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MIDERA | Merdovia

Published on Dec 31, 2019 MIDERA

"I don't know if this will publish before the New Year... I have 35 minutes. I guess we'll see. The end of a decade. A lot has passed. The loss of my father, the end of terrible relationships... but the beginnings of other great things. A wonderful wife, an amazing child, my PhD, a home, a dog (I guess all my cats carried over from another decade). I'd say my music has gone well - but comparison is the thief of joy and I know my channel is pretty abysmal compared to many others around here. Hopefully the next decade goes well. I could use another good one.

My apologies for some of the camera angles. I set up my camera and recorded without really checking it out and honestly, I'm too lazy to reshoot.

Gear list:
Yamaha SY77 (bass), Roland JX-3P (melody), Chroma Polaris (heavy lead), Oberheim Matrix 1000 (bell? sound), Yamaha RS7000 (sequencing and drums), eventide space (FX)"

CatSynth TV 2019 in Review

Published on Dec 31, 2019 CatSynth TV

"All of our photos from Instagram and Adobe Lightroom in 2019 compressed into 1 1/2 minutes.

Improvised music by Amanda Chaudhary using Arturia Synthi V, Buchla Easel V, and Pigments 2.0"

FourFloor ~ new years eve live jammin'

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Ebotronix

Westlicht Performer (Drum Sequencer)
Ribbon upper to Feedback Modular Two 59 to Polaris²,Optomix
Ribbon lower to 2x Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator,Z3000 in Sync
bass by Make Noise STO to E 440 Filter
chords by ARC Serge TKB to Ornament and Crime to
4x μBraids, Flame Curves, & A 111-4, A105-4,XPan

SynthMania studio - December 31, 2019

Published on Dec 31, 2019 SynthMania

"So many people asked for a new Studio tour video, so here it is. Happy New Year!"

Moog Prodigy 336A w/Synthrotek USB/Midi - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration SN 7098

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been fully serviced and with some restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! As the title say, this one has Synthrotek Midi (MST Midi to CV Module)."

See the seller's other items for more.

Evenfall Mini Modular 2000 Modular synth

via this auction

"This is an Evenfall mini modular built from a kit. The kits were produced in 2000. So it’s 20 years old now! This is semi modular synth with the following modules:

- midi to cv
- VCO 1 with FM, saw, and PMW
- VCO 2 with FM, saw, and PMW, and sync
- VCA 1,
- VCA 2,
- Sample and hold
- Noise
- LFO 1 with square and triangle
- LFO 2 with square and triangle
- VCA 2 with AR and offset
- and more!

Basically this modular myth in a single 19” by 3U package.

I built this 20 years ago I tested most of the features and know they are working..."

1983 Crumar Spirit

via this auction

SN 19

"The Crumar Spirit was originally designed by Bob Moog (himself), Jim Scott & Tom Rhea and released back in 1983. It is a full featured analog monophonic synthesizer with 2 VCO's so it's got a pretty fat tone, but not as much as the classic 3-VCO Minimoog. However it is considerably more flexible than the latter. It has a basic 37-note keyboard without velocity or aftertouch. The two oscillators feature basic sawtooth, triangle and square waves and can be synced together.

The filter section is very nice featuring low-, high- and band-pass filters and switchable 12dB or 24dB slopes. Other features of the filter include an independent envelope with inverted and normal ADSR, key tracking and single or multiple triggering of the filter. Some other features of the Spirit include a built-in ring-modulator, an Arpeggiator with 3 different patterns and that can be linked to the LFO, and there's an external audio input for running external sounds through its filters, LFOs or Ring Mod.

This one is in very good cosmetic and technical condition. 2 slider caps are lost. See the pictures. 100 % working. 220 volt version. No cracking sliders."

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Roland JD 800 in very good condition,serviced,everything works perfectly as it should,everything tested.
No red glue problem or any other problems.
Keyboard inside connector has been modified and customized to ensure permanent connection to avoid any dead keys in a long run.
Comes with original Phino power cable."

E-MU Systems Proteus 2500 Command Module SN 010201346 w/ New Screen

via this auction

New screen & master encoder.

Kawai K1 Operations & Tweaking Sounds Blue Book Manual

via this auction

"I bought this manual in 1989 to use on my K1r and learn much more on programing the unit. It was very helpful. It has everything you would possibly want to know about the unit/keyboard. 102 pages, very rare."

Happy Nerding FX AID reverbs demo

Published on Dec 31, 2019 brandon logic

"Happy Nerding FX AID eurorack module reverb algorithms demo"

Sequential Wishes You a Very Musical 2020

via @SequentialLLC

"Wishing you a very musical New Year from all of us at Sequential! #HappyNewYear2020 #Sequential"

Can't wait to see what they bring to NAMM. ;)

Synth Subway Ambient: Metro station repairs

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Synth & Sundry

"I had this short atmospheric synth track in a dusty corner of my hard drive. I came across a metro station under repairs that lent it a very interesting look with its vertical neon lighting illuminating the bare roof concrete. The music and the unconventional underground ambience go well together in this short video that transitions to the actual sounds of underground passageways, escalators and platforms.

