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The Nintendo NES MIDI Synthesizer

video upload by MrCaliforniaD

"I built this custom Nintendo NES MIDI synthesizer using a real Nintendo (Model NES-001) and a Famimimidi NES cartridge.

The Famimimidi NES cartridge is an incredibly well developped product that lets you control a Nintendo sound chip via MIDI IN. It's rare that such a product is released to the public in such a stable and complete state.

The cartridge is available for purchase (, but it seems to be out of stock at the moment.

The challenge for this project was to fit everything in a 1U rackmount enclosure.

This project is a one-off, and I don't intend to build more of them. Not for sale. Sorry!"

Also see The Super Nintendo Synthesizer with MIDI

Behringer's Pro-800 Desktop Synth Based on the Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Now Available

via Behringer

"A classic analog 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with 2 VCOs, 1 VCF, an arpeggiator and sequencer.

Based on the classic Prophet 600, this synth captures the vintage sounds of the original coupled with some modern features like MIDI and onboard memory for storing up to 400 patches to truly make the PRO-800 a great choice for the modern musician.

List price: $399 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)"

Demo video posted here. Additional posts here.

Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra: Psychoacoustic effects from 0v1 Records

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We explore two psychoacoustic plug-ins from 0v1 Records: the Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra. These effects are meant to be felt rather than heard, and operate best on low frequency content like kick drums, bass, etc. It is recommended you listen to this video with headphones or stereo speakers with good bass response.

00:32 The user interface of the Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra
01:58 Drum & Bass example using the Arturia MS-20 V
06:40 Spectral analysis of the Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra
12:48 Conlusion

To find out more, please visit

▣ Plutonium is a powerful psychoacoustic plugin that adds sub-audible signals to audio tracks, resulting in a more dynamic and impactful sound.

▣ It utilizes advanced techniques in stereo, compression, equalization, and transient alteration to excite frequencies at specific stereo ranges. With Plutonium and PlutoniumXtra, music producers, engineers, and audiophiles can take their audio to the next level.

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UAFX Del-Verb Ambience Companion Sound Demo (no talking) with Sequential OB-6

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

0:00 Intro Pad
1:24 Notch Sync Lead
2:04 Broad Pad
3:33 Coffee break at Precint 13
4:04 String Machine
6:08 Sell-Out Arp
7:02 Plucked Tiny Lead into experimental Delay mess

Want to have killer synth bass lines? | Use THESE!

video upload by Espen Kraft

Take inspiration from famous 80s hits with The Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, Jean Michel Jarre, Mr. Mister, Swing Out Sister, Madonna and many more. Use these synth bass lines to up your game. Video tutorial.

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Find my patches and sample packs through these links:

00:00 Intro
00:12 Swing Out Sister / Pet Shop Boys
01:22 Mr.Mister
02:36 Walking Bass / Bad
03:36 Into the groove
04:27 Pedaling the bass
05:27 Octave bass
06:11 Putting it all together"

AJH Synth Introduces 2HP Voltage-controlled High Pass Filter

NEW MODULE! Low Fat - 2HP Voltage-controlled High Pass Filter - Features, Examples & User Guide
video upload by AJH Synth Official

"The LOW FAT is a new 2hp Eurorack module by AJH Synth, it's a High Pass filter, with frequency control by either manual pot, and/or external CV with attenuator. It's intended to compliment other filters, particularly low pass VCF modules, in practical tasks such as removing excessive low frequencies, for example when the bass is swamping a mix. However, because it can be voltage-controlled it can also be used musically as with any other VCF. When used in conjunction with a LP filter it forms a fully customisable band pass filter, allowing the range of passbands to be cherry-picked. This can be particularly useful in creating percussive sounds, such as snares and hats, but also on sequenced bass lines. Since it is only 2HP it's a great way to occupy one of those frustrating gaps in your eurorack modular case with something that is deceptively useful, and adds another dimension to the classic bass monster that is the Transistor Ladder Filter. Visit the module page on the official AJH Synth website:

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Video by @DreamsOfWires"

Live Ambient Modular Performance | Atmospheric Experimental Electronic Music |

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Many thanks for watching!
Patch in that 'like' button to the 'subscribe' button for some cool sounds coming your way every week:)

Decided to make a more extensive patch, but perform it this time around, and not just let it create itself as I would usually go about it. No video next week as final exams are upon us, and I am also moving so videos from a new location coming soon. Thanks for watching!

Haiku No.2:
Amidst trees and streams,
Voltage pulses blend with wind,
Synth forest concert.

Find me here:"

Pad sound with Sequential Pro 3 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private Analog Beast collection dedicated to Sequential Pro 3:"

Sequential Pro 3 first sounds - Carlo Mezzanotte

video uploads by carlomezz

Note there are three videos in the playlist above. You can use the player controls to skip around.

"Close encounters of the synth kind: A few patches on the Sequential Circuits Pro 3, a great analog/hybrid monosynth with three oscillators (2 VCOs and a wavetable), three analog filters and a ton of other features. Much more can be done with this powerful and versatile instrument; in the limited time had so far, I mostly limited myself to dynamic, playable analog sounds.
No external effects were employed. Also no eq, compression or anything else. What you hear is the straight output from the Pro 3."

5 minutes with the Oberheim Four Voice - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"When in 2021 Amedeo Tommasi - excellent pianist, teacher, composer and person - passed away, the St.Louis Music Center in Rome acquired his collection of instruments. And what a collection it was... several of the most sought after vintage synthesizers on the planet. Only thing, they were in a deplorable state, not having being played for a number of years. One of the first of these instruments to return from repair was the Oberheim Four-Voice. Still not perfect maybe, but with its magic and power clearly palpable; I couldn't resist switching it on and playing it for a while. In fact, I have played it for quite more than just the 5 minutes of this video: It's an early model without the Programmer module - which means that for each sound, you are forced to program every SEM (sound module) separately! Now, the unavoidable differences in timbre among the four voices could be pleasant sometimes, but it's still a nightmare to try and match the four modules to an acceptable level.
Also, one of the modules didn't want to know about staying in tune no matter what, and as the icing on the cake, the computer that was recording the audio ate a good chunk of the session... so I ended up with just a few minutes of presentable performance.
I couldn't resist adding a slight bit of ambience effect.
Thanks to St.Louis Music Center, and in particular to my friend and colleague Luca Spagnoletti."

