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Two New Buchla Easel Albums by Todd Barton

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Todd Barton

"I'm happy to announce two new solo albums all done on the Buchla Music Easel. Available at my Bandcamp site:

50% of sales for the Live at Cafe Oto album will go to Cafe Oto to support their continuing work.
To support my Patreon go to"

OEI - Octave-plateau Electronics Inc. VPK5 Keyboard Controller for the VOYETRA 8

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Very rare, in mint condition!
Like new in original Box, VOYETRA 8 Synthesizer Keyboard.
Hard enough to find, let alone in perfect condition!
Works only with the Voyetra as far as I know.
Don't know the features, whether or not it has touch sensitive or pressure sensitive control.
Not much on it online. If you have the Voyetra 8, then you can appreciate this one!"

Roland PR-800 SN 362979 w/ Original Box

via this auction

You can find demos of one in the archives here.

Ensoniq DP/4+ | Amazing Cult Classic Effects

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Espen Kraft

00:00 Intro
01:10 Audio examples
02:50 Configurations and setup
07:16 Audio examples
09:11 Using the DP/4 as an external effect in the DAW
14:45 Vocoding

"The Ensoniq DP/4 entered the market in 1992. I bought one and set it up as 4 independent effects processors through my mixer. One for each AUX send. Worked beautifully for years.
It can sound gritty, it can sound clean.

In 1995 Ensoniq released an upgraded version called the DP/4+, the one I use in this video. The changes aren't revolutionary, some are cosmetic upgrades, some more functional. More guitar cab algorithms etc. I like they made room for a XLR-input in the front.

They also released a 2-effect version called the DP/2 in 1995."

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Richard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Thursday 4/30/20 at 6PM PST on Perfect Circuit Chat we have Richard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular on to talk with our hosts BBoyTech and Trovarsi. Richard will be doing a short performance and then talking with us about Pittsburgh Modular's eurorack and semi-modular synthesizers, including the Voltage Research Laboratory. Join the live chat to ask questions and join the chat.

Pittsburgh Modular modules and synths available here:"

"Colorful Rhythm" feat. Teenage Engineering OP-Z + ROLI LUMI Keys

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Lo-fi Pask

"Took this old OP-Z project and added some "spice" to use the LUMI Keys as MIDI controller. The result is incredibly... COLORFUL! :-D

Bass, drums, arpeggiator, chords and... everything else you can hear, comes from Teenage Engineering OP-Z. All sounds sequenced on it, except of chords and (semi-improvised) arpeggiator, played "live".

Enjoy! ;-)

#LUMI #OPZ #TeenageEngineering

Thanks for watching and consider to subscribe if you liked it!

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Vintage CRUMAR 2003 organ / synthesizer / string / brass ensemble

Never seen one of these before. This is the first one featured on the site.


1. CRUMAR 2003 organ / synthesizer / string / brass ensemble: first startup in years
The Crumar 2003 is a very rare instrument which combines the best Crumar had to offer in the late 1970's. It includes one of the best solid state drawbar organs, a monophonic 1 VCO synth, a brass / piano / string section and the Nerve Centre 15 accompanyment section which produces lot's of spacy stuff. The brass / piano / string combination was also offered in standalone instruments like the Orchestrator and Multiman. Strangely enough these are traded for a lot more money then this combined instrument but then again: It weighs a ton and takes up a lot of real estate. This one is a bit of an old banger but I simply cannot bring myself to getting rid of it. It's simply too rare. For more info on my creative adventures visit Have fun!
2. CRUMAR 2003: some general maintenance and startup tips for old organs / synthesizers / keyboards
This is the second video about my rare Crumar 2003 organ. It shows the electronics inside and contains a few general tips about starting up old electronic instruments after years of neglect.
3. CRUMAR 2003 organ/ synthesizer / brass / string ensemble video 3
Here's the 3rd video about my old Crumar 2003. It's similar to the startup video but a bit more compact and made with th asssitence of a camera(wo)man. It's just as unproffesional in about every other aspect though but real vintage synthesizer and keyboard fans might still like it. For more about my creative adventures visit:

Exploring Relabi with Monome crow , norns , ipad & modular

Published on Apr 30, 2020 junklight

"Relabi - the self erasing pulse! I've been a intrigued by the idea of this after reading this essay - escape from the grid and all that.

This week I've been exploring it - if you follow me on twitter then you'll have seen an audulus patch and the an early incarnation of what you see here. The Audulus patch migrated into the Monome crow and from there into the Norns where it is now driving 4 separate voices - two on the ipad and 2 in the modular - where the crow drives two Noise Engineering oscillators - the Sinc Iter and Cursus Iteritas using the envelope language built into the crow.

This setup shows why Monome gear has found a home at the heart of my music making equipment - the ability to build an instrument quickly and easily - this entire script was written just to explore these ideas - the grid gives me a lot of control over different paramters & crow lets me unite the ipad and the modular."

Round 4! Circuit Jam with 5 Producers // Novation Live

Published on Apr 30, 2020 NovationTV

"Novation takes their US Field Trainer Product specialists, and makes them all use the same soundpack to Create 5 different songs live.

--- Get more information on Circuit here:"

Additional Circuit Jam with 5 Producers

Cescato Musiktechnologie Gives Away "T-C-M Quarantine Sound Banks Collection"

via Wally Cescato

"Due to these difficult times of staying at home, Wally Cescato gives away a collection of 640 patches for the 'Trans Computer Maschine' VST Instrument that gathered throughout a long time. They are intended for normal keyboard playing, without using the sequencer section and most of them use just two oscillators. That's because they date back to the time before the 'T-C-M', when the project was still just an emulation of the ARP Odyssey. The sounds are nameless and simply numbered in no specific order, and of course, it is expressly allowed to rename them and build other banks to share with others!

The full "640 patches" pack is freely available at the official site."

Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Digital Synthesizer SN 300755

via this auction

EKO Bass Pedal K3

via this auction

Posting this for the pics of the inside below.