Have you come across any interesting public transport structures in your travels or day to day?"

Synth & Sundry

Electronisounds Audio New Years Eve Live Jam 2019 (Chilled Dubby Techno)

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Electronisounds Audio


"New Years Eve Live Jam 2019 (Chilled Dubby Techno)"

I made a super quick live jam on New years Eve!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!


Published on Dec 31, 2019 PLUCKA,S SHED

"my usual new years eve bash .Extremely windy down at the shed and local bush fires about 30 klm away so i made it qiuk and back to house as didnt want smoke in shed . Anyway happy new year 2020 :)"


synths colors HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

Published on Dec 31, 2019

synths colors

Westlicht Performer Sequencer #5 - "Analog"

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Markt Modular Synth

"Playing about with a Launchpad Mini hooked up to the Performer Sequencer and using it to randomise an existing melody"

Ableton Instrument Megapack - Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - Jam 2

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Expanding Sound

First demo posted here.

"(Compatible with Ableton Live Lite 9.7.7 and above)
get the pack here

I often make a few jams showcasing the sound of an Ableton Instrument pack I release, here is a second jam for my newest release, the Prophet 600. I was having a ton of fun with this pack and hope you enjoy it.

A little more on the Prophet 600 pack

The Prophet 600 is sometimes referred to as the "little brother" of the Prophet 5. Don't let that description allow you to underestimate the Prophet 600. It's a beautiful sounding vintage synth. The pads and brass patches sound incredible. The filter is syrupy and warm. I love the Prophet 600 and I think you will too. It's often referred to as one of the best under the radar synth deals on the market. This pack is very straightforward in its sound palate. I wanted to make serviceable musical sounds for my first go at this synth, and follow it up with a more experimental modulation heavy pack in the future. This Megapack will set you up to start making music right away."

1967 Rocky Mount Instruments ( RMI) Explorer Combo Organ

via this auction

This is the same one in the video above.

"Extremely rare and unusual combo organ made by Allen Organ’s Rocky Mountain Instrument division in the late 1960s. This is a transistor based keyboard with an oscillator for each key and unique flying hammer system for asynchronous tremolo and delay like effects.

Preset sounds include: Trumpet, Post Horn, Clarinet, Gamba, Flute, Mandolin, Banjo..what really makes this instrument interesting are the effects - Short Sustain, Long Sustain, Strum, String Speech Accenter, Echo & Tremolo.

This Explorer is fully functional, it has been cleaned inside and out. It is in average cosmetic condition for these with some chipping of the painted plywood case. A new case could be constructed if desired but i chose to leave it be due to the extreme rarity of this instrument. All keyboard action felts have been replaced with parts supplied by Allen Organ, it plays and feels incredible compared to the other 2 I’ve serviced over the last decade. I also took the opportunity to recap the power supply with new high quality electrolytic capacitors for safety as the originals were beginning to leak.

Includes the original keyboard cover, a NOS power cord that I managed to hunt down at a surplus supply company and the original capacitors i removed from the supply."

303 + 808 + 909 = 2020 w/ Honeysmack

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Honeysmack

One from Honeysmack. Also check out Masaki Takada


The Intellijel Quadrax is Four Powerful Function Generators in 14HP

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Intellijel's Quadrax is an updated version of the Quadra—their classic quadruple function generator. And while Quadra primarily emulated the behavior of classic Buchla and Serge function generators by creating AD, AR, and cycling envelopes, Quadrax does much more. In this video, it is paired with a Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas and Malekko Varigate 4+ to create intricate sequenced modulation patterns.

Digital at its core, Quadrax expands the quad function generator paradigm with a number of new features. Of course, AD/AR/cycling modes are still available—but expanded LFO and pulse burst modes are also available. Quadrax's LFOs are wavetable based and allow continuous variation of wave shape, for everything from classic triangles and squares to considerably more complex, pseudo-wavefolded shapes. Quadrax's bursts are variable-amplitude pulse signals, great for evolving, dynamic modulation.

All of this combined with complex options for interrelating channels via an integrated modulation matrix makes Quadrax an uncommonly advanced function generator—perfect for simple envelope duties, LFOs, and generative modulation."