Playing the Roland SH-201 - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"For a while, the Roland SH-201 was the king of the cost-effective VA synthesizers, with a rich sound and a good dotation of features. The most important functions have dedicated knobs/sliders/switches on the front panel, while the more sophisticated ones require double-button pushes (which aren't always easy to remember), or the use of its software editor. The onboard effects aren't top-quality perhaps, but they pair quite well with the sound of the oscillators and filters; and the onboard sequencer is more than respectable. The case is plastic but sturdy, making the instrument ridiculously light at 5 kg. A lot of power in a rather unassuming package.
I put together this video very quickly, just before selling my SH. A mix of my own patches and a few tweaked presets."

Uno Synth Pro - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"Uno Synth Pro is a small but very powerful analog monosynth from Italian manufacturer IK Multimedia. 3 VCOs with continuosly variable waveforms, dual filter with serial or parallel configuration, 2 ADSRs, 2 LFOs, FM, Ring Mod, 16-slot Matrix Mod, a good quality Fatar keyboard with aftertouch, analog drive + 3 effect stages, and a personal, distinct voice."

Playing the Anyma Phi - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"A few sound examples from the Anyma Phi, a 3-oscillator monophonic/paraphonic desktop synthesizer from French manufacturer Aodyo - one of the very few hardware synthesizers based on Physical Modeling technology. This demo includes patches that use OS 1.1.0, a new release that gives the Anyma Phi a substantial feature boost. It now sports 45 oscillator types, 47 modulator types and 34 FX module types.

To manage its complex synthesis architecture, the Anyma Phi comes with a computer editor, but it can also be programmed using the front panel only. A nice addition is the inclusion of a piezoelectric pick-up, allowing the musician to play percussively just tapping on the panel.

A polyphonic version, the Anyma Omega, is in the works."


video upload by carlomezz

"UPDATE: I'm happy to let you know that my bank of sounds for the Hydrasynth is now available for free download at the Music Player Network. Here's a link to get it (it's at the MPN store, but the price is $0.00 😊 ). Enjoy!

There are plenty of Hydrasynth videos and demos on the net, most of them focusing on morphing, swirling textures, thanks to the Hydrasynth's complex synthesis channel and especially its great Macro implementation, which permits to assign multiple parameters to the eight encoders on the panel.
For this video, however, I thought to consider a real-world situation where the keyboardist is usually busy with both hands most of the time, or wants to play big chords, so he doesn't always have immediate access to the panel controls. Consequently, I tried to build sounds with some kind of internal life, which would sound rich and vibrant to begin with - leaving to expressive *playing*, rather than tweaking, all the shaping and phrasing. I started with classic synth and imitative sounds, venturing later into more creative territory.
I only used left-hand controllers and aftertouch; not even the ribbon was used.
NOTE: Some sounds have a brief written description of the techniques employed - but of course, these are just rhe main ingredients. Every sound was tailored with several modulations (usually 20 or more) to achieve the final results."

Sound Bank for the Hypersynth Xenophone - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"Here's a presentation of the 128-patch sound bank that I have programmed for the great Hypersynth Xenophone analog monosynth. 3 oscs, 3 envs, 3 LFOs, 4 ring modulators, 12 filter types, large matrix mod, analog distortion, sequencer, digital effects and a great voice!

Hypersynth will include this bank as Bank Four in all future units (although it's called Bank Three, as they start from Zero!); previous owners can download it here:

No external effects or eq have been added.

Not every patch is demoed in this video; however, I tried to represent each one of the several categories into which I have divided the bank.
Here they are, in the same order in which they appear in the synth:

0:00 - Classic synth leads
2:35 - "Larger than life" synth sounds
3:50 - Aggressive synth sounds
6:55 - Woodwinds impressions
8:38 - Percussive synth sounds
10:37 - Tuned percussions impressions
12:07 - Ambient sounds
14:02 - Basses
15:30 - Solo strings & sweeps
16:39 - Drums and percussions sounds
17:37 - Variations on a classic sweep
18:41 - FX, various and - a bit of fun : - )"

Playing & tweaking the Creamware Pro 12 ASB - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"Some real-time tweaking with the powerful Pro 12 ASB from Creamware. It's a faithful recreation of the Sequential Prophet 5, the classic and iconic synthesizer designed by Dave Smith in 1977 - and it sounds really good.
Other than replicating the original front panel, it adds 12-note polyphony, MIDI, velocity and aftertouch response, and 2 high-quality digital effects. You can stack several voices in unison and detune them, and all parameters are controllable via MIDI CCs."

A brief encounter with the Studiologic Sledge - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"I had this Studiologic Sledge at home for a few days en route to the school, so I took a couple of hours to make a few patches. Of course much more could be done with this nice synth, but given the little time I had, I decided to test it on a bunch of classic sounds.

I found that the Sledge has a rather aggressive basic sound, with a definite personality. A more extended modulation matrix would have been welcome, but I guess that the goal here was to achieve that one-knob-per-function feel.

All sounds programmed from scratch, with no external effects or processing except for a little bit of eq."

Playing the Waldorf Q - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"I have owned the Waldorf Q for a while, but only in recent times I have had the opportunity to really sink my teeth into its very powerful synthesis architecture.

The first batch of patches that I have programmed includes several well-known synth timbres, plus a few more adventurous sounds. I find this an excellent approach to familiarize with an instrument. I didn't try to directly imitate the warmth of analog vintage synths; the Q has a strong personality in itself, and a big, aggressive basic sound. All the mod routings allow for very complex timbres of a special kind, cold and precise, but also full and satisfying.

What you hear in this video is all single patches, no multis. Only the internal effects were used, with no external processing except a little bit of eq."