From the listing: "I bought these on eBay from a grumpy man in Shropshire in 2009 thinking I would give them the breath of life. I was particularly interested in the one and a half octave range as I was play a plain old 13 note C to C unit in the band I was in and wanted more notes.

Alas, they’ve sat in a corner of my workshop for a decade and three house moves and having given this a lot of thought I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that I’m not the one to get these old bass pedals up and running.

What you see in the photos is what you get. The sides/feet disintegrated at some point and were thrown away. As you can see, the base, included in the sale, is also in the process of disintegrating!

I’ve tested them and they power up and make some noises and I think all the pedals work, the photo with the lights shows those that fire up. The volume is a little scratchy but should clean up okay. I suspect the electrolytic capacitors will all need replacing along with some of the lights a thoroughly good clean and a new case! In short they need the love and attention I don’t have time to give them to get them back up and working as they should."

Teaserr/[R] [s3rquencer]

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Servando Barreiro

"starting my Organelle patch [s3rquencer] and improvising a track from the scratch."

DSI Prophet 6 & OTO Machines BAM

Published on Apr 30, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Synth Snackables: Legowelt - Peak: three-oscillator harmonics // Novation

Published on Apr 30, 2020 NovationTV

"Our Synth Snackables series invites you into the studios of talented and knowledgeable artists, and shows you staple tips, elaborate techniques and imaginative approaches for synth patch design.

For our first Synth Snackable session, we spent a day with Dutch artist Legowelt whose vast musical style spans many different worlds – some real, some imagined – and is designed in a unique and captivating way that keeps his listeners enthralled. His wealth of production knowledge and experience have been turned into five quick tips to help you push the boundaries of Peak.

In this video, Legowelt highlights an essential synth tip for creating harmonic sounds, he starts by detuning each oscillator pitch with the coarse function to create a minor triad. By simply playing other keys polyphonically and opening the sound up with envelopes, he creates a deep dreamy soundscape.

'I haven’t even changed the waveforms and the Peak has an amazing amount of waveforms.' Legowelt shows how you can add richness and depth to the chord by changing the waveforms of the oscillators and adding LFO. He also demonstrates a more advanced tip that involves detuning two oscillators so that they play discretely – an effective way to simulate acoustic instruments and add harmonic character.

Watch all five tips:

Discover Peak:

Learn more about Legowelt:

#WeAreNovation #NovationPeak"

Revival Series Presets for Novation VSTATION

Update: these patches are no longer available. Leaving this post up for demo purposes only.

"A collection of 120 free presets for Novation VStation for music producers, composers, jammers & chillers. Sounds2Inspire takes off the dust and revisits the classic software synthesizer Novation VStation, and adds a sound bank of freshly squeezed main leads, acid leads, plucks, mono leads, poly leads, basslines and pads. Re-exploring all the synthesis options, effects and all bells and whistles. Do you still use VStation these days? Or looking for an excuse to reinstall it? Go grab Revival Series, it's free."

#Novation Summit - Best #Synthesizer 2020 | Sound Demo | PART 3

Published on Apr 30, 2020 SOULKEYS

"Here is the part 3 of the #novationsummit.

This #synth is so versatile and there are an incredible amount of wonderful presets, so I will post several parts more. Have fun and have a nice day."

SOULKEYS Novation Summit demos


via ThreeTom Modular

"I’m happy to let you know that partial DIY kits for my Steve’s MS-22 module are now available in my shop. Supplement this kit with a small order of pots and jacks from Thonk and you’re good to build your own copy of the most feature-rich 4HP dual VCF/drone box found in the Eurorack ecosystem.

Don’t wait too long to order your kit, as usual the number of available products is limited!"

Available here

Also check out the "Technomancer" illuminated blind panels!

Available here

Quantised Crystals by Benge

Published on Apr 30, 2020 zack dagoba

"Check out the new Benge album QUANTISED TONES, featuring ONLY the Yamaha DX7 (and TX816) FM synthesiser. Search 'benge bandcamp' for the new album"

COMBO FUZZ | DX7 Patch Tutorial

Published on Apr 30, 2020 madFame


"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page!
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

Manchu Mind Troops (home gig)

Published on Apr 29, 2020 EugLemke

"Basic sequence by Octatrack.

Live instruments: Bass clarinet, Yamaha WX-5 to Waldorf Blofeld,
Doepfer Dark Energy, Virus TI Snow, Korg Monotron delay.

Treated by: Red Panda Patricle, Eventide H9, Strymon Big Sky.

Performed by: EK and AZ of"

New Leploop Harpo_Loop, first try, prima uscita ufficiale

Published on Apr 30, 2020 tonylight
Update: video has been re-published.

"First demo video, new synth leploop's big brother, full analog impro groovebox.
il primo vagito di una creatura destinata a rimanere nella storia della improvvisazione analogica sperimentale"

Comparing Commercial and Free modules/collections in VCV Rack

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is my latest release -

00:00 - Vult overview
04:12 - Vult patch example
11:55 - SV Drums
15:36 - Hora Drums
18:35 - Hora Premium
24:01 - Delay modules
29:49 - Quantizer modules
35:52 - Sequential Switches"

Ludus Pinsky Live lockdown diaries

Published on Apr 30, 2020 luduspinsky

Live for 'le cannibale' lockdown diaries

Elektor Formant modular on the right and a couple modules on the left. Looks like a DIY sequencer in between and a number of other DIY modules. Extensively modded KORG Poly-800 and Nova Mod Roland SH-101. Apparently an EDP Wasp filter clone is featured as well.

Update on the Poly-800 mod: "in the poly800 I added a steiner filter, phaser, chorus, lfo, vca and a double counter (4017) to play with the rhythm."

Synton 3000 Modular w/ 8 Modules

via this auction

"recently serviced / rebuilt lot of eight Synton 3000 modules housed in a Blacet frame and power. The modules have MXR style knobs to fit with my Fenix I due to not being able to source the originals.