Mixed 5U/MU Modular System

via this auction

Dotcom q107 SV filter
Oakley Cota filter
Oakley SVF
STG Sea Devils filter
MOTM 480 CS-filter ( MOTM-format, comes with adapter)
Dotcom q106 Oscillator (x 4)
Oakley Classic VCA
Encore Universal Event Generator
Dotcom q125 Signal processor
Dotcom q110 Noise
Dotcom q116 Ring modulator
Dotcom q117 Sample & Hold
Dotcom q104 Midi Interface ( older version)
Dotcom q137 Power control & interface
Dotcom q103 DC power interface
Dotcom qps1 power supply

Cases: qcp22 from
Oak wood rack. Built by spectrum cases Gothenburg Sweden.
Comes with some extra patch cables"

Moog Multimoog - Analog Synthesizer - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been fully serviced and with a lot of restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing!"

See the seller's other items for more.

NORD MODULAR - PEAK - Radias - Virus Ti2: Decades of Fantasy (ambient)

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Alba Ecstasy

👉Patches?! On discount?! Here! 👉
Starting with an #ambient pad from #NordModular, being later sequenced by the Elektron Digitakt. Doubled the pad with a solo from Virus Ti2.
Sequences from #NovationPeak and Korg Radias.
A minimal track, to end this decade.
Wish you a Happy New Year, dear friends!

Chord Memory Workflow // Novation SL MK3 / Circuit / Synthstrom Deluge Tutorial

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

Intro 0:00
Setting up SL MK3 0:35
Changing Pattern screens 2:37
Recording into Deluge 2:54
Making a new section on Deluge 3:37
Correcting A Timing Issue 4:12
Setting up Circuit 4:56
Recording from Circuit to Deluge 5:29
Transposing Chord Memory on SL MK3 7:08
Velocity issue on SL MK3 Chord Memory 7:54

Vermona '14/Gregorian Chant (Hildegard von Bingen: "Caritas Habundat")

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Hello all - and a happy new year/decade when it arrives. Appropriately, a little von Bingen to finish off the decade. If this work sounds familiar: the initial melody/phrase was used as the horn solo melody (first phrase) on the track 'Life' from the movie 'Prometheus'. The phrase ending is slightly altered in Prometheus, but the seed can clearly be heard. The second horn phrase is, however, authentic to von Bingen.

These melodies (Gregorian chants in general) have been part of my musical heritage since early childhood, and have been part of the family for many generations. Hence my plan to record and release an 'official' set in the near future.

In any instance, the coming decade will certainly be an interesting one.

Fitting New End Cheeks to a Yamaha DX5

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Failed Muso

"Just an overview of a little restoration work to my DX5 that I did today (31/12/19), replacing the original MDF end cheeks with some solid wood pieces. I thought it would be nice to show you the inside of one of these things too, so I hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year to all my subscribers, followers and viewers around the world!"

Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 Early 80s SN 51268

via this auction

'Cleaned up and tested since pics - Works as it should - Sounds great.
Awesome synth from the 80s - on countless hits."

New Order used one.

KeyFax Omnibus Synthesizer Book

via this auction

"KeyFax Omnibus vintage synthesizer book. Later version in the Keyfax series. Covers both vintage analog and digital synthesizers and other keyboards. Includes a Hot 100 catagory of the most legendary synthesizers in history."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 SN 0930

via this auction

Cheetah MS-6 Vintage Synth

via this auction

"Super Cool Super Rare ! Cheetah MS-6 Very similar to Oberheim Matrix 1000 sound wise but multi timbral

6 voice polyphonic 12 DCO oscillators, PWM, noise and sync...6 analog 24dB/oct filters CEM 3396"


via this auction

• Model-101 Synthesizer
• Model-102 Expander
• Model-103 Mixer Amp
• Model-104 Sequencer
• Model-109 Speakers x2
• Box & manuals for Model-101
• Patch sheets

In superb overall cosmetic condition. Light wear and signs of age. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

The Model-101 is SN 653053

Bizmuth Modular Gate Generator / Signal Router

via this auction

Cool textured and colorful front panel.

open e-drums - Open Source Drum Synthesizer with Teensy 3.2

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Ryo Kosaka


Single piezo pad, Dual Piezo pad, 2 zone cymbal, 3 zone cymbal
Compatible with YAMAHA's 3 zone cymbal(PCY135/PCY155)
Compatible with SoftPot, FSR and Optical(TCRT5000) type hi-hat controllers
Sensing with MUX(4051 and 4067)
Setting mode with LCD or OLED
Sensitivity, Threshold, Scan Time, Mask Time, Note Number can be set with each pad
Works with ESP32 and Teensy and AVR boards such as UNO and MEGA.

"open e-drums" is a completely open source electronic drum. Pads that can be produced with 3D printers, and midi converters are all open source hardware. Arduino code for sensing is also available. You can create your own e-drum from scratch, or add pads to the Roland and YAMAHA kits.