Playing the Waldorf Q - Carlo Mezzanotte (Part 2)

"Here's the second part of my Waldorf Q programming adventures, where I try my hands at more complex sounds, plus a short multitracked improvisation at the end. With FM, ring mod, wavetables, oscillator sync, four multi-stage envelopes, comb filters, and plenty of modulation options - there's a lot of ground to explore. In particular, I like to ride the fine line between tonal and non-tonal timbres, where the sidebands build up in a dynamic way, creating groups of partials which can grow until they 'almost' become noise, but always keeping the original root clear. (well - almost always. : - ) ) Very often, I have programmed aftertouch and the mod wheel to change important details of the harmonic spectrum.

For some reason, several of these sounds ended up with a strong ambient/hypnotic connotation... I guess it's just an inclination that I have. : - )

Again, what you hear in this video is all single patches, no multis. And again, only the internal effects were used, with no external processing except a little bit of eq.

At 15:52, I did a brief improvisation using some of these sounds, plus a couple from Part 1. I used 4 stereo tracks, without adding any external effects.
I had some fun with video editing, but I'm a total amateur at that.... the moral: better to focus on the sounds! : - )"

Playing the Minimoog Model D - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"Some fun - actually, a whole lot of fun - with a vintage Minimoog model D from the Seventies. Just some tweaking/playing, messing around with the controls with no set plan. It has just been serviced, and it's a joy to play.

First of all, the pitch bending is all wrong*! This Mini has the original implementation of the pitch wheel; not only the bend range is that crazy sharp fifth (or flat minor sixth) which is the norm for all non-modified Minis; the pitch wheel also has *no return spring - which makes for a rather crazy pitch-bending experience!

It also has the older oscillator bank, which is said to be more unstable but fatter as well. It tends to drift a lot for sure, as you can hear in many of the segments. And it sounds really fat!

It was recorded directly. And since this video wasn't intended as a demonstration of any kind, I couldn't resist adding some slight ambient effects, which only becomes really noticeable with percussive sounds.

As you will hear and see, I used the old "filter feedback" trick rather liberally; low-output into ext input creates a saturation of the filter circuit. You can see it every time the overload indicator lights up. Also, in several sounds I used a slight amount of audio-range oscillator FM.

This particular Mini belonged to someone I knew; a good musician and a friend, who sadly passed away not long ago. Playing it has been an intense and emotional experience, and of course a treat as well.

The audio went slightly out of sync with the video during the conversion process; I apologize for that. Also, there's a very short black spot in the video around the halfway point."

Peavey Spectrum Synth - Classic Synthesizer Sound Module SN 08596610

via this auction

See this post for a good overview and the history of the Peavey Spectrum Synth. You can find additional posts including some demos here.

Jomox T-Resonator MKII Time Woven Filter Matrix Delay

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Squeaky clean used condition, includes factory packaging and power supply."

Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The Grandmother is a lovely semi-modular analog monosynth with circuits based on the original Moog modular modules. It has the classic heavy Moog sound and is great for bass, warm leads, and of course can get weird with some patching."

Moog Liberation Fully Serviced w/ Original Case, PSU, & Cable

via this auction

Sequential Prophet-10 SN 2648 w/ Pin

via this auction

Roland MRS-2 ProMars 37-Key Duophonic Synthesizer SN 891066

via this auction

"Superb Roland MRS-2 Promars.

It's near in perfect condition, which is rare for a synth that age.

A very raw, meaty duophonic synth with the addition of the second oscillator that can be detuned and a killer VCF.

Favored by Depeche Mode and Vangelis, this synth has the Midi I/O installed for CC and Sysex, in addition to the CV/Gate inputs.

Revised in 2020 at reputable Belltone in Philadelphia, the power supply was recapped, made US-Voltage compatible and fully calibrated as it is from Japan originally.

It comes with the rare original case."

Video in the listing: Roland Promars Compuphonic | The Red Planet

Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer w/ custom wood oak sides, manual, brochure

via this auction

Korg Wavestate Sound Bank Vol 3 for Berlin School and Ambient

video upload by Waveformer

"Waveformer presents the "Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3" soundbank for Korg Wavestate - available for purchase from

This is my third volume in the “Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit” series of soundbanks for the amazing KORG Wavestate synthesizer. It was built over a period of 12 months and was completed in April 2023.

The soundbank has 21 original Performances. All Performances contain four Layers with multiple Lanes of Wave Sequences, designed to be easy to tweak and reshape as you play them live. Most of the Layers use Arpeggiators which interact with the Wave Sequences to transform the rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics of the notes from the Arpeggiator. The individual Layers in a Performance are designed so they work well together and can play alone – just like individual members of a band.

The accompanying user manual describes each Performance in detail, with a guide to both playing and twisting knobs. It also includes tips and tricks for the Wavestate and some insights into how the Performances were designed.

I hope you’ll find this soundbank inspiring. Thank you for your support. :-)


00:00:00 - Intro / WF3 Wavetrain
00:02:39 - WF3 Wide Binary
00:06:21 - WF3 Memory of a Dream
00:10:04 - WF3 Vortex
00:14:05 - WF3 Northern Lights
00:17:46 - WF3 Ethereal Nebular Drift
00:22:39 - WF3 Chronosphere Flux
00:25:16 - WF3 Black Hole Tide
00:27:50 - WF3 December Snow
00:34:05 - WF3 Gamma Ray Bursts
00:36:15 - WF3 Graviton Waves
00:38:55 - WF3 Heisenberg
00:43:49 - WF3 Kuiper Belt
00:47:53 - WF3 Magnetar Flares
00:54:03 - WF3 November Melancholy
00:56:47 - WF3 Oort Cloud
00:59:56 - WF3 Remembering Earth
01:05:19 - WF3 Snowing on Jupiter
01:09:56 - WF3 Stargazers Trail
01:13:20 - WF3 Strange Attractors
01:16:17 - WF3 Theseus Surveyor"

Rock Circus - Music for Analog Synthesizer. Moog Sub37, Roland Juno-60

video upload by Elmar Mihm

"Originally composed for Piano. Sheetmusic available.
Hope you enjoy!"

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Octatrack Arpeggiator improvised moody house jam + Nymphes + Sirin #dawless #synth #dreadbox

video upload by Hanjo Synth

"Welcome to this moody house improvised jam, where we explore the creative potential of combining different electronic music gear to make an atmospheric and hypnotic groove. In this session, we use a combination of Elektron boxes, including the Octatrack as the central hub for sequencing and effects, and two external analog synths, the Dreadbox Nymphes and the Moog Sirin, to add warmth and character to the sound.