3005 EGR (ADSR)
3006 MPL (1 CV in to 4 CV out with attenuators)
3017 VCF (2 pole state variable filter)
3218 INV / SLR (Dual inverter/offset and slew limiter)
3224 Hi/Low Pass VCF
3233 S&H / LFO
3235 ENV / CPR (Envelope follower, comparator, and trigger delay)

Everything works great and there’s not a scratchy knob to be found. The two CEMs have the AS variants, but if you really want the OG CEMs, they are socketed and could easily swap them out of you wish."

Roland VP9000 Sampler (V-Synth Elastic Audio)

via this auction

1970s ARP Synthesizer Analog Synth Demo 7" Record - PRO-SOLOIST

via this auction

Demo at the auction, mirrored here.

1970s ARP Synthesizer Analog Synth Demo 7" Flexidisc Record w/ THE WHO's Roger Powell

via this auction

Demo at the auction, mirrored here.

Roland D50 61 Key Linear Synthesizer with PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer

via this auction

Reon Driftbox SE Rev2.0 w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction


via this auction

Haven't seen any pics of one before. You can actually find a few demos of one in the archives here.

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab SN ZP70558

via this auction

"The MC-09 “PhraseLab” is a Roland synthesizer, described as a Roland TB-303 emulator—perfect for someone after the TB-303 sound on a budget.

- Single DSP monosynth for bass (TB-303 emulator), lead and polyphonic rhythm sounds
- Pattern sequencer for up to two measures with 16 beat per measure resolution
- Four track audio looper, samples patterns or input as “phrases”
- Loop control function, allowing sampling phrases with varying pitch or chopping and rearranging phrases
- Effects professor; high quality effects: filter, isolator, phaser, slicer.
- Smartmedia storage
- MIDI in and out connections (but no MIDI throug)

This belonged to my father who was an electronic music producer in the ‘90s and bought it new in 2002. It’s in great condition. Does not come with original power supply (takes 9v). In excellent condition, functions well, no issues"

Casio MT 540 & Space Quest III

Published on Apr 30, 2020 8-Bit Keys

Same engine as the Casio CT-460 and Hohner PSK-30.

DIY Modular (Eurorack)

Published on Apr 30, 2020 otemrellik

"Finally got around to making a quick video about my little diy modular system.


Erica Synths Pico Drum 2

sound demo Published on Apr 30, 2020 Erica Synths

"Pico Drum 2 is compact yet versatile percussion synthesizer in a 3 HP eurorack module. It features 8 drum synthesis algorithms created to deliver distinct sounds to your modular system.

First part of the video features same algorithms played with different settings and part two features jams with mixed algorithms.

00:02 - PULSE DRUM
00:50 - FOLD DRUM 1
05:20 - FOLD DRUM 2
06:23 - SLAP
07:08 - Jam 1
07:59 - Jam 2
08:55 - Jam 3
09:36 - Jam 4
10:19 - Jam 5
11:04 - Jam 6"

Molten Music Monthly - April 2020 - Superbooth Special

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Molten Music Technology

"It's been Superbooth 2020 Home Edition and there's too much stuff. Not all of it was new but we had unprecedented detail in awesome live streams about a load of modules and synth. Including my own live stream interviews with synth related people who fascinate me. There are lots to get through and this is just the stuff that I liked in particular - there are loads of things I didn't have space for.

Erica Synths goes nuclear, ST Modular releases 1000 DIY modules, Ritual Modular gets into 1U, 1010music gives us a mini sampler, Befaco does a mini VCMC, Expert Sleepers gives us double the trouble, Bastl loops MIDI, Liquid Foam is a very cool box, Tangible Waves lets us all build modules, Strokes 2 is a mad software groove machine, TiNRS has a Covid kick drum module, Future Sound Systems has a complex VCO, Noodlebox is a thing, Critter and Guitaris does video, There's a whole synth in KOSMO format, Elk Audio OS does something interesting, and there's a shed load of stereo filters. But first, Distrokid.

Intro - 0:14
Distokid - 2:25
Erica Synths Fusion II - 6:11
ST Modular - 9.51
Ritual Electronics - 11:51
1010music - 13:15
Befaco CV Thing - 15:18
Expert Sleepers Disting EX - 17:46
Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper - 20:07
Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam - 22:31
Tangible Waves DIY - 24:01
Strokes 2.0 - 25:58
TiNRS Circular Thing - 27:17
Future Sound Systems Recombination Engine - 29:04
64 Pixels Noodlebox - 30:23
Critter & Guitari - 31:42
ELK Audio OS Blackboard - 33:25
Look Mum No Computer Kosmo - 37:44
Stereo Filter Bonanza - 40:07
Finishing off and coming soon - 44:40"

ASM HYDRASYNTH - first demo-recording

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Bruno Ender Lee

Bitbox Micro vs Bitbox MK2: Review, tutorial and detailed comparison of 1010music's new samplers

Published on Apr 30, 2020 loopop

0:00 MK2 vs Micro
0:25 Stress test
1:50 Main differences
2:40 Inputs and outputs
6:20 Using the screen and knobs, overall workflow
7:20 Editing pads
9:00 Home and Tools screens
9:55 Playing onscreen keys and scales
10:30 Mixing pads & Effects
12:15 Sample options
16:35 Clip loops
18:20 Live looping
19:50 Slicer
20:55 Granular
22:00 Multisampling
26:25 Phased loops
28:30 Modulation
30:20 FXbox and Synthbox
30:55 Pros and cons
34:00 Phased outro

Touellskouarn's Superbooth20 Home Edition : Girts Ozolins from Erica Synths. Full Length

Published on Apr 30, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Girts Ozolins// Erica Synth s// Riga (LV) // Sonveskañ"

TR-808 + volca fm + RE-201

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Masaki Takada

"I was fortunate to receive RE-201 from a friend ...! 😇😇😇This is the first jam.
Next time I will play with a mixer with more channels."

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Improv #16 for Fender Rhodes, VCS3, Arp 2600, Mellotron and Percussion.