This project started by accident. At the time, I was a product design student who had used Arduino just a little. When I found a drum mania controller at a used store at a bargain price, I was somehow attracted to it and bought it. This is the beginning of everything. I took it apart and played with Arduino. I used a piezo for the first time at that time. I learned the delicate sensing ability of piezo. I realized the greatness of electronic drums such as Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis, which process the signals beautifully. I want to try it myself.

I didn't have any knowledge of programming or electronics. In other words, I have acquired a lot of knowledge through this project. For some people, this project is just a reinvention of the wheel. But it's a very meaningful project for me. As I proceeded with this project, I drew on the knowledge of many predecessors. Many of them keep information open. That's great. So I decided to publish this project as an open source hardware project. I would be happy if this project helps someone create something."

Metasonix 4u Drums with the Serge Modular Gate Sequencer

Published on Dec 31, 2019 FOR channel

"The Scrotum Lab Serge Gate Sequencer mclass (STS style) panel is a funk machine. Here it´s sequencing a Metasonix 4u RK4 Filter set as a Kick Drum, and the Snare made of RK1 noise going to RK6 Low Pass Filter and RK5
Low Pass Gate. RK3 Mangler and RK2 VCA are processing the RK4 Kick.

Two droning RK7 Oscillators are mixed on the Serge XFADER , with a bit of BlueSky reverb on top. The SCROLAB Gate Sequencer has some cool ways to manually affect the sequences. Here in this video , i´m just focusing on altering it´s own clock ( A Stroh Pico VCO) by patching one of the GAte Sequencer Full outputs to the 1v/OCT on the Pico. I have to mention again that i´m not amplifying any Serge control signal in order to work with the Metasonix modules. Thanks for watching the videos. Have a Great 2020 !"

Behringer Introduces the CAT Synthesizer & New Colours for the TD-3

Published on Dec 31, 2019 BEHRINGER


Analog synthesizer with dual VCO design
Reproduction of original “CAT SRM II” circuitry with matched transistors and JFETs
Analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
4 variable and simultaneous oscillator shapes (Sawtooth, Triangle, modulated Pulse and Sub
Octave Square)
Paraphonic mode allows both oscillators to be independently controlled
Oscillators can be modulated from 6 different sources with 2 modulation depth attenuators
Classic filter design (high pass/low pass with peak/resonance) with self-resonance capability
Filter can be modulated from 6 different sources with 2 modulation depth attenuators
Dedicated and fully analog triangle/square wave LFO
2 analog Envelope Generators for modulation of VCF and VCA
White noise generator
16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
Audio input for processing external sound sources for enhanced creativity
External control inputs and outputs (High Note CV, Low Note CV, Gate, Filter etc.)
USB/MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
3-Year Warranty Program

Published on Dec 31, 2019 BEHRINGER

"Thanks to Benny Feenell for the ending track made on TD-3 check it out here:"

Riffer on iPad is a Secret Melodic Weapon!

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Electronisounds Audio


ALESIS ion Demo & Review [Remaster]

Published on Dec 31, 2019 musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

" musictrack blog ALESIS ion"

Casio CT 460 demo track

Published on Dec 30, 2019 ikworgek

All sounds from the casio.
some reverb


Created a new Home Keyboards label for these moving forward. I'll updated previous posts if I see them. Feel free to leave comments in posts you see as well and I'll add the label.

'2020 vision'. Tutorial 4 Analog Four MkII - making grooves. Korg Volca Drum & SQ1 Sequencer

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Gary P Hayes

Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation / lesson
from an initialised state on Elektron #AnalogFour Mk2
and Korg Volca Drum and #SQ-1 sequencer
four track groove creation basics

Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia
recorded on #ZoomH6 no other processing

Monday, December 30, 2019

Isla Instruments SP-2400 Heads Into Hardware Mass Production

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Isla Instruments

Previous posts

303 + 808 + 909 = 2020

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Masaki Takada

Preparation for 2020… : )

Goofing off with a Synton Syntovox 221 vocoder

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Synthead

MFB 301 pro: The (new) 40-Year-Old Drum Machine

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Olivier Ozoux

"8 vintage analog drum machine sounds from 1979 in the only new re-issue that's not a Behringer Clone, MFB keeps the sound engine and weird DIY electronic form factor, but adds extensive MIDI Support.