The main technique we use here is the Octatrack arpeggiator, which allows us to create complex melodic patterns by triggering different notes in sequence. We use the arpeggiator in different ways, such as changing the speed, direction, and note range, to keep the rhythm evolving and interesting.

Throughout the video, you'll see and hear the different elements of the jam being introduced and manipulated, from the deep bassline of the Sirin to the ethereal pads of the Nymphes, to the glitchy drums and percussions of the Elektron boxes. We also use various effects, such as reverb, delay, and distortion, to enhance the textures and add depth to the mix.

The mood of the jam is introspective and contemplative, with a hint of melancholy and nostalgia. The sound evolves gradually, with subtle variations and nuances that create a sense of organic growth and development.

I hope you enjoy this moody house improvised jam and get inspired to experiment with your own gear and techniques. Let's dive in!"

Quick Build of the Korg NTS-2 Oscilloscope and example of scoping a simple bass line beat

video upload by Rochefsky

"I acquired the Korg NTS-1 Oscilloscope in an Amazon special which came with the book 'Patch and Tweak' - so figured I'd film the building process and immediately follow with a sample use scoping the background bass line beat to this video.

The scope is quite useful for my non-eurorack gear because:
- I can move it around easily
- it runs on batteries (2 AA)
- it has 2 inputs and thru ports
- it has a TUNER (!!)
- it is TINY!

loads more features than I tested so far... happy to try some for viewers who have specific questions..."

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator Cover On Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine

video upload by Bata

"All sounds from the HR-16 except vocals. Recorded live in 1 take with no overdubs. Some reverb was added."

When Versatility Becomes a Burden.. // Roland SH-4D Workflow and Thoughts

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Let's take a closer look at the Roland SH-4D synthesizer and explore its many features and capabilities. With "60-note polyphony" and a 4-part multi-timbral design (plus an additional drum machine part), the SH-4D is an incredibly versatile synth that can produce a wide range of sounds and effects. It also includes selectable synth engines from the vintage Roland family, such as the Juno 106 and the SH-101, as well as a 64-step sequencer and tons of built-in effects. -- However, as you'll see in this video, the SH-4D’s workflow can be a bit cumbersome at times, requiring you to be in many places at once and leading to some potentially time-consuming mistakes. We’ll also explore some of the other issues you might encounter when using this synth and discuss whether it’s really the best choice for your needs. -- Overall, the Roland SH-4D is a great synth for beginners or anyone looking to experiment with different sounds and styles. But if you’re looking for something more focused or specialized for a particular task, you may want to consider other options."

Acid Techno Live Jam with Eurorack and XoXBoX!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Recording Date: 04/29/2023
Tempo: 137bpm
Key: F minor

It's a "One Take Jake" Jam - where I go with TAKE 1 - *NO MATTER WHAT*! Woot!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

How to make the Baby Be Mine MiniMoog Bass from Michael Jackson's Thriller

video upload by Anthony Marinelli

Don't miss Bill Wolfer: It's the 50th Anniversary of my Minimoog! also featured on Michael Jackson's Thriller.


1. The Sound that Started Michael Jackson’s Thriller - How We Created It #1 (Falling Star)
2. Steven Ray on Michael Jackson's Thriller Pt. 1 - How We Created It #2 (Studio Stories)
3. Steven Ray on Michael Jackson's Thriller Pt. 2 - How We Created It #3 (Studio Stories)
4. How we programmed the drums on Michael Jackson’s Thriller
5. How I Programmed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Bass on my Tonus ARP 2600
6. How to make the Baby Be Mine “warble” Mini Moog Lead from Michael Jackson’s Thriller
7. How to make the Baby Be Mine MiniMoog Bass from Michael Jackson's Thriller

Farbfilter and Stolperbeats in 7/8 time - Transistor Ladder Lowpass with Drive

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"For this one we channelled our inner Radiohead and made a beat with a 7/8 rhythm.

Come to @superboothberlin 11-13 May 2023 to chat to us and test our modules - we'll be in a beach tent together with all our friends @thisisnotrocketscience3942 @paultasbeeb @knobula6211 @apolloview9305 @vaskiembedded and Swampflux!! We are going to have a really good time and you are all invited to come and play!

Plus they are all debuting new modules we are really excited about!

In this video we are using #Farbfilter, an analog transistor ladder filter for Eurorack with a wicked overdrive stage and CV controlled resonance. We're still putting the finishing touches on this one, tweaking a resistor value here or there and taming the ranges a bit, but we love how it sounds already. A huge thankyou to @DivKid and @SynthDad for providing feedback on this one!

In this patch, #Stolperbeats is sending a MIDI sequence to the @WeAreElektron Model:Samples, playing Samples from the @GoldbabySamples Silverdrum Machinedrum pack for modelsamples. The bass is a PWM saw wave from Apollo View Modular's Allscillator complex VCO.

Both signals are filtered using the Farbfilter, with Stolperbeats sending a CV ramp to the filter cutoff of one lowpass filter and @Befacosynth Rampage being triggered to modulate the other. Enrica is controlling the offset for cutoff and attenuating the incoming resonance modulation. Kits will become available after Superbooth via our friends at @ThonkSynthDIY and @explodingshed5542.

Join our #superbooth workshop to solder with us:

Saturday 13.05.2023,
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Superbooth DIY Area

Or join us on Sunday for the DIY afterparty:

Sunday 14.05.2023,
ca 5:00 pm
DIY Kit Day

@berlinmodularsociety will be playing modular synthesizer tracks live!"

Ambient diaries 013 [S2400, SYNTRX II, Voyager, Polybrute, CXM 1978, Zen Delay, Empress Reverb]

video upload by

"This is the 13th video of my electronica series called "Ambient diaries". The song contains the mighty Beat Machine Isla Instruments S2400. My Erica Synths SYNTRX II synthesizer adds some playing nice melody with modulation action. Moog Voyager is playing bass going through a Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer and Arturia Polybrute is in pad mode routed through a Mäag EQ4M in M/S mode. Reverbs, delays with CXM 1978, Empress Reverb and Zen Delay."