Published on Apr 29, 2020 R. Reger

"One-take improvised soundscape."

R. Reger Improvs

Classic FX App Preview

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Igor Vasiliev

"Classic FX application will add brightness and expand the sound space of any instrument from recorded musical instruments to software and even modular synthesizers."

This one with a Roland Juno-60.

Classic FX App Previews

Dawless Drum and Bass - Walkthrough / Tutorial

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Electronisounds Audio

Tutorial for the set posted here.

"Check out my sound banks for hardware grooveboxes:


"Dawless Drum and Bass - Walkthrough / Tutorial"

i'm explaining how I made my most recent live jam video: Dawless DnB.
I explain the routing and breakdown how the machines are working together.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Roland Jupiter X - Jupiter 8 Sounds Demo

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Chris Smelko

"A short demo showcasing just a few of the abilities of the Roland Jupiter X synthesizer. In this video I focus on the Jupiter 8 model sounds , stacking them in different ways and playing around with the filter and envelopes. Other than a few quirks, Roland definitely hit a home run with this."

New Behringer Solina In the Works

Quick note on Behringer: you might have noticed a lack of Behringer posts on the site. If you are wondering why, read this.

That said, only new product announcements will get a one time post for the time being as this is a synth news site. These posts will also serve as a reminder to do some research and make an educated call for yourself on whether or not you want to support them. And for the record, I will not judge or shame anyone using their products. That is a personal call.

That out of the way, here's some info on the upcoming Solina String-Ensemble from Behringer:

"We’re very excited to now share with you the first prototype of our Solina String Ensemble. As you can see we’re using rapid prototyping tools such as 3D printers to speed up the process.

This is actually not a trivial product - just look at the vast amount of analog components.

The Solina is now on the way to Germany to our innovation team who will implement the firmware and hopefully soon we will be able to let you hear the first beautiful string sounds."

200426 Dave Smith Sequential OB-6 Desktop

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Calvin Cardioid

[🎧 ON] #stayhome #stayathome #quarantine #quarantinelife #synth #synthesizer #OB6 #analog #analogsynth #sequential #davesmithinstruments #tomoberheim #oberheim #analogsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer

200427 Vermona 14 + Jomox Alpha Base

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Calvin Cardioid

[🎧 ON] #stayhome #stayathome #quarantine #quarantinelife #vermona #vermona14 #14analogsynthesizer #synth #synthesizer #analog #analogsynth #analogsynthesizer #jomox #alphabase #jomoxalphabase #drummachine

200425 Elektron Digitone Keys

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Calvin Cardioid

[🎧 ON] #stayhome #stayathome #quarantine #quarantinelife l #elektron #digitone #elektrondigitone #digitonekeys #elektrondigitonekeys #synth #synthesizer #FMsynth #FM #digitalsynth

200422 Jomox Alpha Base + Digitone Keys

Published on Apr 27, 2020 Calvin Cardioid

[🎧 ON] #stayhome #stayathome #quarantine #quarantinelife #jomox #alphabase #jomoxalphabase #elektron #digitone #elektrondigitone #digitonekeys #elektrondigitonekeys #synth #synthesizer #FMsynth #FM #digitalsynth #drummachine #sampler

160511 Moog Model 15 iOS app

Published on May 17, 2016 Calvin Cardioid

Sneak Peak, 128 customs sounds for Peak by coyotesynth

Published on Apr 29, 2020 coyotesynth

Sound meditation - noise orchestra feat. Plumbutter, Boardweevil, Rin, Baoding ball, Chajchas, etc

Published on Apr 29, 2020 hajimmie

"Another meditative noise orchestra jam with various instruments."

ARPchivesLIVE!!! Episode I: Alex Ball

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Dina Pearlman (d'ARP) Executive Director of The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation visits (remotely) the studio of Alex Ball, documentarian and videoographer who created ELECTROMOTIVE: The Story of ARP Synthesizers." [posted here]

MIDIbox SEQ V4+ Midi sequencer w/OLED displays and 909 style buttons

via this auction

"This MIDIbox SEQ v4+ is an amazing, 16-track step and morph midi sequencer with arpeggiator that can connect to gear via standard 5pin midi-din cables or a USB cable. It is powered by USB, I will include the cable. Also will include the pre-formatted SD card that stores all the projects and sessions.

The SEQ v4+ is only available as a kit (this one is from, but this one is fully assembled (by me) and works 100%. The buttons are special ordered '909 style' buttons. The displays are extremely high quality OLED displays.

This is similar to a cirklon in that it can serve as the center of your studio and has lots of midi ports. The advantage of multiple midi ports is lower latency. It has 4 assignable midi outs, and 4 sets of assignable midi in/outs. Also multiple USB assignable midi ports. As well as 'internal midi' that can be assigned to other tracks. It's very flexible and incredibly powerful.

(Note: In4/Out4 is wired to accept a future piece of kit that will be created by so regular midi in/out may or may not work for your situation. There are still tons of inputs/outputs to choose from.)

The display in the top left shows visuals based on what mode its currently in. There are multiple shift/button combos but also dedicated buttons for common actions. The OLED screens are readable at extreme angles and has a screensaver that is automatically activated to prolong their life.

The only way to acquire one of these sequencers is to purchase the pcb and case kit, purchase all the components, and then carefully solder, test and install the software. This unit has already been built, it's ready to use and has an all-metal, powder-coated case with screenprinted graphics."

MAM ADX1 Drum Synth Analogue Drum Machine SN AD10801008

via this auction

Korg Polysix Keyboard Synthesizer SN 386962

via this auction

Yamaha KX5 Remote Keyboard with Kramer Hard Case SN 01007

via this auction

"Comes with a Yamaha breath adapter, two straps, a cable and a small MIDI box for unknown purpose. You get it as we got it.

