Vocals recorded with an AKG C414S
Also some Fairlight drum fills that you'll probably recognise from "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

Torvill and Dean were not made by Roland."

Yamaha CS60 - a little improvisation....

Published on May 31, 2019 noddyspuncture

"Just make it up as you go along.... 😃 .... and headphones are essential...!"

Ro by Todd Barton

Published on May 30, 2019 Todd Barton

You might recall the Shakuhachi Ro Simultaneous Releases by Todd Barton posted here. I'm happy to announce the re-release of Todd Barton's solo shakuhachi album, Ro, is now available. An interesting aspect of this release is that Todd with the help of Walker Farrell at Makenoise music has made samples available in Makenoise/Tom Erbe Morphagene format here. Details on the re-release follow.

"Ro is the lowest note on the shakuhachi, all finger holes closed. Ro is the root. Blowing the note Ro for 10 minutes to an hour a day is traditional training for shakuhachi players. Ro focuses breath, embouchure, timbre and listening.

Originally self released in 2003, Ro is a meditative, solitary work focused on achieving rich timbral expressions. Todd Barton, best known for his momentous collaboration with Ursula K. Le Guin in the 80s, and recently re-released in 2018, Music and Poetry of the Kesh, is a multi instrumentalist and master synthesist. He is a well known educator, teaching Buchla, Serge and Hordijk synthesizers to curious music students around the world. His online tutorials, talks and performances have millions of hits.

This re-release explores new territory not available in 2003. Thanks to Walker Farrell at Makenoise music, we are releasing a set of audio samples from Ro which can be downloaded for free at Anyone can access, edit and remix these clips. The samples will be available in Makenoise/Tom Erbe Morphagene format. More on that module at:

Ro will be released to all streaming outlets, on cassette and CD May 31st via Flying Moonlight.

released May 31, 2019"

Emblematic Systems Catalyst Macro Crossfader

Published on May 31, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Catalyst from Emblematic Systems is a eurorack module with 8 CV outputs and a crossfader to morph between two different saved sets of voltages. The potentiometers for the 8 voltages are backlit so you can see what voltages are being output. This module is almost like having the Octatrack's scene crossfader in your eurorack system!

In the video the sounds come from the Bastl Tea Kick, Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas, Mutable Instruments Elements and are sequenced by Malekko's Varigate 4+. Catalyst available here:"

Emblematic Systems - Catalyst from Emblematic Systems on Vimeo.
Quick overview and demonstration of the Catalyst macro controller for Eurorack systems. Available by late February 2019.

Catalyst is a Eurorack module that allows precise macro control of your patch.

8 outputs offering 16bit precision CVs in a range from 0-10V
8 scenes per bank, 8 banks in total
8 LED backlit encoders for precise parameter editing
Crossfader for scene interpolation with a convenient 60mm of travel
Copy/Paste function for scenes
Crossfader motion recording for up to 20 seconds
Physical animation of the crossfader position

+12V 135mA || -12V 17mA

Singularity Vol 1 - Moog ONE- 33 to 64 -

Published on May 31, 2019 GEOSynths

"Not Yet Released (2 more videos to come showing all 128 Patches in total)

Second of 4 Videos, showing the (soon to be released) Patches I've made for the amazing Moog One. This Synth is fantastic and just oozes texture and tone and has now officially become my favorite Synthesizer...And is also the fist Moog I will release Patches for :)

Here I show the first 32 Patches of my Bank - Singularity Vol 1, which contains 128 Patches for the Moog One 8 & 16. Some are single layers, dual or even triple layers, however all will work on either model.

No external FX are used, all are from the Synth and are made for the patch. Where possible, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and X/Y Pad have assignments."

Singularity Vol 1 videos

Extended Environments by Interconnected

via Bakis of Parallel Worlds

"Extremely happy to announce the album release of my latest collaboration with Ingo Zobel on the label Neotantra. Ambient music made with modular synths, available as limited edition CD and download. Interconnected - Extended Environments"

Three New SoundSet for Spectrasonics Omnisphere by SoundsDivine

Published on May 31, 2019 SoundsDivine111
Re-Published on Jun 22, 2019 SoundsDivine111



'Binary Worlds 1' features 128 presets for Spectrasonics's Omnisphere 2.

This soundset contains immersive futuristic soundscapes , strange glitched out noises , quantum worlds of sound , alien soundscapes , shimmering pads , dystopian synth sounds , echoes from outer space & constantly evolving aural oddities.

Available as part of the 'Binary Worlds Bundle' and 'Kompletely Omnispheric' sets.

*Price excludes VAT

Re-Published on Jun 22, 2019 SoundsDivine111



'Binary Worlds 2' features 128 presets for Spectrasonics''s Omnisphere 2.

This soundset contains massive choral stacks , hypnotic granular soundscapes , ghostly vocal drones , environmental noisescapes , mystical new age sounds , gregorian chants , haunting acoustic instruments , celestial pads and much more.