( Dear ROLAND, this is how it's done! )"

MFB 301 Pro

Synth Rorschach #70: Santa Caterina castle in Favignana w/ sector

Care by mecha - eurorack techno jam in Santa Caterina castle with pittsburgh sv-1

Published on Dec 30, 2019 sector

"A little jam in Santa Caterina castle in Favignana. Through the centuries the castle has been mainly used as a prison, and according to the legend the major italian mafias (cosa nostra, camorra and ndrangheta) were formed in this castle by the 3 brother Osso, Mastrosso and Carcagnosso. this is one of the highest rooms in the castle and is still full of radio devices from wwII"

Grid Kids with Nicholas Semrad - #10 - Dave Smith and Andrew McGowan of Sequential

Published on Dec 27, 2019 Nicholas Semrad

"In this tenth episode of 'Grid Kids with Nicholas Semrad', Nicholas interviews the inventor of polyphonic synthesis and midi Mr. Dave Smith and his cohort over at Sequential, Mr. Andrew McGowan. They chat about the early years over at Sequential, their favorite synth patches and synth tips, and their thoughts on the usage of synths within the music community.

Produced in collaboration with "Charts and Leisure" ("

Dave Smith & Andrew McGowan interview.

73 75 Serge more snippets

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Todd Barton

"Continuing to explore and have fun with the 73-75 Serge Voice panel from Here are a few snippets and a little micro-tutorial. Enjoy! Checkout my Patreon too:"

Metasonix RK5 Dual Low Pass Gate

Published on Dec 30, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We explore the Metasonix RK5 Dual Low Pass Gate. A lowpass gate is essentially a low pass VCF configured to behave like a VCA. The RK5 is a unique take on the LPG with two independent channels that have their own sonic characteristics. It is extremely simple, with just input, output and a single CV per channel. We demonstrate it with envelopes as CV and a variety of input spirses.

0:12 Introduction
0:37 Basic demonstration with noise input
1:41 With Sputnik Dual Oscillator
3:06 With Metasonix R54 Supermodule
4:20 Putting everything together

Pitch and trigger from Arturia MiniBrute 2
Sequencing from MiniBrute 2 and Make Noise Rene

'Since part of our remit is to explore an electronic-music history that didn’t actually happen, one inevitable product would have been a lowpass gate. Our version is a dual unit, dead simple Sallen-Key filter with just input, output and CV input for each channel. The tube used is a “high-perveance” dissimilar dual triode, the 17JK8. It was apparently intended for use as a “cascode” RF front-end amplifier in cheap consumer FM radios.'"

SoundsDivine 'Binary Worlds 2' - Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Published on Dec 30, 2019 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Binary Worlds 2' soundset for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2."

Jupiter 4-6-8 Jamming

Published on Dec 29, 2019 synthlegends

"Little improvised Roland Jam Session of TR-808, JP-4, JP-6, JP-8 and Juno-60.

I like the idea of old school Roland machines for spontaneous jamming via the three trigger outs of the TR-808.
In this recording I didn't use any effects or mastering. So all instruments are pure mixed into the audio interface and DAW.

The JP-4 played a pulse wave bass line with sub oszilator in random arpeggio mode, only played a C with hold the arp -so easy, isn't it?

The JP-8 played an arpeggio line with the UP-Mode and Range 2, it is a simple saw and pulse wave mixed and minimal filter opened 24 dB.

The Juno-60 plays a Pad sound with an inverted filter envelope for rising the filter in the release phase. There is a bit LFO on the PWM, it is also mixed with the Suboszilator.

The JP-6 plays a bell tone with band pass filter and a bit resonance.

Have fun and a happy new year!"

BugBrand SynthVoice + Clockbox

via this auction

"A two frame 2018/2019 BugBrand Modular system. Includes a SynthVoice pre-configured system and "clockbox" frame with the following modules:

LPG, Penrose Quantizer, DDSR, Dual Divide, Logic, Binary Block Voltage, Diode Director

Includes PSU and IEC cable. Perfect travel friendly modular setup with incredible sound, unlike anything out there."

Jomox Moonwind

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/mod grip

via this auction

dreadbox erebus v3 SN ERE1071 w/ original box & extras

via this auction

inc dreadbox t shirt size medium and sticker
original box etc
this was the second from last to be sold
all working
unit is as NEW light use

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer. Condition is Used. Square wave on one of the oscillators is a bit finicky. Wiggling the switch for the wave shape usually does the trick, but I suspect pots need to be cleaned."

Roland Juno-106S Analog Synthesizer w/ SC-65 Gig Bag

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"Oberheim Matrix 6 keyboard synthesizer, good condition, had to replace one broken G key with a D key because of lack of parts, but it is barely noticeable. Works great, all the presets are there."

Vintage ARP Pro Soloist Synthesizer Model 2701 SN 273801

via this auction

"ARP Pro Soloist Synthesizer from the 1970's in VG - Exc cosmetic condition. Serial number: 273801. Made in Newton, MA, USA.

Super clean unit comes from the original owner. All original, no mods. Notably used by Tony Banks of Genesis.

All Presets and Sensor Effects work. Overall tone is somewhat distorted so it is probably overdue for a tune-up. One slider tip is missing. Some tape marks on the back panel.