The Yamaha KX-5 is a MIDI controller (you connect this to a MIDI keyboard or sound module that you already own). These modules have NO actual sounds on board and are used for enhanced visual effect so a keyboard player can move all over the stage while playing with a band. [1] It was created by Yamaha in 1986.[2] It also featured a ribbon controller which could be used for pitch bend. It is powered by 6 AA batteries which has a run time for up to 7 hours.[3]

Yamaha KX-5
Technical specifications
Synthesis type
MIDI Controller
37 Keys"

Zelda's Lullaby from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Piano, ContinuuMini and Xylophone

Published on Apr 27, 2020 MiniMan

"Love this piece of 90s nostalgia. Such a peaceful and beautiful song. Recorded April, 2020 in quarantine at my home studio in Philadelphia.

Harp - Treated Piano
Ocarina, Strings and Glass Harp - Haken ContinuuMini (
Xylophone - Xylophone"

Zelda II - Palace Theme Cover on Synths (The Adventure of Link)

Published on Apr 29, 2020 GLASYS

"I recently played the NES Legend of Zelda games for the first time (they were the only ones in the series that I hadn't beaten) and I really loved the Palace/Temple theme in Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. There's something really dark and mysterious about it that made me want to keep playing (and inevitably dying over and over).
Here's my live arrangement of the tune, and like in most of my arrangements, all sounds are performed simultaneously.

Gear used: Sequential Prophet XL and Pro 3, Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075, Arcadia controller (custom built for me by Matt Moldover), Native Instruments Battery 4."

Primary Optics: How Robert Henke used five 1980s computers to create his CBM 8032 AV show

Published on Apr 29, 2020 FACTmagazine

"Primary Optics is a series that dives into the ideas and technology behind some of the world’s most innovative audiovisual shows and artists.

In this episode, filmed at Berlin’s Radialsystem during CTM Festival 2020, FACT goes behind the scenes of CBM 8032 AV, the latest show from the mind of musician and visual artist Robert Henke, aka Monolake. The show revolves around a simple but technically challenging idea: what if you could create an audiovisual show using computers and technology from 40 years ago?

'This work is about the ambivalence between a contemporary aesthetic and the usage of obsolete and limited technology from 40 years ago,' Henke says. 'Everything presented within the project could have been done already in the 1980s, but it needed the cultural backdrop of today to come up with the artistic ideas driving it.'

The computer used by Henke for the show, the Commodore CBM 8032, was originally released in 1980. For comparison, the microchip you'd find in today's average domestic washing machine would be around 100,000 times more powerful that those inside each of the five computers Henke uses live on stage.

One is used for sequencing, one for creating visuals and three for creating sounds. Although he uses hardware effects from the era for filtering, pitch-shifting, looping and reverb, and expanded the computers' capabilities with a self-produced digital to analog converter, the sonics generated are a sparse, simple combination of sine waves, clicks, bleeps and cuts.

'The sound quality on one side is very limited, it's very rough,' Henke says. 'But exactly this kind of rough, edgy sound is something that suddenly becomes interesting because we are used to perfect sound.'

The graphics evoke a nostalgia for a more primitive age of computing, yet push the visual capabilities of the machines into a more psychedelic realm. This part of the show was developed by software engineer Anna Tskhovrebov, and required some clever hardware modification to interpret the computer’s visual data for projection.

'These machines can only display green and they can only display a limited number of graphic symbols, so in 1980 this was not seen as sufficient to do a one-hour performance' Henke says. 'Nowadays we are surrounded by virtual reality, millions of colours with unlimited channels of sound and suddenly the experience of going somewhere and watching for one hour a green screen is something special.'

Directed, filmed and edited by Pedro Küster
Produced by Scott Wilson

Special thanks to:
Robert Henke and Studio Robert Henke for their contribution and archive material
CTM Festival
All at Radialsystem, Berlin
Nai Fowler
Celia Solf and Soho House Berlin"

Korg M1 - Modern Analog & Ambient Sounds In Action!

Published on Apr 29, 2020 LFOstore

"#korg #m1 #patches


After successful Korg Wavestation series we've got in our hands one of the most iconic workstations of 90s - the M1

It sounds fantastic but many of the sounds was overused in years & we didnt find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselfs - made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

In this soundset you will find:

Prophet-5 leads, pads
Oberheim strings & pads
Pro One leads & basses
JX & Juno Series sounds
CS-80 pad & string

Various ambient pads, drones,swells - cosmic, organic, nature,water.
Various bells & plucks - classic, modern, unreal.

All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch.

Using great internal fx & classic waves we just scratch the surface with first 50 patches from the series."

Korg 01R/W

Published on Apr 29, 2020 No Nag Recordings

"A short take on the Korg 01R/W early 90's romplar that came out after M1 and T-series. It has one feature not seen in any of the other Korg workstations untill rescent years, Waveshaping.

If this had not been implemented, I think this synth would be pretty boring. But with it , it really becomes alive."


Published on Apr 29, 2020 ludoWic music

Trautonium (VT)

See the labels below for more.

Hammond Solovox Model K {two] early organ synthesizer

via this auction

"Two Model K Hammond Solovox. Both power up and only get a faint "tink tink" sound when pressing keys. Sold for parts or possible repair. The one organ with the wooden base that I had made for the keyboard I had some service done to 25-30 years ago. I used to use that one and the sound was amazing. The sound reminded me of a hunted house. That one some of the stops or tone controls are sticking together and not all the tone controls move independently and need some repair there as well."

Tubes on the back.

Roland MKS-80 SN 511822

via this auction

Little Matrix box on the top right.

"Vintage Roland MKS-80 Super Analog Synthesizer. A must for REAL analog synthesis.

S/N 511822 - Rev 5

Good operating condition. Original owner.

LCD display not as bright as it used to be but readable.

Cosmetic condition nice with these exceptions: (see pictures)
Front: rack ear wear
Top: A few light scratches, nothing deep
Back: XLR jacks a bit off color from aging"

Oberheim Strummer Perf/x MIDI guitar simulator + AC Adapter Manual Original Box

via this auction

Sound Theory and Minimalist Modular Exploration (VCO+VCF+SEQ+KASTLE)for Modul@rnice

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Bastl Instruments

"We are going to focus on the fundamentals of sound theory and exploring minimal modular setup that participants built as part of this series before the lockdown (VCO - Tromso, VCF - Cinnamon and step sequencer - Popcorn and semimodular synth - Kastle).