Available as part of the 'Binary Worlds Bundle' and 'Kompletely Omnispheric' sets.

*Price excludes VAT

Published on May 31, 2019
Re-Published on Jun 22, 2019 SoundsDivine111



'Special Effects' features 200 presets for Spectrasonics's Omnisphere 2.

This soundset contains stunning ambient guitar washes , immersive aural environments , evocative vocal sounds , spectral pads , acoustic granular loops , futuristic transition effects , ethereal pads , space age soundscapes , blissed out pads and much more.

Also available as part of the 'Kompletely Omnispheric' soundset.

*Price excludes VAT

sismo samba legacy

sismo samba legacy from sismo on Vimeo.

Update: image added.

"A fresh approach to Samba, now in the eurorack version.

Maintains the caracter of its previous desktop analog synthesizer with a tap sequencer. Comes with a low tone sine wave, and a synth part (square/noise).

Power on, Plug the clock, tap the buttons and let's Samba!"

Red Roland Boutique Series SH-01A Synthesizer Module

via this auction

Red ROLAND SH-101 SN 310587

via this auction, also on Reverb.

Blue Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Model 800 Sequencer SN 00166

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Model 800 Sequencer
In near perfect condition.

Lights up and tested while plugged in, I don't have a synth to fully program a sequence on it though."

Alesis Andromeda A6 w/ Custom Dust Cover

via this auction

"Andromeda A6 plus custom dust cover. 2nd owner studio use only. Everything functions smooth. I purchased this in “Excellent” condition a few years ago and it hasn’t left my studio. I am listing it as “Very Good” due to some tape residue on the back from the previous owner. I’m sure it could be easily removed with a little care but it never really bothered me. All 16 voices tested and working. Never had any issues with the synth, it’s a beautiful machine. The only reason I’m selling is to finance promotion of new album."

Yamaha CS60 - through 3 band resonator

Published on May 31, 2019 noddyspuncture

"Here I'm playing the CS60 though a three band Resonator module and also utilising my LFO speed a/t modifications for both the Sub Osc LFO and the Ring Modulator LFO's."

Monome Norns - hedge & the haze

Published on May 31, 2019 Jae Ryan

"I was noodling around with MLR tonight using a sequence I recorded with poly-earthsea on Norns as the mangling material. The whole jam is just that one sample being MLR'd to death. I need to start trying MLR with multiple sources to get the full experience eventually.

A field recording of my street is playing from my phone into Norns but it slowly gets lost in the mix as layers and effects are added. Norns is running through Strymon Volante & then into OTO BAM (as usual)

I also used the UAD studer tape plug-in to get a little distortion/compression for a more lo-fi vibe.

Highly recommend stereo on this one as it really falls apart in mono thanks to copious amounts of extreme effects!"

06-The Dreadbox Nyx v2- Part 5: Reverb

Published on May 31, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the reverb found on the Dreadbox Nyx v2.

The theme to this video was composed (excepting drums) entirely using multitracking of the Dreabox Nyx v2."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Nyx videos

Erica Synths -Pico VCO 2 analogue oscillator /Pico VCF1 smaller Polivoks filter brother in music

Published on May 31, 2019 Dziam Bass

"I have today a small movie with the use of the new analogue oscillator- PICO VCO 2 recently released from the renewed Pico series from Erica Synths.
Only 3HP and very strong sound. I've used here with the PICO VCF1 filter the smaller Polivoks filter brother.
Small fun PWM changes and a little filter later also in BP and to show how it returns to LP in the full sound.
For me it's a great VCO because it saves space in the case so only 3HP is a greatly placed module for those who like to have more modules in ur one box."

Erica Synths Graphic VCO drum mode

Published on May 31, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"A fiddle through the new Drum Mode on the Erica Synths Graphic VCO. I don't claim to have any idea as to what I'm doing - I'm just fiddling. I've got triggers coming from a Varigate 4+ and some modulation coming into the Morph input. I also add some random notes to the volt/oct input."

The Sound of Digitone Keys #4

Published on May 31, 2019 Elektron

"Loop the loop on the synth siege engine that is #digitonekeys. Auvrel dual-wields our new machine in full glitchy glory alongside its sibling #digitone."

Kit Overview #41 - Befaco CRUSH Delay - Demo Video

Demo video just added below.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Studio Electronics Introduces SE-1X Standalone Editor

"A standalone app is now available for the SE-1X persuasion. SE Sound Designer and Coder Emmanuel Santoul has delivered yet again. Like the OmegaCodeEditor/ATCeditor/SE-02, it also floats an expanded virtual synth above your actual and venerated SE-1X.

Plug-in Highlights
1. Complete front panel implementation.
2. Extended panel for full patch review and edit.
3. 4+4+4 banks landscape (4 ROM, 4 RAM, 4 on your hard drive).
4. Alpha-numeric patch naming/renaming.
5. Deep and detailed Patch and Bank exploration modification made easy.
6. Visual Patch edit and compare of all parameters.
7. Bank saving/loading made easy.
8. Tone Wizard functionality for quick and weird patch generation.
9. Crazy useful random patch name generator.