Arturia Minifreak: 64 Bass Presets. Sound Demo. No Talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Bass Pack' is a collection of 64 patches for Arturia Minifreak.
It features a variety of bass tones: soft, hard, metallic, acoustic, vintage, modern, deep, bright, aggressive, epic...
The bank of presets is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.
💎 Get the soundset:

- Wide range of timbres
- Thoroughly set parameters
- ModWheel and Aftertouch add expression
- Macros 1 and 2 change the timbre or add movement
- Volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing

Drums/samples from the demo are not included.
The presets are compatible with both versions of Minifreak: hardware and VST/AU/Standalone.
Use the official software (Minifreak V) to send the presets to the device.
Use the latest firmware and software versions.

Eurorack: Malekko Richter Anti-Oscillator into Xaoc Devices Belgrad + ModBase 09 Mk2

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"I've got a few new juicy modules today, so I've set up a little jam with all of them. The Jomox ModBase 09 Mk2 is the kick, the Anti-Oscillator is the bass which goes to Belgrad filter and to TipTop VCA. A first envelope goes to Belgrad and a second envelope from O_c goes to the VCA creating the fake sidechain for a nice pumping and separation between kick and bass.
M-32 is the synth lead and Rings the percussive part.
This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands visible and mentioned throughout this video."


Eurorack: Malekko Anti-Oscillator into Xaoc Devices Belgrad

"Malekko Richter Anti-Oscillator as a squeaky lead into Belgrad filter and Moog Mother-32 as the bass; Rings is helping with percussion."

Démonstration Kodamo Mask1 par jean-philippe Rykiel SynthFest 2023

video upload by Olivier Briand

"Démonstration Kodamo Mask1 par jean-philippe Rykiel SynthFest 2023"


video upload by Deep Synths

"I compare the UAFX Galaxy Tape Delay pedal to the UAD Galaxy Tape Echo plugin and Soundtoys Echo Boy plugin using a synthesizer."

Vintage Prototype Crumar Spirit Moog-Made Italian Analog Synth

via this auction

"Rare, vintage Moog-Made Crumar Spirit in excellent working and cosmetic condition with original case. This is a prototype made for Crumar that never actually went into production. Depending on who you talk to, this is 1 of 100, or 1 of 200 units made. This is serial number 0078.

Designed by Bob Moog, Jim Scott & Tom Rhea and released back in 1983. The Spirit is similar to a 2 VCO MiniMoog, but is considerably more flexible. 37-note keyboard, and the 2 oscillators feature basic sawtooth, triangle and square waves and can be synced together.

The filter section features low, high, and band-pass filters and switchable 12dB or 24dB slopes. Other features of the filter include an independent envelope with inverted and normal ADSR, key tracking and single or multiple triggering of the filter. Some other features of the Spirit include a built-in ring-modulator, an Arpeggiator with 3 different patterns that can be linked to the LFO, and there's an external audio input for running external sounds through its filters, LFOs or Ring Mod.

24 knobs, 10 switches and 15 sliders. 3 performance wheels for controlling the Pitch, Mod-X and Shaper-Y modulation effects. The Arpeggiator features 3 modes: Ripple (Up/Down), Arpeggio (Up several octaves) and Leap (Goes up 1 and then 4 octaves)."

Cwejman S1 MK2 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Cwejman S1 MK2 from 2019 in mint condition."

Moog Summing Mixer & Power Distributor From Moog Sound Studio SN 04963 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Moog summing mixer - came with a Moog sound studio set that included a DFAM and a Subharmonicon unit.

Just the mixer and box included. No power supply. Power supply from DFAM, Subharmonicon, or Mother 32 will power this mixer and the mixer allows power to be distributed to 3 other devices ( DFAM, Subharmonicon, or Mother 32)"

Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Analog Percussion Synthesizer SN 23875

via this auction

Note the box is for the Moog Sound Studio featuring the DFAM and Subharmonicon, but the listing is for the DFAM only.

"Comes with all you see pictured : original power supply, many international swappable plugs for power supply, booklets, some mounting hardware items, wooden sides, etc"

Mutable Instruments Shruthi Hybrid Monosynth (SMR4 mkII filter)

via this auction

That's one tall case.

"DIY Shruthi built a few years ago with the SMR4 mkII filter board. Includes custom panels and case (PCB top panel, aluminum bottom panel, 3D-printed case). Includes power supply."

Moog Taurus II Bass Synthesizer with Pedals

via this auction

"Moog Taurus II. You know it, you love it. It's a Moog Rogue with an expansive, easy organ-pedal-style foot controller. Floyd, Rush, Yes, Genesis...Super deep thick bass or space jams as you wish. I just saw Brett Netson play one of these with Earth the other month.

The pictures show you the whole deal. Works great, all cabling, newish proper power supply. Pedals all work, electronics all work. No stand, but it's just a pipe and easily replaceable...personally I did not need or want the stand; I just put the synth module on top of an amp.

You can buy Rick Wakeman's elsewhere online for $8k or pay much less for mine! Local pickup in Chicago is fine, no fee for that, will meet up if you can get reasonably close."

Roland V-Synth XT SN ZT81372

via this auction

Roland EM-101 Sound Plus Vintage Analog Sound Module

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

You can find a few demos in previous posts here.