Lecture by Václav Peloušek (Toyota Vangelis)

Lecture for Modul@rnice workshop series is organised by Projekt Atol Institute, with financial support from the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and the Department of Culture of the City of Ljubljana."

Nodes & Wires: In Conversation With George Hearn of UDO

Published on Apr 29, 2020 Paul Dither

"In the 6th episode of 'Nodes & Wires,' I'm chatting with George Hearn about his musical background, instrument design, the Super 6 synthesizer, his company UDO Audio and more.

Intro — 00:00:00
Musical Background and Influences — 00:01:44
Past Synthesizer Designs — 00:20:22
Instrument Design — 00:21:25
Collaborating with Axel Hartmann — 00:37:04
Inside the Super 6 Synthesizer — 00:44:51
Current and Future Plans — 01:03:13
The Company: About UDO Audio — 01:04:56
Challenges and Opportunities — 01:07:45
Modern Expressive Controllers and Advanced Music Technology — 01:25:08
Final Words — 01:28:22"

Paul Dither Nodes & Wires w/ the makers

pocket operator modular 170 - build tutorial & demos

Published on Apr 29, 2020 teenage engineering

"the POM-170 is a home build analog monophonic synthesizer with built-in programmable sequencer. complete kit with powder coated aluminum chassis, keyboard, oscillator, filter, envelope, lfo, vca, speaker, power distro, psu, a screwdriver, 8 patch cables, and illustrated build guide. in this video you will learn how to build it yourself."


1. pocket operator modular 170 - build tutorial
2. pocket operator modular 170 - patch creation
3. pocket operator modular 170 - pocket operator sync

pocket operator modular 16 - build guide

Published on Apr 29, 2020 teenage engineering

"in this video we'll show you everything you need to know to assemble your own pocket operator modular 16."

Touellskouarn Superbooth20 Home Edition : Émilie Tiersen

Published on Apr 29, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Émilie Tiersen, Musician // Ushant Island (FR) - Strakal Brulu ! {taol evezh}, Ar Merch’et Brao"

Elektron Digitakt - Expectations (a sleepytime jam)

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Payton Carter

"I've had a difficult time lately with creative slumps and what I perceive to be musical failures. Sometimes I'll look back on my older tracks and think I haven't made anything I like in months. I've gone through buying and selling some gear with the expectation that once I get [piece of gear], it will be all I need, and then I can start making real music. In the last year, I've bought and subsequently sold a MicroFreak, OP-Z, iPad, Model D, and DeepMind; the Circuit (my first hardware) is the only one I've kept. Obviously, it's not the gear.

I'm sure many of you are like me in that there are hundreds of unfinished tracks sitting on your hard drive. Especially lately, I feel like nothing I've made meets the imaginary expectations I set for a good track. The chord progression is weak, I can't find the right bass sound, there's not enough movement or tension... I end up abandoning the project, and the only thing I gain is a little more frustration. Making music hasn't really been enjoyable lately, which makes me really sad.

Yesterday I decided I need to step back and just finish a new song, with the understanding that it doesn't need to be the greatest thing in the world. I started on this track and tried to just push through, ignoring second guesses and distractions. I've always admired Will Wiesenfeld's work as Geotic, because his music just radiates emotion. It's joyful, it's heartbreaking, it's nostalgic—not afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve. I tried to capture a similar kind of feeling in this song. It's simple and not the most interesting track in the world, but it fills me with optimism. Whatever you create, it is good enough.

On another note, the lack of stereo sampling on the Digitakt is really bumming me out more than I thought it would."

Some notes on that here:

OverCycles Sound Pack For Elektron Model:Cycles

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Human Oversynth

"This is a sound demo for the OverCycles sound pack for Elektron Model Samples. This sample pack contains 16 sequence patterns, and 16 kits (1 for each pattern), with 6 sounds per kit for a total of 96 sounds.

Sound packs and overlays are available in our online store at"


Published on Apr 28, 2020 WheelRock

"All Tracks Made with My Casio CZ-5000

SATOSHI & MAKOTO - CZ-5000 Sounds and Sequences - safe trip ST 006-LP"

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

iPad Apps with Hardware and Eurorack Synthesizers Livestream Tutorial

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Join us live on Tuesday 4/28/20 at 6PM PST as we go over some iPad iOS music apps that we think are fun and useful tools and how you can connect them to your hardware and eurorack synthesizer setup. We will be talking about sequencing iOS synths with hardware, using touch interface sequencers to control your hardware and even how to use the iPad as a digital mixer and effects unit with AUM and AUv3 plugins. In addition to talking about apps we will go over some of the hardware interfaces and controllers that are compatible with iPads to get them connected to your other gear.

Eurorack and other music gear available on our site:"

DreddSteppa Demo Part 10 - Novation Circuit Pack by LDM Design

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Isotonik Studios

"And so we conclude the demos of the DreddSteppa pack for the Novation Circuit by LDM Design....

64 Patches
64 Samples
24 Sessions

Inspired by bass legends such as Chameleon, Dillinja, Krust, John B, Genotype, Mala, Pinch, Joker, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Shackleton and Appleblim.


Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer. Condition is Used. Original owner, purchased in December of 2002. The unit has been serviced twice with the most recent service in April 2020. All voice chips are properly functioning (see last photo) and synth is in MINT condition."

Oberheim OB-8 SN C34111 w/ Anvil Case

via this auction

"The Oberheim OB-8 was the final model in Oberheims legendary OB line and like its predecessors, it featured the same large 8 voice analog polyphonic sound. Expanding on the prior OB models, the OB-8 featured an 8 note apeggiator, switchable filter modes between 12dB & 24B, and a second layer of programming known as "Page 2" featuring an entire second set of expanded parameter controls. Like the OB-XA, the OB-8 featured 120 slots for patch memory, a comprehensive lfo and modulation section, and 61-key keyboard with Oberheim's unique modulation bender section for performance"

ASM Hydrasynth - Tetris Song & Download Demo

Published on Apr 28, 2020 js-sound

"All sounds taken from the synthesizer ASM Hydrasynth except the drums.