'ARP Instruments, having developed the large and powerful ARP 2500 for studio work, released the Soloist as a light, portable, easy-to-use performance instrument that could be placed on top of an electric piano or Hammond organ. In contrast to the flexible modular design of the 2500, the Soloist had no patch panels or cables. A set of toggle switches allowed the performer to quickly choose one of 18 preset monophonic patches that were not modifiable (note that "Voice" was ARP parlance for Preset, or Patch). This lack of programmability was compensated by giving the performer control over the voice expression, adding "growl", "wow", "brilliance", portamento, pitch bend, and/or vibrato to the timbre. A pressure-sensitive keyboard allowed players to use aftertouch to control all of these effects.'"

Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" & "On the Run" Sequence on iOS

"Welcome to the Machine" lead sound (Minimoog app) Published on Dec 29, 2019 inSynthesis

"How to recreate the lead sound from Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine' on Minimoog; a MIDI keyboard has been used to control the official Minimoog Model D app on iPhone.

Oscillator 3 is in LFO mode; these settings can be used basically on every analog/virtual analog monophonic synthesizer."

Spotted this one on

One more:

"On the Run" sequence (iVCS3)

Published on Jan 3, 2020 inSynthesis

Recorded using only the iVCS3 app for iPhone with its own KS sequencer, without overdubs nor audio editing.

Text-to-MIDI Modular Synth Sequencer

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Sarah Belle Reid

"Text-controlled modular synth sequencer, using Max/MSP to convert text into MIDI and CV to control a Buchla modular synthesizer, a Eurorack synth, and a MicroKORG.

2019 was an exciting, productive year with lots of new creative projects and growth. I made this little video to say thank you to the wonderful folks who support my work through Patreon, and make it possible to continue creating new music, tutorials, and videos.

Huge shoutout to the folks at Perfect Circuit Audio and Ryan Gaston for inspiring and helping with this project!

Join me on Patreon!

Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian performer-composer, active in the fields of electroacoustic trumpet performance, intermedia arts, music technology, and improvisation."

VAX new SD TTS modes

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Polaxis

"Now 3 mode for the VAX DECtalk submodule (using the mode switch):
1) normal mode where the CV or the Sound pot gives access to a specific line of the file (like it uses to be)
2) reading all the lines of the file, the gate triggering the next line of the file. (endless loop)
3) Endless random access on each gate trigger

in this demo, it's looping through the DNA codons table (mode2)
Emy/VAX USB connected to Processing to display the text being uttered"

Polaxis VAX DECtalk

Dtronics DT-200 V3 Controller for Roland Jx3P

Published on Dec 30, 2019 acidjack303

"Dtronics presents the new DT-200 V3 a full PG200 clone.

The Dtronics DT-200 V2 is the programmer specially designed for the dual- DCO, 6 voice poly- phonic synthesizer such as the JX-3P, MKS-30 and GR-700."

The first and original DT-200 came out in 2011.

1 Minute of Mononoke (preview)

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Bram Bos

"Mononoke is an expressive drone synthesizer designed for creating soundscapes and melodic textures that seamlessly morph from harmonic snowscapes to cold and agitated ice fields.

It has a 2-part multitimbral, 8-voice polyphonic synth engine. But the most interesting part is how all 8 voices feed back into each other, together creating a haunting, constantly evolving landscape.

Using 8 expressive performance pads you can play Mononoke interactively, and optionally record your performance as MPE MIDI in an MPE compatible host sequencer. MPE input controllers are also supported.

Coming soon.

The sound in this video is an unedited recording from the synthesizer."

Bram Bos are know for their iOS synth apps.

NOSTALGIA / 3-Stage Delay - CHROMATIC MODULES by Dreadbox

Published on Dec 30, 2019 Dreadbox

"An extensive introduction of the NOSTALGIA Chromatic Module by Yiannis.

3 Stage Hybrid Delay based on the Erebus’s Circuit
Consisted of 3 echo circuits in series
Outputs for stage 1 and 2 (output level is 1/2 lower than the incoming signal)
2 different Feedback controls for different stages
LFO with range
Voltage Controlled Delay Time with range from 30ms up to 1sec
Separate input for modular level signals
And separate input for signals up to guitar levels
Power Consumption: 117mA @ +12V , 25mA @ -12V
35mm depth


Sunday, December 29, 2019

20191230 iPad SE02 SNAPPER 7FUJIOKA CustomSound

Published on Dec 29, 2019 ryouichi harada

"今回はArturia のiSEMというオーバハイムのアプリ使いました。

Thank you!"

Two Samplers One Drum - Elektron Digitakt, Volka Sample and Sansamp Flyrig

Published on Dec 29, 2019 Mauricio Maisterrena

"The Volca is doing almost al the rythm section and is going through the flyrig for some overdrive, the Digitakt is sequencing everything and doing all the melodies."