CASIO VL-TONE VL-1 SN 1G109A w/ Song Book & Manual

via this auction

Moog Minimoog through the EXH Lizard Queen (Part 2)

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"More Minimoog through an octave fuzz pedal ✌🏽❤️"

Part 1 here

Moog Subsequent 37 - Analog Beast [SOUNDSET] • Custom Presets

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of favourite sounds dedicated to Moog Subsequent 37 (Arp, Bass, Keys, Lead). I've always loved analog sounds. Moog Subsequent 37 is a true Analog Beast. I love this synth for its functionality and fat sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. The soundset complements my few presets for the free genius Valhalla Supermassive reverb. Check out my soundset:"

Friday, April 28, 2023

DX5 performing Propaganda "Duel" (updated cover)

video upload by DX5

"Updating a cover I had recorded 14! years ago. Gear used:
Roland JP8000
Kurzweil PC1x
Roland JX-8P
Emu Emax, containing Oberheim (library) and DX7 (mine) samples.
Backtrack previously recorded, instrument by instrument, by me on Pro Tools with Reason rewired (drums). Emu Emax (Bass) and Yamaha DX7 (plucked and bright sounds) massively used on it.
Composed by Claudia Brucken/Ralf Dörper/Susanne Freytag/Michael Mertens.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Monome Norns Shield - Moving Bars

video upload by TheTrackdriver

"Playing with my Monome Norns Shield and the Barcode script. The sounds comes from a Waldorf Blofeld and all is running through a Strymon Nightsky."

Make Noise & Mood

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"An ambient-ish eurorack modular synthesizer patch (with pedals!), featuring:
Make Noise 0-Control, XPO, QPAS, Mimeophon, Maths, modDemix, LxD & XOH
DivKid/Instruo øchd
Strymon AA.1
Chase Bliss MOOD mkII & Dark World

All of the sounds in this patch originate from a single VCO — the XPO — sequenced by the 0-Control. The percussive voice is the stereo square wave output into into the QPAS, then the Mimeophon. The filter envelope comes from the envelope output on the 0-Control. The gate output for the last step in the sequence on the 0-Control strikes the !!¡¡ input on the QPAS. The XPO and QPAS are modulated by different LFOs from the øchd. The smooth voice is the mono sawtooth output into the the 12 dB filter of the LxD, then the LxD’s 6dB filter, then the AA.1 to interface with the MOOD and Dark World pedals. The 12dB filter envelope comes from Maths, triggered by the gate output from the 0-Control. The 6dB filter is controlled manually with an offset from Maths. Both voices go through the XOH directly into my camera (listening to the final mix, it could have used a limiter, but oh well).

I start with the MOOD 100% dry and the 6dB LxD filter completely closed, so all you hear is the square wave and delay from the Mimeophon. I slowly open up the 6dB LxD filter and increase the amplitude of the filter envelope on the QPAS. Then I bring in the wet channel of the MOOD in reverse slip mode, tuned up a fifth, which introduces some harmony and counterpoint. I play around with the MOOD mix and the filters for a while, then turn up the clock on the MOOD before bringing in the loop channel, also in reverse, for more harmony and polymeter. Then I start bringing the filters back down, while increasing the mix of the MOOD. I turn the clock back down and turn the filters down and the mix all the way up until all you hear is the backward loop from the MOOD. That’s it!"

Joranalogue Audio Design PIVOT 2 / feedback paths are fun but confusing

video upload by BRiES

"Feedback patches really confuse me. The left part of PIVOT 2 is going through a waveshaper while the right part is routed through a filter. The output of PIVOT 2 is going through that same filter (SVVCF).

I gave up trying to understand the signal flow (I resisted drawing it out) and just enjoyed the patch. Later in the video I add even more feedback routes between the Joranalogue Audio Design modules and the R*S Triple Waveshaper."

Triphase Oscillator: an epic analogue VCO from New Systems Instruments

video upload by Tom Churchill

"The Triphase Oscillator from New Systems Instruments is a complex analogue VCO that’s based around the concept of phase cancellation, which is a key part of the sound of everything from chorus and phaser effects to PWM and supersaws. And as you’ll hear, it can sound absolutely huge.

Just like the other New Systems modules, the Triphase Oscillator is deceptively minimal on the surface - it’s essentially a triple sawtooth oscillator with voltage-controllable phase of each, and a bipolar mixer to combine them - but its relatively simple architecture unlocks a whole world of rich, complex sound design. In this video, I give an overview of its features and build some patches so you can hear what it’s capable of.

Thanks to New Systems Instruments for supplying the module. All opinions are my own. Find out more and check out the manual at

More stuff from me:"

See this post for an additional demo and details on the Triphase Oscillator.

New Systems Instruments Inertia, Harmonic Shift Oscillator, Babel & Quad LFO

video upload by Tom Churchill

"This video is about New Systems Instruments - one of the most innovative and underrated brands in Eurorack.

I’m looking at four modules: the Harmonic Shift Oscillator, a unique analogue VCO; Inertia, a ‘universal movement simulator’ or function generator that can be anything from an envelope to a filter depending on how you patch it; Babel, which is a one-of-a-kind analogue logic and intermodulation utility; and the new Quad LFO with Phase Expander.

I give a quick overview of each module before building some patches with various configurations of the modules to demonstrate a range of sounds and techniques.

00:00 Preview
00:56 Introduction
02:48 Harmonic Shift Oscillator overview
05:56 Inertia overview
11:15 Quad LFO and Babel overview
13:33 Harmonic Shift Oscillator: basic bass voice
16:22 Inertia as a waveshaping VCO with FM
18:54 Harmonic sequencing for techno loops
21:13 Drones with Inertia as a complex filter
24:32 Exploring FM on Harmonic Shift Oscillator
27:06 Experimenting with percussive effects
29:22 Complex wave combinations with Babel
32:00 Final thoughts

Find out more about the modules on the New Systems Instruments website (and do check out the manuals - they’re incredible!):

Big thanks to New Systems Instruments’ distributor, Signal Sounds - - who hooked me up with Harmonic Shift Oscillator, Inertia and Quad LFO to use in this video. All opinions are my own.

More stuff from me:"

démonstration Yamaha SynthFest France 2023 Olivier Grall Michael Geyre Jean-Philippe Rykiel

video upload by Olivier Briand

"Yamaha CS80, CS01, DX-1, SY-1, GS80, etc, live improvised @ Synthfest France 20023 avec Olivier Grall Michael Geyre Jean-Philippe Rykiel"

SmplTrek v2.0

video upload by SONICWARE

- Quick sampling
- Unquantized recording using Micro Timing
- Versatile Drum Tracks
- Easy-to-use Instrument tracks
- Enhanced workflow
and more...