Note: The app does not generate sound; it only address MIDI and SysEx data.

Mac: OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher, 64bits app.
PC: Win7 and higher 32bits app. No Plug-in planned at this time.


Kit Overview # 41 - Befaco Crush Delay - Build video

Premiere in progress. Started 2 minutes ago Synth Diy Guy


Kit Overview #41 - Befaco CRUSH Delay - Demo Video

Moog The Source Synthesizer SN 2192

via this auction

Mike & The Mechanics / Toyah Roland Jupiter-8 SN 800009 w/ Mods & History

via this auction

Drone Box don't keep droning on about it ...

Published on May 30, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"Unique six oscillator drone box probably made in the 1970s judging by the components used in it - mostly working with a few broken switches and pots. Great if you need that WW2 Lancaster / Dornier Bomber sound ... No information on this one off creation but it looks really old school! Stereo out each oscillator footage has a switch, gain and pan controls. If you made this or know anything about it please let me know. Also if you are electronically competent and interested in buying it to refurbish and maybe fit some wooden side cheeks etc... get in touch"


Published on May 30, 2019 RazR

"Another little tutorial, this time for a fake electric guitar sound.
To be honest - I want to release a whole pack of kinda "natural" sounds instead of sharing every patch... But I have a full time job and many other responsibilities that burns my time. It's not that I have already made whole pack, I'm sharing them when I make them... So please, don't be mad - if you really need it - dive into editor (you can easily copy all the values to Components editor as well) :)
Thanks for watching!

Another time - big shoutout to Novation! Circuit ftw! (for those who may not now)
This tutorial can be applied to almost any subtractive synthesis related gear."

Also see the Fake Piano Patch, and more RazR Circuit videos posted here.

SE 02 EXT BOX: Drive, HP w/Waves, Freqs & Spectrals

Published on May 30, 2019 StudioElectronics

"More dirtier better.

Uncompressed/limited raw audio at its earthiest."

Modal SKULPT - Let’s Play With SKULPT Synth - Live Stream

Published on Jul 16, 2017 The Sound Test Room

Original patches Prophet 6

Published on May 30, 2019 Arnaud Music.

"no effect externe"

Teenage Engineering OP-1 : Electronic Soundscapes

Published on May 30, 2019 Todd Smith Music

"This little jam is 100% Teenage Engineering OP-1 and it's internal synthesizers. This slow, dark, hip hop style track with some signature atmosphere in the mix. Hope you enjoy the sounds, trying to explore the Teenage Engineering OP-1 so expect more videos in the future."

"Better Than The Best Of Both Worlds" Hybrid Polysynth 'Summit' from Novation // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 30, 2019 DivKidVideo

"**PLEASE NOTE** Text used on screen in the video is from the Novation Peak page (link below). But as the products share the technology you can apply those things to the features and design of Summit.

Summit is more than two Peaks thrown together. We can think of the Summit as two Peaks in that it's 16 voices (rather than 8) and it can also be split/layered and multi timbral which opens a huge range of power for sound design and performance. Summit (with more real estate thanks to the 61 note keyboard) breaks out more controls such as FM for the oscillators, loop switching for the envelopes and more. I was impressed with Peak and I'm impressed with Summit too.

In the video I chat briefly to Danny who designed the Summit, Nick about the engineering and working with Chris Huggett (designer of the OSCar and Wasp synths) and Chris Calc runs us through the synth. I also have patches from the launch day event cut into the video. So you'll get some background, a product overview and plenty of sounds too."

Syncing 2 vintage Roland drummachines, CR-78 and CR-8000

Published on May 29, 2019 obscure wave music

"Syncing 2 vintage Roland drum machines.

Here's a little demo -really nothing fancy - featuring the Roland CR-8000 and the CR-78 synced together and plugged into, but not recorded on, a vintage Tascam 244. The echo is the now-almost-vintage Boss RE-20.
Both these drummachines are long-time favorites of mine, along with the TR-606.

The point here is this: though both drum machines respond to Roland sync, the CR-8000 uses 24 ppqn and the CR-78 uses 12 ppqn. Wich means that if you just plug sync out from the CR-8000 into the CR-78, the latter one will play at double the tempo, which can be intresting, but most of the time is not.

So, I worked around that problem by using a Doepfer MSY-1 to sync the CR-78 from a midi clock coming from a DSI mono evolver keyboard ( which plays the “ drony “ sequence in the background from it's internal sequencer ). The MSY-1, although a relatively old device, can be set to different clock divisions from an incoming midi clock. Using the same midi clock source, the CR-8000 is synced by the sync24 converter inside the Novation Drumstation ( both the MSY-1 and the Drumstation are out of view ).

Using this principle, I'll try to make another demo with an 808 and 606 added to the setup.

Recorded straight from the 244's line out into a Roland R-05. I chose not to record on the 244, because it is still in the process of being refurbished and the tape mechanism is not up to the job yet.