You can download this track here. YouTube often spoils the sound."

Jam w/ Zen Delay, Korg NTS-1, Abyss, Minitaur, and Empress, Strymon, Meris pedals

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised performance, all on hardware, and inspired by the pleasures of tape. Most of the sounds here have tape-like effects applied to them, and for much of the song, I'm "playing" the tape on the Zen Delay by Erica Synths (with Ninja Tune collaborating). The Zen Delay is a real joy to perform with.

I'm also nicely surprised by the Korg NTS-1. It was a fun project to build, and while it's only a single-oscillator synth, you can get a variety of sound out of it (including a sub oscillator), and it has a ton of good options like filter sweep, and also a great collection of effects. Quite a lot of bang for your buck!

Novation Launchpad Pro MkIII — Sequencing, mutes, scenes
Korg NTS-1 + Empress Effects Zoia — Melody
Dreadbox Abyss + Empress Effects Reverb + Strymon Ola + Meris Ottobit Jr. — Pad
Moog Minitaur + Meris Polymoon — Bass
Roland SH-01a + Strymon Deco + Erica Synths (with Ninja Tune) Zen Delay — Melody 2 and arp and delay weirdness

Written and performed within a 24-hour period, and uploaded as is, with only a little compression/limiting on the master."

Sequential Synth Tips with Nicholas Semrad

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Sequential

"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and
techniques on a Sequential synth. In this eepisode, we feature keyboardist extraordinaire Nicholas Semrad (Cory Henry & the Funk Apostles, Knower, Donny McCaslin, Mark Guiliana’s
Beat Music) on the Rev2."

First ambient improvisation with the Sequential Pro 3

Published on Apr 28, 2020 State Azure

"A improvised track with the Sequential Pro 3, using some custom made presets and some of factory ones. Sorry about the distorting/clipping bass mid-way through. My first impression playing with the Pro 3 it just how analog and warm and characterful it is, even compared to other modern analog synths, so I figured doing something Jarre-esque would be fun to try. Everything playing is from the Pro 3, with the backing track improvised into the Ditto X4 looper before recording.

All FX (phaser, chorus, delays etc) are from the Pro 3, except some Valhalla Shimmer added to the lead parts.

Recorded direct to DAW."

Stay home | Synth Jam | Thomann

Published on Apr 24, 2020 Thomann Synthesizers

"Clubs are closed, concerts got cancelled. Have you been able to perform lately? Jason turned his garden into a jam area. Check out what Boris Johnson has to do with it...

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00: introduction
0:26: jam
11:24: setup
13.26: outro"

birdkids offGrid is Funded

birdkids offGrid Kickstarter campaign (previously posted here) is funded!

Note you can still back the project if you want to pick one up at a discount.

See the Kickstarter campaign for demos and details.

Plaits Synthesis Models Series #9 - Granular Cloud

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"

How to use an Intel PC stick as a standalone VST host / VST player / synthesizer

Published on Apr 28, 2020 Floyd Steinberg

"How to use an Intel PC stick as a standalone VST host / VST player /synthesizer. Table of contents below! Intel PC sticks are USB-stick-sized X86 PCs running Windows Home Edition. In this video, I'm installing a DAW and some popular VST plugins on one of them, seeing if there's enough performance to create a track with multiple virtual instruments. Also: using this as a monitor-less device booting your favourite software synth or plugin, playable with an external MIDI controller.

Table of contents:

00:00 Demo 1 (TAL Noizemaker)
01:27 Introduction
02:57 Hardware overview - what you need
03:39 Update the WLAN driver
03:58 creating a track in Reaper w/ Audio Modeling Clarinet, SYNTH1, TR-910, DEXED and Valhalla Shimmer
05:22 recording a synth pad...
06:00 drum track (TR-910)
06:45 E-Piano (DEXED)
07:58 Modeling Clarinet & finished track
09:00 VST host standalone setup (TAL Noizemaker)
09:38 Clarinet standalone setup with Bluetooth speaker
10:10 conclusion"

Synths on the Patio (TX Wiggles 60)

Published on Apr 28, 2020 poorness studios

"I decided to do some wiggling outside for a change. I took a small setup on to the patio and came up with this little jam. I used the Polivoks Mini Modular, the Volca Beat Machine, and the Korg SQ-1. It ended up sounding pretty cool."

poorness studios TX Wiggles

Marienberg VC Multimode Filter - Audio Demo (no talking) #TTNM

Published on Apr 28, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"The Marienberg Devices VCF A is a 5U modular synth precision filter. Here's a no-talking sound demo :)

/// TIMECODES: ///
0:10 Low Pass Filter Sweeps
0:27 Resonance Sweeps
1:01 Cutoff Envelope Modulation (Static Wave)
1:35 Cutoff Envelope Modulation (Melody)
2:07 Band Pass Filter Sweeps
2:53 High Pass Filter Sweeps
3:28 Notch Filter Sweeps
3:52 Notch Structure
4:19 Notch Structure LFO Modulation (Static Wave)
4:49 Notch Structure & Cutoff Modulation (Melody)
5:28 Filter Pinging
6:39 Self-Oscillation
7:31 Analog FM Synthesis
8:05 1V/Oct Tracking Analysis
8:55 Sawtooth Wave Filtering & Goodbye

Marienberg Devices Germany make high-end analog synthesizer modules and this filter really demonstrates this. Take the resonance knob for example, which is tuned in a way that turning it feels smooth in regards to the changing audio we hear. No dead spots or overly sensitive regions at the end of the scale. The filter also functions as a precise 1V/Oct sine wave VCO, offering a stable amplitude and incredibly quick settling time after pitch changes. So you won't hear glide effects between pitch CV jumps. This is important not just for musical playing of the filter, but also for analog FM synthesis, for which this module is great as well."