Some free style playing at 1:53.

Crumar Bit One MIDI Upgrade demo

Published on Dec 29, 2019 Harry Axten

"This is a modification I developed for the Crumar Bit One, a fairly rare Italian-made polysynth from the mid 1980's, that improves its MIDI capability. The upgrade takes the form of a small daughterboard that installs neatly inside the synth. More information can be found at"


via this auction

ROLAND TB-303 Computer-Controlled Bassline

via this auction

"This 303 was Meticulously serviced by professionals (us) and in perfect working order, unlike most. Note the plastic battery compartment cover release had a crack in it and was glued and taped. It works fine."


via this auction

ARP PRO/DGX Model 2733

via this auction

"Meticulously overhauled over a whopping 32 hours (!). They usually don't take us this long, but this one had a tricky problem in the digital oscillator section that required a lot of time to sort out. In addition to performing this and any other repairs, we did the following work to this unit:

Touch sensor was replaced with a new one and adjusted. These are usually not working at this point in time.
Power supply capacitors replaced to extend life.
Keyboard rebuilt: replaced bushings, cleaned key contacts and removed and cleaned/polished bus bars.
Removed, adjusted, cleaned, lubed and reinstalled all slide pots.
Cleaned and lubed all switches.
Adjusted tuning.
Cleaned inside and out.

Thanks to all the time, love and money we invested in this unit, it is now working like new again, is totally ready to play, and will hopefully continue to work for a very long time, which makes it a much better purchase than others of its type on the market."

CES Ed-Lab 703a Digital Systems Lab

via this auction

"These units were produced for educational purposes but as you can see they are easily integrated in to a banana cable modular synth set up (eg Buchla, Serge, Modcan A, Phenol, Fenix, Bugbrand, Lorre Mill, Ciat Lombard etc)

It's a collection of various logic, digital and simple AD/DA circuits with a few analog sections and a HEX input key pad.

I've seen them advertised as "Analog Computers" which of course they are not, but I can see why some folk might think so.

I intended to use this with my Serge system but never got around to it and now I need the space.

The high/low switch for the digital clock speed needs replacing."

2 Vintage CASIO PT-7 Portable Mini Electronic Music Synthesizers

via this auction

"One works perfect and is in wonderful cosmetic shape. The other one powers up, plays the rhythm section but the keyboard doesn’t work. So one works perfect and the other is for parts. The parts one is missing the battery cover."

TAMA Techstar TS204 Analog Drum Synthesizer w/ Hand Clap SN 201075

via this auction

"This is a cool rack unit that can be triggered via pad or a trigger pulse from something like the Arturia Beatstep Pro or Behringer RD-8 drum machine. I have used both to trigger it as well as Simmons pads. The hand clap can't be tweaked much, but it's nice and clappy. The Synth on the other hand is bonkers. It has a longer release than any other Techstar drum sound. I have one of the bigger 6 channel Techstar units as well and this one is the longest. It has an LFO which no other Techstar sound has either."

Korg Poly-61 M SN 002970

via this auction

Bizarre Jezabel Pkhia

Published on Dec 29, 2019 ivan krasnov

"dual/stereo mmf filter & vca"

DivKid Ochd w/ Manis Iteritas | LFO Chaos

Published on Dec 29, 2019 Nostalgic Ruckus

"Been waiting for something like this for the skiff. Luv my clock dividers and multipliers and this kinda does it with LFOs. Cranking that rate knob is a beautiful thing. The Manis with all the patch cables is being modulated by Ochd only. The other Manis output is plugged into the E440 filter to tame some unwanted harmonics but also add some resonance when Ochd gapes the envelope. Attenuating Ochd's outputs with Bored Brain Splix. The CV input on this thing is crazy cool when self patching it just didn’t do it on this patch."

DivKid Ochd

POLYGOGO Stereo Oscillator - Sound Demo #2 - Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 29, 2019 MIKE LEE BIRDS

"In the previous video I used the amazing POLYGOGO as sort of a drone/soundscape machine.

Here it‘s hooked up to the beautiful TUESDAY procedural sequencer from „This Is Not Rocket Science“.
The fold circuit serves as a VCA and is fed an envelope from MATHS. That same envelope goes into the OP (internal FM) Amount input for a quasi-sort-of-filter idea.

About the fold-VCA thing:
I noticed that feeding a negative voltage into the fold circuit and turning the attenuator to between 2 and 3 o‘clock will silence Polygogo. A positive voltage can then control the volume, hence Maths.
More clearly: Maths channel two is sending negative voltage (knob at 9 o’clock) through the sum output and channel one adds an envelope triggered by Tuesday.