By the way: my 244 misses the button cap of the cassette eject switch. Would anyone know where I can find a replacement ? All the transport caps/buttons on the 244 are one “ pad of caps/buttons “, and the one for eject here has broken of and vanished... Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks for watching !"


Published on May 30, 2019 BoBeats

"How do you make complex sequences on the Minilogue XD? You can now get my 64 NEW PRESETS for the Minilogue XD here:"

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

QUASIMIDI POLYMORPH Synthesizer Sequencer (1999) factory demo sequences and track

Published on May 29, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 by RetroSound

I had the Quasimidi Polymorph in the late 90s.
The PM is an four part virtual-analog synthesizer, a step sequencer and fx.

va osc: 3 per voice with 128 waves (sine, saw, square, pwm, tri, etc.) and 30 sampled waves
filter : high pass and low pass
sequencer: 4 lines
Audio In

first part: some factory sequences
second part: demo song from Klaus Schulze"

Digitakt LFO is broken by design (with proof / measurements) ?

Published on May 30, 2019 zbr_audio


"The range of the LFO on the digitakt is roughly five times more than reasonable - to the extent it saturates the pitch modulation input. I hope this gets fixed.
Bug been there since I got the machine on 1.05, still here on 1.11

Measurements done using CueMixFX FFT visualiser"

Audiothingies P6

Published on May 30, 2019 Joakim Floke

"A demo of the now discontinued Audiothingies P6. A cheap DIY VA-synth with a load of features, great sound and a small form factor. I use it a lot. It has some rolandish quality to its sound, at least I think so. The build took only 2 evenings."

sounds of the TR-606

Published on May 30, 2019 ljs8888

Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW+ MKII MK2 Drum Synthesizer Sequencer SN I13043965-47

via this auction

ARP AXXE Vintage Analog Synthesizer Early Model 2310 Superb Condition 1975 SN 607

via this auction

"ARP AXXE Vintage Analog Synthesizer Early Model 2310 1975 Superb condition. Wood sides, black and gold case. serial number 607

Cosmetics are very good, a few minor scratches in black enamel steel case. Wood in excellent condition. I have used this only sparingly over many years. All of the original slider caps are there. Non-smoking environment

Electronics are excellent, switches, pots and key contacts have been cleaned. All controls function as expected."

Korg MS-10 SN 134407 w/ Original Case & Japanese Front Panel Clear Plastic Overlay

via this auction

"This MS-10 is in 100% perfect working condition and in very good condition.
This unit was checked/ cleaned by professional technician.
with original case and patch cables."

Roland EF-303 Groove Effects SN ZN92185

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Eko Stradivarius Analog String Machine

via this auction

"A collectors item in good condition considering it's age, lid included.

Plays great, good key action, sliders are in good shape, no oxidation or double triggering.
Tons of character and, with all the sections engaged, capable of a BIG sound!
See the Youtube video of this very machine on sale here. [video previously posted here]
This was Eko's answer to the early version Solina String Ensemble, and it gets very close: Bass, cello and horn sounds are literally spot on, the other three sections a bit different but quite close, again, see the video of this very machine on sale here.

Six sections with individual volume controls for each section, making it versatile compared to the Solina's On/Off.

Variable Attack and decay controls.

Weighs 16 kilos, light compared to the Solinas whopping 25... "

Arturia Microfreak & Eventide Space

Published on May 30, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Nord Lead 2x 50 Custom Performances by Chronos

Published on May 30, 2019 chronosproject

"1983 Retro" Soundset By Nick Klimenko aka.Chronos
99 patches + 50 performances.

Compatible: Nord Lead/Rack 2/2x.


Get ready for most warm & authentic patches for Swedish red beast!

Nord Lead 2x became a classic in decade due its authentic "analog-like" tone among other v.a. synthesizers & having lots of fans around the world.

Our team also had a big experience with Lead Line - From 2,2X,
3,4 & A1 in last 10 years.

Following our experience we made this soundset full of reach analog tones with emulations of classic synthesizers:
Juno, JX, Prophet, Polysix, Oberheim, CS & other big names.

Soundset contains single patches:

Bass: 23.
Leads: 11
Pluck/Bell: 20
Strings/Pads: 24
Arps: 14.

Also some non-standard sounds using unique Morph function.

And 50 Performances which using from 3 to 4 slots for maximum power.

Enjoy your red ferrari synth & discover our sounds!

All the sounds from this demonstration are directly from the synth,
besides drums.

ROSSUM Electro Music TRIDENT Oscillator - Jam

Published on May 30, 2019 Jimi Heinrich

"A quick demo of the new Rossum Electro Music Trident Oscillator for the Eurorack system.

You can hear the Trident on the left side, with no filters or effects.

To make really use of the Trident, you should different tracks for the three oscillators and for the modulations. To accomplish this, I used a Winter Modular Eloquencer and then some.

On the right side there is a little help from an ACL Oscillator paired with an Erica Synth Polivoks II Filter."