Synth Jam |Episode5| "Mountain View"

Published on Apr 28, 2020 LFOstore

"#accessvirus #dsievolver #xstation #eventidespace #eventidetimefactor

Imagine, you are on the top of mountain & wherever your eyes on - beauity & deepness.

Plucked melody is going from Novation X-Station through Eventide Space custom reverb preset with freeze function.

Pad is going from Virus TI Snow and playing from X-Station

Sequence from Evolver is going through Eventide Timefactor Filter Delay Algorhytm.

You can buy the sounds used in jam:"

Sherman Sherman Filterbank 2 COMPACT Edition

via this auction

"This is the latest and best version of the filterbank. It's very small and easy to work with among a lot of desktop based machines. It's great to have all the I/O jacks facing up so you can really put this anywhere. The built in midi splitter is also amazing.

Copy pasta:
The Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact is a powerful analog filtering/distortion unit that features all the components that made its predecessor a classic, albeit in a more compact design. This makes the Compact FB 2 ideal for touring and traveling. Like its predecessor, the Compact FB 2 features independent low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass filters with dedicated ADSR and frequency controls, resonance, FM, and even a ring modulator input! If all that wasn’t enough, there’s a six-octave switch, noise generator, and a VCA overdrive with dedicated AR generator."

Modular Synthesizer Pillow Crazy Africa

via this auction

For your synthesizer dreams...

"Modular Synthesizer Pillow Crazy Africa - is an exclusive craft pillow

Fully handmade and soft!

Size 16*12 inch, 44*30 cm

It is made of cotton and cashmere, felt appliqués, voluminous details are felted of wool, leather laces are used, and the filler is hollofiber.

Great gift for any musician or DJ.

Machine washable on delicate mode or by hand.

Craft Pillows by Crazy Pillows"

The Omen - Ultimate Black & Gold EuroSystem

via this auction

"Excellent condition, a piece of art composed by rare, discontinued and other great modules, all mounted on a reliable 12U powered wood case. Set up with 8 channel outputs going into a patchbay (included) and a Focusrite Platinum Octopre pre-amp (included with full price purchase), but you could use your favorite audio mixer or multi-channel interface.

Listing will be ended this Friday, May 1st. Get it before I place it in storage!

The list:
-Strymon Magneto
-Erica Pico DSP (x2).
-S3nor DR. UMMod.
-MFB SEQ-01.
-Folktek Matter (Original Patina faceplate).
-Folktek Alter 1.
-Folktek Alter 2.
-uBraids by Magpie Modular.
-Meng Qi Music Karp.
-Meng Qi Music DU-KRPLS.
-Meng Qi Music DPLG (x2).
-Arcus Audio Mult (x2).
-S3nor S.S.SEQ.
-S3nor TKB.
-Make Noise 0-Coast w/Eurorack Power Adapter.
-Bizarre Jezebel Chloe (Tube Original Version).
-Doboz XIIO.
-Konstant Lab PWR.
-Folktek Touch Original Copper (x2).
-Silvas 12U/104hp Powered Wood Case with 3-prong power cable, and solid rubber feet.
-Patching cables, mostly 1/8, some stackables, some Dupont. Also including (8) 1/4 to 1/8 cables.
-Behringer UltraPatch Pro PX3000 Patchbay.
-Focusrite Platinum Octopre pre-amp (included with full price purchase)."

Unique Buchlaish-VCS3ish-Sergeish-Moogish NEuroRack System

Published on Feb 29, 2020 Stephano Gavilanes

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Unique system, features an exact replica Wood Powered Case of the legendary EMS VCS3 "Putney" synth, adapted for eurorack. It incorporates brainwaves/EEG signals as source of modulation (the Neuro portion of it), via module plus headset.

Why settle for an original Putney, or a clone, when you can go far and beyond the too well known sounds of it. See Video Demo using just one patching idea!

The List:
-Pittsburgh Modular - LPG
-2hp - Delay
-DSO 112 - Digital Oscilloscope
-Moog - DFAM MoogFest 2017 Engineering Workshop Edition #4 w/knobs upgrade.
-Intellijel - USB Power (x2)
-Intellijel - Line In
-Intellijel - Digitank (x2)
-Intellijel - Quadratt
-Intellijel - Headphones
-Soundmachines - BI1 Brainterface
-Toppobrillo - Dual Function Generator (Buchla Inspired).
-Thomas White - Quad Resonant Lopass Gate (Don Buchla Inspired). First design!
-Lyra8 - FX
-Shakmat Modular - Time Wizard
-Flame FX6
-Pulp Logic - Express Pedal
-Pulp Logic - DC (x2)
-Pulp Logic - Invert
-Pulp Logic - XOR
-Pulp Logic - Slew
-Pulp Logic - Att-Vert
-Pulp Logic - Cyclic Skew
-Pulp Logic - NSL-32
-Pulp Logic - Mix-A
-Pulp Logic Mix-B
-Hexinverter - Jupiter Storm (Extra module).
-SSSR Labs Kotelnikov (replaced Jupiter Storm).
-Toppobrillo - Triple Wave Folder w/knobs upgrade.
-Endorphin.ES - Furthrrr Generator (Buchla inspired faceplate and knobs).
-Epoch Modular - Rob Hordijk's Benjolin w/Buchla knobs upgrade.
-Synovatron - CVGT1
-Horstronic - Joystick w/knobs upgrade.
-Arc "Serge" - TKB
-EMS VCS3 "The Putney" exact Powered Wood Case Replica adapted for Eurorack (14U/84hp). Comes with power adapter.
-NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset V.1 (will include a newer unit for you to configure it with brainterface module).
-Lamp - USB (2 dimming levels).
-Patching cables, some stackables."

Vintage Korg 770 Analogue Mono Synth

via this auction


Patch n Tweak
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