- CHANCE changes polygons.
- MONSOON (Clouds) is responsible for reverb and adds pitch shifted delay later on.
- BEAST’S CHALKBOARD does some octave shifting off screen.
- PEAKS provides bass drum and hihats triggered by Tuesday’s beat and ticks outputs respectively. Sorry for the clipping bass drum.."

Demo 1 here.

Improv #14 for VCS3, ARP 2600, Moog Voyager, Mellotrons and Vietnamese Gong

Published on Dec 29, 2019 R. Reger

"Improvised soundscape for mostly analog instruments."

Strymon Mobius Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak

Published on Dec 29, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

ARP ODYSSEY 70s Mk1 White Refurbished & Future-Proofed

via this auction

"Fully Refurbished & Future-Proofed, sparing no expense. This process took a whopping 23 hours of skilled labor. Part of this time was spent attempting to rebuild some of the original potentiometers, but they didn't meet our high standards after our efforts (they usually don't), so we decided to replace them all with new ones. In addition to a full servicing, we took preventative measures so this Ody will hopefully outlast all others out there. The work we did included the following:

Full disassembly and deep cleaning inside and out.
Power supply rebuild.
Replacement of all tantalum capacitors.
Removal and replacement of all rubber key bushings.
Cleaning of all key contacts.
Cleaning of bus bars.
Adjustment of keys.
Replacement of all potentiometers (approximate parts cost $300)
Cleaning of all switch contacts.
Replacement of power cord.

Post-restoration, this unit works like new again and is a real pleasure to play. Sure to make its next owner really happy. This unit is much better than the rest and is priced to reflect the investment we made to make it better than others on the market.


Top Famous Sax Riffs w/ SWAM Virtual Sax by Audio Modeling

Premiered Dec 17, 2019 Doctor Mix

This one was spotted and sent in via Thomas Müller.

"Today I play some of the most famous sax riffs on earth using the SWAM virtual sax by Audio Modeling -
Tec Control Breath Controller:"


via this auction

"An excellent resource to have if you have more than 2 or 3 synths in your setup."

This is a supporting member listing.

Update via NoiseTheorem in the comments: "It should be noted that the management software is still supported and updated by MOTU. In fact, they just released a version compatible with MacOS Cortana. Mine has been an absolute workhorse over the years."

Microcell - Morphagene, Mimeophon, Microcell, VCV Rack, O Coast

Published on Dec 29, 2019 Omri Cohen

"My son helped me out with this one :)
Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file and stems on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV Rack patch file -"

New Motion Soundscape Classic FX Coming Next Year

via Motion Soundscape

"A new app is on the way. Classic FX - Reworked classic audio effects units.

This app consists a lot of different simple audio processing units like filters, delay, chorus, panner, vibrato, etc. The algorithms are define connections between these units and construct more complex effects. The presets integrate the algorithm and parameters of the processing modules. So you can have several options of using the same algorithm with different parameters.

You can choose two different presets and morph between them manually or cycle mode. Sophisticated morphing smoothly transforms one algorithm into another and can create stunning transition effects.

To give more dynamic, it is possible to change the effects depending on the level of the input signal, as well as make changes related to the rhythm using the internal step sequencer.

This app will support AUv3, Inter-App audio (Audiobus) and work as standalone audio processing app. It will be universal app for iPad and iPhone. No in-app purchases, no subscriptions.

Happy New Year!"

Analogue Solutions Treadstone

via this auction

"This is one Powerful Synth with some very nice Modulation features. All Encoders, Knobs, Switches and Midi port are all Excellent....Big Analog Sound from a quality maker. Analogue Solutions really hit the Spot with this one. It's a Must have in your Eurorack Gear..."

Decksaver Cover for Roland TB-303 Synthesizer (Smoked/Clear)

via this auction

"This is a new in the package deck saver for the tb-303. I bought two of these, but only ended up needing one. It will also fit the old version of the Cyclone tt-303 (no longer in production)."


via this auction

Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder in Custom Side Panel Stand

via this auction

"Comes with original side panels if you want to change out the custom wood ones."

Waldorf Q Rack (Yellow) SN 1209260005803

【PLAN B #91】東郷清丸 × kauai hirótomo #3 Published on Nov 21, 2019 SPACE SHOWER TV

Used as a guitar synth.

via this auction

"I played this instrument using the MIDI out
provided by Roland's guitar synthesizer.

- - -

Although it was a digital synthesizer,
it produced the sound of a very thick oscillator,
yet had a delicate treble feel, and I liked and used
the space-like sound."

Waldorf Quantum

via this auction

"This Quantum is unplayed. In fact the blue plastic protective film is still covering the display.

Quantums have a usage clock in the Global menu like an odometer which still reads somewhere between roughly 29-45 minutes (less than an hour) of power-on time. This was from the factory where the unit was burned in, which all are."

Thought that was interesting. Wish all synths had this. :)


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