New Melisma Eurorack Module Sneak Peek

Published on May 30, 2019 freshnelly aka SDS Digital

"Our newest module! We love it, hope you do too!!
It's primarily an easy to use CV to MIDI chords & melody module
There will be a link and more info in the near future"

Yamaha An1x Best Of Part. 1

Published on May 29, 2019 DKS SYNTH LAB

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Noise Engineering Live! Ruinas, Cursus Iteritas Percido, Sinc Bucina Demo + Q&A

Streamed live 76 minutes ago Perfect Circuit

"Noise Engineering will be showing us some of the great sounds from some of their new modules Wednesday May 29th 2019. They will be demoing two of their distortions, Kith Ruina and Terci Ruina. They also have the Cursus Iteritas Percido which is a full voice for synth sounds and drums as well as an only 4hp lowpass gate & envelope called the Sinc Bucina.

Kith Ruina available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details. Thank you to all who support the site!

Novation Circuit Chillout by Flak Cannon

8mm From The Sun! [Novation Circuit Chillout] Published on May 29, 2019 Flak Cannon

"A chillout track completely made on the Novation Circuit groovebox. All video material recorded by me during 2016 - 2018 using the 8mm app for iOS."

Esoteric Beach Simulator II [Novation Circuit Tape Lo-Fi chillout]

Published on May 29, 2019 Flak Cannon

"I recorded this track directly to a cassette from the Novation Circuit when performing it. It's more exciting and fun recording directly into an analogue physical media when you don't have an undo/delete button so easily available!

If I ever finish this track "properly", I'll record it to PC and upload it here."

More Flak Cannon videos posted here.

Kilohearts Introduces Phase Plant Modular Hybrid Synthesizer Plugin

See the SUPERBOOTH video here.

"Kilohearts crosses threshold of New Era Synthesis as snapin eco-system pinnacle Phase Plant pushes creative sound design envelope

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: new-generation audio plugins creator Kilohearts is proud to announce availability of Phase Plant — pushing the creative sound design envelope as a truly limitless hybrid synthesizer plugin, building on a modular system of GENERATORS, MODULATORS, and EFFECTS from the company’s acclaimed snapin range of small, single-purpose plugins that can be used either directly in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as VST (Virtual Studio Technology), AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) and AU (Audio Unit) audio plugins or as building blocks in a Phase Plant patch — as of May 29…

Phase Plant represents the pinnacle of the snapin eco-system that Kilohearts has been busy developing since the 2015 release of its award-winning Multipass modular multi-band host. Combining the power of snapin effects with new modules for signal generation and modulation, Phase Plant is a hybrid synthesizer capable of what has previously only been possible in classic modular setups. Indeed, it empowers users with more options than they can shake a stick at, allowing anyone to make their thing as big or small as they need it to be. But better still, it does all this on a single screen and with surprising ease.

Roland TB-303

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda with Memory Card SN (21)A60500426

via this auction

"One of the best used-gear deals around regarding VCO polysynths. It has 16 voices and two filter types, modeled on the Moog and Oberheim styles..."

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

"Here we have a Roland Jupiter-8 in very good condition. This item has been sitting in a garage for many years, but is fully functional. The only thing missing is the plastic tip for the cutoff frequency fader. The previous owner told us that this unit was modded from the factory for Steve Winwood but we are unsure of what the mods are. Because we have no way of knowing that this actually did belong to Steve Winwood, we have it priced out to be a normal modded Jupiter-8."

Arp Quadra Phase Shifter Demo

Arp Quadra Phase Demo for Jari 29 May 2019 Published on May 29, 2019 Synth Collector

This appears to be a demo for someone named Jari. Hopefully it will stay up. Watch it while you can.

James Blake performing "I'll Come Too" live on KCRW

Published on May 21, 2019 KCRW

"In the four decades of Morning Becomes Eclectic, you’ve heard countless sessions broadcast live from our humble basement studios. On Tuesday, May 21, we begin a new chapter with our first live MBE broadcast from our new home with a live performance by James Blake."

Trip seeing the eurorack system. Sequential Prophet-X & Prophet '08 featured as well. I believe the drummer has a Prophet-6 module based on the following tweet from @SequentialLLC:

"#ProphetX #Prophet08 (& #Prophet6 module) live in the @kcrw studio with @jamesblake:"

Spot the other gear as well.

Gotharman's Spazeboard6 - FilterBank Beat

Published on May 29, 2019 gotharman

Analog filterbank.

Jean-Michel Jarre - Waveshaper TV Ep.14 - Voyager archive series

Published on May 28, 2019 Waveshaper Media

Electronic Voyager on Indiegogo:

"From our Bob Moog documentary - Electronic Voyager Archive Series: Michelle Moog-Koussa pays a visit to electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre in his studio outside of Paris, giving us an extensive tour of his collection of Moog instruments, and discussing Bob Moog's impact on electronic music history."