Stereo Krell

video upload by Todd Barton

"Taking the Tiptop 292t Quad LoPass Gate for a little Krell ride.
My Patreon:"

Hidden Feature on the Rakit Drum Synth

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"I discovered this hidden feature accidentally, but if you sent the sensitivity control high, just flipping a switch will trigger the drum voice. So... you can play the Drum Synth with the switches. It's kinda fun.

See the build video here:" [posted here]

Bad Gear - Pioneer Toraiz AS-1

video upload by AudioPilz

00:00 Intro tune
01:04 Overview Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS1
1:29 Oscillators
01:50 Filters
02:07 Modulators (Envelopes, LFO)
02:16 Prophet 6 Synth Engine, Menu Diving
02:31 Modulations, Touch Slider
02:52 FX Section
03:15 Sequencer (Menu Diving again)
03:40 Arpeggiator
03:51 Restart, Midi Clock, Timing Issues
04:13 Front Panel Design Quirks
04:24 Presets
04:50 Build Quality, Pricing, Thanks,...
05:05 Hate
05:29 Jam 1 (Bassline)
06:22 Jam 2 (Mellow Tones)
07:23 Finale (Proto Bass Music)
07:52 Verdict
08:59 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout

Casio FZ-10M Digital Sampling Synthesizer w/ Disk Library

via this auction

"Casio FZ-10M Digital Sampling Synthesizer, a rack-mounted version of the Casio FZ-1, used by artists such as Underworld, Kronos Quartet, Dee Lite, 2 Live Crew, KMD, and Kitaro. As the secondary owner purchased a handful of years ago, the Casio FZ-10M was kept in a smoke-free home office with minimal usage, though it does show its age with scuffs here and there. During my time with the item, I never experienced any issues with the hardware, particularly the floppy disk drive, though sometimes the drive was slow to load.

I do not have the original packaging or owner manual, but the latter can be found [here (pdf)].

In addition to the FZ-10M are many sound libraries beyond what originally came with the device. There are some great gems within, including orchestral sounds to drums by Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe and much, much more. Seriously, it's everything you could want from a sampling perspective."

Roland TR 77

via this auction

"The highly collectable first drum machine of the TR series, this instrument is a pioneer of the genre. It is activated manually with a metal bar on the left side, which allows to start or stop the sequences. Very intuitive and very pleasant to use. Its very retro, in the purest Roland 70s spirit. these can be modded and midi can be fitted, this one in great condition and fully functioning."

Moog Opus 3

via this auction

"Here is your chance to get your hands on one of one of the most unique and gorgeous sounding Vintage VCO String Machines out there!

The Moog Opus 3 is a rare early 80s String Machine / Organ / Paraphonic Synthesizer that is essentially Moog’s take on a Arp Solina or Arp Omni. In my opinion it’s way more interesting due to it’s added features and sounds better than either of those. All notes can be played simultaneously just like those other stringers.

Stereolab used the Moog Opus 3’s extensively throughout their first three records so if you are a Stereolab fan this is a must have!

This one is in excellent condition with normal wear as shown in the photos. We believe it has had it’s wood panels replaced at some point. Whoever replaced them did an excellent job. It was recently fully professionally serviced it works as it should. Plays and sounds like a dream!

It has an incredible sounding string machine with it’s own dedicated very unique sounding multi mode resonant 12db filter section. That section also has a super lush sounding stereo chorus. It also has an excellent brass section with a separate classic 24db resonant Moog ladder filter and filter envelope. It also has a multi draw bar organ section that can be routed though the brass section ladder filter. It has a global attack and release. Each section has it’s own dedicated volume and pan control meaning it can be layered, routed and panned in very unique ways. One of the coolest and most unique sounding Moog’s we have come across."

Moog Subharmonicon

via this auction

Yamaha DX200 Desktop Control FM Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN SN (21) HL01347

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue w/ Road Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Excellent condition in and out.. this Model D Reissue is simply amazing in looks and sheer tone. No issues here.. just a solid synth in prime working condition. Comes with the original Model D Moog Road case as shown. Get all the classic bass and lead tones you've been seeking with the stability of a modern build."

Eurorack: Building The Ultimate Vibe Machine

video upload by

"Vintage, analog, tape, and character galore, this is my latest eurorack system with a breakdown and of all the individual modules with sound demos. I also go into my reasoning behind them and how I made a system where the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

I was fully intending on getting out of eurorack upon the realization that nothing I had built up until that point really compared with my favorite semi modulars, the Moog Matriarch and the Korg MS-20. I had also tried to make grooveboxes, but nothing compared to my Digitakt. But after selling almost all of my excessively huge collection of modules and synths, I thought I'd give it one last ditch effort..."

00:00 Intro
03:00 Oscillators
08:52 Ring Mods
12:31 Mixer
14:45 Filters
23:25 FX
25:30 VCAs
29:00 Modulation

Serge 5u Tones and Timbres

video upload by Rhythmicons

"These are 5u Serge circuits by Ken Stone/Catgirl Synth and Elby designs, assembled and paneled by by Lower West Side studios. The Dual Universal Slope Generators are the sound sources going into the STG Soundlabs mixer before heading into the Resonant EQ and '73 Filter. From there the signal is going to a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, a Roland DC-50, and an AKG BX-10. With this program I tried to capture what it is like to try to maintain a smile while feeling awful inside. I began with the desire to create something beautiful with the Serge, but the pull towards the experimental is sometimes far too great to resist."

Synth Dreams - Music for Analog Synthesizer. Moog Sub37, Roland Juno-60

video upload by Elmar Mihm

Leadsound - Moog Sub37
Bass - Moog Sub37
Pad - Roland Juno-60
Arpeggio - Roland Juno-60

"Hope you enjoy!

Origninal Title of my composition for Piano is 'Intermezzo in d'. Sheetmusic for Piano." On Amazon DE, and Amazon US here.

Patch Randomness On DIY Eurorack Modules

video upload by Jeanie

"Test some glitch sounds."

Be sure to see Jeanie's Buchla & eurorack performances in previous posts.

Messing Around with Arturia MS-20V and Alesis HR-16

video upload by Bata

"Softsynth and digital drum machine."