A (Volca) Modular in the Garden

Published on May 29, 2019 Wein Glas

"We had fine weather so it was about time to test the battery powered Korg Volca Modular in the Garden. This time I patched more usual sounds, some might say: musically or even danceable.

But if you watch until the end, you might have the chance to listen to some Weinglas trademark sounds ;-)"

u-he Hive 2 - Modulation Exploration & Tutorial

Published on May 28, 2019 Waveform

"An exploration into some of the modulation options of Hive 2 by u-he with patch examples and a demo track."

Open Source Magazine OS01 - Eurorack Magazine

via this auction

"I purchased this magazine from AnalogueHaven in Feb 2019 and never opened it. It is sealed and in mint condition. Includes the 4GB MicroSD card.

Open Source is a journal of synthesizer culture, visual art and technology. It was conceived and meticulously crafted for the synth community by passionate musicians and artists in Silicon Valley with collaborators spanning the globe. This limited run of 200 issues will only be available in physical print at select boutique synth shops. Each issue includes a 4GB microSD card loaded with audio visual goodies including two full-length albums.

Issue 01 features:
• An in-depth interview about the virtual vs. sensual artistic process with ambient maestro, Robert Rich
• A year-long development journal on the BLCK_NOIR written by designer Andreas Zhukovsky
• Interview with visual artist, Bill Wiatroski discussing “Manifestation”, his analog video installation in Alameda, CA
• Creating electroacoustic instruments using contact mics by Nathan Moody
• Guide to Granular Modular Synthesis by Austin Cairns
• Decibel levels in Eurorack Synthesis by Kurt Kurasaki
• And James Cigler’s perspectives on moving beyond East Coast vs. West Coast synthesis

The 4GB microSD card contains:
• Open Source Records presents "Rituals:in:Time”, an exclusive album by m.0 aka Maurice Jackson including the “Passage” music video directed by Danny Kim
• "Blck Noir”, an album from Principal Uno (Julia Bondar and Andreas from including a bonus track named, “Le Fleur du Mal” and a behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot
• An exclusive preview of r beny’s untitled album
• Five original patches from James Cigler, m.0, r beny, Distco and Qorser demoing the BLCK_NOIR
• Darkwaves effects firmware for the BLCK_NOIR"

Roland V-Synth (V1) 61 Keys

via this auction

Macbeth Elements SN EL2-016 2019 Black

via this auction

"Waited for almost a year and received the EL2 end of March 2019. Barely used it. It basically stayed in the box. The EL2 is limited to30 units!

At first glance, the EL2 features a classical, subtractive signal flow. A closer look then reveals some cool oddities like unconventional filter slopes, extensively equipped modulators, a band echo simulation and a spring reverb. The EL2 features a completely discrete circuit design. Its sound is creamy and fat at the same time. Thanks to NOS components, the instrument has a nice vintage vibe. Compared to its predecessor, the EL2 offers some very useful additions. – Especially its three oscillators have been extended considerably."

1977 Kawai 100F w/ Dust Cover & Patch Sheet Overlay

via this auction

Ritm-2 Soviet Analog Synthesizer

Uploaded on May 28, 2019

via this auction

"Rare soviet analog synthesizer - Ritm-2.
The unit is in fully working condition - check the video in the gallery"

Custom Yamaha EX5 sounds (no talking)

Published on May 29, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"Playing some of my custom Yamaha EX5 sounds (no talking). Creating this sound set is propably a pointless (but fun) exercise. I'll release this next week - watch this channel for more info."

Table of contents:
00:00 Rhodes
01:11 Acoustic Piano
01:41 SinePiano
02:10 SquarePiano

X-PAN Tricks: Simple Stereo Mixer

Published on May 29, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"The X-PAN is a powerful compact signal routing toolbox! There are many ways to patch it. Check out this and other upcoming "X-PAN Tricks" for some ideas.

If you need to make a simple mix of two or three stereo outputs, you can use the X-PAN."

Leipzig West Eurorack Modules At Superbooth 2019

Published on May 29, 2019 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2019, LPZW introduced their latest Eurorack modules."

Pittsburgh Modular Documentary Films Presents: the Voltage Research Laboratory - Season 2 Episode 10

Published on May 29, 2019 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Teaser track showcasing the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory Eurorack format synthesizer."

A more "standard" track featuring the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory & and Oberheim DMX on drums.

See this post for all parts and the SoundCloud playlist.

FUZZ LOVE & putting the Indus in Industrial with Animal Factory Amplification // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 29, 2019 DivKidVideo

"It's always a pleasure to see Adi from Animal Factory Amplification I love his tag 'putting the Indus in Industrial'. An indian gentlemen making some killer industrial leaning fuzz and distortion pedals and modules. His new dual tube VCA uses pre-glass "metal tube" technology from the 1950s, this pedals have some updates and his Eurorack modules have some updates too ... plus there's a God Eater module coming!"

4 new Eurorack modules from XAOC Devices // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 29, 2019 DivKidVideo

"XAOC Devices brought 4 new modules (5 if you count the expander or updates) to Superbooth with a BBD delay, DSP FX platform, utility module updates, analogue computing AD/DA 8 bit wavetable action and plenty more. We have Jena, Sarajewo, Timiszoara, Samara II and NIN. It was nice to hear Odessa is going to into production soon which I was really excited about last year."

Unicorns, Ravens & Fruit Loops + more from birdkids // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 29, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Mike from birdkids gives us a run down the Raven (which is shipping out to Kickstarter backers soon and to be available later in the year), the Unicorn Boom (which did clip our pre amps - it's usually cleaner sounding for those interested) and we also talk about Crows Nest, company philosophy, the Bateleur and supporting products over a lifetime."

Arturia MICROFREAK - AMBIENT factory patches demo (1)

Published on May 29, 2019 Alba Ecstasy

"Here is a selection of some of the Arturia #MicroFreak #factorypresets that I could easily use in an #ambient track. That’s why the amount of the reverb.
The demo (part 1) is made (in a hurry, since today I have to return the MF) to help myself decide if a should give listen to my G.A.S. and to order it again (yes, I canceled my preorder two days before being delivered - I had my reasons to wait a little bit more). So, don't expect too much from this demo, ok?!

How’s the MicroFreak?! Really nice! It still has some bugs - it really needs a carryover function so when you change the patches the transition between them to be smooth - but I could live with that.

But I’m afraid the my Digitone would cover that tonal character of the MF.
My G.A.S. says to me that I need one asap!
What should I do, what should I do? (lol)"

Microfreaks on eBay | Microfreaks on Reverb | Microfreaks on Amazon

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Basic House Music

Published on May 28, 2019 KlangGenerator

"nothing special, just a basic tuesday afternoon house session... ;)"

Featuring the E-licktronic Nava TR-909 clone on drums, Waldorf Microwave, Syncussion SY-1, Elektron Analog Four, and Roland Juno-106 w/ KiwiTechnics upgrade.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"This P600 was acting up and had a recent trip to Wine Country Sequential last year to fix some underlying bugginess. In the time I've had it it has seen an almost entire replacement of the digital control ICs for the panel controls, as well as the replacement of all the original plastic potentiometers with nice metal, panel mounted, buttery smooth metal pots, and a new production membrane pad. It also has a new battery, brand new EPROM, and all original factory presets loaded in. While it is completely up and running (and sounding amazing!) one of the filters doesn't quite track..."

Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"Roland SH-101 with modulation grip, original Roland carry bag, original Roland leather strap, and Boss PSA-120 power supply."

Roland System-100 Model-101

via this auction

Retroaktiv PG-800 MINI Assembled Desktop Controller

via this auction

See this post for a demo.

"The PG-800 Mini is a compact controller for the Roland JX-8P, Super JX, and MKS-70 synthesizers. This unit comes fully assembled, tested, and ready to be plugged into a JX. Units are available in black gloss and matte black cases.

Moog One 16-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Dead mint, latest firmware ready to go all original packaging and extra’s included. Still has all the protective plastic on the screens and knobs."

Orca on the Norns, Microfreak , Eurorack - DPO etc.

Published on May 28, 2019 junklight

"Installed Orca on my Norns today! lovely - here it is outputting midi and playing a sample. I'm pretty sure you can do what I was doing with the keyboard using the grid as well but that's for another day

Been listening to early Chris Carter today so was exploring sequences and rhythms rather than the keyboard driven stuff I often make....."

Turning One LFO Into Six Using Planar's Scan Mode

Published on May 28, 2019 Intellijel

"With nothing connected to the inputs, Planar's ABCD outputs each send 10v when the joystick pans to that quadrant. This gives you a total of 6 CV control outputs. By recording a gesture and playing it back using an LFO in Scan Mode, you can control the rate of modulation to all 6 outputs using that single LFO. It's almost like turning one LFO into 6!"

NTO Further Adventures

Published on May 28, 2019 Todd Barton

"Today's tutorial will be processing each of the 5 different wave shapes of the New Timbral Oscillator (NTO) in radically different manners."

Elektron University Octatrack 101 Course Now Available

Published on May 28, 2019 Professor Elektron

"Elektron University is proud to present Part 1 of the Octatrack 101 online course. Part 1 features 5 instructional videos with a quiz to test your knowledge at the completion of each of the instructional videos. Go to to sign up!"

Polyend Perc Midi/CV Controlled Percussion Striker

Published on May 28, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Polyend Perc takes either a midi or CV input and then strikes the drum or whatever you place it above. We had fun seeing how fast of a snare roll we could get the Perc to do. For this video we sequenced the Perc with Polyend's Seq and added in a kick drum with Korg's Volca Kick. We hit a snare drum, cymbal and even one of the pads on a Nord Drum 3P (we know we could of used midi, but this was way more fun!)

Polyend Perc available here:"

EMW WCS-1x - Analog Mini Mono Synth

via this auction

"Great sounding mono synth with a very powerful bass fundamental. Additional OSC modes and tricks make this a versatile little synth."