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Improvisation for Polyphonic Synthesiser and Geiger Muller Radiation Counter

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"Interpolating between and modulating seven different effects in Kyma, using the Geiger Counter to trigger the events, and feed values based upon the ping time into the effects parameters. Oberheim Matrix 1000"

Make Noise SUPERBOOTH Promo

arnold and freddy CS80 SynthFest France 2023

video upload by Olivier Briand

"Improvisation sur le CS80 yamaha d'Olivier Grall lors du SynthFest France 2023 avec Arnold et Freddy Angel...."

Yamaha CS-50 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

$300 Realistic Radio Shack Moog MG-1 SN 15 345

via this auction

"Vintage Realistic Radio Shack Moog MG-1 Synthesizer Keyboard. Volume control shaft broken off but the pot itself still works properly. All sliders work but feel gritty so they’ll need to be throughly cleaned to get that smooth feel back. Two missing slider knobs. The infamous internal foam has all deteriorated so the buyer might want to replace that."


video upload by Polykit

"I'm playing Tetris on my Commodore VIC-20, theme song is coming from my 8 voice DIY polysynth.

More details on the polysynth:" [posted here]

Low-Gain Electronics / Barton Musical Circuits Dual Simple Quantizer Testing

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Testing up the Dual #bartonmusicalcircuits simple quantizers in #4umodular ! Seem to be working as expected!"

11 01 22 Serge Paperface [02]

video upload by batchas

9. Oktober 2022 - Mad patch

Dawn - D.K.Synergy ambient music by Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

"Good morning!

Here is an ambient study by Benge, made on the D.K.Synergy digital synthesis system, Lexicon Model 200 reverb and Lexicon Prime Time Model 95 Stereo delay unit, SSL SiX mixer/compressor, SSL 2+ sound card. Shot on JVC KY-1900 video camera. Font used: Lazenby Computer. Field recordings of the dawn chorus, England, April 27th, 5:37am"

Using Plateau as a Delay \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Laser bursts, High-hats and glitchy noises with Banshee Reach

video upload by Shakmat

"Demonstration of some of the noise capabilities of Shakmat's Bandshee Reach VCO.

Additional use of Jeweler Cast as VCA"

MODULATION FM & Formant Sequence w/ Controller Yamaha FS1R

video upload by DACHI Klangmusik

"YAMAHA FS1R / Skerjanc Controller
8 Operators
Algorithm No 25
Formant Sequence No 67
I081 Lead Horn (Squeezed ;))
Step Sequence by Korg Electribe EA-1

Modulation on:
Tone: Formant & FM
Formant Sequence: Loop Speed, Loop Start/End, Start Delay, Start Offset
OPs 1-8"

Arturia Introduces Augmented BRASS Hybrid VST for Modern Composition and Production

video upload by Arturia

"Discover the big-screen-ready sounds and dynamic features of Augmented BRASS, your new go-to hybrid brass VST for modern composition and production - Lena gives you the guided tour in this overview video."

Arturia Augmented Brass| No Talking | @ArturiaOfficial
video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

"In Collaboration with @ArturiaOfficial"

0:00 Intro
0:09 Wide And Proud
1:04 Lost In Time
2:11 Staccato Tension
3:21 Growly Horn
4:18 Certain Doom
6:47 After The Rain
7:47 Known Unknowns
8:22 Litosphere
9:26 Atmospheric Evolution

Introducing Augmented BRASS

Discover a new era of cinematic sound, from emotive chamber ensembles to thunderous synth-infused fanfares. Beautifully-recorded brass samples; powerful synth & sampling engines; sweeping musical controls that navigate the territory between them; introducing Augmented BRASS.

Dynamic sample library
From full orchestral brass, to chamber horns & trumpets, to wild tape-degraded sustain, the perfect foundations for modern brass sounds.

Cutting-edge synth engines
Augment familiar brass sounds with synthesis, from virtual analog bass to the new ‘Simpler’ engine for impacts and noise textures.

Expression & morphing
Make sweeping changes to any sound with the Morph control, or intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros.

Deep sound design
Fine-tune your sample & synth layers, and add custom modulation, arpeggiation, effects, and macros in one place.

Versatile presets
Hundreds of expertly-crafted presets, from familiar brass timbres to experimental sounds, designed for every style.

Interface improvements
With user feedback in mind, we’ve updated the modulation workflow, visual feedback, and added features like individual part panning and keyboard offset - for all Augmented instruments."

Semi-generative ambient: monome norns ‘compass’, Trigon 6, Virus, Gen Loss MKII, and Eventide H90

video upload by astrophage

Gotharman's Zaturn: Switches

video upload by gotharman

"In the forthcoming update, the Patch Points will be able to function as voltage controlled switches :) Switch 1 is controlling the Wave parameter of an oscillator, Switch 5 is controlling the cutoff frequency of an analog Multi Filter LPF."

Portabellabz Doubler 2345

video upload by Todd Barton

"Simple addition . . ."

Portabellabz SVS Doubler Overview

video upload by Todd Barton

"A brief overview."

Error Instruments Superbooth 23 Teaser

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Soon available releasing on Superbooth 23 punk resonator something between Acid and the Atari p c "

UVI Introduces Kawai Vintage Legacy - Gems of the Rising Sun

UVI KAWAI Vintage Legacy | Preset Showcase
video uploads by UVI

"Kawai Vintage Legacy - Gems of the Rising Sun

Discover a powerful collection of 5 instruments that offer a wide range of synthesis approaches, leveraging the sounds of an iconic Japanese synth legacy. Take control of the K1, K3, K4, K5, XD5 and R100 individually or in a monolithic "multi" instrument, combining four synth layers with a drum machine.

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Théo G.

00:00 - Intro
00:06 - Multi / Discolette
00:18 - Multi / Dharma
00:28 - K3U / Fair Light
00:36 - Multi / Bubblegum
00:46 - Drums / Honky Tonk
00:56 - Multi / Drillerz
01:08 - K5U / Bladd Runner
01:19 - Drums / Half Day
01:26 - K5U / SpocK5
01:29 - K4U / Beauty K4
01:32 - K3U / Molasson
01:38 - K1U / Two Moon Sky
01:44 - Multi / Clubberz"

Patch n Tweak
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