Published on May 28, 2019 Lackan

"A short demo of a OBX one-voice that I just built from a single OBX voice card. With added sub oscillator it reminds very much of an OB1 in 12 dB mode. Sounds really great in my opinion."

OBX voice clone from Abstrakt Instruments.

Schlappi Engineering Intros 100 Grit Eurorack Module

Published on May 28, 2019 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Eric Schlappi of Schlappi Engineering, who gave us an introduction to his latest Eurorack module."

Mods for PCLONE2 pecussion synth kit

Published on May 28, 2019 Jason Hotchkiss

"This clip demos some of the mods possible on the Sixty Four Pixels PCLONE2 analog percussion synth kit (Boss PC-2/Amdek PCK100 clone). For more info see

Bitty - Drones and Sprinkles & Flying

Published on May 28, 2019 Curious Sound Objects

"Having some fun with a drone and arpeggiator patch on the Bitty."

Bitty - Flying

Published on May 28, 2019 Curious Sound Objects

"It was such a beautiful day last Saturday. Took out my favorite Bitty melodic patch and zoned out into the sun."

See this post for details on Curious Sound Objects Bitty.

MOOG Modular Synthesizer 2 Evolving Patch

Published on Feb 1, 2019 OFR

via Brian Kehew:

"I like to make non-traditional Moog system patches. People have this illusion that a Moog modular is a tonal keyboard-oriented instrument, but that's obviously a limitation of thinking. Here are some live videos of evolving patches to demonstrate the concept.

All the audio modules are Moog: 1960s, 70s, and 2015. The top cabinet has some other CV modules from DotCom, SSL, and STG."

Side note: You can find all three parts here. I had parts 1 and 3 posted as they went up, but missed part 2. I added all three to the first post.

QUASIMIDI SIRIUS (1997) synthesizer dance music workstation demo cd from the 90s

Published on May 27, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 by RetroSound

I had a Sirius synthesizers in the late 90s between all that other #Quasimidi stuff. Raven Max, Cyber-6, Polymorph, Quasar, Technox...
Long before YouTube I have make some tracks with this QM stuff. Unfortunately I lost the most after a disk crash in 2001.
But I have a lot demo stuff in my big synthesizer archive and I will show some demos here from time to time .

The #Sirius is a #synthesizer workstation with synthesizer, sequencer, drumcomputer, arpeggiator, vocoder, filterbank, fx processors.

- DTE Synthesis and Rom Samples
- 3 envelopes
- 3 filter modes
- 49 keys

all tracks recorded and mastered by Quasimidi GmbH Germany"

Imaginary Journey

Published on May 27, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

Jörg Schaaf of Radikal Technologies and previously Quasimidi.

"The first three tracks of my upcoming album "Imaginary Journey. I am very excited that the brilliant studio musician and film composer Tobias Becker joined me for the second track and played a wonderful oboe improvisation. His work adds a very special element to the electronically produced ambient tracks. I highly recommend to check out his own work as well.
track listing:
1.) departure
2.) behavior in the dark
3.) river crossing
Release date of the album 01.07.2019.
I am meanwhile using my mobile phone for most of my videos. In this case I just walked around and produced some footage here and there. Don't expect something very special.

The 2017 album "Indiscreet" is available at my bandcamp page:"

Strymon Volante Sound Demo (No Talking) ft. Korg Minilogue & Novation Peak

Published on May 28, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

"Custom Sound Sets for Peak and Minilogue were used in this video."

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 Sound Demo No Talking

Published on May 28, 2019 Pure Ambient Drone

"Dave Smith Pioneer Toraiz AS 1 Synthesizer Sound Demo No Talking"

Patti - Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Limited White SN 02629

via this auction

"Meet Patti, our beautiful Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 limited edition white keyboard synthesizer in near mint condition.

-Near mint condition (just some small marks on the wood edges, otherwise, practically mint. Overall in fantastic shape and taken excellent care of.)
-Works perfectly, no functional issues.
-Power cord included
-Sounds absolutely amazing! Has all the tone and vibes you'd expect from a high-end keyboard."

Why Patti?

Gotharman Fuzion Synth Sample FX Workstation

via this auction

"There are only about 15 of these in the world. It was too expensive to make so they were discontinued (though the maker Flemming is very friendly and will always help you if you need it.) The Fuzion is coded in assembler and is astonishingly fast. 1.5GB of internal flash ROM, so all your samples / recordings / songs / patterns etc are immediately available on boot (which is quick too). An amazing sequencer (independent lengths for each track in a pattern, making polyrhythms very easy), real sampling, loading of samples from USB, 16 tracks, MIDI or audio tracks, multi-engine very unique synthesiser engines, extremely odd granular effects and the most unusual reverb I've ever heard. Can be used as an FX unit. Audio in / out, dual MIDI inputs and outputs. The full spec is here [also see here to compare with current products]. Perfect for studio or live work (no more laptop!)"


Patch n Tweak

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